T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History Collection




INTERVIEWEE NAME: Joe Dean                                 COLLECTION: 4700.0527


IDENTIFICATION: Former LSU Basketball player 1948-1952, current LSU Director of Athletics


INTERVIEWER: Fred Demarest




DATES: January 30, 1995 and February 17, 1997.                 FOCUS DATES: 1948-1997




T 764

Dean's place of date and place of birth;  Dean's parents names and occupations; early education; early involvement with basketball; highschool basketball; choosing LSU; first impression of LSU; ROTC; freshman friends; campus life and social activities; being homesick; Dean's major; memorable teachers including T. Harry Williams and Dr. Kent; extracurricular activities that Dean was involved in Sigma Chi and the L Club or Letterman's club; hazing activities by the L club; How Dean met his wife Doris; view of the 1950's; difference between basketball and football in Louisiana; the use of assistant football coaches to coach basketball; playing in substandard situations; basketball in the South; low crowd numbers; his performance during his junior year; memories of Bob Petit former LSU basketball player who went on to become a famous professional players; remembering the 1952 basketball team members; Dean's final college game playing Kentucky; winning a thousand points; how the team would travel and the impact on player closeness; Ned Clark former LSU basketball player; being drafted in to the army after finishing college; playing for the Phillips 66 Oilers as part of the National Industrial Basketball League on the west coast; Grady Lewis former members of the Phillips 66 Oilers and former sales manager for Converse; getting a job with Converse; working for Converse singing athletic celebrities for Converse.


T 765

Dean's high school coach and his impact on Dean's life; experience as a high school player in Indiana; the importance of Basketball in Indiana; the basketball system; memories of high points of playing high school basketball; encouraging other basketball players to attend LSU; recruitment for professional basketball after college, choosing the Phillips 66 Oilers; getting a job with Converse; responsibilities  at converse; traveling as part of work; negotiating with sports agents; working as a television color announcer for college basketball; the change in the popularity of college basketball; working for NBC; Dean's opinion on the best player he ever saw; how the  term “string music” developed; what is involved in being LSU's Athletic Director; relationship with Dale Brown current LSU basketball coach; view on LSU basketball.


TAPES: 764, 765                  TOTAL PLAYING TIME: approx. 2 hours and 20 min




OTHER MATERIALS: Interviewee Release Form; interviewer notes to tapes 764 and 765; Correspondence.



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