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(Mss. 81, 1403, 1431, 1475, 1551, 1595, 1710, 1793, 1859, 1934, 1999)





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Size:                12.5 linear feet and 22 ms volumes


Locations:       Louisiana; Mississippi; Waco, Texas; Northampton, Massachusetts


Languages:     English and French



dates:              1818-1953


Bulk dates:     1850-1940


Summary:       Family papers of Lemuel P. Conner (1827-1891) and Lemuel P. Conner, Jr. (1861-1943), of Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi, and Vidalia, Concordia Parish, Louisiana. Includes family and business correspondence, financial records, legal documents, personal papers, manuscript volumes, printed items, and photographic materials.  Items relate to the family’s plantations in Adams County, Miss., Concordia Parish, La., and McClennan County, Tex; the Civil War, .The collection also includes programs and sacramental and membership records of  the First Presbyterian Church in Natchez, the papers of Major Henry Chotard (1810-1818), the Sessions Family (1846-1931), and the Levin R. Marshall Estate (1888-1889).


Access:           Access to glass plate negatives is restricted due to their fragility.


Copyright:      Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the

original materials is retained by the descendants of the creators of the materials, in accordance with U.S. copyright law.



collections:     Audley C. Britton and Family Papers (#1403), Britton & Koontz Papers #747), Stephen Duncan Papers (#1403), John Ker and Family Papers( #3539), Andrew Macrery Papers (#1403), John T. McMurran Papers

(#1403), John Anthony Quitman Papers (#1403), John H. Randolph Papers (#355, 356), Edward Turner Papers (#1403)


Citation:          Lemuel P. Conner and Family Papers, Mss. 81, 1403, 1431, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, Louisiana State University Libraries.



locations:        A:, 98:C, 65:C, OS:C, Vault, J:24  (Also available, with some omissions, on UPA microfilm #5322, Series I, Part 3, Reels 14-18)



Biographical/Historical Note


William Conner and his wife, Mary Savage, moved from South Carolina and settled in Adams County, Mississippi, in about 1790. Their son William Carmichael Conner (1798-1843) was a successful planter in Adams County, and he married Jane Elizabeth Boyd Gustine (1803-1883).  Jane Gustine Conner purchased Linden in Natchez in 1849, after her husband's death.  Together, William and Jane Conner had nine children: 1) William Gustine Conner (1826-1863)...1) William Gustine Conner (1826-1863) married Eliza C. Wood, and owned Linden Grove and Rifle Point plantations in Concordia Parish, Louisiana. He died at the Battle of Gettysburg. He and his wife had six children, all of whom died without issue. 2) Lemuel Parker Conner was born in 1827 and died in 1891; more detailed information about him follows. 3) Henry Le Grande Conner was born in 1829 and died in 1876. 4) Rebecca Anne Conner (1832- 1868) married Douglas Walworth, with whom she had five children. 5) Farar Benjamin Conner (1834-1904) married Mary Louise McMurran (1831-1864), daughter of John T. McMurran (1801-1866) and Mary Louisa Turner (1814-1891); they had three children. He owned and/or managed Rifle Point plantation in McClennan County, Texas. After Mary Louise's death, Farar married Marie Chotard, daughter of Major Henry Chotard and Francis Minor, in 1889. 6) Margaret Dunlop Conner (b. 1836) married General William Thompson Martin (1823-1910), with whom she had ten children. They resided at Monteigue in Adams County, Mississippi. 7) Anna Eliot Conner (b. 1838) married Robert C. Dunbar (d. 1863), and following his death, married Dr. Douglas Starke Bisland. 8) Richard Ellis Conner (1841-1925) married Margaret Buckner (1846-1917), with whom he had five children. 9) Mary Anne Duncan Conner (b. 1843) married T. Casey Witherspoon, with whom she had two children.


Lemuel Parker Conner was born in Natchez, Mississippi, on September 30, 1827. He attended Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. After leaving Yale, he studied law under John T. McMurran of Natchez, but he did not enter law practice at that time. In 1848, he married Elizabeth Francis (Fanny) Turner, daughter of Edward Turner, a prominent Natchez judge, and sister of Mary Louisa Turner, wife of John T. McMurran. Lemuel Conner was a successful planter in Mississippi and Louisiana until the Civil War. During the war, he served at Tullahoma as a lieutenant colonel under General Braxton Bragg in the Army of Tennessee. After the war, Lemuel Conner and the members of his family signed oaths of allegiance to the Union, and he returned to Natchez.


During Reconstruction, financial difficulties forced Conner into bankruptcy. He lost much of his land holdings and subsequently worked as a manager of Killarney and Rifle Point plantations in Louisiana. In the early 1880's, he resumed his study of law and, after being admitted to the Louisiana Bar Association, began to practice in Vidalia, Louisiana, where his half of the partnership Conner & Son was located; Lemuel Conner, Jr., practiced law in St. Joseph, Tensas Parish, Louisiana.


Lemuel Conner, Sr., and Fanny, his wife, had ten children: 1) Francis Eliza Turner Conner was born in 1848 and died in 1860. 2) Jane Gustine (Janie) Conner (b. 1850), married Mr. M. Liddell Randolph in about 1874; with him she had four children. They lived at Blithewood Plantation, Bayou Goula, Louisiana. 3) Mary Louise Conner (1851-ca. 1863) died of disease. 4) Eliza Turner (Zizie) Conner (1853-1877) married a Mr. Eustis. 5) Rebecca Parker (Nanie) Conner

(1854-1913) married Mr. John H. Gay III, son of Edward J. Gay, in 1877 and moved to Hollywood, California. 6) William Edward Conner (1856-ca. 1863) died of disease at about the same time as Mary Louise. 7) Theodosia Conner (1858-1909) married Mr. W. L. Shaw, with whom she had one daughter, Theodosia; they resided in Shaw, Louisiana. 8) Edward Turner Conner was born in 1860 and died in 1871. 9) Francis Eliza II (Fanny) Conner married the Rev. R. W. Baily (d. 1901). After the death of her husband, she moved to Hollywood, California, with her sister Rebecca Conner Gay. 10) Lemuel Parker Conner, Jr. (1861-1943) married Mary Macrery Britton (1863-1936), in 1888. They had four children and lived at Clover Nook in Adams County, Mississippi. After the death of Lemuel P. Conner, Sr., in 1891, his wife, Fanny, was cared for by her children, and financially supported by her son Lemuel, Jr.


After graduating from Louisiana State University in 1882, Lemuel P. Conner, Jr. moved to St. Joseph, Tensas Parish, Louisiana, and became the other half of the legal firm, Conner & Son. In 1888, Lemuel, Jr., moved from St. Joseph, to Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi, and married Mary Macrery Britton, daughter of Audley C. Britton (1822-1894), of Britton & Koontz Bank, and Eliza Macrery (d. 1907). Lemuel and Mary lived at Woodlands with relatives of Lemuel's mother while building their permanent home, Clover Nook, ca. 1894. Lemuel practiced law with his uncle Richard Conner, and later, when the partnership was dissolved, Lemuel, Jr., established his own law office in Natchez.


Lemuel and Mary were actively involved in politics, theater, church, and other social activities in Natchez. Lemuel participated in the campaigns of several local political figures, most notably those of James K. Vardaman, John Sharpe Williams, and Percy E. Quin (who was married to Lemuel's cousin Aylete Buckner Conner, daughter of Richard Ellis Conner and Margaret Ferguson Buckner). He worked to have the battleship U.S.S. Mississippi christened at his hometown as a way of demonstrating the qualifications of Natchez as an ideal deep-water port. Lemuel participated in the planning of visits by presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft. He was also a correspondent of Thomas Boyd, then president of Louisiana State University. Mary Britton Conner was, with her husband and children, actively involved in all phases--acting, singing, direction, set and costume design--of local theater productions. The family was also involved in the First Presbyterian Church in Natchez.


Although Lemuel, Jr., had completed the requirements for a law degree in 1882, he did not receive it until 1932. In 1927, he was elected to the office of City Clerk in Natchez, and he served in that office until his retirement in 1941. He died in Natchez in 1943. Lemuel and Mary Conner had four children: 1) Audley Britton Conner (b. 1890) married Edna Louise (maiden name unknown) in about 1913, and from that marriage had one daughter, Edna Louise. Following his divorce from Edna, Audley married Myrtle (maiden name unknown) in about 1934, and moved into Clover Nook with his father. Thereafter, Audley became sheriff of Adams County. 2) Lemuel Parker Conner III (1894-1908) died of typhoid fever. 3) Eliza M. B. Conner (b. ca. 1897) attended Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and in 1918 married William Thompson Martin, Jr., and they subsequently settled in New York City. 4) Gaillard Gustine Conner (b. 1902) married Alice (maiden name unknown). They lived in Gilbert, Louisiana, and had one daughter, Mary Britton Conner.


Scope and Content Note


Spanning nearly four generations of the Conner family of Natchez, Mississippi, and Vidalia, Louisiana, the manuscript group is comprised of correspondence, financial, legal, and miscellaneous documents, printed items, manuscript volumes, maps, and

photographs.  The papers document family and community news, business and legal dealings of the family members, as well as legal practices of attorneys Lemuel, Sr., in Natchez, and his son Lemuel, Jr., in St. Joseph, Tensas Parish, Louisiana, and later in Natchez.


Correspondence relates to plantation management; personal, social, and political happenings in Natchez (Miss.), Vidalia, Tensas, Bayou Goula, and New Orleans, Louisiana, and Waco, Texas; the Civil War; the education of the Conner children, and postbellum plantation life and labor issues. Financial papers include correspondence of Washington Jackson and Co., a cotton brokerage in New Orleans (1853-1859), the Mechanics' and Traders' Bank (1875-1876), and family receipts, invoices, vouchers, promissory notes, merchandise orders, and checks. Manuscript volumes includes records relating to plantations owned or managed by various members of the Conner family, sacramental and membership records of the Natchez First Presbyterian Church, and sheet music. Legal documents pertain to family legal affairs and family law firms. Printed items include programs, government publications, Confederate imprints, political pamphlets and speeches, military orders, newspaper clippings, abolitionist newspapers, advertisements for Natchez businesses, and invitations.  Maps show plantations in Concordia parish and the Lake St. John area and railroads.  the following railroads: Mississippi Valley Railroad of Louisiana (ca. 1882); Railroad, Canal, Iron, and Coal map of Pennsylvania, &c. (1868); and a map of United States Military Railroads (1866).


Related materials found in this manuscript group include the Major Henry E. Chotard Papers (1810-1818), comprised of the business papers of the father of Maria Chotard Conner, the second wife of Farar B. Conner; the Sessions Family Papers (1846-1931), which include correspondence between Ann P. Sessions and her family, financial and legal records, which document her reliance upon Lemuel Conner, Jr., for legal guidance, and his activities as executor of her estate; and the Levin R. Marshall Papers (1888-1889) which include Marshall's legal correspondence with Lemuel P. Conner, Sr., as well as other legal, financial, and miscellaneous items.




This manuscript group contains materials accessioned as Mss. 81, 1403, 1431, 1475, 1551, 1710, 1793, 1859, 1934, 1999.



List of Series and Subseries:


I.          Correspondence, 1818-1953

            Subseries 1.  General correspondence, 1818-1953

            Subseries 2.  Civil War Correspondence, n.d.

            Subseries 3.  Louisiana State University Correspondence, 1878-1882


II.         Financial, 1818-1919

            Subseries 1.  General financial records, 1818-1919, n.d.

            Subseries 2.  Washington, Jackson, and Co., 1853-1859

            Subseries 3.  Mechanics and Traders’ Bank, 1875-1876


III.       Legal, 1861-1895


IV.       Personal Papers, 1844-1936, n.d.

            Subseries 1.  Slave records, 1844-1862

            Subseries 2.  Genealogical and historical notes, 1858, 1917, n.d.

            Subseries 3.  Manuscript music, n.d.

            Subseries 4.  Poetry, n.d.

            Subseries 5.  Miscellaneous, 1859, 1878-1883, 1904, 1920, 1929, 1930, 1936, n.d.


V.        Printed Items, 1826-1943, n.d.

            Subseries 1.  Imprints, 1837-1838, 1860-1921, n.d.

            Subseries 2.  Ephemera, 1860-1921, 1943 n.d.

            Subseries 3.  Newspaper clippings, 1826-1940, n.d.

            Subseries 4.  Newspapers, 1835-1859

            Subseries 5.  Sheet music, 1824-1883)


VI.       Photographs, 1866-1909


VII.      Major Henry E. Chotard Papers, 1810-1818


VIII.     Sessions Family Papers, 1846-1931

            Subseries 1.  Correspondence, 1846-1885, 1908-1929

            Subseries 2.  Financial, 1846-1885, 1910-1931

            Subseries 3.  Legal, 1884, 1908-1925, 1931

            Subseries 4.  Printed Items, 1879, n.d.


IX.       Levin R. Marshall Estate Papers, 1888-1889

            Subseries 1.  Legal Correspondence, 1888-1889

            Subseries 2.  Financial, 1888-1889

            Subseries 3.  Legal, 1889

            Subseries 4.  Miscellaneous Papers, 1888-1889


X.        Manuscript Volumes, 1813-1905, n.d.


XI.       Maps 1856, 1858, 1866, 1868, 1882


Series Descriptions


I. Correspondence, 1818-1953 (3.60 linear feet, 3023 items)


Subseries 1. General correspondence (1818-1953) Personal, business, and political

correspondence relating primarily to plantation management, legal practice, and other business ventures by Lemuel Parker Conner, Sr., and his son Lemuel, Jr., as well as family accounts of personal, social, and political happenings in Natchez, Mississippi; Vidalia (and other areas of Louisiana); and Waco, McClennan County, Texas.  Also included is a series of letters (1866-1867) to Lemuel, Sr., from his brother Farar B. Conner, concerning the management of his plantation Rifle Point, in Waco, Texas, in the postbellum days, and describing labor shortages, relations with freedmen and the Freedmen's Bureau, cotton production and sales, problems with boll weevil infestations, and financial difficulties. Correspondence between Eliza M.B. Conner and her family, while she was attending Smith College, Northampton, Mass. relate to her studies and social activities (1914-1919).  A letter written by John Floyd King to Lemuel Conner, Jr., (1912) describes Floyd's association with Lemuel, Sr., as his assistant, and some events that transpired affecting the plantations under Conner's management, ca. 1867. The personal correspondence (1925-1953) of Audley Britton Conner, son of Lemuel Conner, Jr., and tax collector/sheriff of Adams County, Mississippi, also appears.


Subseries 2. Civil War Correspondence (n.d.) Letters of Lemuel, Sr., while stationed at Tullahoma as a lieutenant colonel in the Army of Tennessee during the

Civil War.


Subseries 3.  LSU Correspondence (1878-1882) Letters written by Lemuel Conner, Jr., while he was a cadet at Louisiana State University, pertaining to studies

and social life.




II. Financial, 1818-1919 (0.50 linear feet, 932 items)


Subseries 1. Financial (1818-1919, n.d.) Early financial documents are in French and English, and consist primarily of invoices, receipts, orders, and promissory

notes of William C. Conner, Jane E. B. G. Conner (his wife), and their eldest son, William G. Conner. Most of the bills and receipts have to do with daily purchases of clothes, food, and other household supplies.  Also included are bank drafts and checks written on the Britton and Koontz Bank of Natchez.


Subseries 2. Washington Jackson and Co. (1853-1859). Business correspondence regarding the personal accounts of Lemuel Conner, Sr., and Dr. D. W.

Brickwell with Washington Jackson and Co., a cotton brokerage in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Subseries 3. Mechanics' and Traders' Bank (1875-1876). Financial correspondence (1875-1876) of the Mechanics' and Traders' Bank of New Orleans

addressed to Lemuel, Sr.




III. Legal 1861-1871, 1883-1889, 1894-1895 (0.17 linear feet, 177 items) 

Legal documents include deeds, surveys of land, mortgages, indentures, wills, insurance policies, documents reflecting legal guardianships, and succession records of the Conner family, as well as legal correspondence between the Conners and their legal clients. Antebellum documents (1849-1859) reflect sales and legal transfers ownership of slaves. Materials relating to the postbellum period include rules governing the legal employment of freedmen (1865); an amnesty oath sworn by Lizzie Foster (1865); a certificate of oaths of allegiance to the United States sworn by Lemuel Conner, Sr. (1866) and Fanny Conner (1864); a group of documents relating to the pardon of Lemuel Conner, Sr., for his military activity during the Civil War (1865-1866); documents relating to the seizure and auction of Rifle Point plantation, Natchez, Mississippi (1867), and to the bankruptcy of Lemuel Conner, Sr. (1868-1869); and correspondence of Lemuel, Sr., pertaining to legal matters when he was City Clerk of Natchez, Mississippi (1936).


The following items are located on Oversize:  Mortgage between Susan E. Conner of "Berkely" plantation and William G. Conner, January 20, 1851; mortgage between Charles F. Hamer & Elizabeth M. Hamer, his wife and William G. Conner, January 29, 1851; deed between Catesby B.  Minnis & Mary Byrne, his wife and Honora P. Morancy, September 17, 1849 (recorded in Adams County, Mississippi in 1851); A deed of land, July 15, 1854, signed by Franklin Pierce, President of the United States; Two deeds of land (1860, 1867) signed by James Buchanan. 




IV. Personal Papers, 1844-1936, n.d., (0.67 linear feet, 784 items)


Subseries I. Slave records, 1844-1862.  Lists of slaves on various Conner plantations, some including relationships and ages, an affidavit certifying the age of

two slaves (1859), and Lemuel Conner, Sr's, record of the testimony of fourteen slaves relative to a proposed slave uprising in Adams County, Mississippi, (1861). 


Subseries II. Genealgoical and historical notes, 1858, 1899, 1917, 1920-1922, n.d. 

Includes lists of birthdays and family trees of the Conner family, as well as a timeline of the history of the First Presbyterian Church of Natchez, a speech given at the church’s centennial, and records of the rector of Trinity Church (1858).


Subseries III. Manuscript music, n.d. Waltzes, quadrilles, and polkas, probably copied by a member of the family.  Some may be original compositions.


Subseries IV. Poetry, 1839, 1857, 1866, n.d. Includes copied and perhaps some original poetry with patriotic and sentimental themes, including a tribute to the

Confederate flag. 


Subseries V.  Miscellaneous 1859, 1878-1883, 1904, 1920, 1929, 1930, 1936, n.d.

Letter to the editor/essay about yellow fever and an anti-abolition essay, probably both by Lemuel Conner, Sr. (ca. 1853-1860); list of levee workers (1859); household inventories; biographical sketch of Sen. John Gaillard of South Carolina, an ancestor of Lemuel Conner; 1938 certification of the times of the steamboats Lee and Natchez in their race from New Orleans to St. Louis in 1870; tributes to Mary Britton Connor (1936) and Charles Dunbar Shaw (c.1930); an appeal addressed “to Patriots” making the case for southern prisoners of war to be returned to their homes to assist their “loyal” families; text of a toast to the “Old Guard”; knitting patterns and embroidery directions; recipes; and school records of Lemuel P. Conner, Jr., from LSU.




V.  Printed items, 1826-1943, n.d.


Subseries 1.  Imprints, 1837-1838, 1860-1921. Confederate general orders (1862-1863); railroad related materials include a brief in the case of Mrs. Emma

Snyder v. Natchez, Red River & Texas Railroad Company, which was argued before the Louisiana Supreme Court, an act from the Mississippi Legislature incorporating the Mississippi and Louisiana Bridge and Railroad Company (1886), and an appeal in the case of The Board of Liquidation v. the New Orleans, Mobile, and Texas Railroad Company, argued before the U.S. Supreme Court (1883); Mississippi River and Gulf Canal Company publication, including map (1889); publications related to Jefferson Davis; poetry; election tickets and campaign materials (1860, 1866-1868, n.d.); proclamation of a mosquito control ordinance by the mayor of Natchez (1906); applications by distillers for a meter (ca. 1861), Internal Revenue Department distiller's bonds (1868), and changes in taxation and the rules governing the operation of distillation facilities for the manufacture of whiskey are also found (1866-1868); manual of the Natchez First Presbyterian Church (1905); memorial souvenirs of Adams’ Light Infantry (1890) and the Natchez Rifles (n.d.); speeches given in the U.S. Senate by James Buchanan, Daniel Webster, James C. Calhoun (1837-1838).


The following items are located on Oversize: "Top-Working Pecans" an article on grafting pecan trees from the Adams County county agent, S.J. Greer; A copy of "An Act Amendatory of the Bank charters of this State, and for other purposes."


Subseries 2. Ephemera, 1860-1921, 1943 n.d.  Programs of the annual reunions of the Army of Northern Virginia, Louisiana Division  and the Chasseirs-a-

Pieds (1878-1893); currency (1839, 1878, n.d.); New Orleans and Natchez Mardi Gras ball invitations and souvenirs (1900-1901, 1903-1907); business, advertisement, greeting, personal, and miscellaneous cards, as well as printed invitations (1837-1920); death and funeral notices; menus and theater programs; two souvenir booklets of “Historical Natchez,” containing prints of Natchez’s historic homes (1902, 1903).


The following items are located on Oversize: certificate of membership in the United Daughters of the Confederacy; advertisement for The Opening Week of the W.J. Hogan Co., Second Annual Mid-Summer Clearance Sale; advertisement for the W.B. Briel Co.; Mardi Gras invitation to Comus ball, 1898.


Subseries 3. Newspaper clippings, 1826-1940, n.d.

Legal notices, local news, advertisements for goods, legal services, and boarding houses, runaway slave notices, military orders, obituaries, steamboat schedules, and articles related to family members.  The "Rex Edition" issued by the Natchez Printing & Stationary Co., Natchez, Mississippi, February 27, 1900 (contains a front page advertisement for L.P. Conner, attorney-at-law and notary public, and inside is a full-color description of the theme of 1900's Mardi Gras celebration in Natchez)—located on Oversize.


Subseries 4. Newspapers, 1835-1859. Comprised of a collection of antebellum northern abolitionist newspapers (1835-1859) and two southern papers

advertising the sale of slaves. 


Subseries 5. Sheet music, 1824-1833.  Bound sheet music, ca. 250 items, primarily for piano and voice.




VI.  Photographs, 1866-1909.  Cartes de visites, cabinet cards, picture-post cards, mounted prints, and photoprints.  Cartes de visites include portraits of

Lemuel P. Conner III as a baby with his nurse, LSU classmates of Lemeul P. Conner, Jr., (A.D. Lytle, photographer), John Wilkes Booth, Civil war figures and veterans (Gurney and Norman Studios), publicity photographs of General Tom Thumb and the “Siamese twins.” Cabinet cards of Jefferson Davis and A. Sidney Johnston (1882) are present.  Picture-post cards show historic homes in Natchez and street scenes, as well as a trip to Minnesota.  Other photographs include a portrait of Jane Gustine (Janie) Conner,  President Taft on his 1909 visit to Natchez, Mississippi; the grave markers of Winthrop Sargent, the first governor of the Mississippi Territory, of Seargent S. Prentiss, and other members of the Prentiss family;  churches, schools, businesses, street and park scenes in and near Natchez, including the home where Mary Britton Conner was born; the Natchez police force; and the Phoenix fire department (1870); the Yazoo and Mississippi River Railroad; and recreational activities. Most photographs are identified and labeled.


Nine glass plate negatives include images of unidentified people, houses, other buildings, and a map of the Mississippi River showing various major plantations near Natchez, Mississippi and Vidalia, Louisiana.  Access to these is restricted due to their fragility.




VII.     Major Henry E. Chotard Papers, 1810-1818 Papers pertaining to military service during the War of 1812 in New Orleans. Includes recruiting reports, a letter from an officer at Mobile regarding reinforcements, prospects for victory, and Indian involvement.  (Chotard was the father of Maria Chotard Conner, wife of Farar B. Conner).



VIII.    Sessions Family Papers, 1846-1931 

The Sessions family were clients and friends of the Conners, and Lemuel Conner, Sr. acted as a personal advisor.  Maria P. Sessions (nee Gillespie) was the wife of J. W. Sessions, and they owned Woodstock plantation in Washington County, Miss., but also had ties to Natchez.  The two had four children: John G., Richard, Susie G. McConell, and Annie P., who never married.  (She sometimes appears as Annie M.) J. W. Sessions died in 1870.  Their papers include corresondence, financial and legal papers, and printed items. Letters of  Maria P. Sessions include one thanking her for and asking for more food (1863), letter informing her of her husband’s death and the details of his death (1870), and letters of a legal nature.  Letters of Annie P. Sessions, primarily to her friend Mary Conner, are written during vacations and trips on the Nile, in New York, and resorts in Massachusetts (ca. 1914-1919).  They describe her travels and also relate to her legal and personal affairs.  Financial papers are comprised of  receipts, invoices, and bills for furniture and dry goods.  Bank drafts are also present. Legal papers include the wills of Maria P. Sessions and Annie P. Sessions (1884, n.d.), a lease of Woodstock plantation executed by Annie P. Sessions, and papers relating to the legal and financial disputes within the family. Printed items are a funeral notice of James Alcorn Gillespie (1879) and a calling card of Annie Sessions.


IX. Levin R. Marshall Estate Papers, 1888-1889 (4 folders, 32 items) Client of Conner and Conner.  Includes correspondence, financial, and legal

documents relative to the settling of the estate of Levin R. Marshall.  The papers primarily pertain to his disputed subscription to the Citizens’ Bank of Louisiana.


X.  Manuscript Volumes, 1813-1905, n.d. Manuscript volumes include records relative to the management of Killarney plantations, the First Presbyterian Church

in Natchez, and personal accounts and activities of the Conner family, as well as miscellaneous businesses.  


Plantation records include administrator's records of account for Killarney, (volumes 10-13--1860-1861, 1861-1862, 1861-1867, 1866, respectively); plantation record book for Lake St. John Place, volume 9, 1845-1848; and volume 15, plantation diary of Lemuel P. Conner, Sr., 1872.  The plantation record book for Lake St. John Place, Concordia Parish, La., includes an inventory of slaves (lists age, relationships, and value), furnishings, stock, and supplies, as well as provisions given to slaves. The plantation diary of Lemuel P. Conner, Sr., records weather, planting activities, and daily happenings.


Records of the First Presbyterian Church in Natchez include baptismal records (volumes 5 and 6, 1816-1883 and 1883-1904 respectively), marriage records (volume 8, 1844-1901), and membership records (volume 7, 1816-1904).


Personal volumes of Lemuel P. Conner include a diary (volume 16, January-May, 1862), in which he records trips between Natchez and Baton Rouge and the weather, and a memorandum book (volume 17, ca. 1863), in which he records marching and camping (only about 5 pages).  Additional personal volumes are a cashbook of Jane E. Gustine Conner (volume 18, 1874-1876) recording household expenses paid by cash; 2 notebooks (n.d.) of Mary Britton Conner, one containing plans for a Christmas benefit for the Red Cross (volume 20) and the second (volume 21), a subscription fund for the hospital; and Theodosia Conner’s autograph book (volume 19, 1876-1880). 


Miscellaneous volumes include the following: receipt books of Mouchet and Lacroze, (volume 1, 1813-1815/1818-1819 and volume 2, 1822-1834, which also include formulas for dyes); journals (volume 3, 1817-1819 and volume 4, 1847-1854) containing accounts; 2 record books (volume 14, 1867-1873 and volume 22, 1894-1895).  The latter apparently contains accounts of an unknown merchant and includes lists and valuations of items sold, such as furniture, crystal, decorative glass, and silver.




XI.       Maps. 1856, 1858, 1866, 1868, 1882.  Hand copied map of Lake St. John area (District North of Red River La.), 2 copies, March 17, 1856, March 13, 1858{fragile}; hand copied map of Lake St. John area south of aforementioned map of same copy date (District North of Red River La.) March 17, 1856;  map of Killarney Plantation on Lake St. John in Concordia Parish, La., April 27, 1858 {drawn by hand on cloth by W.S. Smith; map showing the route and connections of the Mississippi Valley Railroad of Louisiana, ca. 1860; map of United States military railroads operated during the War from 1862-1866 as military lines, 1866; Railroad, Canal, Iron and Coal Map of Pennsylvania & etc., 1868; plans for Linden Place subdivision from Harry W. Fitzpatrick & Co. organization, 224 Royal St., New Orleans, La. (n.d.).


Index Terms



Index term                                                                                            Series appears in



Adams County (Miss.)                                                                          1-6, 8; 10-11

Alcoholic beverage industry--Concordia Parish                                     2

Army of Northern Virginia, Louisiana Division                                       5

Army of Tennessee                                                                               1

Bayou Goula, La.                                                                                 1

Beecher, Henry Ward                                                                           1

Boyd, Thomas D.                                                                                 1

Bragg, Braxton, C.S.A. general                                                             1

Brewer, Earl                                                                                         1

Brickell, Warren D.                                                                              1

Brickell, James N.                                                                                1

Britton & Koontz Bank                                                                         1-4, 8

Campaign paraphernalia                                                                        1

Chinese laborers                                                                                  1

Chotard, Major Henry                                                                          1; 7

Clover Nook Plantation (Ms.)                                                               1; 6

Concordia Parish--Historical geography--Maps                                    11

Concordia Parish                                                                                  1-6; 9-11

Confederate States of America. Constitution                                         1

Confederate States of America. Army                                                   1; 5

Confederate imprints                                                                            5

Confederate States of America. Army--Afro-American troops              1

Confederate States of America. Army--officers                                     1

Confederate States of America--social conditions                                  1

Conner, Farar Benjamin, 1834-1904                                                    1-3

Conner, Mary Macrery Britton, 1863-1936                                          1; 3

Conner, Richard Ellis                                                                            1-3

Conner family                                                                                       1-11

Conner, Maria Chotard                                                                        1-3

Conner, Lemuel Parker, Sr., 1827-1891                                               1-5; 7-11

Conner, Audley Britton, b. 1890                                                           1-3

Conner, Lemuel Parker, Jr., 1861-1943                                               1-6; 10

Conner, William Gustine, 1829-1863                                                    1-3; 10

Conner, Elizabeth Francis (Fanny) Turner, 1829-1910                          1-5; 11

Conner & Conner, Attorneys-at-law                                                     1-3

Conner, Eliza M. B.                                                                              1; 3

Cotton trade--Confederate States of America                                       1-2

Cotton trade--Mississippi                                                                     2

Cotton growing--Mississippi                                                                 1-3

Cotton growing--Louisiana                                                                   1-3

Cotton growing--Texas                                                                         1-3

Cotton trade--Louisiana                                                                        2

Davis, Jefferson                                                                                    6

Diseases--reporting                                                                              1-2; 4

Distillation aparatus--Taxation--Concordia Parish                                  2-3; 5

Duncan, Stephen                                                                                 1

Education--Southern states                                                                   1; 4-5

Elections--corrupt practices--Louisiana                                                 1

Elections--Mississippi                                                                           1

Farm tenancy--Texas                                                                            1

First Presbyterian Church of Natchez                                                    1-2; 6; 10

Floods--Louisiana                                                                                1; 3

Holidays                                                                                               1

Hunting dogs                                                                                        1

Hunting--Mississippi                                                                             1

Innisfail (former St. John Place) Plantation (La.)                                     1-4; 6; 10-11

Johnston, Joseph T., C.S.A. general                                                      1

Kansas fever                                                                                        1

King, John Floyd                                                                                  1; 3

Ku-Klux Klan                                                                                      5

Lake St. John                                                                                       1; 6; 11

Levees--Louisiana                                                                                1; 3-4

Linden Plantation                                                                                  1; 6

Linden Grove Plantation (La.)                                                               1

Local elections [Natchez]                                                                      1

Louisiana Constitution of 1861                                                              1

Louisiana State University                                                                     1; 4-6

Manners and customs                                                                           1; 4-6;

Maps, Manuscript                                                                                11

Mardi Gras--Natchez                                                                           1; 4; 5 

Marshall, Levin R.                                                                                9

Martin, General William T.                                                                    1

McMurran, John T.                                                                              1

McMurran, Mary Louise Turner                                                           1

Mechanics' and Traders' Bank                                                              2

Medical care                                                                                        1-2; 4

Monmouth Plantation (Ms.)                                                                  1; 6

Monteigue Plantation (Ms.)                                                                   1; 6 

Moving Pictures, American--Natchez                                                    1

Music                                                                                                   4; 5

Natchez                                                                                                1-6; 8; 10-11

New Orleans, Battle of, 1815                                                               7

Newspapers--Southern                                                                        12

Opelousas                                                                                            1

Ouachita Parish                                                                                    1


Overseers                                                                                             1

Prohibition--Natchez                                                                            1

Quitman, Eliza                                                                                      1

Quitman, John A.                                                                                  1

Quitman, John A.                                                                                  1

Randolph, John H.                                                                                1

Rapides Parish                                                                                     1

Reconstruction                                                                                      1; 3

Reunion Programs                                                                                4

Rifle Point Plantation (La.)                                                                    1; 3; 6

Rifle Point Plantation (Tex.)                                                                   1-3

Roosevelt, Theodore                                                                            1

Sessions, Annie M.                                                                               8

Sessions, Maria P.                                                                                8

Slavery--Anti-slavery movements                                                          1; 4-5

Slavery--United States--History                                                            1-6; 10

Slavery--United States--Insurrections, etc.                                            1; 4

Spokane Plantation (La.)                                                                      1

St. Louis Plantation                                                                                                                                                                               1

State secession                                                                                     1

Taft, William Howard                                                                           1; 6

Tariff on sugar                                                                                      1

Texas                                                                                                   1

Travel, Europe                                                                                     1

Travel                                                                                                   1; 8

Turner, Eliza Baker                                                                               1

Turner, Edward                                                                                    1

United States. Army--History--War of 1812                                         7

United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865—

Prisoners and Prisons                                                                1

United States. Navy {U.S.S. Des Moines}                                           4

United States. Navy {U.S.S. Mississippi}                                             1; 5

Vardaman, James K.                                                                            1

Vidalia (La.)                                                                                         1-6; 9-10; 11

Washington Jackson and Co.                                                                2

Woodlands Plantation (Miss.)                                                               1; 6

Yale college                                                                                          1; 5




Range             Box                 Folders                        Description



                                                            Series I.  Correspondence, 1820-1953.


A:                     1                      1-12                             General correspondence, 1818-1852

(side B)

                        2                      13-35                           General correspondence, 1853-1859


                        3                      36-51                           General correspondence, 1860-1867


                        4                      52-63                           General correspondence, 1868-1875


                        5                      64-73                           General correspondence, 1875-1877


                        6                      74-81                           General correspondence, 1878-1881


                        7                      82-90                           General correspondence, 1881-1882


                        8                      91-99                           General correspondence, 1883-1886


                        9                      100-108                       General correspondence, 1887-1889


                        10                    109-116                       General correspondence, 1890-1892


                        11                    117-128                       General correspondence, 1893-1897


                        12                    129-139                       General correspondence, 1898-1904


                        13                    140-152                       General correspondence, 1905-1908


                        14                    153-164                       General correspondence, 1909


                        15                    165-179                       General correspondence, 1910-1912


                        16                    180-194                       General correspondence, 1913-1916


                        17                    195-204                       General correspondence, 1916-1918


                        18                    205-213                       General correspondence, 1919-1929


                        19                    214-229                       General correspondence, 1931-1953,



Range             Box                 Folders                        Description



                                                            Series I.  Correspondence, 1820-1953.


A:                     20                    230-245                       General correspondence, n.d.

(Side B)

21                                        246-249                       General correspondence, n.d.

250                              Civil war correspondence, n.d.

251-253                       LSU Correspondence, 1878-1882


Series II.  Financial Papers, 1818-1919, n.d.

22                    254-271                       General financial records, 1818-1867


23                    272-287                       General financial records, 1868-1889


24                    288-298                       General financial records, 1890-1919

299-301                       Washington, Jackson, and Co., 1853-1859

                                                302-305                       Mechanics and Traders’ Bank, 1875-1876


OS:C                                       Folder 1                       Invoice, 1849


                                                            Series III.  Legal Papers, 1861-1895

A:                    25                     306-328                       Legal Papers, 1861-1895


OS:C                                       Folder 1                       Mortgages, deeds, license, ca. 1849-1860 and 1887.


                                    Series IV.  Personal Papers, 1844-1936, n.d.

A:                     26                    329-330                       Slave records, 1844-1862

                        332-333[1]                     Genealogical and historical notes, 1858, 1917, n.d.

334-336                       Manuscript music, n.d.

337-339                       Poetry, n.d.

340-343                       Miscellaneous, 1859, 1878-1883, 1904, 1920-1936, n.d.


Series V.  Printed Items, 1826-1942, n.d.


26 (cont’d)       344-367                       Imprints, 1837-1838, 1860-1921, n.d.


OS:C                                       Folder 3                       “Top Working Pecans” and “An Act Amendatory of the Bank charters of this State…, certificate, and




Range             Box                 Folders                        Description


Series V.  Printed Items, 1826-1942, n.d.


A:                     26                    368-391                       Ephemera, 1860-1921, 1943, n.d.


A: and OS:C                            392-407                       Newspaper clippings, 1826-1940, n.d.


98:C                                         Folder 1                       Newspapers, 1835-1859[2]


65:C                 32-33                                                   Sheet music, 1824-1883.




                                                            Series VI.  Photographic materials, 1866-1909.


A:                     27                    408-418                       Photographic materials, 1864-1895


                        28                    419-428                       Photographic materials, 1900-1909


Vault                                                                            Glass plate negatives.    do not page



                                                            Series VII, VIII, and IX



A:                     29                    429                              Major Henry E. Chotard Papers, 1810-1818

                        430-437                       Sessions Family Papers, 1846-1931

                        438-441                       Levin R. Marshall Estate Papers, 1888-1889



                                    Series X.  Manuscript volumes, 1813-1905


30                    v. 1 and 2                     Mouchet-Lacroze Receipt books, 1813-

1815/1818-1819 and 1822-1834                    


                        v. 5                              First Presbyterian Baptismal Record Book,



v. 6                              First Presbyterian Baptismal Record Book,




Range             Box                 Folders                        Description


                                                                        Series X.  Manuscript volumes, 1813-1905


A:                     30                    v. 7                              First Presbyterian Church Membership

Record Book, 1817-1905.


v. 8                              First Presbyterian Church Marriage Record

                                    Book, 1844-1901


v. 9                              Lake St. John Place Plantation Record Book,



31                    v. 10                            Administrator’s record of accounts, 1860-61


v. 11                            Administrator’s record of accounts, 1861-62


v. 12                            Administrator’s record of accounts, 1861-67


v. 13                            Administrator’s record of accounts, 1866


v. 15                            Lemuel P. Conner Plantation Diary, 1872


                        v. 16                            Lemuel P. Conner, Sr. Diary (January-May



                        v. 17                            Lemuel P. Conner, Sr. Memorandum Book,

ca. 1863.


                        v. 18                            Jane E. Conner Cashbook, 1874-1876


                        v. 19                            Theodosia Conner Autograph book, 1876-



                        v. 20                            Mary Britton Conner, Red Cross Christmas

Benefit Notebook, n.d.


                                                v. 21                            Mary Conner notebook—hospital

subscriptions, n.d.


                        v. 22                            Record book, 1894-1895



J:24                                          v. 3                              Journal, 1817-1819


                                                v. 4                              Journal, 1847-1854


v. 14                            Record book, 1867-1873



                                                            XI.       Maps 1856, 1858, 1866, 1868, 1882


OS:C                                       Folder 2                       Maps and plans







Newspapers on 98:C


Courier & Journal, Natchez, Miss., Friday, August 28, 1835 (Vol. 6, no. 35)


The Emancipator, New York, August, 1835 (N.S., No. 1)


Frederick Douglass' Paper, Rochester, N.Y., July 11, 1856 (Vol. IX, nos. 30, 446) and June 17, 1859 (Vol. XII, nos. 27, 599).


New York Colonization Journal, New York, April, 1855 (Vol. II, nos. 4, 53)


Radical Abolitionist, New York, August, 1856 (Vol. II, no. 1)


The Southern Aegis, Bel Air, Md., July 11, 1857 (Vol. I, no. 1)



[1] The contents of folder 331 have been moved to folder 306.


[2] See Appendix A for a list of titles.