Damaged Items

Library patrons are responsible for returning books in good condition and will be assessed fines for damages.  Types of damage for which a patron will be charged include, but are not limited to, water damage, pen/pencil marks, torn/ripped pages or covers, and sticky notes.  If books are returned with 20 or more sticky notes, patrons will be assessed a fine of $0.50 for each sticky note.  Other fines will be assessed according to the severity of the damage and range from $10.00 to the replacement cost of the book.

If patrons wish to check out a book that is already damaged, they should show the damage to the Access Services Desk staff, who will make a note in the record and not hold them responsible when the book is returned.

Because we may need to consult with repair specialists about the extent of the damages to books and electronic items, we may not bill patrons for damages immediately after they have been returned. In most cases, patrons will be contacted and billed within five business days after returning a damaged item.