Y'ALL Award Application

Thank you for your interest in the Y'ALL Award. Please use this form to apply. 

The full guidelines, which include definitions and other considersations, is available on the Y'ALL Award Overview Page. 

Name of Institution
State whether you are applying to host the Mobile Digitization Lab, or applying to visit and use LSU’s Open Digitization Lab. See Award Guidelines for more details about each option.
List of material that will be digitized during the project. This can be a single collection, or material pulled from different collections. Please include links to additional descriptions, if applicable (finding aids,catalog records, etc.). Limit: 1,000 words.
Explain the significance of the collection or material. (For example, why is the content of this collection/material important and what kind of research will it enable?) Limit: 1,000 words.
Explain the significance of the collection or material for the community your institution serves. (For example, how does this collection/material relate to the community that your institution serves and how would this community benefit from having it digitized? How might your collection appeal to users outside of your community?) Limit: 1,000 words.
What formats are included in the material you hope to have digitized (photographs, scrapbooks, journals, newspapers, letters, books, etc.)? What sizes are the included items?
If you are applying for the Open Digitization Lab award option, list the name and institutional role of the person who will be using our lab. Note: we will provide training and guidance, but the visiting member from your institution will be responsible for digitizing your selected materials.
Please let us know of anything else you'd like to say. Limit: 1,000 words.