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Americans In Vietnam

Number of interviews: 60
Time period covered: 1963 - 1975
Dates of interviews: 1974-1977
Principal interviewers: John Davis, Mike Humphreys, Dudley Meier, Paul Moore, Robert Talley, Dale Jenkins and Bailey Vinson
Finding Aids: Abstracts, some indexes, many transcripts, and biographical questionnaires
Description: LSU Professor Beatrice Spade and student conducted these interviews with American servicemen and a few Vietnamese people now living in America. The interviewees discuss their experiences in Vietnam and their attitudes toward American involvement in Southeast Asia. In addition, the soldiers, representing a variety of ranks and all branches of the military, discuss their military training and contact with the Vietnamese people and their culture, and the civilians relate their background and the experience of immigrating to the United States.

Art Bergeron
Gregory G. Barnes
Michael L. Blakeney
Colonel T. O. Blakeney
Philip X. Brady
Richard C. Brown
John C. Burdett
William M. Coleman
Jimmy D. Coins
Barney Gorey
Homer T. Cox
Colonel John Daniel III
Paul Dorosheff
Charles E. Edwards, Jr.
Paul Fleming
Bill Fullerton
Benjamin S. Goebel
Ronald J. Guerin
Patrick G. Hayes
David F. Hull, Jr.
Thomas C. Joyner, Jr.
Brian T. Landry
David LeBlanc
Edward T.C. Lewis
John E. McCarroll
Howard McMorris
William E. Mayfield
Gilly A. Marshall
Jackie Moreland
L H Ngoc and Nguyen Tinh
Dinh Ngoc Nguyen
Hiep Khac Nguyen
Kim Nguyen
Hungson Van Nguyen
Isadore G.M. Olinde, Jr.
Mike Perrett
William J. Quilter
Ronald D. Posey
Richard "Dick" L. Post
Nguyen Manh Quynh
Captain Nathan K. Reed
Oliver F. Rodrigue, Jr.
Theodore "Ted" A. Schirmer
Jerome S. Schmidt
Eric W. Sivula
David K. Smith
Dang Van Song
Ronald R. Terry
Robert J. Theriot
Stephen L. Thomas
Fleet Trahan
Bi Van Trong / L Nguyet Trinh
Sergeant Neal A. Varrette
Patrick L. Villars
Robert "Bob" Willburn
Calvin S. Williams
Robert L. Wooten
Pham Van Nghe
Mr. X
Unidentified Vietnam Veteran

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