T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History Collection




INTERVIEWEE NAME:      Beachaump, Estelle                   COLLECTION:         4700.0881


IDENTIFICATION:  Estelle Beachaump is the oldest member of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church of Baton

Rouge, Louisiana.


INTERVIEWER:  Salaam, Tayari kwa


PROJECT:     McKinley 3: African American Churches


INTERVIEW DATES:          June 23, 1997


FOCUS DATES:        1904 – 1997   




T 1259, Side A.

Introduction; Estelle Deda Beachaump was born in 1904 in the Spanishtown area of Baton Rouge; attended Leland College and had two beauty parlors; will turn ninety-four; occupation of beauty culture and religious education; educated at Leland College in Baker and in St. Louis; father, Sam Beachaump, was a painter; mother, Mary Beachaump, was a housewife, raising thirteen children; Estelle is the oldest child living; parents had educations; believes religion helps you live right; names Shiloh's pastors as Byrd, Mitchell, Smith, and Smith; Shiloh has Christian education, not secular education, and has always had educated leaders; founded by Reverend Byrd; Shiloh moved with the colored people out of Spanish town; presently located on Eddie Robinson Drive; has been added on to four times; tells of her mother's story of the church being built out of piano boxes and logs out of the Mississippi River, and Reverend Thompson making pews out of logs; remembers Reverend Mitchell and the Shiloh Kindergarten School; Estelle reared her niece's four children; remembers Pastor D. T. Smith and the educational building and the church annex; reflects on current pastor Smith and children's education, helping the old folks in homes, and missionary work; Smith's personality and treatment makes people want to come to church; believes Shiloh is about the best church in Baton Rouge due  to over sixty years service; was baptized at age twelve; explains “confessing” and baptism as saying you have religion and believe in God; loves Shiloh, the religious education, and how they help anybody and everybody; likes everything about Shiloh and would tell them if she didn't. 


TAPES:           T1259                                                  TOTAL PLAYING TIME:  26 minutes


# PAGES TRANSCRIPT:                 24 pages


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