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Randolph (E. Sidney) Papers

(Mss. 2410)

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Dates: 1912-1967


Panama Canal information, 1912-1939




     Engineering files


Panama Canal information, 1939-1963





     Engineering files

BOX 3     

Panama Canal information, 1963-1967, n.d.


     Nuclear excavation

Financial papers, 1934-1966


Personal papers, 1918-1965

     Genealogical materials

     Family records


     Insurance papers


Personal papers, n.d.

Panama Canal/Madden Dam reports, 1930-1938   



BOX 7 

Published and printed materials:

Svarverud, Carl.  The Canal Crisis. 1957 (s.l.)

Harding, Earl.  The Untold Story of Panama.  Athene Press, Inc. 
New York, N.Y.  1959.

Lee, W. Storrs.  The Strength to Move a Mountain.  G. P. Putnam's 
Sons, New York, N.Y.  1958.

The Panama Canal Twenty_fifth Anniversary.  Aug. 15, 1939 (n.d., 

The Panama Canal Fiftieth Anniversary:  the Story of a Great 
Conquest.  [1964].

Core, Sue.  Christmas on the Isthmus.  Claremont Press, Dobbs 
Ferry, N.Y., 1935.

Panama-United States Relations.  Sociedad Panamena de Accion 
Internacional.  Panama, 1934.

The Panama Canal:  a Manual of Information Concerning Employments 
for the Panama Canal.    Chief of Office, The Panama Canal, 
Washington, D.C.,  1940.

Official Handbook of the Panama Canal.  Secretary of the Isthmian 
Canal Commission, Ancon, Canal Zone, 1913.

The Panama Canal: Pilots' Handbook.  Panama Canal Press, Mount 
Hope, Canal Zone, 1941., 1956.

Supplement No. 1 to the Canal Zone Code and Appendix.  The Panama 
Canal Press, Mount  Hope, Canal Zone, 1938.

Collins, John O.  The Panama Guide.  I.C.C. Press, 
Quartermaster's Dept., Mount Hope, Canal Zone, 1912.

Panama Railroad, 1855-1955:  the Story of the First 
Transcontinental Railroad.  New York,   N.Y., 1955.

Tropical Collegian, 1939_1940 (publication of the Canal Zone 
Junior College, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone.

Panama Canal Company:  Annual report of the board of directory to 
stockholder, 1957.

Report to the committee on merchant marine & fisheries House of 
Representatives U.S. Congress on the short range 
program for improvements to the Panama Canal.  Board of 
Consultants Isthmian Canal Studies, 1958.

The Marine Operating Problem of the Panama Canal and the 
Solution. by Commander Miles P. DuVal, USN Port Captain, 
Balboa.  1943

The Panama Canal Special Engineering Division Third Locks 
Project. Preliminary report on gates and gate arrangement.  
Diablo Heights, Canal Zone, 1941.

Little, Capt. H. H.  Let Us Build the Best Canal at Panama.  
reprinted from Journal of the American Society of Naval  Engineers, 
Nov. 4, 1946.

Kirkpatrick, R.Z.  Earthquakes in Panama up to January 1, 1920.  
Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of 
America, Sept. 3, 1920.

Kirkpatrick, R.Z  Trigger Forces: Canal Zone Earthquakes.  
Reprinted from Bulletin of the Seismological Society of 
America, Jan., 1938.

DuVal, Capt. Miles P. Isthmian Canal Policy--An Evaluation:  
Digging the "Big Ditch."  Reprinted from United States Naval 
Institute Proceedings, March 1955.

Randolph, Richard R. Hydraulic Tests on the Spillway of the 
Madden Dam. American Society of Civil Engineers. Reprinted 
from Proceedings, May, 1937. (2 pamphlets)

The Panama Canal Problem: a Memorandum to the Members of the 
Congress. 1954.

Plowshare Program:  Project Sedan. Application of Nuclear 
Explosives for Peaceful Purposes. United States Atomic 
Energy Commission. 1962-1963.  9 items.

Heck, N.H.  Earthquake History of the United States. Special 
publication No. 149, US Coast and Geodetic Survey.

Tornado Occurrences in the United States. US Dept. of Commerce 
Weather Bureau, Technical Paper No. 20.

It Looks Like a Tornado: an Aid for Distinguishing Tornadoes 
from Other Cloud Forms. US Dept. of Commerce, Weather Bureau, 

Fallout Protection:  What to Know and Do About Nuclear Attack.  
Dept. of Defense, Office of Civil Defense, 1961.

The Family Fallout Shelter. Office of Civil and Defense 
Mobilization, 1959.

What You Should Know about the National Plan for Civil Defense 
and Defense Mobilization. Office of Civil Defense Mobilization, 

Fallout Shelter Surveys:  Guide for Architects and Engineers.  
Office of Civil Defense  Mobilization, 1960.

Supplements Treaties and Acts of Congress Relating to the Panama 
Canal. (documents bound  together)

Panama Canal: Extracts from Hearings before Subcommittee of House 
Committee on Appropriations.  On Panama Canal 
Estimates, 1933-1939.  (documents bound together)

Merchant Marine Act, 1936, March 9 and 10, 1936.

P.C. Inct. Capy Etc (also Nicaragua and others.  House documents, 
hearings, acts bound together)

Measurement of Vessels and Tolls, 1937 (documents bound together)