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Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club Records

(Mss. 4471)

Container List

Box 1
        Louisiana Business and Professional Women, a Thesis, 1939
        The Pelican, 1956
        West-Marr BPWC, 1957-83
        The Pelican, 1957
        Annual Report, LA Fed. BPWC, 1956-60
        Mid Year Board of Directors Reports, 1960
        Mid Year Board of Director Meeting Reports, 1960
        State Conventions, Pre Convention Board Meeting, 1960
        The Pelican, 1961
        Annual Report, LA Fed. BPWC, 1961-62
        Mid year Executive Meeting, 1961
        State Convention, 1961
        The Pelican, 1963
        State Convention Minutes, 1964
        Annual Report, 1965-66
        Mid Year Board, 1965
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1965-66
        Minutes Post-Convention Board Meeting, 1965
        The Pelican, 1965
        Annual Report, LA Fed BPWC, 1966-67
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1966
        State Convention Pre-Convention Board Meeting, 1966
        Annual Report, LA Fed BPWC, 1967-68
        Minutes  for  Mid  Year  Board,  Post-Convention,  Club  Report   
        Executive Board, 1967
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1967
        State Convention Minutes, 1967
        Shreveport BPWC, 1967-75
        State Convention Minutes, 1968-69
        Awards, 1969-70
        Bulletins, 1969
        Club President's Annual Reports, 1969-70
        Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1969-70
        District Director, 1969-70
        Mid Year Board of Directors Meeting Reports, 1969
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1969
        Mid Year Executive Meeting, 1969-70
        Post Convention Board Meeting, 1969
        Semi-Annual President's Report, 1969-70
        State Convention, 1969
        State Directory, 1969-70
        State Officers, 1969-70
        Report on State Civic Participation, 1969
        Westside of Gretna, 1969-70

Box 2
        Annual Report, 1970
        Bertha's Scoreboard, 1970-71, Bulletins and Hawaii
        Report of District Directors
        Report of Club Presidents, Mid Year Board Meeting, 1970
        Minutes, Mid Year Board Meeting, November 1970
        Mid Year Executive Committee Meeting, 1970-71
        Minutes From Executive Board, Post-Convention and Annual Report, 
        Report of State Officers and State Chairman, 1970
        State Convention, 1970
        State Convention Minutes, 1970-71
        State Directory, 1970-71
        Annual Reports, LA Fed BPWC, 1971-72
        Minutes, Executive Committee Meeting, 1971-November 17, 1972
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1972
        State Convention Minutes, 1972-73
        State Directory, 1972-73
        The Pelican, 1972-73
        Annual Report, LA Fed BPWC, 1973-74
        State Directory, 1973-74
        Annual Report, LA Fed BPWC, 1974-75
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1974-75
        State Convention Minutes, 1974-75
        State Directory, 1974-75
        The Pelican, 1974-75

Box 3
        Agnes Morris Education Loan Fund, 1975-85
        56th Annual Convention, 1975
        Annual Report, LA Fed BPWC, 1975-76
        Club President's Annual Reports, 1975-76
        Minutes, Post-Convention Board Meeting, 1975
        Minutes, State Convention, 1975-76
        State Directory, 1975-76
        Annual Report, LA Fed BPWC, 1976-77
        Historian Report, 1976-84
        Officers Bulletin, 1976-77
        Semi-Annual President's Report, 1976
        State Directory, 1976-77
        The Pelican, 1976
        Membership Bulletins (Shirley Leonard), 1877-78
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1977-78
        Minutes Post-Convention Board Meeting, 1977
        Past State President's Council, 1977-79
        Pre-Convention of Directors Meeting, 1977
        State Directory, 1977-78        
        Annual Convention, LA Fed BPWC, 1978
        Annual Report, LA Fed BPWC, 1978
        Bulletins (Officers), 1978-79
        Membership Bulletins (Annie Price), 1978-79
        Mid Year Executive Committee Meeting, 1978
        State Directory, 1978-79
        The Pelican, 1978
        Membership, State, 1979-80
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1979, nd
        Minutes of Post Convention Board Meeting, 1979
        State Officers Bulletin, 1979-80
        Semi-Annual President's Report, 1979
        State Directory, 1979-80
        Ferrie A Church, Second Vice President and  Membership Chair,  
        Bulletin, Reports LFBPWC, 1980-81
        State Directory, 1980-81
        The Pelican, 1980-81
        State Directory, 1981-82
        State Officers Bulletins, 1981-82
        63rd Annual Convention Program, 1982
        63rd Annual State Convention, Saturday Business Meeting, 1982
        Membership Awards and Highlights, 1982-83
        Minutes, District VII, 1982
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1982
        Post Convention Board Meeting, 1982
        State Directory, 1982-83
        The Pelican, 1982-83

Box 4
        64th Annual Convention Program, 1983
        Ferrie Church, President, 1983-84
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1983
        Post Convention Board Meeting, 1983
        Reports (Chairman), 1983
        65th Annual Convention, Program, 1984
        Bulletins and Pelican, 1984
        District Minutes, President's Report, 1984  (3 folders)
        Loretta Keane, President, 1984-85
        Mid Year Board Meeting, 1984
        Pre-Convention Board Meeting, 1984
        State Officers Bulletins, 1984-85
        The Pelican, 1984
        Sue Magee, President, 1986-87
        The Pelican, 1986-87
        State Convention, 1987
        State Directory, 1987-88
        71st Annual Convention, 1990
        Garnet Sharpe, President, 1990-91
        Semi-Annual President Report, nd
        Club President Annual Report, nd
        World Affairs Report, Emma Mainous Chairman, nd
        A Brief History, Great Gonzales Area
        State Directory, nd
        Miscellaneous Material, nd
        Miscellaneous, nd

Box 5

[boxes 5-8 are  from the brown  folders. these  are the divider  
headings from the folder itself and under is folders within brown 

        Recording Secretary File, 1971-72 and 1972-73
                Mrs Genevieve A. Butler
                        Bulletins from State Officers and Chairmen
                        National Correspondence Club Year, 1971-72
        File of Glenda Prechac, State President, 1976-77
        State President Correspondence, 1977 (to pass to
        File of Judy Hasten, State President, 1977-78
        Colleen Rudasill
        File of Bonnie Tynes, State President, 1978-79

        National Correspondence, Correspondence with State Officals

          National Correspondence
                File of Mary Gildart, State President, 1979-80
                Shirley Leonary
                Mail for State Convention, Correspondence Anita
                File of Shirley Leonard, State President, 1980-81

          National Club Correspondence
          State Correspondence
          State Bulletins
        File of Annie C. Price, State President, 1981-82 (file #1)
        Bulletin, State
        From Iona R. Myers to Garnet M. Sharpe, Aug 14, 1991
        Legislation Program Information
                1981-82 (file #1)
                1981-82 (file #2)
        Nike Club Document
                Southwood Academy Nike Club Hammond
                Crowley High School Nike Club
                State Nike Committee, 1983-84
                Oakdale Nike Club
                State Nike Club Committee, 1983-84
                State Nike Club Committee, 1984-85
                Official Documents Nike

        File of Robbie P. Melder, State President, 1982-83
        Correspondence, 1982-83

Box 6
        File of Ferrie A. Church, State President, 1983-84
        Ferrie A. Church, President, LFBPWC, 1983-84
        Records of Loretta T. Keane, State President, 1984-85 (file #1)
        Loretta T. Keane, 1984-85, May, 1984-October 1984
        Records of Loretta T. Keane, State President, 1984-85 (file #2)
        Loretta T. Keane, Correspondence, November 1984-February 1985
        Treasurer's Report of Income and Expenses
        Expansion Club
        State Directory
        Loretta T. Keane, Correspondence, February 1985-November 1985
        Loretta T. Keane, Newsletters, 1984-85
        Records of Loretta T. Keane, State President, 1984-85 (file #3)
        Membership Roster, 1984-85
        The Pelican, Meeting Minutes
        1984 Midgeor Board, Clerk and District Reports, Loretta
        Annual Reports, 1984-85
        Correspondence Records of Loretta T. Keane, State President,  
                1984-85 (file #4)
        Correspondence File
        Loretta T. Keane, 1984-85, January 1985-May 1985
        Correspondence Received
        Reports on District Mettings
        Correspondence Records for Period of Mid Year Board though 1985  
        State Convention, Loretta  T. Keane,  State President, 1984-85,  
                (file #5)
        Correspondence Summary
        Correspondence Written
        Correspondence Written, May 1985-November 1985
        Correspondence by Sylvia Duplessia
        Correspondence, Received, May 1985-November 1985
        Correspondence, May 1985-November 1985

Box 7

        Membership Survey, 1985
                Members Long Range Questionaires
                Member Long Range Questionaires
        1986-87 Files, Sue S. Magee
        Bulletins from President, Sue Magee
        Helen M. Trichel, Louisiana BPW President, 1988-89
        Bulletins, Programs
        Yolanda Hughes, President  LFBPW, Inc., 1989-90
        Pelican, State Directory, Mid Year Board Meeting Program
        Bulletins, Young Career Woman Competition Program
        Yolanda Hughes, President LFBPW, Inc., 1989-90
        President Elect
        Issue Management
        Membership Chain
        State Directory
        Correspondence, BPW/USA Program

Box 8
        National Convention, 1988
        State Bylaws and Handbook Chairmen, 1988-89
        Foundation Chair, 1988-89
        Issue Management Chairman, Yolanda Hughes, 1988-89
        Legislation Chairman, 1988-89
        Agnes Morris Education Loan Fund, 1988-89
        Membership Chair., Garnet Sharpe, 1988-89
        Public Relations Chairmen, 1988-89
        Young Careerist, 1987-88 and 1988-89
        Chairman District Directors, Gayle Patrick, 1988-89
        Forward Looking Strategies Chairman, 1988-89
        Louisiana Councillor on Future of Women in Workplace, 1988-89
        National Business Women's Week Programs, 1988-89
        LA/PAC, 1988-89
        National Pac
        Pelican, 1988-89
        Project 2012 Chair, 1988-89
        WIT Chairman, 1988-89
        Innisbrook Wraps, 1988-89
        Leadership Workshop District I
        National Federation Correspondence, 1988-89
        National Membership Reports, 1988-89
        Nominations For Offices, 1989-90 
        Opinion Survey, 1988
        President's Correspondence
        Resolutions to National Bylaws Changes
        State Committees, Letters to Chairmen, 1988-89
        State Treasurer Budget, 1988-89
        WAC II, St. Louis, MO
        District I, 1988-89
        District II, 1988-89
        District III, 1988-89
        District IV, 1988-89
        District V, 1988-89
        District VI, 1988-89
        District VII, 1988-89
        District VIII, 1988-89
        Executive Committee, 1988-89
        Alexandria LO, 1988-89
        Bastrop, LO, 1988-89
        Capital City, LO, 1988-89
        Jefferson Parish, 1988-89
        Lake Charles LO, 1988-89
        Oakdale LO
        St. Bernard LO, 1988-89
        Thibodeaux LO
        Newsletters, other LO
        Membership Lists, 1988-89
        Correspondence through October 20, 1988
        Correspondence October 21, 1988 until  State Convention June 1, 1989
        Opinion Surveys, passed out at Spring District Meeting, 1988-89
        State Convention, 1989