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Native Flora of Louisiana: Watercolor Drawings by Margaret Stones
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Margaret Stones

About Margaret Stones

Margaret Stones left her native Australia in 1951 to study botany with the resident artist of Kew Gardens, near London. In 1956 she began illustrating for Curtis's Botanical Magazine, eventually becoming the primary artist for the magazine. Stones's other major project, The Endemic Flora of Tasmania, took her from 1967 to 1978 to complete. Such notable institutions as the British Museum (Natural History), the Royal Horticultural Society, and the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia, include her works in their collections. Stones has received such awards as the Royal Horticultural Society's Veitch Silver Memorial Medal and Veitch Gold Memorial Medal, the Garden Club of America's Eloise Payne Luquer Medal, as well as honorary doctorates in science from the University of Melbourne and Louisiana State University (Stones xvi-xvii).
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Photo credit: LSU Office of Public Affairs