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Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections
Finding Aids

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Finding aids that are available for our manuscript collections include inventories and container lists. The majority of these finding aids are also available on paper in the Reading Room of Hill Memorial Library. The finding aids found here do not represent the entirety of the manuscript holdings of the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, as some finding aids exist only as paper copies.

Inventories and container lists include varying levels of information about our collections. Container lists are merely a listing of what is in each collection by box or container. Inventories provide more complete information about a collection and its creators. They typically include the following elements:

  • brief summary of the collection, giving the dates, languages, brief description of content, related collections, and access restrictions
  • biographical sketch of the creator of the records and other people or businesses who figure prominently in the collection
  • scope note, which is a description of the collection as a whole, including what kinds of formats are present and what topics are covered in the collection
  • series list and series descriptions, which show how the collection is arranged and provide more specific information about the contents of each series than is found in the scope note
  • container list, showing what is found in each box.

To locate manuscript materials in repositories both in the United States and internationally, users may search the RLIN AMC database of over 500,000 records. This gateway is maintained by the Library of Congress. LSU Libraries Special Collections also provides searching capabilities for manuscripts collections throughout the United States through Archives USA. This service may only be accessed from a computer on the LSU campus or through an account served by Louisiana State University. For additional information about the LSU Libraries' Special Collections holdings of published materials, as well as manuscripts, be sure to search the Online Public Access Catalog.

The following list of collection titles offers links to our electronic finding aids.

Inventories to Manuscripts Collections
in the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections


Abell Family Papers (Mss. 4879) Inventory PDF | HTML

Acadia Plantation Records (Mss. 4906) Inventory PDF

Actors and Musicians Photographs (Mss. 2116) Inventory HTML | PDF

Acy, Jr. (William) Papers (Mss. 717, 722) HTML

Adams (Israel L. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3637) PDF | HTML

Affleck (Thomas) Papers (Mss. 3, 4, 1263, 1264) Inventory HTML | PDF

Alexander (William H.) Papers (Mss. 4456) Container List HTML

American Psychological Association Division 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology) Records (Mss. 4745) Inventory HTML

Anderson (John Q.) Papers (Mss. 2162) Container List HTML

Andry (Michel T. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1318) Inventory HTML

Army Corp of Engineers river snagboat C. R. Suter photographs, ca. 1885 (Mss. 4966) Inventory PDF | HTML

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Badin (Norbert) Papers (Mss. 825) Inventory HTML

Baldwin and Co. Records  (Mss. 4597) Container List HTML

Baines (Henry) Papers (Mss. 1209) Inventory PDF

Barel (Léona Queyrouze) Papers (Mss. 1204, 1222, 1278, 1314, 1323, 1335) Inventory PDF

Barrow (Abram F. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3696, 3745) Inventory HTML

Barth (William) Papers (Mss. 4421) Inventory HTML

Bass-Farrar Family Papers (Mss. 4907) Inventory HTML

Batchelor (Albert A.) Papers (Mss. 919) Inventory PDF

Baton Rouge Audubon Society Records (Mss. 4133) Container List HTML

Baton Rouge Council on Human Relations Records (Mss. 4813) Inventory HTML

Bell (James T.) Letter (Mss. 3453) Inventory HTML

Bennett, George Records (Mss. 1010) HTML

Birge (N.A.) Papers (Mss. 918, 1036) Inventory PDF

Bertrand (Alvin Lee) Papers (Mss. 4787) Inventory HTML

Betts (Ephraim) Diaries (Mss. 3433) Inventory HTML

Bisland, John and Family Papers (Mss. 29) PDF | HTML

Blackburn (J.) Letter (Mss. 3326) Inventory HTML

Blanche (Alexander) Papers (Mss. 3342) Inventory PDF

Bond (Priscilla Munnikhuysen) Papers (Mss. 2155) Inventory PDF

Boothby, Charles W. Papers (Mss. 4847) PDF

Bordelon (Leonce P.) Diaries (Mss. 4952) HTML | PDF

Bosley (Hubbard S.) Papers HTML

Boucry Family Papers (Mss. 790) Inventory HTML

Boudreaux (Maximilien E. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1099) Inventory PDF

Boyer (Mrs. Albert P.) Record Books (Mss. 1258) Inventory PDF

Braden (Waldo W.) Papers (Mss. 3352) Container List HTML

Brent (Joseph L.) Papers (Mss. 1477, 1822) Inventory PDF

Bridges, Tyler Papers (Mss. 4899) HTML | PDF

Bringier, Louis A. and Family Papers (Mss. 43, 139, 544) HTML

Britton, Audley Clark and Family Papers (Mss. 1403) HTML

Brooks Read Brer Rabbit Collection (Mss.4476) Inventory HTML

Brouard (Brother Arsene) Papers (Mss. 3568) Inventory HTML

Bruce, Seddon and Wilkins Plantation Records (Mss. 2668) Inventory HTML

Buck-Ellis Family Papers (Mss. 4820) Inventory HTML | PDF

Buhler (Mary Edith) Papers (Mss. 1192, 1210, 1333) Inventory PDF

Burden (Ione and Family) Papers (Mss. 3063) Inventory HTML

Burnham (B.) Letters (Mss. 3443) Inventory HTML

Butler (Anna and Sarah) Correspondence (Mss. 581) Inventory HTML

Butler (Richard) Papers (Mss. 1000) Inventory HTML

Butler (Robert O.) Papers (Mss. 1068) Inventory HTML

Butler (Thomas W.) Papers (Mss. 888) Inventory HTML

Butler (Thomas and Family) Papers  (Mss. 2850) Inventory HTML

Butler Family Papers (Mss 1026) Inventory HTML

Bynum Family Papers (Mss. 3104, 3174) HTML

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Cable (James B.) Papers (Mss. 1765) Inventory PDF

Calcasieu League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN) Records (Mss. 4799) HTML | PDF

Capell Family Papers (Mss. 56, 257, 1751, 2501, 2597) PDF

Capell (ELI J.) Family Papers (Mss. 674) PDF

Carey (Cora E. and Family) Papers (Mss. 2987) Inventory PDF

Carleton (Mark T.) Papers (Mss. 4644) Inventory HTML

Carnegie (S. Steve) Papers (Mss. 2531) Inventory HTML

Cazayoux Family Papers (Mss 4827) Inevntory HTML

Chatsworth Plantation Store Records (Mss. 4589) Inventory HTML

Chelette (Atala and Family) Papers (Mss. 979) Inventory PDF

Chenel (Louis E.) Family Papers (Mss. 4631) Container List HTML

Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park (Ga. And Tenn.):
Louisiana Committee Photographs (Mss.4504) Inventory HTML

Civil War Photograph Album (Mss.2572) Inventory HTML

Clay (Henry) Letter (Mss. 3452) Inventory HTML

Close (John) Papers (Mss. 1646) Inventory PDF

Coates (Charles E. and Ollie) Papers (Mss. 3579) Container List HTML

Cohn (Isidore) Papers (Mss. 3425) Inventory PDF | HTML

Conner (Lemuel P. and Family) Papers (Mss. 81, 1403, 1431, 1475, 1551, 1595, 1710, 1793, 1859, 1934, 1999) Inventory HTML

Conrad (Archelus M.) Papers (Mss. 4126) Inventory HTML

Constantinides (Dinos) Papers (Mss. 4613) Container List HTML

Corbin (Robert A.) Papers (Mss. 705) Inventory PDF

Crosby (Dixie Hammond) Family Papers (Mss. 4805) Inventory HTML

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Davis, Don, Slide Collection (Mss. 4896) HTML

Davis, E. F. Papers HTML

DeClouet (Alexander E. and Family) Papers (Mss. 74, 258, 461, 756) Inventory HTML

Delsarte (Francois) Papers (Mss. 1301) Inventory PDF

Desmond (John) Papers (Mss 4792) PDF | HTML

Doke (Fielding Yeager) Papers (Mss. 2215) Inventory PDF

Dore (J. Hugo) Papers (Mss 1389) PDF

Doussan Family Papers, 1827-1872. (Mss 4800) Inventory HTML

Drouillard (Jean Baptiste) Family Papers (Mss 2590) HTML | PDF

Dreger (Ralph M.) Papers (Mss 3900) Inventory PDF

Durieux (Caroline W.) Papers (Mss. 3827) Inventory HTML

Durnin (James and John) Papers (Mss. 697) Inventory HTML

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East, Charles Papers (Mss. 3471) Container List HTML | PDF

Ellis, E. John Diary (Mss. 2795) HTML | PDF

Ellis-Farar Papers (Mss. 1000) HTML

Ellis, Hazel and Nellie Family Papers (Mss. 467) HTML

Ellis (William H.) Papers (Mss. 2274) Inventory PDF

Evans, (J. Bruce) Papers (Mss 4664) Inventory PDF

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Ferguson, Kate Papers (Mss. 1416, 1576) HTML

Feliciana Female Collegiate Institute Record Books (Mss. 757) Inventory PDF

Fern (A.) Letter (Mss. 3404) Inventory HTML

Fisher (Alice Risley) Family Papers (Mss. 2269, 4901) Inventory HTML | PDF

Fleming (Walter L.) Collection (Mss. 890, 893) HTML

Florida Parishes Photographic Collection (Mss. 2355) Container List HTML

Fontenot (Ozemé and Family) Papers (Mss. 3248) Inventory PDF

Foster (Murphy J. and Family) Papers (Mss. 4710) Inventory HTML

Freemasons, Feliciana Lodge No. 31 (St. Francisville, LA) Records (Mss 4777) PDF | HTML

Freemasons, St. James Lodge No. 47 (Baton Rouge, LA) Records (Mss 2860) PDF | HTML

French (George N.) Papers (Mss. 3695) Container List HTML

French-Clarke Family Papers (Mss. 3494) HTML

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Gay (Andrew Hynes and Family) Papers (Mss. 2542) Inventory PDF

Gianelloni (Sabin J., Jr.) Papers (Mss. 3458) Container List HTML

Gillespie (James A.) Family Papers Papers (Mss. 0669) Inventory PDF

Goodwin (Josiah) Diaries and Research Collection (Mss. 4886) Inventory PDF

Graham, Alice Walworth Papers HTML

Great Southern Lumber Co. Collection (Mss. 3225) Inventory HTML

Gudas (Fabian) Papers (Mss. 4562) Container List HTML

Gumbel, Simon. Family Papers (Mss. 1490) Inventory PDF | HTML

Gurley (John W.) Papers (Mss. 507) Inventory PDF

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Hardin (J. Fair) Collection (Mss 1014) HTML | PDF

Hart-Bonnecaze-Duncan Family Papers (Mss. 3371) Inventory HTML

Hartzell, Joseph C. Papers (Mss. 506) Inventory HTML

Hasselmans (Louis) Papers (Mss. 865) Inventory HTML | PDF

Haymaker, (Richard W.) Yoshihiro Hattori Papers (Mss 4698)PDF

Head (William H. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3238) Inventory HTML

Hebert Bros. Meat Market Records (Mss. 3833) Inventory HTML | PDF

Hebert, Raphael. Family Papers,1827-1960 (Mss 4769) Inventory HTML | PDF

Heldner (Knute A.) Papers (Mss. 3650) Inventory HTML

Helluin (Pierre F.) Letters (Mss. 4649) Inventory HTML

Hennen-Jennings Family Papers (Mss. 748) Inventory PDF

Hero (Andrew Jr., and George) Papers (Mss. 976, 977, 994, 1030, 1039) Inventory PDF

Hilda Moss Papers (Mss.4425) (Magruder, Benjamin Scott Collection) Inventory HTML | PDF

Hilliard (Mrs. Isaac H.) Diary (Mss. 178, 762) Inventory PDF

Hispanic American Collection (Mss 1350) HTML

Houston (Samuel R. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3451) Inventory HTML

Huguet (Adolphe G. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3805) HTML

Hyams (Henry M. and Family) Papers (Mss. 1392, 1564) Inventory PDF

Hyatt (Arthur W.) Papers (Mss. 180) Inventory PDF

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Jenkins (John C. and Family) Papers (Mss. 141, 142, 184, 187) Inventory PDF

Jennings-Heywood Oil Syndicate Records (Mss. 3262) Inventory HTML

Johnson (William T. and Family) Papers (Mss 529, 561, 597, 770, 926, 1093) Inventory HTML

Jones (Joseph) Papers (Mss. 468, 534, 544, 1036, 1351, 1357, 1393, 1441) Inventory HTML | PDF

Jones (William W.) Letter (Mss. 3326) Inventory HTML

Judd (Samuel) Letter (Mss. 3326) Inventory HTML

Jungle Gardens, Inc. Bond Issue Ledger (Mss. 4668) Inventory HTML

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Kenner Family Papers and diaries (Mss. 0775) Inventory PDF

Kenner (William) Papers (Mss. 1477, 1491) Inventory PDF

Kent-Amacker Family Papers (Mss. 4185) Inventory HTML

Ker (John and Family) Papers (Mss. 3539) Inventory PDF

Kilbourne (James Gilliam and Family) Collection (Mss. 690, 730) Inventory PDF

Kleinpeter (George and Family) Papers (Mss. 864, 1029) Inventory PDF

Kirby (Thomas A.) Papers (Mss. 4558) Container List HTML

Kniffen (Fred B.) Papers (Mss. 3488) Container List HTML

Knighton (Josiah and Family) Papers (Mss. 651) Inventory PDF

Knox (J.P. and Family) Papers (Mss. 715) Inventory PDF

Ku Klux Klan Records (Mss. 4770) Inventory HTML | PDF

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La Houssaye (Sidonie De)Papers (Mss. 105) Inventory HTML

Lane, Pinkie Gordon Papers (Mss. 4629) Inventory HTML

Laycock (John and Family) Papers (Mss. 3194) Inventory PDF

Lea (Lemanda E.) Papers (Mss. 704) Inventory PDF

Leary (Richard K.) Correspondence (Mss. 4687) Inventory HTML

Ledoux and Co. Record Book (Mss. 964) Inventory HTML

Lobdell (Warren R.) Papers (Mss. 4532) Inventory HTML

Louisiana Association of Parliamentarians Records (Mss. 4555) Container List HTML

Louisiana Association of Student Nurses Records (Mss. 2586) Container List HTML

Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) Records HTML

Louisiana Federation of Business and Professional Women's Club Records (Mss. 4471) Container List HTML | PDF

Louisiana Folklife Program Project Files (Mss. 4730) HTML | PDF

Louisiana Health Care Campaign Records (Mss. 4957) HTML | PDF

Louisiana Leper Home Records (Mss. 2515) Inventory HTML | PDF

Louisiana Library Association Records (Mss. 4031) Container List HTML

Louisiana Postcard Collection (Mss. 3645) HTML

Louisiana Railroad Depot Photograph Collection (Mss. 4161) HTML

Louisiana State Bank Records (Mss. 1785) Inventory HTML | PDF

Louisiana Women's Political Caucus Records (Mss. 4580) Container List HTML

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Madison Lumber Company Negatives and Prints (Mss. 176236-176243) Inventory HTML

Magruder, Benjamin Scott Collection (Hilda Moss Papers) Inventory HTML | PDF

Mathews-Ventres-Lawrason Family Papers (Mss 4358) Inventory HTML

Marchant (James Alexander) Family Papers (Mss 3641) Inventory HTML

Marshall-Furman Papers (Mss. 2740, 4042) Inventory HTML

Marston (Henry and Family) Papers (Mss 624) HTML

Martin, Robert Campbell Jr., Papers (Mss. 1045) HTML

Mather (George) Account Books (Mss. 283, 568) Inventory HTML

MckElvey (Peter B.) Papers (Mss. 1068) Inventory HTML | PDF

McKowen-Lilly-Stirling Family Papers (Mss. 4356) Inventory HTML

McMurran-Austen Family Papers (Mss. 4795) Inventory HTML

McMurray (Aldridge L.) Papers (Mss. 4502) Inventory HTML

Merrick, Edwin Thomas Papers [Mss. 1137, 1752] Inventory HTML

Mignon (Francois) Papers (Mss. 4484) Inventory HTML

Miller (Charles W.) Letters (Mss. 4632) Inventory HTML

Minor (William J. and Family) Papers (Mss. 519, 594) Inventory PDF

Mississippi River Flood of 1927 Album (Mss. 4373) Inventory HTML

Mississippi River Map Collection (Mss. 4818) HTML

Montgomery (George W.) Papers and Account Books (Mss. 1015) PDF

Montgomery (Joseph Addison and Family) Papers (Mss. 1019) Inventory PDF

Moody (V. Alton) Papers (Mss. 4570) Container List HTML

Morancy (Honoré and Family) Papers (Mss. 2430) Inventory PDF

Morris (Robert P.) Papers (Mss. 4137) Inventory HTML

Morris-Sibley Papers (Mss. 562) Inventory PDF

Mouton (J. Andre) Papers (Mss. 3828) Container List HTML  

Murphy, Patrick Papers (Mss. 309) HTML

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New Orleans Glass Plate Negatives (Mss.176244-176250) Inventory HTML

New Orleans Scenes - Mugnier Negatives (Mss. 1089, 1552) Inventory HTML

New Orleans Negative Exposures (Mss.173703-173707, 176212-176235) Inventory HTML

Newell, Robert A. Papers (Mss. 653) Inventory HTML

Nichols (Irby C. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3798) Inventory HTML | PDF

Nicholson (George) Papers (Mss. 702) Inventory PDF

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Opelousas Post Records (Mss. 4581) Inventory HTML | PDF

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Palfrey (John G.) Papers (Mss. 333, 334, 1409, 1442, 1632, 2076, 2580, 2773, 2857) Inventory HTML

Palmer (J. Norris) Papers (Mss. 3070) Inventory HTML

Palmer-Lincoln Family Papers (Mss. 4628) Container List HTML

Pearson (Sophie C.) Collection (Mss. 3237) Container List HTML

Pecquet De Bellet De Verton and Kariouk Family Papers (Mss. 4702) HTML | PDF

Peirce-Haralson-Rumble Family Papers (Mss. 4771) HTML | PDF

Pilot Club Records (Mss. 4630) Container List HTML

Pinson (Hamet and Family) Papers (Mss. 1385) Inventory PDF

Pintard (John M.) Papers (Mss. 887) Inventory PDF

Plauche (Joseph) Papers (Mss. 944) Inventory HTML | PDF

Pleasants (John R.) Records  (Mss. 4588) Container List HTML

Pugh (Alexander F.) Papers (Mss. 354) Container List HTML

Pugh (Mary W.) Papers (Mss. 897, 1055) Container List HTML

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Rabenhorst (Alvin E.) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4110) Inventory HTML | PDF

Ramsland (Katherine M.) Papers (Mss. 4464) Container List HTML

Randolph (E. Sidney) Papers (Mss. 2410) Container List HTML

Randolph (John H.) Papers (Mss. 355, 356) Inventory HTML | PDF

Rauhman-Turner Family Papers (Mss. 4159) Inventory HTML | PDF

Reilly (Robert M.) Papers (Mss. 4662) Inventory HTML | PDF

Reyer (Carl D.) Papers (Mss. 2522) Container List HTML

Reynes (Joseph and Family) Papers (Mss. 1038) Inventory PDF

Reynolds (Joseph M.) Papers (Mss. 4529) Inventory HTML | PDF

Reynard (Charles A.)-Marian Reynard Baun Papers (Mss. 4772) HTML | PDF

Rice (Anne) Collection (Mss. 4446) Container List HTML

Richardson (Henry Brown and Family) Papers (Mss. 2987) Inventory PDF

Risley Fisher (Alice) Family Papers (Mss 4901) HTML | PDF

Roberts (Sylvia) Papers (Mss. 3259) Container List HTML

Robinson (Joseph T.) Papers (Mss. 1413) Inventory HTML | PDF

Rogers (Guy and Nell) Papers (Mss. 4848) HTML | PDF

Romaine (Howard) Papers (Mss. 3252) Container List HTML

Rosedown Plantation Restoration Photograph Collection (Mss. 4350) Inventory HTML

Rosenbaum (Max) Family Letters and Photographs (Mss. 4878) HTML | PDF

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S. Gumbel and Company, Ltd. Records (Mss. 1490) Inventory PDF | HTML

Samuelson (Hyman) Diaries (Mss. 4934) HTML | PDF

Saucier (Gertrude B. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3293) HTML | PDF

Savoy (Joseph and Family) Papers (Mss. 3022) Inventory PDF

Schwartz (John C.) Papers (Mss.385, 4732) Inventory HTML | PDF

Scott (Eva and Family) Papers (Mss. 2994) Inventory PDF

S. Gumbel (Simon Gumbel) Co., LTD. Records (Mss. 1490) Inventory HTML | PDF

Sherman (William Tecumseh) Letters (Mss. 890, 893) Inventory (Part of the David French Boyd Papers) HTML | PDF

Shields (Joseph D.) Papers (Mss. 390) HTML | PDF

Shlenker-Hirsch-Moyse Family Papers (Mss 4911) Inventory HTML | PDF

Simpson (Lewis P.) Papers (Mss. 4412) Inventory PDF

Skimmers Club Records (Mss. 4625) Inventory HTML | PDF

Snee (J. E., Sr.) Photograph Collection (Mss. 4069)  Inventory HTML | PDF

Snyder (Alonzo) Papers (Mss. 655) Inventory HTML | PDF

Sommer (Ray) Papers (Mss. 4642) Container List HTML

Spell (Viela) Photographs (Mss. 4633) Container List HTML

Stafford (Emma T.) Sidonie De La Houssaye Papers (Mss. 1445) Inventory HTML | PDF

Stanford (Donald E.) Papers (Mss. 4717) Inventory HTML | PDF

Steamboat Images (Mss. 0893, Mss. 1052, Mss. 1297, Mss. 1331, Mss. 1510, Mss. 1516, Mss. 1584, Mss. 1704, Mss. 1776, Mss. 1877, Mss. 3057, and Mss. 3547) HTML

Sterrett (R. W.) Letter (Mss. 3404) Inventory HTML

Stewart (Robert H.) Family Account Books (Mss. 404, 4732) Inventory HTML | PDF

Stirling (Lewis and Family) Papers (Mss. 1866) Inventory HTML

Stovall (James L.) Papers (Mss. 4467) Inventory HTML | PDF

Stratton (Joseph B.) Family Papers (Mss.0464) Inventory PDF

Strong (George C.) Photograph Album (Mss.1453) Inventory HTML

Stubbs (Jefferson W. and Family) Papers (Mss. 567) Inventory PDF

Surget (Francis) Estate Papers (Mss. 12, 749) HTML | PDF

Survey Collection (Mss. 552, 743, 933, 936, 955, 961) Inventory HTML | PDF

Suydam (G. H.) Collection (Mss. 1394)  Inventory HTML

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Tanner (J. Thomas, Jr.) Papers (Mss. 3527) Inventory HTML | PDF

Tauzin (Marcelin and Family) Papers (Mss. 912) Inventory HTML | PDF

Taylor (Miles and Family) Papers (Mss. 1378, 1448, 1636, 1826) Inventory PDF

Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Records (Mss. 4171) Inventory PDF | HTML

Terrell, Miles and Family Papers (Mss. 843) PDF | HTML

Terry (William and Family) Papers (Mss. 915) Inventory PDF

Texada (Lewis and Family) Papers (Mss. 2985) Inventory PDF

Thomas (Isaac) Family Papers (Mss. 4634) Inventory HTML | PDF

Thrasher (Arthur P.) Correspondence (Mss. 2247) Inventory PDF

Trotter (Daniel and Family) Papers (Mss. 990) Inventory HTML | PDF

Tureaud (Benjamin F. and Family) Papers (Mss. 427) Inventory HTML | PDF

Turnbull, Daniel Family Papers (Mss. 4973) Inventory PDF

Turnbull (Dudley) and Family papers (Mss 2907) Inventory HTML | PDF

Turnbull-Allain Family Papers (Mss. 4261) Inventory HTML

Turnbull-Bowman Family Papers (Mss. 4452) Inventory HTML

Turnbull-Bowman-Lyons Family Papers (Mss. 4026) Inventory HTML | PDF

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Uncle Sam Plantation Papers  (Mss. 408, 602, 1252) Inventory HTML | PDF

United Confederate Veterans Association Records (Mss. 1357) Inventory HTML | PDF

Upton Family Papers (Mss. 4659) Inventory HTML

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Vidal (Joseph and Family) Papers (Mss. 432) Inventory PDF

Violette (Eugene M.) Collection (Mss. 815, 893) Inventory HTML | PDF

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WBRZ Collection (Mss. 2459, 2528) Container List  HTML | PDF

Waddill Family Papers (Mss. 4578) Inventory HTML | PDF

Wall (Evans) Papers (Mss. 4411) Inventory HTML | PDF

Wall-Pettibone Family Papers (Mss. 3344) Inventory HTML | PDF

Waller (William) Survey Collection (Mss. 3592, 3910, 4326) Inventory HTML

Ward (John Langdon) Lantern Slides Collection (Mss. 4875) Inventory HTML

Weiss (Seymore) Papers (Mss 4165) Inventory HTML

Welty, Eudora Papers (Mss 4919) Inventory HTML | PDF

Williams. T. Harry Papers (Mss. 2489, 2510) Inventory HTML | PDF

Wilson (Henry J.) Papers (Mss 0559) Inventory HTML | PDF

Winsor (Daniel L.) Papers (Mss. 4740) Inventory HTML

Witherell (W. Frank) Papers (Mss. 1498, 1503, 1555, 1776) Inventory HTML | PDF

Woolfley (Francis A.) Papers (Mss. 3487) Inventory HTML | PDF

World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition Stereographic Views (Mss. 4206) Inventory HTML

Wright (Charles L.) Papers (Mss. 4785) Inventory HTML | PDF

Wright (Jesse D.) Papers (Mss. 99) Inventory HTML | PDF

Wright-Boyd Family Papers (Mss. 3362) Inventory HTML | PDF

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Yarbrough (Cornelia) Papers (Mss. 4921) Inventory HTML | PDF

Young (Robert T.) Family Papers (Mss. 4548) Inventory HTML | PDF

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