Biff Jones: Gumbo, 1934. LD 3118 .G8 University Archives.

Mary Hebert: I wanted to ask you some more about LSU. You were at LSU during the [Huey P.] Long years, I mean, when he was pumping a lot of money into the university. What was it like? Did you go to any of the football games where he had the trains and, you know, paid ...?

Jack Gremillion: Well, that was only one occasion. He'd come out and try to lead the band, which was liked by some and despised by others. And of course he hired [Colonel Lawrence] “Biff” Jones, who was an army major, and got him to start coaching LSU. And Jones was an excellent recruiter, and Huey helped, and they started getting players from all over the United States: Texas, Colorado, New Mexico. And he brought those boys in here.

And LSU was creeping up in notoriety in the football annals throughout the United States. And then Huey got to the point . . . And I'm talking generally now, because that's all I know of. He wanted to start coaching the football team and he wanted to . . . Of course you probably know that, or know of it. And he wanted to send in players and he wanted to substitute and all that. And Jones just wouldn't take it, and so Jones resigned. He got transferred. He was in the army, and he had the army transfer him, I believe, to some Midwestern state. Kansas, or . . . I think it was some Kansas. . . He went and he coached up there ‘til his death. [Jones went on to coach at the Universities of Oklahoma and Nebraska] But Jones was a very fine man and a hell of a good football coach.

-- Jack Gremillion, interviewed by Mary Hebert, 1995