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Miscellaneous Series

Number of interviews: 107

Dates conducted: 1968 - present

Finding Aids: Some abstracts; some indexes; some transcripts

Access Restriction: Permission of interviewer required for some interviews.

Description: Mostly biographical or local history interviews, contributed by individuals not affiliated with LSU, or by LSU faculty and students; some conducted by Williams Center staff under contract for interviewees' families. Among the topics covered, in additon to general family history and genealogy, are the insurance industry; Leni Riefenstahl, documentary film maker for Nazi Germany; Louisiana folkcrafts; Southern Association for Women Historians; the public health facility for Hansen's disease at Carville, Louisiana; President Lyndon Baines Johnson and his relationship with the press; WPA art projects in Louisiana; the New Llano Socialist Colony near Leesville, Louisiana; Jewish immigration to Louisiana; the Louisiana forestry industry; Baton Rouge blues musicians; the Baton Rouge Zoo; Louisiana fisheries; Civil War diarist Clara Solomon; hurricanes; faith healers; and architecture. Interviewees include:

William A. Addison
Paul Arst
Edgar Aubert
Pamela K. Autrey
Don Baker
William Barth
Stella Bazar
Jeanette Belanger
Lillian and Harold Bernard
Sam Bibbens
Cyril Billiot
Leslie Bingham and Bonnie Cailleteaur
Dr. Bonch and Fran Ivey
Chantrelle Borne
Whitney Boudreaux
Laura Brackin
Ernest Brooks
James Brown and Richard Lewis
Jon Christopher Brown
Marsha Budz
Steele Burden
Eunice C. Bush
Donna Kay Campbell
George Christian
Mary Collins
Ann Cook
Richard Condrey
Brodie S. Crump
Hazel Davie
Molly Davis
Oscar Davis
Don Devol
Caroline Durieux
James Farr
F. Evans Farwell
George Felton
Evelyn Fike
Robert Fleming
Terry Fluke
H. L. Fuqua
D. H. Garland
Ricki Garrett
Peter & Clara Gerica
Jim Goodrum
Jan Guthrie
Eileen Hammatt
Noel Hammatt
Willie Dee Hart
Marie Florine Hebert
Melba Hebert
Paul J. Henderson
Damon Hewitt
Leona Spaht Huff
Julius Hughes
John Hussey
Louise M. Johnson
George Jones
Libby Falk Jones
Sheleen P. Jones
Tanya Jones
Debra Joseph
Stacy LaCour
Laise Ladet
Paul Lansky
Michele LeBlanc
Elbert Lent
Ella D. Lewis
Elmer Lowrer
Doug Manship, Sr.
Janet McDonald
Richard McEwen
Robbie McHardy
Ian McHarg
Nathan Meggs, Jr.
Kay Daly Mitchell
Cecil Morgan
Dorothy Morgan
Roch Naquin
Devereaux Nobles
Lillian B. Oubre
Cynthia Payton
Chester Peecher
Mrs. Chester Peecher
George Blair Pickett
Eric T. Reid
Leni Riefenstahl
Kevin Robbins
Alice Rothrock
Corinne Sapia
Leslie Saver
Jim R. Skelton
Gayle Smith
Carlos G. Spaht by Katherine Huff O'Neill
Caroline Coates Spiller
Hans Sternberg
Lou Ella Swearingen
A. Elizabeth Taylor
LaVada Taylor
Ernest "Tabby" Thomas
A. Hays Town, Sr.
Sue Tyner
Edna Uzee
Berk Veillion
Donna Washington
Susan Webre
Thomas Webre
Jewel "Duke" Welch
Roena Wilford
Anna Williams
Fonville Winans
M. L. Witten
Zeb White
Eugene A. Young
Annie Zehyoue

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