Borrowing from LSU Libraries

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Appeal of Fees

Patrons who are not satisfied with the resolution of their inquiries about library charges may file a formal appeal, as long as they have not paid the fines under despute. The time limit for filing an appeal is two years after the due date of the item(s). If you wish to file a formal appeal, please fill out the online form below. Forms may also be obtained at the Access Services Desk if you wish to file a paper appeal or if the online form is not working.

Only patrons who were charged a fine may use the appeals process. Appeals made on the behalf of others will not be accepted. Please note that the following circumstances are also not grounds for filing an appeal:

  • Lack of knowledge of library policy
  • Lack of understanding of library policy
  • Inability to pay fines and charges
  • Failure to receive a courtesy renewal notice or an overdue notice
  • Cases in which you loaned materials charged to you to a classmate, family member, faculty member, etc., who failed to return them.

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