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(Mss. 2459)

Container List

Most of this collection consists of graphic material (photographs, drawings, other illustrations) of various subjects with an emphasis on Louisiana history from exploration to the mid 20th century. There are two reels of motion picture film of interviews with Beulah and Big Will, one of which is edited. These interviews were used in a feature produced in 1970 about Solitude Plantation. Also, included is a box of 35 mm. slides of Solitude Plantation used in the above feature. In addition to the Beulah and Big Will interviews there is a videotape made by LSU CCTV (N. 301) of an interview about William Butler Yeats. This collection contains copies of two scripts "A Childhood Corner" by Harris Downey produced by WBRZ-TV in 1969 and "Solitude" produced in 1970.

Box 1:

Graphic material of exploration period, French-Indian War and portraits, n.d.
Graphic material of American Revolution and Louisiana Purchase, n.d.
Graphic material of the Civil War, n.d.

Box 2:

Prints of Civil War personalities, n.d.
Graphic material of the Civil War in Vicksburg, Shiloh and New Orleans, and an unknown destroyed town, n.d.
Graphic material of Civil War battle scenes, battle ships and transports, maps, n.d.

Box 3:

Graphic material of the post Civil War period to the mid-twentieth century, n.d.
Prints of John James Audubon portraits, n.d.
Miscellaneous graphic material, n.d.
Prints of unidentified landscapes, n.d.
Script and article of "A Childhood Corner," 1969
Script of "Solitude," 1970

Box 4:

Two reels of film of the interviews with Beulah and Big Will, 1970
A small box of slides of Solitude Plantation, n.d.

Box 5:

A video-taped interview about William Butler Yeats, 1970