Baton Rouge Bus Boycott
Our Thanks
Our thanks go to the following:

  • Ernest Ritchie and Horatio Thompson for contributing photographs
  • Lisa Turner, Sandra Hebert and Robin Ward for synopses of interviews
  • The students at McKinley High School, LaVada U. Taylor, and Fred Matthews for their research and interviewing sessions
  • EDCI 5880 classmates at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • Dr. Pamela Dean and Dr. Petra Munro of Louisiana State University
  • The Baton Rouge Advocate and (former) LSU graduate student Mary Hebert for their assistance
  • And of course to all the people we interviewed: Reverend T. J. Jemison, Dupuy Anderson, Willis Reed, Johnnie A. Jones, Almenia Freeman, Isadore Tansil, Chester Laborde, Willie Spooner, Jr., Freddie W. Greene, Eddie Johnson, Patricia A. Robinson, and James Batiste.


EDCI 5880 The Class: EDCI 5880

The instructors were Dr. Petra Munro, Associate Professor in Curriculum & Instruction and Dr. Pamela Dean, (former) Director of the T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History.

"This qualitative research class was very intense, but we must say it was one of the most inspirational classes we have ever taken. We all became sensitive to the needs of all cultures, and we feel a common bond as a result. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience."

The Entire Class


McKinley High School Project:

Numerous portions of this exhibit were created by student researchers from McKinley High School in Baton Rouge, including Erin Porchè, Rashada Jenkins, Courtney Zachary, and Jamahl Fields. They were guided in their work by LaVada Taylor, (former) graduate student at Louisiana State University.

Student researchers with Rev. JemisonStudents from left to right: Erin Porchè, Rahshada Jenkins, Courtney Zachery, Jamahl Fields. Center: Rev. T.J. Jemison

Statement by LaVada U. Taylor:

"The goal of the project is to involve high school students in the process of making history. The Oral History course conducted at LSU worked hand in hand with our efforts in making this endeavor a reality. Fred Matthews played an indispensable role as our community liaison. Without his efforts obtaining active participants involved in the Baton Rouge Bus Boycott Movement, our project would have been virtually impossible. Because of his participation, we consider ourselves extremely blessed."Taylor and Matthews


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