T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History Collection




INTERVIEWEE NAME:    Edmae L. Butler                     COLLECTION:       4700.0614      


IDENTIFICATION:                 McKinley High School graduate of the class of 1932.


INTERVIEWER:     Hollins, Shawnda       


PROJECT:    McKinley 1: History of McKinley High School


INTERVIEW DATES:        June 19, 1995


FOCUS DATES:      1929 - 1932




Tape 898, Side A.

Born in Lobdell, Louisiana to Marshall and Bertha Jackson LaMotte; mother had seventh grade education, was a homemaker; father had fourth or fifth grade education, worked as a farmer, bricklayer, and funeral home director; attended McKinley from 1929 to 1932; typical day at McKinley and importance of academics; married, had a son after graduating; continued her education at Southern University and Louisiana State University years later; started teaching mathematics; was almost valedictorian of her class; favorite teachers were Maggie Nelson, William Yates, and J.D. Young; the principal once caught her impersonating him; McKinley was the first black high school in the area, at that time known as Baton Rouge Colored High School; influence of McKinley students on Baton Rouge; McKinley today offers more opportunities for students; her life after McKinley and at time of interview; decision to become a teacher; importance of young people participating in the community; McKinley alma mater written by A.E. Carter, music teacher; students today compared to when she was in high school; suggests other people to interview for this project.



TAPES:          1 (T898)                                              TOTAL PLAYING TIME: 23 minutes




OTHER MATERIALS:        Interviewer's Notes/Word List, Additional Materials Form, Photographs with descriptions (4 pgs), McKinley Potential Interviews Card, Correspondence


RESTRICTIONS:                None