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Moody (V. Alton) Papers

(Mss. 4570)

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Official agrarian reports from European countries, 1926-1932, n.d.

The church and agrarian reform, n.d.

European agrarian reform, paper, rough draft, n.d.

Southern U.S. agrarian reform and a transcript of an 1846 diary  
of John Stone, 1846, n.d.

Dept. of Commerce, General statements, 1929

Notes from minutes of Constituent Assemblies in post-war Europe,       

Church and agrarian reform, n.d.

Agrarian reform bibliographical items, 1931-1933

Replies to requests for information on agrarian systems, 1929-1930

Preliminaries, n.d.

Suggestions, 1921, n.d.

Bibliographies, 1928

European publications and bibliographies... to write, etc., n.d.

Albania, 1933

Austria, n.d.

Czechoslovakia, 1929-1934

Denmark, 1929

England, Break up of estates, n.d.

England, 1929, n.d.

Estonia, 1928-1929, n.d.

Finland (notes), 1928-1929, n.d.

France, 1921-1928, n.d.

France, 1926-1930

Germany, 1919, n.d.

Greece, n.d.

Hungary, 1920-1924, n.d.

Ireland, 1926, n.d.

Italy, n.d.

Latvia, 1928-1930, n.d.

Lithuania, n.d.

Poland, n.d.

Rumania, 1927-1931

Spain, notes all used, 1931-1936, n.d.

Notes on Spain for III and also Diario Vol I, 1931, n.d.

Spain, notes on Constitutional Assembly, 1931-1932, n.d.

Spanish legislation, mostly notes, 1931-1935, n.d.

Yugoslavia land notes, 1924-1929, n.d.

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