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Great Southern Lumber Company Collection

(Mss. 3225)



Size: .25 linear feet (one box containing 128 items and two printed volumes, and one oversize item)

Geographic locations: Louisiana (Bogalusa and Isabel, Washington Parish)

Bulk Dates: 1924-1938, n.d.

Languages: English

Summary: Collection of photographs and picture post cards of buildings, machinery, and various operations of the Great Southern Lumber Company Sawmill, and its subsidiary, the Bogalusa Paper Company, both located in Bogalusa (Washington Parish), Louisiana; of workers and officials of the Company; of public buildings and Huey P. Long in the town; and two printed promotional booklets on Bogalusa.

Access restrictions: Property rights are held by the LSU Libraries, some photographs are copyrighted by the National Geographic Society.

Citation: Great Southern Lumber Company Collection, Mss. 3225, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries.

Biographical/Historical Note

The Great Southern Lumber Company was chartered in Pennsylvania on January 17, 1902. Between 1902 and 1905, the owners purchased vast areas of long-leaf virgin pine timber in Louisiana. In 1906, the Goodyear Family, who were the principal owners, erected a sawmill on the Bogue Lusa Creek in Washington Parish, and began the town of Bogalusa. From these beginnings grew the Great Southern Lumber Company, the largest sawmill in the world from its opening in 1908, until 1938, when it ceased operation. It was also the largest mill sawing yellow pine during its existence.

The Great Southern Lumber Company also expanded into other enterprises, including the establishment in 1905 of the New Orleans Great Northern Railroad to transport their products, the Bogalusa Paper Company in 1918-1937, Bogalusa Turpentine Company, Bogalusa Tung Oil, Inc. and the Bogalusa Stores, their commissary.

Besides contributing public buildings, assisting in the incorporation of Bogalusa in 1914, and furnishing civic leaders, the Company experimented in various other areas related to their businesses. They became one of the pioneers in reforestation in Louisiana and created a nursery, until it closed in 1930-1931, to furnish seedlings. They likewise established the Bogue Chitto Farm, which was begun to demonstrate how stock and truck farms could be successful on cut- over land.

A large part of the photographs included in this collection were removed from two scrapbooks compiled by the donor's sister, Mrs. Mary E. Jones McGraw, former secretary to William H. Sullivan, Vice-President and General Manager of the Great Southern Lumber Company from 1905-1929, President of the Bogalusa Paper Company, and Mayor of Bogalusa, 1914-1929, as well as holding other official positions.

Scope and Contents Note

Series include photographs, picture post cards, publications, display items, and oversize items.

This collection consists of photographs of buildings, machinery, and operations of the Great Southern Lumber Company Sawmill and its subsidiary, the Bogalusa Paper Company, both located in Bogalusa (Washington Parish), Louisiana.

In addition to aerial photographs and close-up views of various company properties and activities, there are a few photographs of workers in 1931, and of company officials, William H. Sullivan (d. 1929), and Daniel T. Cushing, both general managers of the Great Southern Lumber Company.

Other activities of the Great Southern Lumber Company represented in photographs include reforestation, tung oil groves at Isabel, Louisiana; the Pine Tree Nursery, stands of slash and long-leaf pine,"turpentined" trees, and the Bogue Chitto Stock Farm and its hog-proof fences.

Of particular general interest are three photographs showing Huey P. Long at the dedication of the Columbia Street pavement in Bogalusa in 1930. In one of these, a large banner thanks Long for free text books. Some photographs also show rural dirt roads of the period.

There are also 26 colored picture post cards of Bogalusa public buildings, as well as views of the sawmill and paper company.

Two publications, one by the Chamber of Commerce and one by the Great Southern Lumber Company, discuss the community of Bogalusa and its resources.

Specimens of kraft paper, more than likely produced at the paper mill and formerly used as pages in the dismantled scrapbooks of photographs, are included in the collection. For further information see Myrick, Jerry L. "A History of the Great Southern Lumber Company, 1902-1938," M.A. thesis, LSU, 1970. 146pp.

Index Terms

Great Southern Lumber Company
Bogalusa Paper Company
Washington Parish--Bogalusa (LA)
Isabel (LA)
Washington Parish (LA)
Forests and forestry
Bogalusa--Sawmill workers (photographs)
Photographs--Louisiana (Bogalusa)
Postal cards--Louisiana (Bogalusa)
Tree farms
Louisiana--Paper Mills
Louisiana--Tung oil industry
Longleaf pine
Yellow pine
Tung oil trees
Bogue Chitto Farm
Isabel Stock Farm
Long, Huey P, 1893-1935(?)
Sullivan William H., d. 1929 (photographs)
Cushing, Daniel T. (photographs)
Bateman, F. O.
Rowland, Lamont
Container List
Series 1: Photographs

UU:163 Photograph

    1. Old growth longleaf pine turpentined for one year (north of Bogalusa-Fton Highway)
    2. Old growth long leaf pine along Bogalusa-Fton Highway. Turpentined one year (11-13-32)
    3. Pine Tree Nursery
    4. Slash pine (June 1931)
    5. (1930)
    6. Slash pine hand planted 1925 (photo. taken 1930)
    7. Slash pine hand planted in 1925-1926, north of Bogalusa (1930)
    8. Slash pine planted January 1925 (1928), named Sullivan Memorial Forest, with the Sullivans posing
    9. Slash pine planted in 1924-1925, near Bogalusa
    10. [Hog-proof fence]
    11. Virgin long leaf pine near Bogalusa. Red Bateman (left) and unidentified man
    12. Natural slash pine reproduction about 15 years ago
    13. Log unloader
    14. Log pond
    15. Sawmill
    16. Slab conveyor from barking drum to chipper
    17. View of timber docks, GSL Co.
    18. Lumber yard, GSL Co.
    19. Fourdrinier Machine
    20. Kraft mill storage room, Bogalusa Paper Company, Inc.
    21. Kraft mill storage room, Bogalusa Paper Company, Inc.
    22. YMCA (built by Goodyear)
    23. Pine Tree Hotel (6-6-24)
    24. YWCA (6-12-25)
    25. Tung trees on Isabel Stock Farm
    26. Tung trees on Isabel Stock Farm
    27. Tung trees on Isabel Stock Farm
    28. Tung trees on Isabel Stock Farm
    29. (4-16-31)
    30. (4-16-31)
    31. (4-16-31)
    32. Plantation No. 4 (10-8-32)
    33. Tung oil grove, Bogue Chitto Stock Farm (8-4-31)
    34. Tung oil grove, Bogue Chitto Stock Farm (8-4-31)
    35. Tung oil grove, Bogue Chitto Stock Farm (8-4-31)
    36. Tung oil trees
    37. Tung oil grove, Isabel Stock Farm, with D. T. Cushing and Lamont Rowland (4-16-31)
    38. Plantation No. 8, Bogue Chitto Stock Farm (11-19-26)
    39. First plantation, Isabel Stock Farm (3-31-36)
    40. Bogalusa nursery (3-28-36)
    41. Original plantation, with F. O. Bateman and Lamont Rowland (3- 28-36)
    42. First plantation, Isabel Stock Farm (3-28-36)
    43. First plantation, Isabel Stock Farm (3-28-36)
    44. East of the road at the nursery (3-28-36)
    45. Plantation No. 1, with Lamont Rowland (1932)
    46. Tung oil tree plantation, Isabel, Louisiana, old nursery site (3-10- 38)
    47. Tung oil nursery (3-27-33)
    48. Log pond
    49. Log pond
    50. Loading logs from log pond
    51. Log pond
    52. Log pond
    53. Log loader
    54. Log loader and crew of workers, ca. 1931
    55. Log loader and crew of workers, ca. 1931
    56. Log loader and crew of workers, ca. 1931
    57. Gus Chandler (left), Ben Sellers (sawyer) on log, and D. T. Cushing (right)
    58. Sullivan Memorial Trade School, dedicated 11-18, 1930
    59. Bill and Elrose Sullivan
    60. Huey P. Long at the dedication of the pavement of Columbia St., Bogalusa (1930), group from left to right: J. P. Starns (druggist), Elias Berenson, Dr. J. H. Slaughter, man with only head showing not known, Daniel T. Cushing, J. B. Lindsley, next not known, Huey P. Long, H. E. Rester, man with moustache not known, and Mayor Ed Cassidy
    61. Huey P. Long at the Columbia Street dedication
    62. Huey P. Long, with banner, "Thanks GOV. LONG" FOR FREE TEXT BOOKS!
    63. Aerial view of GSL Co. showing railroad tracks, pond, etc.
    64. Aerial view of GSL Co. showing office, commissary, etc.
    65. Aerial view of GSL Co. showing Central School Bldg.(far right), YMCA and YWCA (behind it), and Elizabeth Sullivan Hospital
    66. Aerial view of GSL Co. showing Pine Tree Inn (upper left) and on lower curved road, North Border Drive,the Jack Cassidy house
    67. Aerial view of GSL Co. showing NW side of Bogalusa and residences
    68. Aerial view of GSL Co. showing YWCA (far left), hospital across the street and park (center) with wading pool and bandstand
    69. YWCA, built by Goodyear Family
    70. W. H. Sullivan home
    71. W. H. Sullivan home
    72. Pine Tree Inn, with pond in the back
    73. Back of the Colonial Hotel, used by the working men
    74. W. H. Sullivan home
    75. Aerial view of commissary (right) and park at lower right
    76. Aerial view of SGL Co. with commissary (lower right) and carpenter's shop at angle to its right
    77. Aerial view of GSL Co. railroad tracks and parts of Bogalusa
    78. Aerial view of GSL Co. and part of residential section of Bogalusa
    79. Aerial view of GSL Co.
    80 Aerial view showing some of the main buildings 80B. Aerial view showing forested area and a few buildings
    81. Aerial view of GSL Co. sawmill, pond, etc.
    82. Aerial view of GSL Co.
    83. showing log pond and saw mill and main buildings
    84. plant and residential section
    85. sawmill and pond
    86. sawmill and pond
    87. sawmill and pond
    88. sawmill and pond
    89. New Orleans Great Northern Railroad yard, with High Bowman's Filling Station (upper left) and the boarding house to its right; water tower (upper right) is to the old paper mill
    90. New Orleans Great Northern Railroad yard
    91. New Orleans Great Northern Railroad yard
    92. Bogalusa Paper Company
    93. Bogalusa Paper Company
    94. Bogalusa Paper Company
    95. Bogalusa Paper Company
    96. Bogalusa Paper Company
    97. Unidentified timber tract
    98. Unidentified plant (possibly Bogalusa Veneer Company?)
    99. Daniel T. Cushing, general manager of GSL Co., 1929-1938
    Series 2: Post Cards
  • Bogalusa High School Nurses in front of the Nurses' Home,
  • Elizabeth Sullivan Memorial Hospital,
  • Bogalusa Staff doctors,
  • Elizabeth Sullivan Memorial Hospital
  • Elizabeth Sullivan Memorial Hospital Episcopal Church
  • Bogalusa Pine Tree Inn lobby
  • Bogalusa Stores Company (GSL Co. commissary)
  • Colonial Hotel
  • Superior Avenue Baptist Church,
  • Bogalusa Administration Building,
  • GSL Co. (showing 359 stars in service flag)
  • Sawmill
  • Automatic stackers at sawmill
  • Monorail car in operation,
  • GSL Co. "Bogalusa Brand" ship timbers 12. x 32 in.-10 ft. and up
  • Logs to be manufactured into timber 12 x 28 inches and wider
  • Bogalusa Paper Co.,
  • beater room,
  • finishing room of the paper mill,
  • paper making machines
  • Colonial Creosoting Company plant,
  • Bogalusa Long leaf Southern pine forest which produces"Bogalusa Brand" lumber
  • Cutting "Bogalusa Brand" timber in logging operations,
  • GSL Co. Loading sawlogs in logging operations of the GSL Co.
  • A long leaf Southern pine, diameter 40 inches,
  • "Bogalusa Brand" Site where logs were cut to build Bogalusa in 1907, with pulp growth and under fire protection
  • Louisiana American Legion group promoting reforestation
  • Series 3: Publications
  • Great Southern Lumber Company Department of Publicity.
  • Bogalusa, the City of Families and Factories (Bogalusa: Great Southern Lumber Company, [3rd ed.,1924])
  • Bogalusa Chamber of Commerce.
  • Facts About Bogalusa, the City of Assured Growth (Boglusa: Chamber of Commerce, 1927).
  • Series 4: Display Items
  • Specimens of kraft paper produced at the GS Co., 3 items
  • Series 5 : Oversize Items
    OS:G 100. Photograph of the William H. Sullivan Family, n.d.