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(Mss. 890, 893)


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Size.                                        1.5 linear ft.

Geographic location.              Louisiana.

Inclusive dates.                      1848-1914.

Bulk dates.                             1860-1890.

Language.                               English.

Summary.                               Correspondence, research material, printed items, photographs pertaining primarily to the organization, history, and administration of Louisiana State University.

Access.                                   No restrictions.

Copyright.                               Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the original materials is retained by descendants of the creators of the materials in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Citation.                                  Walter L. Fleming Collection, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Stack location.                        T:64-65

Biographical/Historical Note

Walter Lynwood Fleming was born April 8, 1874 in Polk County, Alabama to William Leroy Fleming and Mary Love Edwards. He attended Brundige Academy as a youth, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1896 and a Master of Science in 1897 from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College; he later received a Ph.D from Columbia University in 1904.

As a professor of English and history served on the faculty of several universities in the South, including Louisiana State University from 1907-1917. He was a prolific writer and a pioneer in the field of Reconstruction history. His major works includes Civil War and Reconstruction in Alabama, Documentary History of Reconstruction; additionally he wrote numerous articles, book reviews, and contributed to dictionaries and encyclopedias. Among his publications is the History of Louisiana State University (1860-1896), published posthumously in 1936.

Walter L. Fleming was married to Mary Wright Boyd, the daughter of Ettie and David French Boyd, former president of LSU. Together they had three daughters and a son. Dr. Fleming suffered a stroke in 1928 and died of pneumonia Aug. 3, 1932.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of transcriptions of material pertaining primarily to the organization, history, and administration of Louisiana State University. Correspondence relating to official University business comprises bulk of the collection. Some early correspondence reflects political views at the time of the Civil War, and later correspondence of Walter Fleming and Leroy S. Boyd, son of David F. Boyd, relates to the history of the LSU. Other material consists of reports, printed items, writings, and the research notes. Also included are photographs of early LSU Boards of Supervisors, faculty, and other persons associated with the University.

List of Series and Subseries

I. Correspondence, 1848-1914 (boxes 1-3)

Subseries 1. Research correspondence, 1902-1911, n.d. (box 1)

Subseries 2. General correspondence, 1848-1914, n.d. (box 1)

Subseries 3. David F. Boyd, 1859-1890 (box 2)

Subseries 4. W. T. Sherman, 1859-1870 (box 3)

Subseries 5. G. Mason Graham, 1855-1885, n.d. (box 3)

II. Research material, 1909, n.d. (box 4)

III. Printed items, 1862-1911, n.d. (box 4)

IV. Photographs, n.d. (box 5)

Series and Subseries Descriptions

Series I. Correspondence, 1848-1914, n.d.

Subseries 1. Research Correspondence, 1902-1911, n.d. ( T:64, box 1)

A large part Walter L. Fleming's and Leroy S. Boyd's correspondence concerns the history of Louisiana Seminary of Learning and Louisiana State University. Much of the correspondence received by Leroy Boyd are responses to inquiries for historical information from persons who had previously been associated with the University or their descendents. Some letters include biographical and autobiographical sketches of individuals.

Subseries 2. General correspondence, 1848-1909, n.d.

General correspondence contains letters to the editor discussing the execution of a fourteen year old female slave (Dec. 31, 1848), suspension of cadets from the University (Nov. 24, 1871), and financial hardships of the University. Also included are letters composed by early members of the Board of Supervisors, administrators, faculty members, educators, Confederate leaders, and alumni concerning official business of the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Louisiana State University, Civil War, politics, letters of reference and introduction.

Subseries 3. David F. Boyd, 1859-1890, n.d.

David French Boyd served as president of Louisiana State Seminary of Learning and Louisiana State University from 1865-1880, 1884-1886. The majority of his correspondence pertains to the administration and financial situation of the University. Several letters written to W. L. Sanford, vice-president of the Board of Supervisors, concern Boyd's possible resignation from the University and acceptance of the Superintendency of the Government Military College in Egypt (1875-1876); a position offered by General W. T. Sherman. Earlier correspondence includes letters to his wife commenting on the probability of war (1861); military dispatches (1864-1865). Of particular interest is a letter from David Boyd, while imprisoned in Mississippi, asking General W. T. Sherman to arrange for his transfer to a prison under General Banks, Dept. of the Gulf, in order to avoid a transfer to a Union prison in the North (Feb. 13, 1864). Another letter speaks of Boyd's gratitude to Sherman for his intercession in that matter (Apr. 7, 1864). (Note: this letter is an original).

Subseries 4. W. T. Sherman, 1859-1870.

Correspondence of William Tecumseh Sherman, president of the Louisiana State Seminary of Learning, 1859-1861, discusses discipline of cadets, organization of the Seminary and its affairs, his views on secession and possibility of impending war, political atmosphere at the time, and his letter of resignation (March 1, 1860). Much of his correspondence is with G. Mason Graham and David F. Boyd. Other prominent correspondents in this subseries include Braxton Bragg, D.C. Buell, G. T. Beauregard.

Subseries 5. G. Mason Graham, 1855-1885, n.d.

G. Mason Graham served as chairman of the Board of Trustees and vice-president of the Board of Supervisors, and much of his correspondence deals with board appointments, official University business, letters of introduction, and several letters discussing prospective students.

Series II. Research material, 1860-1909, n.d.

Research material contains Walter L Fleming's research notes for his publication History of Louisiana State University, 1860-1896, reports, writings, and miscellaneous items. Reports to the Board of Supervisors detail the general conditions at the Seminary and University, reporting on discipline, faculty, and course study. Writings contain W. C. B. Gillespie's account of the Red River Expedition, biographical sketch of David F. Boyd, biographical sketch of the artist, E.B.D. Fabrino Julio, with a history of his painting Last Meeting of Lee and Jackson, and Professor Hutson remembrances of early faculty members. Among miscellaneous items are orders, a proposal for the organization of the Louisiana State Seminary and Military Academy (May, 1863), David Boyd's military pass (1863), a bibliography compiled by Professor Hutson listing article titles with dates of publication (n.d.), list of men and their contributions paid toward the purchase of E. B. S. Julio's painting (Sept. 15, 1871), and a roll of officers and cadets for the 1873-1874 University session.

Series III. Printed items, 1862-1911, n.d.

Printed items are comprised of a galley proof of chapters 1-3 of Fleming's History of Louisiana State University, 1860-1896, a brochure for his book, a small print of Julio's painting Last Meeting of Lee and Jackson, a circular announcing a reunion for the class of 1879/1880, listing cadets who were enrolled at that time (1905), and several newspaper clippings related to David F. Boyd and Louisiana State University

Series IV. Photographs, n.d.

Photographs of early members of the LSU Board of Supervisors, administrators, faculty, and other individuals associated with the University; some photographs are identified.


Index Terms

Beauregard, G. T. (Gustave Toutant), 1818-1893.

Boyd, David French, 1834-1899.

Boyd, Leroy Stafford, 1873-

Bragg, Braxton, 1817-1876.

Buell, Don Carlos, 1818-1898.

Educators. Louisiana.

Fleming, Walter L. (Walter Lynwood), 1874-1932, History State University, 1860-1896.

Graham, George Mason, 1807-1891.

Julio, E.B.D. Fabrino, Last Meeting of Lee and Jackson.

Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College.

Louisiana State Seminary of Learning.

Red River Expedition, 1864.

Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891.

Slavery. Louisiana.

Container List

Location          Box     Folder #          Contents

Series I. Correspondence

T:64                 1          1-3                   Research correspondence. Walter L. Fleming and Leroy S. Boyd (1902-1911. n.d.).

4-6                   General correspondence (1848-1909, n.d.).

T:64                 2          1-10                 Correspondence. David R. Boyd (1859-1890, n.d.).

T:64                 3          1-3                   Correspondence. W. T. Sherman (1859-1870).

T:64                             4-6                   Correspondence, G. Mason Graham (1855-1885, n.d.)

Series 2. Research material

T:65                 4          1-7                   Research notes, reports, writings, miscellaneous material (1860-1890, n.d.).

Series 3. Printed items

T:65                 4          8-10                 Brochure, print of “Last meeting of Lee and Jackson” galley proof, newspaper clippings (1862-1911, n.d.)

Series 4. Photographs

T:65                 5          1-11                 Photographs (n.d.).