In the family trees, these symbols are used to convey relationships and information:

In each box, the name of the newspaper is followed by its publication dates. The number following the number sign (#) is the LSU Libraries' microfilm number for the newspaper. Please note: you must check the online catalog to determine the location of that microfilm within the LSU Libraries (Middleton or Special Collections/Hill).

The box with the arrow pointing down on the left-hand side includes the title for the newspaper that is currently being published.

______ Solid lines between boxes indicate direct descendant publications and titles that merged or split.

- - - - - - Dashed lines between boxes indicate publications that are concurrently published. They may be different editions of a paper issued by one publisher, either with different frequencies (daily, weekly, tri-weekly, etc.) or with morning and evening editions.

[ ] Brackets enclose dates for the earliest or latest extant issues with that title. The newspaper may have been published earlier (or ceased publication later), but we have not been able to locate earlier or later issues.