T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History Collection




INTERVIEWEE NAME:      Don Bradford                           COLLECTION: 4700.0887


IDENTIFICATION: Founder and Pastor of Charity Christian Center Church



INTERVIEWER:      Rashada Jenkins


PROJECT: McKinley 3: African American Churches 


DATES:          July 01, 1997                           FOCUS DATES: 1958-1998





T1265, Side A


Don Bradford, born Sept. 18, 1948 in Shreveport, Louisiana; Pastor of Charity Christian Center Church at 650 W. McKinley St. Baton Rouge, Louisiana; father, James Jefferson was a carpenter; mother, Beatrice Flournoy was a home-maker; the importance of accepting Christ to become a new life; backsliding and not attending church prior to recommitting his life to the Lord; admitting his backsliding and wanting to return to being a Christian; Bradford founded Charity Christian Center Church in 1985; Charity Christian began as bible study in his bedroom; Charity originally located on Perkins Road, near College Drive; moved to former Blundon Home on 650 West McKinley Drive; community outreach programs where Serenity 67 is; God directed his search for the ministry=s new building; there was a $650,000 asking price, but God instructs Charity to offer $200,000 and hold; the purchase agreement signed 1 year and three months later for $200,000; building in need of major repairs, but Charity did not have money; Charity receives a bank loan, pays for property, and is left with $3,000 to it=s name; Charity doubled from 200 to 400 members; Charity Christian=s name originates from love and comradery the founding members had for one another; vision of a family church; vision of a ministry of excellence; raising the value and values of the community; striving to prevent drug and alcohol sales in the community; the above average attitude that God=s people should embody; progress of Charity Christian and making a difference in the community; renewing the mind and developing as a Christian by using the bible; Charity Christian=s South Baton Rouge outreach vision for Aleaving out better than you came in;@ the paramount importance of knowing what religion expects from you; Charity Christian=s programs and future plans for an academy; Pastor Bradford=s role as a shepherd, teacher, preacher, and example through Jesus; Charity Christian=s changes settings to meet the needs of the adults and youths with a Sunday School structure; Charity=s organization of service may not be typical; call to praise and worship or pandemonium; Series Sermons and related topics; God speaking to you and being moved by the Holy Spirit; Charity Christian=s non-denominational heading; Youth Summer Camp fees pay for hiring staff; educational and recreational components; food and prayer program for community outreach; baptism done in the name of the Lord; weddings scheduled around the completion of a two-part foundational marriage class given twice a year; rejoicing at funerals for being with the Lord; growing up in Belcher, Louisiana; always enjoying church; Pastor Bradford believes women=s functions with Charity Christian follow as God directs their talents and callings; three choirs: preteens, youth, and adult; male ushers and female greeters; tithing the tenth or an offering of heart; Charity Christian=s community notices for other churches; a legacy for reaching the community; being Christians and worshiping; closing.




TAPES: T1265 A                    TOTAL PLAYING TIME:  44 minutes






OTHER MATERIALS: handwritten Biographical sketch and index