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Compiled by

Luana Henderson


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library

Louisiana State University Libraries

Baton Rouge, Louisiana




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Size.                .5 linear ft.


Geographic     Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee.




dates.              1835-2001


Bulk dates.     1861-1866.


Languages.     English.


Summary.       Correspondence, genealogical information on the Waddill and Bessonett families, photocopies of photographs and documents, photographs, printed items, and autograph book of Elizabeth McMichael.


Access.           No restrictions.


Copyright.       Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the original materials is retained by descendants of the creators of the materials in accordance with U.S. copyright law.


Citation.          Waddill Family Papers, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.



location.          E:18    



Biographical/Historical Note


George Daniel Waddill was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, March 22, 1836, son of Abel Waddill, magistrate of Baton Rouge for 1842-1843.  He entered military service by joining the Pelican Rifles under Colonel Louis Hebert, May 17, 1861, at New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Pelican Rifles subsequently became Company K of the 3rd Louisiana Infantry. He served six months as a 2nd sergeant and participated in the Battle of Oak Hill.  He was detailed into medical service as acting hospital steward April 28, 1862, and was appointed hospital steward in October 29, 1863, at Lauderdale Springs, Miss., where he served as a druggist. He was captured by Union forces and later paroled at Meridian, Miss., in May 11, 1865.


Joanna Painter Fox of Natchez, Miss., served the Confederacy as a nurse in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. At some point during the Civil War she was given the battle flag of the Natchez Rifles for safekeeping, which she hid under her skirt as a petticoat to protect it from Union soldiers.  At the close of the war she held the position of matron of the Wayside Hospital in Meridian, Miss. 


George Waddill and Joanna Painter Fox met while she was serving as a nurse and he as a hospital steward.  They married Sept. 26, 1864.  After the war he was employed as a druggist in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In 1891 Joanna Waddill was instrumental in forming the Confederate Memorial Association of Baton Rouge, the forerunner of United Daughters of the Confederacy, Baton Rouge chapter, which was formed in 1898 and later named the Joanna Waddill Chapter in her honor .


Scope and Content Note


This collection is comprised of correspondence of Waddill family members and friends, including  photocopied transcripts of three letters (1835), genealogical information on the Waddill and Bessonett families, an autograph book of Elizabeth McMichael,  printed items and graphic materials including newspapers, photocopies of newspaper clippings, photographs, photocopies of photographs and documents, and miscellaneous items. 



Conservation note: some items were laminated prior to deposit and preservation copies of these items have been made.



List of Series



I.          Correspondence, 1835-1994.


II.        Genealogy, 1872, 1978, 1988, 1993, 2001, n.d.


III.       Autograph book, 1861-1864.


IV.       Legal and official papers, 1861-1891, n.d. 


V.        Printed items and graphic materials, 1855-1993, n.d.




Series Descriptions



I.  Correspondence, 1835-1994


            Early correspondence includes three photocopied transcripts of  letters (1835) between George Brown and his brothers Joseph and William in which he discusses the health of family members and the receipt of bank drafts, and a letter (1855) to Joanna Fox from her aunt, Anna M. Hand mentioning fever outbreaks in New Orleans.  Civil War correspondence relates to conditions in camp, lack of supplies and clothing for Confederate soldiers, hardships endured after the burning of buildings and supplies by Union soldiers, health, daily news of family members, and the deaths of friends and relatives.  A letter (May 19, 1861) by L. B. LeCand discusses plans to sink a large dry dock opposite Fort Pickens and the hanging of three soldiers accused as spies.  Another (April 26, 1863) refers to the treatment of a Confederate soldier held prisoner by Union troops.  Daniel Waddill is told by his father, Abel Waddill, (Dec. 25, 1864) about the prices of goods and living conditions in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, stating that “the whole army is in a state of demoralization”. Post-war letters to Daniel Waddill from old army acquaintances concern the economic conditions in Pensacola, Florida, after the Civil War (Nov. 21, 1865), mentioning a strike by carpenters, corkers and boat builders, and requests for information on employment opportunities in Baton Rouge.  Later letters discuss health of individuals, business, and general news.  Included are references to the assassination of President Garfield (July 3, 1881) and damage caused by a tornado in Baton Rouge (July 16, 1891).  A detailed description of  a Confederate Womens’ Monument is given in a letter to Laura Waddill Miller (May 19, 1912) and in another letter she receives information about a Revolutionary War officer, Colonel James Brown of North Carolina, a Waddill ancestor.



II.  Genealogy, 1872, 1978, 1988, 1993, 2001, n.d.


Genealogical information on the Waddill and Bessonett families is comprised of genealogical charts, lists, and short histories, including a biographical sketch of Philip Burg Waddill.  Additionally,one copy each of Descendants of William Cephas McMichael and Elizabeht Baxter Jennings: First McMichaels in the Florida Parishes (compiled by Leah Beth Houeye Simpson and Pauline Connolly Wayne, 1988) and The Bessonet Family of Bristol Borough, Bucks County Pennsylvania are also present.  Also included are photocopied pages of printed material giving additional data on related families and a memoriam (ca. 1872) written at the death of Abel Waddill.



III.  Autograph book, 1861-1864


Autograph book entries include poems written to Elizabeth McMichael, notes, and signatures of friends and family members.




 IV. Legal and official papers, 1861-1891, n.d.


Among these items are special orders appointing G. D. Waddill as acting hospital steward  (1862) and as hospital steward (1863).  Additionally, there is a voter registration certificate signed by G. D. Waddill (1872), and his application to join the United Confederate Veterans Association (1891).



V.  Printed items and graphic materials, 1855-1993, n.d.


Printed items contain issues of the Baton Rouge Daily Comet (Dec. 21, 1855) advertising products available from H. T. Waddill and the Baton Rouge Tri-Weekly Gazette and Comet (April 9, 1868) announcing that G. D. Waddill purchased Haynes Drug Store.  There is also a reunion program (n.d.) of the Louisiana Division of the United Confederate Veterans Association, and photocopies of newspaper clippings of articles related to the Waddill family, and photocopies of printed material.  Included in graphic materials is a photograph of family members holding the Natchez Rifles banner (n.d., original photograph laminated, preservation photographic copy available), a photograph of George Daniel Waddill and Joanna Fox Waddill (n.d.), and a photograph of the United Daughters of the Confederacy committee which petitioned the Louisiana Legislature for a veterans’ pension increase (n.d.), and several photocopies of family photographs.




Index Terms



Bessonett family                                                                                    II

Brown, Colonel James                                                                          I, V

Confederate Womens’ Monument                                                        I

Confederate Memorial Association                                                       V

Florida--economic conditions--19th century                                          I

Fox, Benjamin D.                                                                                 I

Garfield, James A.  (James Abram)                                                       I

Hospitals--Confederate States of America                                            I, V

LeCand, L. B.                                                                                      I

McMichael, Elizabeth                                                                           III

McMichael family                                                                                 III

Natchez Rifles                                                                                     V

Nurses--Confederate States of America                                                I, V

Pharmacists--Louisiana                                                                         I, V

Tornadoes—Louisiana                                                                          I

United Daughters of the Confederacy                                                    V

United States--Civil War, prisoners                                                       I

Waddill, Joanna Painter Fox                                                                 I, II, V

Waddill family                                                                                       II, V

Waddill, Abel                                                                                       I, II

Waddill, George Daniel                                                                         I, II, IV, V



 Container List



Stack               Box     Folders                        Contents



E:18                 1          1-6                               Correspondence, 1835-1994    


E:18                 2          1-3                               Genealogy, 1872, 1978, 1988, 1993, 2001, n.d.                                 


                        2          4                                  Autograph book, 1861-1864


                        2          5                                  Leagl and official papers, 1864-1891, n.d.


                        2          6-10                             Printed items and graphic materials, 1855-1993, n.d.