Special Collections Staff

For general questions about Special Collections, email special@lsu.edu.

To submit a research question, go to the Ask Special Collections page.

Gina Costello
Associate Dean, Head of Special Collections
Sissy Albertine
Photographic Processing
Germain Bienvenu
Public Services
Barry Cowan
Assistant University Archivist
Anne Edwards
Facilities Manager
Emilee Hart
Graduate Assistant
Amanda Hawk
Head, Public & Research Services
Luana Henderson
Assistant Processing Archivist
Leah Wood Jewett
Exhibitions Coordinator
Maya Johnson
Graduate Assistant
Matthew Jordan
Cataloging Associate
Tanya Kramer
Graduate Assistant
Mark Martin
Photographic Processing Archivist
Michelle Melancon
Assistant University Archivist
Jennifer Michel
John Miles
Curator of Books & Head of Instruction
Jennifer Mitchell
Archival Processing, Head
Don Morrison
Kyle Neff
Public and Research Services Coordinator
Hans Rasmussen
Coordinator of Special Collections Technical Services
Caroline Richard
Manuscript Processing Archivist
Christina Riquelmy
Rare Book Cataloger
Nicholas Skaggs
Manuscripts Processing Archivist
Melissa Smith
Assistant Curator of Manuscripts
John Stowe
Technical Services, LLMVC
Kristina Sutherland
Technical Services, Cataloging Associate
Caroline Ziegler
Conservation Coordinator