T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History
How Mossville got its name, Native American relatives
Helen Bradley by Chelsea Arseneault, 2016.
How Mossville got its name? Back in the day, Jim . . . Jim Moss was my uncle. He was my grandfather's brother, which was Henry Moss. Jim Moss had the post office and my grandfather, Henry Moss, had a little grocery store. And that's how Mossville got its name, Jim Moss. I mean, from my uncle and my grandfather, Mossville. My mother said when she was twelve years old, she used to work in that little store. She’d leave school and come by and work in the store in the evening, you know. So that's how I knew about the store. So when I was about ten years old my mother and my stepdad built a place, Sweet Dream Parlor.

My mother would tell me that's how Mossville got its name. See I was . . . like, I probably wasn't born then I don't guess. Maybe I was a baby. I don't know, but Uncle Jim had the post office. My grandfather, my momma's daddy, he had the grocery store. That's how Mossville got the name Mossville. So they have so many different stories about that. They never recognized my grandfather. McKeever Edwards, Sr. never recognized him about the . . . how Mossville got its name. But that's how Mossville got the name. On that paper here where it says where my . . . about the slaves in Mossville over here, it says Henry Moss. That was my grandfather. That was Momma's daddy.

Back in the day, they used to tell me all the time that Indians [Native Americans] lived in Mossville. And where one of those house was, he would take me over there and he would show me, they had the little humps in the ground. That was their burial ground, the Indians. Because my grandmother was an Indian and her brother Uncle [Sanky?] or Uncle Henry. Indians lived out there back in the day. My mother always told me that.
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