Résonances Créoles
Musique et Littérature Francophones
de la Nouvelle-Orléans au XIXème siècle.

Creole Echoes
The Francophone Music and Literature
of Nineteenth Century New Orleans.

Exposition, Hill Memorial Library, LSU
20 août-3 novembre, 2001
An Exhibition at Hill Memorial Library, LSU
August 20-November 3, 2001
Curated by:
Frédérique Spill and
Jean-Marc Allard Duplantier
with an introduction by Salwa Nacouzi
Un projet du Centre des Études Françaises et Francophones
et de LSU Libraries Special Collections.
A Joint Project of The Center for French and Francophone Studies
and LSU Libraries Special Collections
Web exhibit by Steve Radcliffe, Seth Kelly, and Quintin Good

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