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The LSU Libraries Special Collections duplication services support research, teaching, scholarship, publication, and artistic production involving the use of our physical and digital collections. While Louisiana State University owns the objects in Special Collections, LSU does not own copyright to these materials, except where it has been explicitly transferred. The LSU Libraries does not hold any copyrights.


The LSU Libraries Special Collections provides researchers with duplication services pursuant to provisions in the U.S. Copyright law, including fair use. Any individual or organization conducting or requesting duplication of copyrighted materials is responsible for determining whether the subsequent use of a reproduction falls within the parameters of fair use or requires permission from the copyright holder. The LSU Libraries Special Collections is unable to conduct copyright searches and cannot counsel users in the application of copyright law.

The LSU Libraries Special Collections offers patrons fee-based duplication services for personal or research use only, according to the Duplication Price List. The LSU Libraries staff reserves the right to refuse a duplication request based on material format, physical condition and any applicable restrictions. To place a duplication request, use the Special Collections Request System (SCRS). First-time LSU affiliates (users with a PAWS ID and password) can create an SCRS account by clicking on the Login or Create Account button in the Single Sign-On for LSU Students, Faculty, and Staff box. First-time non-LSU affiliaties can create an SCRS account by clicking on the Login or Create Account button in the Guest box (be sure to click on the First Time Users link after that).

Orders should be submitted through a patron's SCRS account. To place an order, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the catalog record for each book, manuscript collection, or other item to be copied using the LSU Libraries catalog.
  2. Click “Request Material” in the catalog record (near the lower right section of the catalog record) for each book, manuscript collection, or other item to be copied.
  3. If you are not already logged in to SCRS using your LSU or guest ID, follow the screen prompts. First-time users will be asked to fill out a registration form.
  4. Press “Switch to Duplication Order Form” in the top right corner of the “New Request” form that automatically appears.
  5. Provide additional, specific details about your order in the appropriate fields. Additional information (e.g., box numbers, folder numbers, etc.) is usually needed for duplication orders of manuscript collections. Consult collections' catalog records and finding aids to find this additional information.

Note: Duplication requests are not accepted over the phone. If you need assistance using SCRS or have questions about the materials to be copied, please contact us using our reference form.

Alternately, subject to library approval and guidelines, researchers may duplicate materials themselves. Please complete the Self-Service Duplication Request Form (a paper form is available in the Reading Room as well). A book scanner and a photocopier are available in the Reading Room and may be used with permission for published materials. Only self-service photography is allowed for self-service duplication of manuscript materials (i.e., patrons are not allowed to use the book scanner nor the photocopier to duplicate manuscript materials).


All copies of the LSU Libraries Special Collections materials created by patrons or provided by Special Collections fall under allowances provided by Section 107 (Fair Use) and Section 108 (Library and Archives exemptions) of the United States Copyright Act.

Provision of copies of Special Collections holdings does not in any way imply permission to use materials for reasons other than personal research and scholarly use.

It is the responsibility of individual users to determine whether their proposed use of Special Collections materials is lawful and/or requires the permission of the copyright holder. Users assume all responsibility for their uses. Please note:

  • The LSU Libraries does not grant or deny permission to publish or otherwise distribute material.
  • Clearing any intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent), privacy, and publicity rights is the patron’s responsibility.
  • Copies are provided for private study or research purposes only.

Special Collections does not provide signed letters of permission or sign other permission forms.


Special Collections requires that materials be accompanied with a proper citation and/or credit line in the applicable format below:

For manuscript collections:

Name of the Manuscript Collection, Mss#[manuscript number], Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

For University Archives:

Name of originating office followed by "Records", RG#[record group number], Louisiana State University Archives, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, LA.

  • “Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections” must be spelled out the first time a collection is cited. Thereafter, the abbreviation “LLMVC” may be used. Alternately, if the author provides a list of abbreviations used, “LLMVC” may be used throughout.
  • “Louisiana State University Archives” must be spelled out the first time a record group is cited. Thereafter the abbreviation “LSUA” may be used. Alternately, if the author provides a list of abbreviations used, “LSUA” may be used.

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