T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History Collection




INTERVIEWEE NAME:    Rita Blacher                            COLLECTION:       4700.0653


IDENTIFICATION:    1977 McKinley High School graduate, Baton Rouge native


INTERVIEWER:     Carmen Posey


PROJECT:    McKinley 1: History of McKinley High School


INTERVIEW DATES:        June 22, 1995


FOCUS DATES:      1975 - 1977




Tape 943, Side A

Born in Baton Rouge in 1959 to Beverly and Harold Blacher; parents attended McKinley but dropped out before graduating; current job as an accountant has to do with her interest in math during high school; attended McKinley High School from 1975-1977; discussion of typical day, academics, and sports at McKinley; the school was known for basketball; favorite teacher was Miss Wagner; fondly remembers being on the homecoming court her senior year; went to Xavier after graduating; differences she sees in McKinley now versus McKinley when she attended - more white students and not as much unity within the school; McKinley girls dating Capitol High School boys; gives advice to aspiring graduates of McKinley.



TAPES:    1 (T943)                            TOTAL PLAYING TIME:     9 minutes    




OTHER MATERIALS:        Interviewer’s Notes/Word List, Correspondence     


RESTRICTIONS:                None