T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History Collection




INTERVIEWEE NAME: Smith, Chiquatia                COLLECTION: 4700.0862


IDENTIFICATION:   Chiquatia Smith is the Youth President of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


INTERVIEWER:  Salaam, Tayari kwa


PROJECT:     McKinley 3: African American Churches                      


INTERVIEW DATES:          June 18, 1997 


FOCUS DATES: 1975 - 1997




T1237, Side A.

Introduction; born December 5, 1978, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; is a student at Southern University majoring in Broadcast News and English; graduate of Woodlawn High School; from a middle class background; father, Garfield Smith Sr. a custodian; mother, Elva Gene Fisher Smith, a Pre-K teacher at the church daycare; both McKinley graduates; parents were probably middle class; believes dealing with religion is hard for youth growing up in God and man's world; God's world is living by the bible; man's world is like getting into negative things like drugs, alcohol, and not practicing abstinence; Smith is a member of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church; Reverend Charles T. Smith tries to make as many programs for the youth as possible, such as vacation bible school, youth encampment, youth enrichment program, youth ministry, and True Love Waits; Smith welcomes and relays suggested ideas for the youth; Shiloh will have a college level bible study to attract college level youth; describes church as fun, family-like, with lots of activities; Sunday School helps you understand the word; True Love Waits is very important because it's a sin; has been a member of Shiloh since birth; makes a difference going to Shiloh with the basket distribution as President of the Youth; reaching out to the South Baton Rouge community; describes PAL as dealing with drugs and drinking; Shiloh is unique for its youth, its active, and closeness; youth sponsors are mother and fathers who make it easy to get along with one another; has a large congregation of all ages and vacations; believes religion is displayed by the older members for the youth like the youth sponsors; Eula Smith is the pastor's wife and also a youth sponsor who will tell you things for the better; would like to become a youth sponsor; recommends John Gray and Eula Smith for interviews; asked to sign release form; closing.  



TAPES:  T1237                      TOTAL PLAYING TIME:    25 minutes


# PAGES TRANSCRIPT:     21 pages


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