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Stovall (James L.) Papers

(Mss. 4467)

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Scope and Content Note

The Stovall papers date from 1989_1992, but include electrostatic copies of original material dating from the 1970s and 1980s. They consist of Stovall's personal files regarding the Louisiana Coalition Against Racism and Nazism and related efforts to counter the influence of David Duke. (The official papers of LCARN are housed at the Amistad Research Center, Tulane University.) Much of the collection consists of copies. Items collected or produced by the Coalition include: correspondence, memoranda, information sheets, advertisement copy, press releases, transcripts of speeches by Duke, reports, research papers, copies of miscellaneous documents relating to Duke's past, newspaper and magazine clippings, ephemera, and bound resource packets. Two audio tapes (compiled by the Coalition) of excerpts from interviews with Duke in 1986 are also included. Materials concerning the creation/evolution science debate are also present.

Box List

Box 1

Louisiana Interchurch Conference mailing and correspondence, 1990

Statements by Stovall, 1990-1991

Louisiana Coalition Against Racism and Nazism, Political 
Committee, Inc., Articles of Incorporation, 1991

LCARN [Louisiana Coalition Against Racism and Nazism], board 
members memoranda and strategy plans, 1991, n.d.

LCARN, correspondence and memoranda, 1991-1992, n.d.

LCARN, financial records, 1991-1992

LCARN, Proposal to Create a National Anti-racist Federal 
Political Action Committee, 1991

LCARN, form letters and mailings, 1990-1991, n.d.

LCARN, fact sheets, 1990-1991, n.d.

LCARN, information sheets, [1990-1991]

LCARN, advertisement copy, [1990-1991]

LCARN, press releases, 1990-1991, n.d.

LCARN, reports, 1990-1991

"Voice Script--Duke/Fields/Rich Interview," 1986

"Excerpts from David Duke's Speech at State of Washington 
Populist Party Nominating Convention," July 23, 1988

"Excerpt from Transcript of David Duke with Joe Culotta on 'Let's 
Talk it Over,'" Sept. 26, 1990

"Biographical Chronology of David Duke," [1990]

"David Duke," by Jane K. Buchsbaum, Executive Director, The 
Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans, 1990

"Report to the Louisiana Coalition on Voter Opinion in 
Louisiana," prepared by Penn and Schoen Associates, 
Inc. July 17, 1990

"How 'It Can't Happen Here' Almost Happened in Louisiana: A Study 
of the David Duke Phenomenon in the 1990  Senate Race," conducted by
Garin-Hart Strategic Research, sponsored by the Center for National
Policy, 1991

"The Influence of National Socialist Political Theory in the 
Contemporary Political Thought of David Duke," by 
Lance Hill, [1991]

Federal Bureau of Investigation on White Youth Alliance, 1971

David Duke, letter to fellow members and supporters of the White 
Youth Alliance, ca. 1972; excerpts from various 
interviews and writings, 1984-1991; House Bill No. 1584 
concerning contraceptives for public assistance recipients, 1991

NAAWP [National Association for the Advancement of White People] 
News, [1986-1990]

Campaign literature for David Duke, 1990-[1991]

Electrostatic copies from the book, David Duke: Evolution of a 
Klansman, by Michael Zatarain

Center for Democratic Renewal, 1986-1989, n.d.

John Walton, 1989

Beth Rickey, 1990-1991

Newspaper and magazine articles, 1989

Newspaper and magazine articles, 1990

Newspaper and magazine articles, 1991-1992, n.d.

Advertisements and ephemera, 1990-1991, n.d.

Anti-Duke literature, 1989-1991, n.d.

Personal Notes, n.d.

Kenneth Stern and "Ballot-Box Bigotry," n.d.

Motion for New Trial and Oral Reasons for Judgements, n.d., 1983

Miscellany, 1989-1991, n.d.

Box 2

2 LCARN audio tapes: "D. Duke Interview Excerpts, 1986"

Materials prepared and paid for by Louisiana Coalition Against 
Racism and Nazism:

Resource Packet: The Politics and Background of State 
Representative David Duke,  [1990-1991]

Resource Packet: The Politics and Background of David Duke, 5th 
edition, December, 1991

Media Resource Packet: The Politics and Background of State 
Representative David Duke, [1990-1991]

Media Resource Packet: The Politics and Background of David Duke, 
January, 1992

Box 3

Newspaper clippings, large format advertisements, and "No Dukes" 
posters, 1990-1992, n.d.

Box 4

LCARN, Board of Directors, 1990

LCARN, mailing lists, n.d.

"The Crisis of Faith" and "Special Problems of Older Women," 
1983, n.d.

Newspaper and magazine articles: creation science debate, 
1963-1987, n.d.

Trial information: creation science debate, 1980-1987, n.d.

General notes on creation science debate, n.d.

Reverend Stovall's Deposition, 1982

Correspondence: creation science legislation, 1981-1986, n.d.

Correspondence: ACLU to Reverend Stovall, 1981-1986

Statements, n.d.

Pamphlets, 1983-1986, n.d.

Louisiana Interchurch Conference Documents, 1984-1986

Personal Notes, n.d.