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Alexander (William H.) Papers Mss # 4456

Acc # 92 - 026 CONTAINER LIST

Box 1:

Biographical Information

Correspondence, 1950's Correspondence, 1976-79 Class notes; 1951, undated

Economics 202 History of Economic Thought Notebook (2 folders)

Agricultural Policy Notes, University of Illinois, 1952

Norton's Marketing Notes, undated Materials related to his doctoral exams and thesis

PhD exams for w/&a

Rough Draft of PhD Thesis, Illinois, 1952

Market Structure and Competitive Behavior in the Fluid Milk Distribution Industry, Doctoral thesis, University of Illinois, 1961

Teaching Materials (some teaching material is also in Box 3) Economics 217: Value and Distribution

Materials for Agricultural Economics 4052 taught by Alexander Teacher Evaluations (2 folders)

Expense forms, 1969-70

Expense forms, 1971-72 Expenses re. consulting work

Louisiana Farm Bureau Dairy Division

Proceedings Eighth Annual Southwest Milk Marketing Conference

Information about the American Agricultural Economics Association's 75th Anniversary Louisiana-Mississippi Milk Producers Association Advisory Com.

Printed items and papers by Alexander (some are co-authored) about Latin American countries and agriculture

Problemas Contemporaneos De La Industria Lactea Agricultural Education in Venezuela

A Study of Agricultural Marketing Problems and Potentials in Nicaragua

Un Estudio De Los Problemas Y El Potencial De Mercadeo Agricola En Nicaragua Regulaciones Propuestas Para La Industria Lactea De Nicaragua

Marketing Beef Cattle in Nicaragua, questionnaires

A Preliminary Summary of a Study of Agricultural Marketing In Nicaragua

Structure and Financial Status of the Dairy Industry in Nicaragua 1971, preliminary draft Nicaragua's Dairy Industry

Latin American Studies

Alexander's flight information to Nicaragua

Oficina Coordinadora De La Industria Lactea "La Finca" Data ve Dairy Industry Nicaragua

Papers by Alexander (some are co-authored)

United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Marketing Service, Dairy Division, Study (2 folders)

[Dr. Alexander]

A Profile of the Consumer of the Seventies

Report to the Price Evaluation Team Dairymen, Inc. Marketing Orders for Poultry

Dairy Marketing Research in Louisiana Alternative Approaches to Pricing Fluid Milk

Are Unfair Trade Laws, Minimum Mark-Up Laws, or State Milk Controls the Answer to Destructive Price Competition?

Background of Consumer Price Fixing in Louisiana Surplus Disposal: An Alternative Method

Probable Impact of Marketing Quotas on the Dairy Industry

A Comparison of the Price and Value of Milk Containing 3.8% and 3.5% Butterfat During 1972

Louisiana Equal Health Standard Milk Sanitation Senate Bill No. 5 of 1976 Legislature Information Contracted by Cooperative Extension Service of Mississippi

Box 2:

(papers by Alexander, continued)

Market Base Plan for Adjusting Milk Supply to Market Needs Dairy Farmers Continue to Abandon Production

Some Implications of Marketing Quotas for the Dairy Industry

The Dairy Industry Status and Outlook, Kentwood LA, Oct 27, 1973 High Food Prices - Fact or Fiction?

Milk Pricing in an Uncertain Economy

The Cooperative Structure and Its Ability to Provide Funds For Market Development Activities

Operating a Class I Base Plan in Milk Pooling and Interstate Movement of Milk Operating a Class I Base Plan in Milk Pooling and Interstate Movement of Milk (a different version)

Market Decisions For the Seventies Milk Pricing in Louisiana

The Economic Impact of Imports and Exports on the American Dairy Industry Milk Equivalents

Proposed Base-Excess Plan for Greater Louisiana

The Whys and the Hows of Stabilizing Milk Production Over a Twelve Month Period Milk Pricing Problems: A Report For Discussion

Milk Pricing in an Uncertain Economy

Will Present Milk Pricing Policies Permit Survival Formula Indexes

Long Range Price Outlook for Milk and Dairy Products

Implications For the Future of the Dairy Industry (in the South) Milk Distribution and Production Patterns of the Future

Chronological Development Leading to the Proposed Orderly Milk Marketing Act Production Controls for Dairymen

Dairy Marketing - Present and Future

Changes in Structure of Milk Producer Marketing Association

Trends and Projection in Milk Cow Numbers and Average Milk Production per Cow, United States and Louisiana

Louisiana Dairy Industry; an Experience in Dual Regulation

Comments with Respect to Consolidation of Dairy Cooperatives in the Southeastern United States

Class I Base Plans Today

Economic Outlook for the Dairy Industry

Implications of Marketing Changes for the future of the Dairy Industry, 6/2/66 Implications of Marketing Changes for the future of the Dairy Industry, 8/25/66 Milk Pricing

Introduction [?]

Statement with Respect to Proposed Legislation Affecting the Dairy Support Program and Supply Adjustment in Federal Milk Orders

Why Milk Prices Vary within a Given Mark

Preliminary Report on the Financial Results of the Operation of Raw Sugar Mills in Louisiana, 1943 and 1944

The Distribution of Fluid Milk in New Orleans

An Analysis of Milk Prices under the Federal-State Milk Marketing Order for the New Orleans Area and of the Effect of Certain Proposed Changes in the Order on Milk Prices in the Area

Louisiana Dairy Industry Statistics - work copy

An Economic Formula to Price Fluid Milk Products at Wholesale - corrected and discussion copies

Brief Interpretation of the Major Provisions of Federal Milk Marketing Orders How Imports Affect the American Dairy Industry

The Quiet Revolution on Farms in the United States

Multiple Containers and their Impact on Marketing, rough draft Some Economic Factors Involved in Handling Bulk Milk

The World Food Problem Agricultural economic research

Printed items by Alexander (some are co-authored):

Formula Pricing of Class I Milk in the New Orleans Milkshed, Mimeograph Circular No. 89,

Department of Agricultural Economics, Louisiana State University, February 1949.

An Economic Analysis of a Base Rating Plan for Pricing Milk in the New Orleans Milkshed, Mimeograph Circular No. 96, July 1949.

Milk Marketing in the North Louisiana Upland Cotton Area, Louisiana Bulletin # 443, June 1950

An Appraisal and Recommendations with Respect to the Proposed Federal Order for the Shreveport Marketing Area, Mimeograph Circular No. 162, June 1954.

An Analysis of Proposed Amendments to Federal Order Regulating the Handling of Milk

in the New Orleans Marketing Area, Mimeograph Circular No. 177, April 1955.

An Analysis of Proposed Amendments to Federal Order Regulating the Handling of Milk in the Shreveport Marketing Area, Mimeograph Circular No. 183, December 1955.

"The Louisiana Milk Audit Law," in Louisiana Rural Economist, Vol. 18, No. 2, May 1956.

The Influence of Selected Factors on Milk Consumption in New Orleans, DAE Circular No. 212, August 1957.

Operation of Base-Excess Plans Under State and Federal Regulation in Louisiana, Mimeograph Circular No. 245, June 1959.

Basic Data for Pricing Class I Milk in Louisiana Markets, DAE Circular No. 273, April 1960.

Optimum Distribution of Producer Milk Among Markets and Class Uses in Louisiana,

Bulletin No. 544, June 1961.

"A Proposed Market Base for Milk Supply Adjustment," in Louisiana Rural Economist, Vol. 25, No.1, February 1963.

A Stochastic Analysis of Size Distribution of Firms in Fluid Milk Markets in Louisiana, Bulletin No. 578, December 1963.

Growth Patterns and Survival Tendencies of Firms in the Louisiana Dairy Industry, Bulletin No. 593, March 1965.

Adjustment in Plant Capacity Utilization to Compensate for Changes in Market Organizations of the Louisiana Dairy Industry, DAE Research Report No. 390, February 1969.


Merger Study for Great Lakes-Southern Milk, Inc., November1970

The Association Reserve Standby Pool Cooperative, March 9, 1973

An Analysis of Proposed Amendments to the Federal Order Regulating the Handling of Milk in the New Orleans Marketing Area, Mimeograph Circular No. 177, April 1975. Interpretation of Major Provisions of Federal Milk Marketing Orders, DAE Research Report No. 521, August 1977.

An Economic Formula for Pricing Class I Milk to Dairy Farmers, DAE Research Report No. 478, August 1978.

A Recommended Formula for Pricing Class I Milk in San Antonio Texas Marketing Area, undated

Selected Reading Material Related to Bulk Tank Operatives on Dairy Farms, undated

Agriculture, Culture, and Social Policy: Perspectives on Global Development, undated Speeches by Alexander (3 folders)

Box 3:

Speeches by Alexander (5 folders)

Oil and Gas Leasing Work

Oil and Gas Land Management, 1982-83 Oil and Gas leasing work

J. Bennett Johnston's letters Copies of Bills

William H. Alexander Jamie Fair Bill

Land Owners and Oil and Gas Leasing

Committee for 100% pay for life and hospital insurance for state employees and retirees (2 folders)

Federal Milk Order Study Federal Orders Article - supply plants

Federal Milk Order study material (2 folders) A Report of the Dairy Marketing Advisory Committee

Part I An Evaluation of the level and alignment of federal order milk prices for the area of associated Dairymen as of 1965 (4 folders)

Part II Appendix No.4 additional notes and data on Economic Type Formulas (4 folders) Teaching Materials (2 folders)

Miscellaneous (2 folders) Clippings