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History of Education Series

Number of interviews: 104
Time period covered: 1920-present
Dates of interviews: 1992-present
Principal interviewers: Petra Munro
Finding Aids: Inventory log; some transcripts; student papers using interviews
Description: Interviews were conducted by faculty and students of LSU's College of Education, especially Petra Munro, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, for her research on the life histories of women school teachers; graduate students in qualitative research classes; and undergraduates in history of education classes. Most interviews focus on the education and teaching experiences of Louisiana elementary and secondary teachers in public, private, and parochial schools; a few are with college professors.

Natalie Adams
J. Aertker
Inez Allen
Marcia Arnold
Rosasry Arocena
Verlie Auzenne
Marguerite Baham
Kate Bankston
Mrs. V. Barousse
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Becnel
Bill Bennett
Victor Bergeron, Jr.
Claude Blackwell
Lucille Bond
Mrs. Bondy
Louisa Bordelon
Wanita Boudreaux
Candide Breaux
Katie Brogdon
Milton Broussard
Helen Broussard
Sandra Bullock
Juliette Brugez
Irma Burns
R. M. Carruba
Georgia Cavalier
Eldon Crifasi
Mrs. Roy Dardenne
Mrs. Nolan Duchane
Nolan Duchane
Mrs. Duhon
John R. Dupre
Betty Ewing
P. Fairchild
Carolyn Fields
Shirley Fisher
D. L. Fleming
J. J. Fontenot
Felician Fourrier
Velma Magee Foussee
Alvin and Josie Francois
Marina Feire
Zulma Fulmer
E. J. Garland
Lawrence Gipson
John and Shirleyann Gleason
Georgia Gray
James Greer
Nancy Gremillion
Wendell Hall
Ethel Harris
Earnest Harrison
Margaret Haynes
Ruthie Heard
Eunice Hebert
Mildred Heirtzler
Katie Hermann
Mattie Hichman
Mrs. Hilburn
Sam Hillard
Anna Hinson
Myrtle Hitter
Mrs. Hilburn
Sam Hillard
Katie Hermann
Mattie Hichman
Virginia Holliday
Miss George Huff
Ada Johnson
Lucille Johnson
Theresa Johnson
Jerold Juneau
Lillian Juneau
L. L. Kilgore
Marie Kornbcher
Evelyn LaBauve
Melna Land
Protia Lepage
Carolyn Levy
Louella Lognion
Darryl K. Long
Ray Lorio
Will MacCue
Mary L. Manuel
Barbara Michelet
Pam Morgan
Inez Moses
Lewis Murray
Mary Norckauer
Patsy Palmer
Cleona Parisi
Marion Peters
Louise King Pierce
Katherine Pope
John Porterfield
Mickey Pounders
L. J. Raymond
Willie M. Reams
Mary F. Reed
Robert Reich
Mildred Richard
Jodie R. Smith
Francis Steib
Annie Stewart
Melvin Stringer
Zia Tammami
Viola Templet
Madge Walker
Nagathe Wallace
William Wallace
Vernon Walsh
E. J. Garland
Alvin and Josie Francois
Marina Feire
Zulma Fulmer
Mrs. White
Marshall Williams
O. J. Williams
T. Harry Williams

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