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Full Size Viewing Image #1394015 (recto) Full Size Viewing Image #1394015 (verso) Suydam Collection MSS 1394015       Image Date: Circa 1863
Caption:      Steamship Mississippi Farragut's fleet Mississippi River La. Burned by her own after grounding in front of the rebel batteries at Port Hudson, during the attack by the fleet, on the night of the 14th March 1863. To their mortification & chagrin after reaching the shore, she floated off & blew up five miles below the batteries.
Notes:         The Mississippi survived the passage of the forts below New Orleans but was lost in March 1863 in Farragut's attempt to pass the confederate guns at Port Hudson. [East, "Civil War Album," text, p. 22; image, p. 22.]
Photographer:      Ascribed to McPherson & Oliver, Baton Rouge
Image Format:     Carte de visite - 4in. x 2.5in