T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History Collection




INTERVIEWEE NAME:    Wheelock, Janie Wiggins       COLLECTION:    4700.0691         


IDENTIFICATION:    McKinley High School graduate and teacher at McKinley Junior High

                                        School from 1955-1969.


INTERVIEWER:    Carmen Posey


PROJECT:    McKinley 1: History of McKinley High School


INTERVIEW DATES:     July 24, 1995                            


FOCUS DATES:    1955-1969        




Tape 1018, Side A

Born in Port Allen, Louisiana; taught at McKinley Junior High School from 1955 – 1969; most memorable moment was graduation; former McKinley students have been successful in various fields, doctors, lawyers, football players; McKinley is still turning out good students; advice to graduates to further their education; thinks McKinley oral history project will be successful; all the people she went to school with or taught with are now deceased; she doesn’t know anything about the administrators at McKinley now.



TAPES:    1 (T1018)                                      TOTAL PLAYING TIME:    11 minutes


# PAGES TRANSCRIPT:     8 pages


OTHER MATERIALS:     Interviewer’s Notes/Word List, Correspondence