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Introduction to Finding Aids

Inventories and container lists include varying levels of information about our collections. Container lists are merely a listing of what is in each collection by box or container. Inventories provide more complete information about a collection and its creators. They typically include the following elements:

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To locate manuscript materials in repositories both in the United States and internationally, users may search the RLIN AMC database of over 500,000 records. This gateway is maintained by the Library of Congress. LSU Libraries Special Collections also provides searching capabilities for manuscripts collections throughout the United States through Archives USA. This service may only be accessed from a computer on the LSU campus or through an account served by Louisiana State University. For additional information about the LSU Libraries' Special Collections holdings of published materials, as well as manuscripts, be sure to search the Online Public Access Catalog.

The following list of collection titles offers links to our electronic finding aids.

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Finding Aids & Inventories to Manuscripts Collections


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MacKowen (John Clay) Papers (Mss. 2465) Inventory
Madden (Roberta M.) Papers (Mss. 5022) Inventory
Madison Lumber Company Negatives and Prints (Mss. 176236-176243) Inventory
Magruder (Benjamin Scott) Collection (Hilda Moss Papers) (Mss. 4425) Inventory
Magruder (W.H. Nathaniel) Papers (Mss. 3915) Inventory
Mahy Desmontils (Joseph Henry de) Letter (Mss. 1171) Inventory
Mann (Lawrence) Papers (Mss. 5161) Inventory
Marchand (Sidney A.) Papers (Mss. 3214) Inventory
Marchant (James Alexander) Family Papers (Mss 3641) Inventory
Markham (Thomas Railey) Papers (Mss. 250, 649, 650) Inventory
Marshall (George B. and Family) Papers (Mss. 969) Inventory
Marshall-Furman Family Papers (Mss. 2740, 4042) Inventory
Marston (Henry and Family) Papers (Mss 624)
Martin (Robert Campbell, Jr.) Papers (Mss. 1045) Inventory
Martin (Sigur) Papers (Mss. 460) Inventory
Mather (George) Account Books (Mss. 283, 568) Inventory
Mathews (Charles L.) Family Papers (Mss. 910) Inventory
Mathews-Ventress-Lawrason Family Papers (Mss 4358) Inventory
McCaleb (E. Howard) Papers (Mss. 2713) Inventory
McCarstle (C. M.) Family Account Books (Mss. 486, 652) Inventory
McClure (John W.) Papers (Mss. 3240) Inventory
McCutchon (Samuel) Papers (Mss. 1049, 1060, 1087, 1109) Inventory
McGalliard (William M. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3713) Inventory
McGrath (John) Papers and Scrapbook (Mss. 1115) Inventory
MckElvey (Peter B.) Papers (Mss. 1068) Inventory
McKinney (Jeptha) Papers (Mss. 273, 718) Inventory
McKowen-Lilly-Stirling Family Papers (Mss. 4356) Inventory
McMorran (Charlotte Cheney) Photograph Collection (Mss. 5040) Inventory
McMurran-Austen Family Papers (Mss. 4795) Inventory
McMurray (Aldridge L.) Papers (Mss. 4502) Inventory
McVea (Charles and Lucy Hilliard) Papers (Mss. 5159) Inventory
McVea-Neville Family Papers (Mss. 3284) Inventory
McVeigh (George W.) Diary and Letter (Mss. 3871) Inventory
Merrick (Edwin Thomas) Papers (Mss. 1137, 1752) Inventory
Mestayer (Marcelite Segura) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4365) Inventory
Metoyer Family Papers (Mss. 836, 837, 846) Inventory
Meyer Brothers Store Records (Mss. 2909) Inventory
Mignon (Francois) Papers (Mss. 4484) Inventory
Miller (Charles W.) Letters (Mss. 4632) Inventory
Milne Asylum Papers (Mss. 1170) Inventory
Mingo Family African American Photographs (Mss. 5113) Inventory
Minor (William J. and Family) Papers (Mss. 519, 594) Inventory
Mississippi River Flood of 1927 Album (Mss. 4373) Inventory
Mississippi River Map Collection (Mss. 4818) Inventory
Monget (Joseph William) Papers (Mss. 2929) Inventory
Monroe (Ethel V.) Papers (Mss. 1779) Inventory
Montgomery (George W.) Papers and Account Books (Mss. 1015) Inventory
Montgomery (Joseph Addison and Family) Papers (Mss. 1019) Inventory
Moody (V. Alton) Papers (Mss. 4570) Container List
Moore (John) Family Papers. Michael D. Wynne Collection (Mss. 2973) Inventory
Moore (Thomas O.) Papers (Mss. 305, 893, 1094) Inventory
Moore (W. Henson) Papers (Mss. 4100) Inventory
Morancy (Honore and Family) Papers (Mss. 2430) Inventory
Morris (Robert P.) Papers (Mss. 4137) Inventory
Morris-Sibley Papers (Mss. 562) Inventory
Mouton (J. Andre) Papers (Mss. 3828) Container List
Moyse-Gottlieb-Sommer Family Papers (Mss. 4671) Inventory
Mugnier (George Francois) Collection (Mss. 1728, 1781, 1968) Inventory
Mugnier (George Francois) New Orleans Scenes (Mss. 1089, 1552) Inventory
Mugnier (George Francois) Stereographs (Mss. 1785) Inventory
Murdoch (James E.) Papers (Mss. 667) Inventory
Murphy (Patrick) Papers (Mss. 309) Inventory
Murray (Hyde H.) Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Papers (Mss. 4691) Inventory