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Louisiana Authors Index

A Retrospective Bibliography of Louisiana Authors and Their Works

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The Louisiana Authors Index is an attempt to create a retrospective bibliography of deceased Louisiana authors and their works, including basic biographical information. Please note that it does include many living Louisiana authors, but that living authors are no longer being added to the database because the Louisiana Center for the Book maintains an in-depth listing of living Louisiana authors at the Louisiana Writers Directory.

The Index is a work in progress. To suggest additions of deceased authors or to report errors, please contact Jessica Lacher-Feldman, Head of Special Collections, LSU Libraries.

Scope of the Index

To be included in the Louisiana Authors Index a person must have been a native or temporary resident of Louisiana. There are no restrictions as to length of residency, but a visit to Louisiana is not regarded as establishing residency. The following information is included in this database:

Sources of Information

Sources that have already been checked include:

Using the Database

The Louisiana Authors Index has been recreated as an online, searchable database. You may search by any of the following fields: Section, Last name, First name, Works or Bio. Book titles will be listed in the "Works" field, and you may find references to cities, vocations, institutions, etc., in the "Bio" field. Use the "Section" field to list all authors whose names begin with the same first letter (e.g., input "a" in the Section field, then sort results by last name). Alternately, you may conduct a keyword search, which will reference the selected words from all fields. You may instruct the database to sort your results in a number of ways, alphabetical (ascending) by the requested field being one common example. To begin the search, press "View Records" after entering your search terms.

Search the Database

If you have any questions as to the use of this database, please contact the LSU Libraries Special Collections web administrator, Gina Costello.