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872 black and white negatives; 761 gelatin silver prints; 239 resin coated paper prints; 1 postcard. Of these, there are 1,116 unique images.

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Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Japan.

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ca.1920 - ca.1960

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ca.1920 - 1940




Viosca created the images in this collection to document his work as a biological scientist working for various Louisiana state agencies, his personal work with native flora and fauna, and his involvement with Louisiana Boy Scouts.

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Paul Percy Viosca Jr. (June 24, 1892 August 27, 1961)

Lauded as Louisiana’s greatest biologist on his death in 1961, Percy Viosca Jr.’s contribution to the understanding of the state’s natural environment was considerable; his work remains influential today. Former Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Joe L. Herring, who worked with Viosca in the 1950s and early 1960s said that “Percy was probably the greatest naturalist to work in the South, but, because [John James] Audubon was also a painter, he was better known.”1 Certainly Viosca knew Louisiana’s flora and fauna, its land and waters better than most. According to noted marine biologist Dr. Gordon Gunter, “few people have ever known one part of the earth and the life that lived upon it as well as Percy Viosca knew Louisiana.”2

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Paul Percy Viosca Jr. was born in New Orleans on June 24, 1892, the second of eight children of lawyer Paul Percy Sr. and Wilhelmina Adrienne Viosca. Known by his second name for much of his life, Viosca explained that the name stemmed from his ancestors, the Percys, an old New Orleans family who once owned a farm near the French Quarter.3 His interest in fish and aquatic life began early. He and older brother René knitted their own nets and seined for shrimp, crabs and fish along the shores of Lake Pontchartrain some miles from their home on what was then the swampy eastern fringe of the city in order to earn money for their education. After their early morning fishing was over they took their catches to the French Market, a daily bicycle round trip of over 30 miles even before they started that day’s college classes. 4 Viosca attended Tulane University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1913 and a Master of Science degree in 1915, although, as he was later fond of saying, he received his highest degree from the ‘university of hard knocks’ – the wilds and waters of Orleans and St. Tammany Parishes.5 He taught at Tulane as a student assistant and an instructor before leaving in 1916 to set up the Southern Biological Supply Company, which supplied specimens of crawfish and other aquatic life for research and commercial use, as well as advising industry. While he remained president of his company and headed its research department, Viosca also became one of the country’s first free-lance biologists. He married Corinne Rousette Staigg in 1918, and they had two children.

From 1915 to 1926 he acted as the curator of reptiles and amphibians and fishes at the Louisiana State Museum. He also worked for the state Department of Conservation for much of this period, and returned to Tulane to teach between 1923 and 1926. Although he continued to work off and on for the state until his death, this employment was never permanent because of the vagaries of Louisiana politics.6 Between 1923 and 1924 he was the Louisiana Board of Health entomologist in New Orleans, and after studying the mosquito problem he suggested that it was the draining and development of the wetlands that was responsible. Addressing a theme he was to repeat throughout his life, Viosca argued that regular flushing of these areas by the rivers was a positive action for the environment and its wildlife; levees interfered

with this. As Director of the Division of Fisheries for the Department of Conservation between 1926 and 1929, Viosca wrote a number of technical bulletins and articles advising against building levees along the Mississippi River which would stop the flow into the natural flood plains such as the Tensas and Atchafalaya bottomlands. He also wanted the southern marshlands to receive fresh water through siphons and controlled floodways. His advice was not based on sentiment but out of a practical realization that such actions would benefit the commercial exploitation of various aquatic species. He wrote:

The effect of a crevasse is akin to cultivation and fertilization of farm lands and might be termed wholesale aquaculture. Since many of the larger aquatic organisms take from one to several years to reach maturity, the beneficial effects of permanent spillways would be cumulative, and the commercial value of these resources depending upon such water for their existence would be increased manifold.7

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In an era when the terms ecology and conservation had just started to be used, Percy Viosca Jr. was traveling the state studying the effect of industrial pollution on its waterways, and how the exploitation of Louisiana’s natural resources was impacting the quality of its environment and the number and diversity of its wildlife and plants. As early as 1925 he was writing about the long-term dangers of unrestrained development on the state.8

He appreciated the riches Louisiana had to offer as a scientist but also as a camper, hunter and fisherman. In 1933 he published Louisiana Out-ofDoors: A Handbook and Guide which was designed as “a helpful companion to that great army of outdoor people who feel the urge to travel within and participate in the bounteous offerings of this great outdoor state.”9 Viosca’s knowledge of fish is illustrated by a story told by George H. Penn of Tulane University’s Department of Zoology in 1962:

On a fishing trip in Lake Pontchartrain when I was a stripling some twenty years ago, he [Viosca] claimed he could catch just about anything he wanted to with his casting rod simply by adjusting the length of the leader, distance from hook to sinker, and variations of these. I had been for some time without even a nibble and questioned these claims. Twice in succession he made the necessary adjustments, stated what he would catch and did so: a gaff-topsail catfish and a speckled trout. Dismayed, I demanded a sheepshead. He said, “This is not just the right place; how about a croaker?” And you can guess the result a beauty of a croaker!10

Viosca was well-known for his views on fish management. As Director of Fisheries and later as senior biologist for the division between 1936 and 1942, he supported practices which were based on scientific research. He saw conservation as the wise use of a natural resource by the application of energy to bring about a desired result. That meant utilizing resources, not placing them off-limits, which he regarded as a waste. Viosca’s studies of largemouth bass convinced him that closed fishing seasons during spawning were unnecessary because only a few fish were actually needed to replenish an area. He also pointed out that taking the biggest fish was useful because they consumed the largest amount of food. Rather than depending on the number and size of fish, the viability of a population was reliant on the habitat and food

available. For that reason, he said it was futile to introduce more fish artificially into a stable environment because they could not be supported and the numbers would actually fall as a result.11

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In his 1937 book, Pondfish Culture, Viosca relates the story of visiting the Beechwood Fish Hatchery, a state-run facility south of Alexandria. He was interested in rearing the newly-discovered smallmouth bass there but the superintendent did not accept that such a species existed. Viosca then went to the stream that supplied water to the hatchery and proceeded to catch one of the non-existent fish. The superintendent was convinced but wondered how it got into the stream because he had planted tens of thousands of largemouth fingerlings there in previous years. Viosca replied dryly: “You have only been planting expensive breakfasts”.12

As an expert on shrimp, Percy Viosca argued that imposing size limits on shrimp and trawls was of little benefit to shrimp populations. He pointed out that any smaller shrimp caught were often killed and that trawl sizes were based on commercial considerations not biological ones. His solution was to introduce season closures and mesh size regulations as the best means to control the shrimp fishery, but both had to be properly enforced. Often outspoken, he condemned the practices which he viewed as fads and political interference that harmed both commercial and recreational fishing. Ever practical, Viosca is also credited with laying the foundations of the state’s pond crawfish industry through his efforts to teach rice farmers to grow rice and crawfish together. 13

Viosca’s interests were remarkably broad and he published in other fields also, including herpetology (the study of amphibians and reptiles), malacology (the study of mollusks) and botany. Indeed, he said that his first love was herpetology, particularly frogs and salamanders, and fish were only his second interest.14 In an interesting case that gives some insight into his knowledge and character, Viosca went to court in 1927 to secure the return of some preserved frogs from his company. The stolen frogs were of a species found in Indiana and Wisconsin, not Louisiana as the thieves claimed. Viosca was able to prove that the frogs were not local because the sounds each species produced were different. “Pigs is pigs but there is a difference in frogs”, he is reported to have said. Characteristically, he then wrote up the incident for a scientific journal.15 His down-to-earth approach to science was appreciated by local newspaper reporters who often turned to him for plain-English explanations of complex topics, ranging from nutria to crawfish and anything connected with the state’s fisheries.16 In 1951 he corrected the widely-held belief that robins were the heralds of spring by pointing out that robins were in fact more likely to arrive in New Orleans with the coming of winter because of food scarcity north of Lake Pontchartrain.17 When New Orleans

was invaded by mosquitoes in May 1955, Viosca advised simply: “Cut holes in the window screens and let them out!”18

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He discovered a number of new species of salamander, including the Red River mudpuppy Necturus louisianensis, the whistling tree frog Hyla avivoc, and the rockbass Ambloplites ariommus. Such was the respect in which he was held, that several species discovered by others were named for him, including the southern red salamander Pseudotriton ruber vioscai, Percy’s creek crayfish Procambarus (Pennides) vioscai vioscai, and the humpback shrimp Solenocera vioscai.19 It was during his studies of Louisiana’s fauna that Viosca became interested in the state’s native irises, the Hexagonae, and began collecting them. Dr. John Kunkel Small, a botanist from New York had been active in this field and in the early 1930s declared that he had discovered dozens of new species.20 Viosca published his own study in 1935 which effectively demolished Small’s taxonomy, arguing that all but one of Small’s new species were in fact hybrids.21 The four species of Louisiana irises that Viosca recognized are still accepted today. He was a charter member of the Louisiana Iris Society, along with another well-known Louisiana naturalist, Caroline Dorman, and at his house at 2490 Dreaux Avenue, New Orleans, Viosca built wooden ponds to cultivate his irises.22 Not being interested in irises only, he also built a rock garden which he called his ‘Masterpiece’. For forty years, while on his scientific expeditions or on vacation, Viosca collected a variety of rocks to expand his garden. These even included some stones from the old criminal courts building where his father had practiced.23

As well as publishing many scientific articles and technical reports, Percy Viosca Jr. frequently gave talks to scientific societies, sportsmen’s groups and garden societies, usually illustrated with his own photographs. He was also active in a number of organizations. He was a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, vice-president of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, president of the Louisiana Academy of Sciences and the New Orleans Botanical Society, and a member of the American Fisheries Society for over 40 years. Although unable to afford the pursuit of a PhD, he was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa at Tulane. The Louisiana Outdoor Writers Association named him “Outstanding Conservationist of the Year” in 1960 but, typically, he was studying shrimp in the gulf and could not be present for the ceremony.24 Just before his death the following year, he was named by Tulane University as “Biologist of the Year” in recognition of his nearly fifty-year contribution to biology.25

Dr. Edward Chin, the former Director of the Sea Grant Program at the University of Georgia, described Viosca as “a gentle bear” who was always ready to share his knowledge about nature’s wonders.26 One incident sums this up very well. In 1948 a visiting Dutch biologist expressed the wish to see a Louisiana alligator. Rather than taking him to the zoo, Viosca took him out to the Honey Island swamps to look for alligators in their native habitat. After waiting for several hours, they finally saw a five-foot specimen. “I was so glad”, Viosca said later, “that I jumped out of the boat, landed on his back and caught him between the shoulders with both hands so he couldn’t bite me.”27 As a freelance biologist, there were periods when he was unemployed and in 1939 he established Ganivory Crafts to make jewelry and other things from such materials as redfish and gar scales which he sold to souvenir shops in the French Quarter. He employed women and children in his neighborhood to make these objects until tighter import restrictions on Mexican silver and new rules on part-time employment ended the venture.28 From 1942, Viosca worked for a few years as a consulting biologist, mostly for industries having stream pollution problems. He later conceded that this had been profitable but he did not enjoy spending so much time acting as an expert witness in the courts and thus he returned to work as a marine biologist for the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission. 29

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An enthusiastic hunter and fisherman, Viosca was also involved with the local Boy Scouts of America, and participated in their camps. Not surprisingly, his scientific curiosity often accompanied these recreational activities. During one hike with a group of Scouts near Lake Pontchartrain in 1924 he observed a marsh fire which formed the basis of an article in Ecology, 30 while at Camp Wilson he had a group of boys build a crude dam across Sandy Creek as an experiment on the effect the resultant pool would have on the native fish population.31

Viosca was definitely a “Man for All Seasons”.32 His sense of humor is evident in the titles of some of his scientific papers, such as “Perambulating Millipeds” (1925) and “Call the Police” (1957). He participated in crawfish eating contests in the French Market, although on winning one such contest his competitors claimed he had eaten the crawfish shell and all.33 He also chose and trained the winner of the First Annual Governor’s Cup Race, at the national crab derby held in Maryland in August 1960. A sand crab from Grand Terre Island called Lou’s Gumbo beat entries from Virginia and Delaware.34

With his death from cancer on August 27, 1961, Louisiana lost its pre-eminent naturalist. Viosca’s publications did not, however, make available to posterity all of the knowledge his continuous scientific observations had collected. He was fascinated by the migration of the monarch butterfly but his data on this phenomenon was never published fully.35 As fellow botanist and Tulane professor Joseph A. Ewan relates, even as Viosca was dying he refused to believe his life’s work had come to an end. “When I have

so much knowledge of the fauna and flora,” he told Ewan, “why should this cancer snuff out my life?”36 For over four decades Percy Viosca practiced what he preached, gaining recognition outside Louisiana even as his own state was reluctant to accept his advice. But by the end of his life, his remarkable contribution was finally acknowledged earning him the title “Mr. Marine Biologist, the dean of Louisiana biologists”.37

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Pilot crawfish farm. Louisiana Conservationist. 11(9): 9-10, 28 (unsigned)

Winter at the Chandeleurs. Louisiana Conservationist. 11(12): 4-5, 16


Salamanders in Louisiana. Louisiana Conservationist. 12(1): 8-9, 15-16

Frogs and toads of Louisiana. Louisiana Conservationist. 12(2/3): 8-11, 20

The sun worshipper. Louisiana Conservationist. 12(4): 6-8, 24

Backyard dinosaurs. Louisiana Conservationist. 12(5/6): 12-15, 21

“Lou’s Gumbo” wins Maryland sweepstakes. Louisiana Conservationist. 12(10): 6-7

Poisonous snakes of Louisiana. Louisiana Conservationist. 12(11/12): 2-3, 24


Harmless snakes of Louisiana. Louisiana Conservationist. 13(2): 17-19, 23

Crawfish culture: Mudbug farming. Louisiana Conservationist. 13(3): 5-7, 19

Turtles, tame and truculent. Louisiana Conservationist. 13(7/8): 5-8

Mudbug Farming. Baton Rouge: Louisiana Wild Life & Fisheries Commission, pp.1-12


Observations on the biology of the leech Philobdella gracile Moore in southeastern Louisiana. Tulane Studies in Zoology. 9(5): 243-244 (written in 1922)

Louisiana Cook-Out. 15pp. New Orleans: Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries Commission


Viosca created the images in this collection to document his work as a biological scientist working for various Louisiana state agencies, his personal work with native flora and fauna, and his work with Louisiana Boy Scouts.

His work as a biologist required that he document riparian and marsh ecology, industrial pollution as it affected waterways, the management and infrastructure of fisheries, inspection of oyster boats, and mosquito control. There is a small subsubseries of images documenting the Nichiro Fisheries Company oyster processing plant in Hiroshima, Japan.

As part of his work for the Louisiana Department of Conservation, Viosca documented the Mississippi River flood of 1922 in Louisiana and Mississippi. When he served as Director of the Division of Fisheries, Louisiana Department of Conservation, he photographed the Mississippi River Flood of 1927 in the vicinity of Caernarvon, Louisiana.

Viosca had a personal interest in native flora, particularly Louisiana irises. He photographically documented irises in their native habitat and under cultivation. Images of geese and ducks in a marsh environment may document his interests as a sportsman and biologist interested in managed wildlife areas.

His involvement with the Boy Scouts of America led to the creation of a fairly large series of images created in Boy Scout camps in the Istrouma Area Council and the Southeast Louisiana Council. The Camp Wilson subseries includes a number of images in which he had boy scouts build a dam across Sandy Creek to learn the effect such a structure would have on the native fish population.

A very small number of images record aspects of his personal life. This subseries is largely restricted to family trips to Vicksburg, Mississippi, in 1925; informal portraits of friends and family; and, unidentified fishermen with their catches.


1. Water

A. Bayous

1. Boeuf, Bayou (La.)

2. Bonfouca, Bayou (La.)

3. Castaing, Bayou (La.)

4. Dorcheat, Bayou (La.)

5. Flat Lick Bayou (La.)

. Fountain, Bayou (La.)

7. Grosse Tete, Bayou (La.)

8. Lacombe, Bayou (La.)

9. Lafourche, Bayou (La.)

10. Parcperdue, Bayou (La.)

11. Plaquemine, Bayou (La.)

12. Queue de Tortue, Bayou (La.)

13. Salt Bayou (La.)

14. Teche, Bayou (La.)

15. Unidentified bayous

B. Canals

1. Industrial Canal (La.)

2. Cancienne Canal (La.)

3. Company Canal (La.)

4. Unidentified canals

C. Creeks

1. Clear Creek (La.)

2. Bogalusa Creek (La.)

3. Hurricane Creek (La.)

4. Indian Creek (La.)

5. Sandy Creek (La.)

6. Talisheek Creek (La.)

7. Ten Mile Creek (La.)

8. Turkey Creek (La.)

9. Whiskey Chitto Creek (La.)

10. Unidentified creeks

D. Lakes

1. Beulah Lake (La.)

2. Black Bayou Lake (La.)

3. Bruin, Lake (La.)

4. Caddo Lake (La.)

5. Capitol Lake (La.)

6. Catahoula Lake (La.)

7. Cocodrie Lake (La.)

8. False River (La.)

9. Maurepas, Lake (La.)

10. Pontchartrain, Lake (La.)

11. Spanish Lake (La.)

12. Saint John, Lake (La.)

13. Saint Joseph, Lake (La.)

14. Unidentified lakes

E. Ponds

1. Unidentified ponds

F. Waterways

1. Unidentified waterways

G. Rivers

1. Amite River (La.)

2. Atchafalaya River (La.)

3. Bogue Falaya (La.)

4. Comite River (La.)

5. Little River (La.)

6. Mermentau River (La.)

7. Pearl River (La.)

8. Tchefuncta River (La.)

9. Tensas River (La.)

a. Singer Wildlife Preserve

10. West Pearl River (La.)

11. Unidentified rivers

H. Floods

1. Mississippi River1922

a. Louisiana

1. Ama (La.)

2. Poydras (La.)

3. Toca (La.)

4. Violet (La.)

5. Westwego (La.)

b. Mississippi

1. Vicksburg (Miss.)

c. Unknown flood locations, 1922

2. Mississippi River1927

a. Louisiana

1. Caernarvon (La.)

b. Unknown flood locations, 1927

3. Unidentified and undated floods

2. Bridges

A. Concrete

B. Foot

C. Railroad

1. The Rigolets (La.)

2. Morgan City (La.)

D. Swing

E. Truss

F. Wooden

3. Ships and ferries

A. City of Baton Rouge (Ferry)

B. Polarine (Ship)

C. Unidentified sailing ships

4. Landforms

A. Marshes

1. Unidentified marshes

B. Swamps

1. Barataria

2. Bastrop

3. Chackbay

4. Cotton Valley

5. Covington

6. Gentilly

7. Indian Village

8. Tullos

9. Wallace

10. Unidentified

C. Shongaloo wild gas explosion crater

5. Industrial Pollution

A. Gravel pits

1. Cocodrie Gravel Company

2. Evangeline Gravel Company

3. Fluker Gravel Company

4. Gifford Sand & Gravel Company

5. Jahncke Gravel Plant

6. Limestone quarries

7. Unidentified

B. Oil

1. Caddo Lake (La.)

2. Cotton Valley (La.)

3. Haynesville (La.)

4. Homer (La.)

5. Jeems Bayou (La.)

6. Tullos (La.)

7. Urania (La.)

8. Unidentified

C. Paper mills

D. Sugar mills

1. Billeaud Sugar Company

(Broussard, La.)

6. Erosion

7. Mosquito control

8. Agriculture

A. Rice

1. Braithwaite (La.)

B. Farming

C. Cattle

D. Sugarcane

9. Fisheries and oystering

A. Fish hatcheries

1. Beechwood Fish Hatchery (La.)

2. James A. Noe Fish Hatchery (La.)

3. Lake Bruen Fish Culture Station (La.)

4. Colfax (La.)

B. Fish processing plant

1. Three Rivers Fish Company

(Jonesville, La.)

C. Japanese oyster packaging plant

1. Nichi-Ro Gyogyo Kabushiki Kaisha.

D. Oyster boat inspections

1. Alexandria (Motorboat)

2. Royal Tern (Motorboat)

3. Unidentified

10. Wildlife

A. Avery Island (La.)

B. Louisiana [La.] Furs Incorporated

11. Flowers

A. Wild flowers

B. Irises

1. Wild

2. Cultivated

C. Lotus

D. Water lilies

12. Boy scouts

A. Camp Colyell (La.)

B. Camp Evangeline (La.)

C. Camp Goodyear (La.)

D. Camp Salmen (La.)

E. Camp Wilson (La.)

F. New Orleans Council Camp

G. Port Vincent (La.)

H. Unidentified

13. Places

A. Louisiana

1. Alexandria (La.)

2. Bastrop (La.)

3. Covington (La.)

4. New Orleans, La., area

a. New Orleans (La.)

b. Tally-Ho Club

5. Oakdale (La.)

B. Mississippi

1. Vicksburg

a. Vicksburg National Military Park (Miss.)



b. Town



14. Portraits

1. Viosca, Percy, 1892-

2. Fishers

3. Hunters

15. Eclipse, 1940 April 07


Series 1. Water

This series contains images of six types of bodies of water: Bayous; Canals; Creeks; Lakes; Ponds, and; Rivers. Also included in this series are images of the Mississippi River floods of 1922 and 1927. The 1922 subseries includes images from sites in Louisiana and Mississippi; the 1927 subseries contains images from Louisiana only.

Series 2. Bridges

This series contains images of five types of bridges: Concrete; Foot; Railroad; Truss, and; Wooden. The Railroad bridges are further subdivided into bridges identified by location.

Series 3. Ships and ferries

This series contains images of identified and unidentified merchant ships and ferries.

Series 4. Landforms

This series contains images of fields, marshes, and swamps, most of which are unidentified.

Series 5. Industrial Pollution

This series contains images of pollution resulting from gravel pit, oil field, paper mill, and sugar mill operations. With the exception of gravel pit operations, most of the images document pollution affecting water courses and do not provide images of the mills and plants themselves.

Series 6. Erosion

This series contains images of the erosion of naturally occurring bluffs and road cuts through rolling countryside.

Series 7. Mosquito control

This series contains images of mosquito control efforts documenting sampling of standing water and the spray application of chemicals on standing water.

Series 8. Agriculture

This series contains images of contour plowing, cattle and dairy operations, and rice and cotton growing.

Series 9. Fisheries and oystering

This series contains images of fish hatcheries, oyster boat inspections, and the Nichiro Fisheries Company oyster processing plant in Hiroshima, Japan.

Series 10. Wildlife

This series contains images of ducks, geese, and other water fowl.

Series 11. Flowers

This series contains images of native Louisiana wild flowers, irises wild and cultivated, lotus, and water lilies.

Series 12. Boy scouts

This series contains images of six Boy Scout camps in the Istrouma Area Council (Baton Rouge area) and the Southeast Louisiana Council (New Orleans area). The images document camp life, ceremonies, and a dam building experiment on Sandy Creek.

Series 13. Places

This series contains images of Louisiana and Mississippi. The Louisiana images document New Orleans and the Tally Ho Club near New Orleans. The Mississippi images document the town and military park of Vicksburg in 1922 and 1925.

Series 14. Portraits

This series contains informal portraits of friends and family and unidentified fishermen with their catches.

Series 15. Eclipse

This series contains images documenting the lensing effect of the gap between tree leaves during the annular solar eclipse of 1940 April 07.


Materials relating to these people, places, and things can be found in the images indicated, as represented by their numbers.

Abandoned mines--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0715a 4948F0715b 4948F0715c

Abita Springs (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2101a 4948F2101b

Advertising postcards--Pennsylvania.


Agricultural land--Louisiana--Photographs.


Alexandria (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2105b 4948F2216a 4948F2216b

4948F2216c 4948F2216d

Alexandria (Motorboat)--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1101b 4948F1101c 4948F1103a


Alluvial plains--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0720a 4948F0931a



Ama (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0103b 4948F0502a 4948F0502b

4948F0502c 4948F0502d 4948F0516d


Amite River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0911c 4948F0923a 4948F0923b

4948F0923c 4948F0924b 4948F0925b

4948F0925c 4948F0925d 4948F0926a

4948F0926b 4948F0927a 4948F0927b

4948F0927c 4948F0927d 4948F2207b


Amoeba (Motor boat)--Photographs.

4948F0812a 4948F1305d

Aquatic plants--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0702b 4948F1504d 4948F1517d


Aquatic weeds--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1503a 4948F1503b 4948F1504a

4948F1504b 4948F1511b 4948F1511c

4948F1511d 4948F1703b

Arabi (La.)--Photographs.


Architecture, domestic--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0603b 4948F1309a 4948F1502c

4948F1507b 4948F2001b 4948F2001e


Arrowhead (Plants)--Louisiana--Photographs.


Atchafalaya River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1206a 4948F1206b 4948F1206c

Audubon Park (New Orleans, La.)--Photographs.



4948F0208c 4948F1209d 4948F1309a

4948F1315a 4948F1315b 4948F1403a


Avery Island (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1209a 4948F1209b 4948F1209c

4948F1217a 4948F1217b 4948F1217b

4948F1218b 4948F1218c 4948F1218d




4948F1503b 4948F1503d 4948F1504b

4948F1505a 4948F1507a 4948F1507c


Barataria (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2020c 4948F2021d

Barbed wire--Louisiana--Photographs.



4948F0301c 4948F1303c



Bastrop (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0716a 4948F0716b 4948F0716c

4948F0716d 4948F0717a 4948F0717b

4948F0717c 4948F0717d 4948F0718a

4948F0718b 4948F0718c 4948F0718d

4948F0719a 4948F0719b 4948F0719c

4948F0719d 4948F0720a 4948F0720b

4948F0720d 4948F0721a 4948F0721b

4948F0721c 4948F0721d

Baton Rouge (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0206a 4948F0206b 4948F0206c

4948F0206d 4948F0207a


4948F0103a 4948F0105a 4948F0105b

4948F0105c 4948F0105d 4948F0403c

4948F0601a 4948F0601b 4948F0601c

4948F0601d 4948F0602a 4948F0602c

4948F0602d 4948F0720c 4948F0913b

4948F0913c 4948F0914a 4948F0914b

4948F0919b 4948F0919c 4948F0921a

4948F0921b 4948F0921c 4948F0921d

4948F1202d 4948F1204b 4948F1204c

4948F1208b 4948F1210c 4948F1211a

4948F1211b 4948F1211c 4948F1211d

4948F1212a 4948F1212b 4948F1213c

4948F1214b 4948F1222a 4948F1222b

4948F1222c 4948F1223c 4948F1223d

4948F1226b 4948F1226c 4948F1226d

4948F1306a 4948F1604b 4948F1604c

4948F1606a 4948F1606b 4948F1606c

4948F1610d 4948F1611a



Beechwood Fish Hatchery (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1215d 4948F1512a 4948F1512b

4948F1512c 4948F1512d 4948F1514a

4948F1515a 4948F1518a 4948F1519b

4948F1519c 4948F1520a 4948F1520b

4948F1520c 4948F1528c

Beulah Lake (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1009a 4948F1702a

Big Creek (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2110b 4948F2110c 4948F2110d


Billeaud Sugar Company (Broussard, La.)-- Photographs.

4948F0606a 4948F0606b 4948F0606c


Black Bayou Lake (La.)--Photographs.




Boats and boating--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0514c 4948F0806b

Bodies of water--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0514c 4948F0515c 4948F0516c

4948F1101a 4948F1101b 4948F1101c

4948F1101d 4948F1102a 4948F1103a

4948F1103b 4948F1532c

Boeuf, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.


Bogalusa (La.)--Photographs.


Bogalusa Creek (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0826a 4948F0826b



Bogue Chitto River (La.)--Photographs.


Bogue Falaya (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0913a 4948F0915a 4948F0915b

4948F0917c 4948F0922a 4948F0922b

4948F2209a 4948F2209b 4948F2209c

Bonfouca (La.)--Photographs.


Bonfouca, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0912a 4948F0912b 4948F0921b



Borrow pits--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0814c 4948F0918c1 4948F0918c2


Boy Scouts--Food service--Louisiana-- Photographs.

4948F2206a 4948F2212a 4948F2212b

Boy Scouts--Photographs.

4948F1215a 4948F2203a 4948F2203b

4948F2203c 4948F2203d 4948F2204a

4948F2204c 4948F2205a 4948F2206c

4948F2206d 4948F2207a 4948F2207c

4948F2209c 4948F2209d 4948F2210a

4948F2210b 4948F2210c 4948F2210d

4948F2211b 4948F2211c 4948F2212c

4948F2212d 4948F2214b 4948F2215a

4948F2215b 4948F2215c 4948F2215d

4948F2217a 4948F2217b 4948F2217c

4948F2217d 4948F2218a 4948F2218b

4948F2218c 4948F2218d 4948F2219a

4948F2219b 4948F2219c 4948F2220a

4948F2220b 4948F2220c 4948F2221a

4948F2221b 4948F2221c 4948F2221d

4948F2222a 4948F2222c 4948F2223a

4948F2223b 4948F2223c 4948F2224a

4948F2224b 4948F2224d 4948F2225a

4948F2225b 4948F2225c 4948F2225d


4948F1312a 4948F1312b 4948F1313a

4948F1315a 4948F1506c 4948F1523a

4948F1602b 4948F2111b

Braithwaite (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0104a 4948F0104b 4948F0104c

4948F0104d 4948F0112a 4948F0112c

Bridge failures--Louisiana--Photographs.


Bridges, Concrete--Louisiana--Photographs.


Broussard (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0606a 4948F0606b 4948F0606c


Bruin, Lake (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1511c 4948F1511d 4948F1519a

4948F1523a 4948F1524d 4948F1533a

4948F1533b 4948F1533c 4948F1533d


4948F0816a 4948F0816b 4948F0816c

4948F0818d 4948F0819c 4948F0824a

4948F0824d 4948F0827a 4948F0901a

4948F0901b 4948F0904c 4948F0905a

Brush--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F0905b 4948F0905c 4948F0908b

4948F0908d 4948F0919d 4948F0929a

4948F0931d 4948F0933a 4948F0933c

4948F0933d 4948F0934c 4948F1202a

4948F1202c 4948F1211b



Building, Brick--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1325a 4948F1325b 4948F1326a

4948F1326b 4948F1326c 4948F1326d

Caddo Lake (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1610a 4948F1610b 4948F1610c

4948F1701a 4948F1701b

Caernarvon (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0401a 4948F0401b 4948F0402a

4948F0402c 4948F0402d 4948F0404a



Cajuns--Louisiana--Social life and customs-- Photographs.


Calcasieu River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1704c 4948F1704d 4948F1705a

4948F1705b 4948F1705c 4948F1706d

Camp Colyell (La.)--Photographs.


Camp Evangeline (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2210b 4948F2210d 4948F2224a

4948F2224b 4948F2224d 4948F2225b

4948F2225c 4948F2225d

Camp Goodyear (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2208a 4948F2208b 4948F2208c

4948F2208d 4948F2211a 4948F2211b

4948F2211c 4948F2219b 4948F2219c

Camp Salmen (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2204a 4948F2204c 4948F2210c

Camp Wilson (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0923a 4948F0923b 4948F0923c

4948F0923d 4948F0924c 4948F2201a

4948F2201c 4948F2202a 4948F2202b

4948F2202c 4948F2202d 4948F2203a

Camp Wilson (La.)--Photographs. (continued)

4948F2203b 4948F2203c 4948F2203d

4948F2207a 4948F2207c 4948F2210a

4948F2214b 4948F2215a 4948F2215b

4948F2215c 4948F2215d 4948F2217a

4948F2217b 4948F2217c 4948F2217d

4948F2218a 4948F2218b 4948F2218c

4948F2218d 4948F2220a 4948F2220c

4948F2221a 4948F2221b 4948F2221c

4948F2221d 4948F2222a 4948F2222b

4948F2222c 4948F2223a 4948F2223b

4948F2223c 4948F2223d 4948F2225a


4948F2218c 4948F2222a 4948F2222b



4948F0922a 4948F2205a 4948F2206d

4948F2209b 4948F2209c 4948F2210a

4948F2210b 4948F2211a 4948F2211b

4948F2211c 4948F2212a 4948F2212b

4948F2214b 4948F2215a 4948F2215b

4948F2215c 4948F2215d 4948F2217a

4948F2217b 4948F2217c 4948F2217d

4948F2219a 4948F2219b 4948F2219c

4948F2220a 4948F2220b 4948F2220c

4948F2221a 4948F2221b 4948F2222b

4948F2223a 4948F2223b 4948F2223c

4948F2223d 4948F2225a 4948F2225b

4948F2225c 4948F2225d


4948F0001a 4948F0002c 4948F0113c

4948F0301c 4948F1007a 4948F1105a

4948F1105b 4948F1105c 4948F1105d

4948F1106a 4948F1201a 4948F1207a

4948F1207b 4948F1207c 4948F1207d

4948F1219a 4948F1219b 4948F1220d

Cancienne Canal (La.)--Photographs.


Canned oysters--Japan--Photographs.


Canoes and canoeing--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0302b 4948F0302c 4948F0302d


Capitol Lake (La.)--Photographs

4948F0206a 4948F0206d 4948F0207a

Carriages and carts--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1611a 4948F2016c

Castaing, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0919b 4948F0919c

Catahoula Lake (La.)--Photographs.



4948F0212c 4948F1221a 4948F1223a

Chackbay (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2003c 4948F2021a 4948F2021b


Chalmette (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0003a 4948F0003b 4948F1001a

4948F1002a 4948F1003a 4948F1006c


Chalmette Unit, Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve (La.)--Photographs. 4948F0003a 4948F0003b

Chef Menteur Pass (La.)--Photographs.



4948F0103a 4948F0502c 4948F1602c

4948F2201a 4948F2201c 4948F2204b

4948F2216a 4948F2216b 4948F2216c


Chinchuba (La.)--Photographs.


Choctaw Indians--Photographs.


4948F2211b 4948F2211c

Cities and towns--Photographs.


City of Baton Rouge (Ferry)--Photographs.


Clear Creek (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0207b 4948F0207d



Clio (La.)--Photographs.


Coal-carrying vessels--Louisiana--Photographs.


Coal-handling machinery--Louisiana-- Photographs.


Coarse woody debris--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1604b 4948F1606a 4948F1606b 4948F1606c 4948F1707a 4948F1707b

Coastal forests--Louisiana--Photographs.



4948F1317b1 4948F1317b1

Cocodrie Gravel Company--Photographs.

4948F0708b 4948F0709b 4948F0709c

4948F0709d 4948F0710a 4948F0710b

4948F0710c 4948F0710d 4948F0711a

4948F0711b 4948F0711c 4948F0711d

Cocodrie Lake (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1508a 4948F1508b 4948F1508c

Colfax (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1510a 4948F1510b

Colyell (La.)--Photographs.


Comite River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0207b 4948F0209a 4948F0209b

4948F0209c 4948F0209d 4948F0213a

4948F0213b 4948F0213c 4948F0213d

Company Canal (La.)Photographs.


Concrete dams--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1519b 4948F1519c 4948F1520a

4948F1520b 4948F1520c

Contour farming--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0603d 4948F0604a

Conveying machinery--Japan--Photographs.



4948F2108c 4948F2108d




4948F1807a 4948F1807b 4948F1807c


Cottage gardens--United States--Louisiana-- Photographs.

4948F2015a 4948F2015b

Cotton Valley (La.)--Photographs.



4948F0603a 4948F0605a

Coushatta (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2104c 4948F2104d

Covered walks--Louisiana--Photographs.


Covington (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0915c 4948F0929a 4948F0933a

4948F0933b 4948F0933c 4948F0933d

4948F0934a 4948F1215a 4948F1312a

4948F1314a 4948F1314b 4948F1314c


4948F1220d 4948F1223c 4948F1226b

Cranes (Birds)--Louisiana--Photographs.


Cranes, derricks, etc--Louisiana--Photographs.



4948F1602b 4948F1607a 4948F1607b

4948F1607c 4948F1607d



Creole (La.)--Photographs.


Crevasses--Louisiana--Caernarvon-- Photographs.



4948F0401b 4948F0504d 4948F0520d


4948F0603a 4948F0603c 4948F0605a

4948F0912a 4948F0912b 4948F0912c


4948F1616a 4948F1616b

Cutover lands--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0702a 4948F0702c 4948F0702d

4948F0703a 4948F0703b 4948F0703c

4948F0713a 4948F0713b 4948F0717c

4948F0802a 4948F0802b


4948F0716a 4948F0716b 4948F0716c

4948F0716d 4948F0719b 4948F0719c

4948F0720b 4948F0720c 4948F0902d

4948F0908a 4948F0908c 4948F0909b

4948F0909c 4948F0909d 4948F0910a

4948F0910b 4948F0910c 4948F0910d

4948F0913b 4948F0913c 4948F0921a

4948F0921c 4948F0930a 4948F0930b

4948F1105a 4948F1208a 4948F1208b



4948F1520d 4948F2203a 4948F2203b

4948F2203c 4948F2203d 4948F2207a




Deer Island (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0824a 4948F0828a



Delacroix Island (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0103c 4948F0105a 4948F0105c



4948F0820a 4948F0820b 4948F0820c 4948F0820d

Derouen (La.)--Photographs.



4948F0112c 4948F0301a 4948F0608b

4948F1004d 4948F1005a 4948F1005c

4948F1005d 4948F1006a 4948F1006c

4948F1006d 4948F1007d 4948F1008a


Diversion structures (Hydraulic engineering)-- Photographs.



4948F0103b 4948F0522b 4948F0801d


4948F2110c 4948F2110d 4948F2111a

Dorcheat (La.)--Photographs


Dorcheat, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1210c 4948F1211a 4948F1211c


Drainage structures--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1502a 4948F1505b


4948F1006b 4948F1009d


4948F0111c 4948F0704d 4948F0708a

4948F0708b 4948F0709a 4948F0713b


Dredging spoil--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0704d 4948F0708c 4948F0709b




Dutchtown (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0204c 4948F0204d

Dwellings--Flood damage--Louisiana-- Photographs.

4948F0108c 4948F0401a 4948F0402c

4948F0402d 4948F0404a 4948F0404b

4948F0404d 4948F0501d 4948F0503c

4948F0503d 4948F0504b 4948F0505a

Dwellings--Flood damage--Louisiana-- Photographs. (continued)

4948F0505b 4948F0505c 4948F0505d

4948F0509d 4948F0511c 4948F0511d

4948F0512a 4948F0512c 4948F0513a

4948F0513c 4948F0517b 4948F0517d

4948F0519b 4948F0519c 4948F0521a

4948F0522a 4948F0522c


4948F0909d 4948F1005c 4948F1204b




Electric fences--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1221c 4948F1226a


4948F0001a 4948F0002a

Environmental sampling--Louisiana--

4948F1006b 4948F1009d 4948F1011a




4948F0519b 4948F0709c 4948F0916d

Ethnic costume--Louisiana--Photographs.


Evangeline Gravel Company--Photographs.

4948F0708a 4948F0708c 4948F0708d


False River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0203a 4948F0203b 4948F0203c


Family farms--Louisiana--Photographs.





4948F1215d 4948F1906a

Farm buildings--Louisiana--Photographs.


Farm ponds--Photographs.



4948F1209a 4948F2106c 4948F2107b

4948F2107c 4948F2111c




4948F0107a 4948F0202a 4948F0202c

Ferry terminals--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0107a 4948F0202a 4948F0202c


First aid--Study and teaching--Photographs.

4948F2221c 4948F2221d

Fish hatcheries--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1510a 4948F1510b 4948F1512b

4948F1512c 4948F1514a 4948F1515a

4948F1517b 4948F1518a 4948F1519a

4948F1519b 4948F1519c 4948F1520a 4948F1520b 4948F1520c 4948F1522a 4948F1522b 4948F1522d 4948F1523a 4948F1524d 4948F1525b 4948F1525c 4948F1526c 4948F1526d 4948F1527a 4948F1527b 4948F1528b 4948F1528c 4948F1529a 4948F1529b 4948F1529c 4948F1529d 4948F1530a 4948F1530b 4948F1530c 4948F1531a 4948F1531b 4948F1531c 4948F1531d 4948F1533a 4948F1533b 4948F1533c 4948F1533d

Fish hatcheries--Pennsylvania--Photographs.

4948F1534a 4948F1534b

Fish ponds--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1510a 4948F1510b 4948F1512b

4948F1512c 4948F1513a 4948F1514a

4948F1517b 4948F1518d 4948F1522a

4948F1522b 4948F1522d 4948F1525b

4948F1525c 4948F1526c 4948F1526d

4948F1527a 4948F1527b 4948F1529a

4948F1529b 4948F1529c 4948F1529d

4948F1530c 4948F1531a 4948F1531b

4948F1531c 4948F1531d 4948F1533b 4948F1533c 4948F1533d

Fish ponds--Pennsylvania--Photographs.


Fish traps--Louisiana--Photographs.


Fisheries inspectors--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1102b 4948F1102c


4948F0806c 4948F0806d 4948F1102a

4948F1102b 4948F1102c 4948F1205a

4948F1306a 4948F1307b 4948F1308a

4948F1309a 4948F1309b 4948F1309c

4948F1309d 4948F1312b 4948F1315a

4948F1315b 4948F1532b

Fishery processing plants--Japan--Photographs.

4948F1322a 4948F1322b 4948F1322c

4948F1323b 4948F1324a 4948F1324c


Fishery processing plants--Louisiana-- Photographs.



4948F0806d 4948F1307a 4948F1307b

4948F1309b 4948F1309d 4948F1312a

4948F1313a 4948F1314a 4948F1314b

4948F1314c 4948F1314d 4948F1315a

4948F1315b 4948F1315c

Fishing nets--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1530b 4948F1530c

Fishing tackle--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0806c 4948F0806d


4948F0403c 4948F0806b 4948F1312b

4948F1701a 4948F1701b


4948F1525a 4948F1526a 4948F1527c

4948F1527d 4948F1528d

Fishville (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2107a 4948F2107b 4948F2107c

4948F2110a 4948F2110b 4948F2110c

4948F2110d 4948F2111a

Flat Lick Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1604b 4948F1604c 4948F1606a

4948F1606b 4948F1606c

Flatwoods (La.)--Photographs.


Flood damage--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0512b 4948F0517b 4948F0517c

4948F0517d 4948F0519a 4948F0519d

4948F0520c 4948F0521b 4948F0521c



Floods--Louisiana--History--20th century-- Photographs.

4948F0107a 4948F0108c 4948F0110a

4948F0110b 4948F0401a 4948F0401b

4948F0401d 4948F0402a 4948F0402b

4948F0402c 4948F0402d 4948F0404a

Floods--Louisiana--History--20th century-- Photographs. (continued)

4948F0404b 4948F0404d 4948F0501a

4948F0501b 4948F0501c 4948F0501d

4948F0502a 4948F0502d 4948F0503a

4948F0503b 4948F0503c 4948F0503d

4948F0504b 4948F0504c 4948F0504d

4948F0505a 4948F0505b 4948F0505c

4948F0505d 4948F0506b 4948F0506c

4948F0506d 4948F0507c 4948F0509a

4948F0509b 4948F0509d 4948F0510a

4948F0511a 4948F0511b 4948F0511c

4948F0511d 4948F0512a 4948F0512b

4948F0512c 4948F0513a 4948F0513c

4948F0515a 4948F0516d 4948F0517a

4948F0517b 4948F0517c 4948F0517d

4948F0518a 4948F0518b 4948F0518c

4948F0519a 4948F0519b 4948F0519c

4948F0519d 4948F0520a 4948F0520b

4948F0520c 4948F0520d 4948F0521a

4948F0521b 4948F0521c 4948F0522a

4948F0522b 4948F0522c 4948F0522d


4948F0818a 4948F0818c 4948F0821a

4948F0821b 4948F0821c 4948F0822a

4948F0822c 4948F0822d 4948F0823a

4948F0823b 4948F0823c 4948F0823d

4948F0824b 4948F0826a 4948F0830b

4948F0904c 4948F0908b 4948F0908d

Floods--Mississippi--History--20th century--Photographs

4948F1901d 4948F1903a 4948F1904c

Florence (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0114a 4948F0114b 4948F0114c


Flowering dogwood--Photographs.

4948F2110c 4948F2110d 4948F2111a

Fluker Gravel Company--Photographs.

4948F0714a 4948F0714b 4948F0715a

4948F0715b 4948F0715c


4948F1214c 4948F1215d 4948F1502c

4948F1507b 4948F1608b

Ford Model T automobile--Photographs.

4948F0202a 4948F0202c

Ford trucks--Photographs.

4948F1525a 4948F1526a 4948F1527c


Forest Hill (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0712a 4948F0712b 4948F0712c

4948F0713a 4948F0713b 4948F0713c

4948F0713d 4948F1214a 4948F1512a

4948F1512b 4948F1512c 4948F1512d

4948F1514a 4948F1515a 4948F1706a

Forested wetlands--Louisiana--Photographs.


Fort Pike (La.)--Photographs.




Forty Arpent Canal (La.)--Photographs.


Fountain, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0212b 4948F0212c

Franklin (La.)--Photographs.


Frenier Beach (La.)--Photographs.


Frozen seafood--Japan--Photographs.

4948F1323a 4948F1323d

Fullerton (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0705a 4948F0705b 4948F0705c

4948F0705d 4948F1706c

Game farms--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1217a 4948F1217b 4948F1218b

4948F1218c 4948F1218d


4948F1502c 4948F1507b


4948F0802d 4948F1217a 4948F1217b

4948F1218b 4948F1218c 4948F1218d

4948F1223b 4948F1224a 4948F1224b

4948F1224c 4948F1225a 4948F1225b

4948F1225c 4948F1225d 4948F1227a


General stores--Louisiana--Photographs.


Gentilly (New Orleans, La.)--Photographs.

4948F0611a 4948F0931a 4948F1001b 4948F1006d

Gifford Sand & Gravel Company--Photographs.

4948F0712a 4948F0712b 4948F0712c

4948F0713a 4948F0713b 4948F0713c


Gilbert (La.)--Photographs.



4948F2011a 4948F2015b



Gonzales (La.)--Photographs.


Grain elevators--Photographs.


Grand Chenier (La.)--Photographs.



4948F0804c 4948F0931a 4948F0931b

4948F0931c 4948F0931d 4948F0934a

4948F0934b 4948F2017b 4948F2017d

4948F2112c 4948F2112d

Grosse Tete, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0601a 4948F0601b 4948F0601c

4948F0601d 4948F1306a


4948F0519a 4948F0519d

Ground cover fires--Photographs.

4948F1704a 4948F1704b 4948F2208a

4948F2208b 4948F2208c 4948F2208d



Hand pumps--Photographs.

4948F2220a 4948F2220c

Hatchery fishes--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1528b 4948F1528c 4948F1528d

4948F1530a 4948F1530b 4948F1530c

Haynesville (La.)--Photographs.








Historical markers--Louisiana--Photographs.


Homer (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1604a 4948F1604d



Honey Island (La.)--Photographs.


Hope Villa (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0204b 4948F0204d




4948F0920a 4948F0920b 4948F0920c

4948F1220a 4948F1227a 4948F1227b

Hunting and fishing clubsLouisiana--Photographs.

4948F1226c 4948F1226d 4948F1803a


Hunting dogs--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0920a 4948F0920b 4948F0920c

Hunting lodges--Louisiana--Photographs.



4948F0903c 4948F0903d

Hurricane Creek (La.)--Photographs.



4948F0101b 4948F0102a


4948F2106c 4948F2111c

Inclined planes--Louisiana--Photographs.


Indian Creek (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1512a 4948F1518a 4948F1519b

4948F1519c 4948F1520a 4948F1520b


Indian Mound (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2215a 4948F2215b 4948F2215c


Indian Village (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0829d 4948F2019b 4948F2019c

Indoor photography.

4948F1317b1 4948F1317b1 4948F1524a


Industrial buildings--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0510a 4948F1303c

Industrial Canal (New Orleans, La.)--Photographs.

4948F1105a 4948F1105b 4948F1105c

4948F1105d 4948F1106a

Industrial sites--Louisiana--Photographs.


Irises (Plants)--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F2001a 4948F2001b 4948F2001c 4948F2001d 4948F2001e 4948F2002a

4948F2002b 4948F2002c 4948F2002d

4948F2003a 4948F2003b 4948F2003c

4948F2004a 4948F2004c 4948F2004d1

4948F2004d2 4948F2005a 4948F2005b

4948F2006a 4948F2006b 4948F2006c 4948F2006d 4948F2007a 4948F2009a

4948F2011a 4948F2011b 4948F2011d

4948F2012a1 4948F2012a2 4948F2012b1

4948F2012b2 4948F2012b3 4948F2012c1 4948F2012c2 4948F2012c3 4948F2012d1

4948F2012d2 4948F2012d3 4948F2013a

4948F2013b 4948F2013c 4948F2013d

4948F2014a 4948F2014b 4948F2015c

4948F2015d 4948F2016a 4948F2016b

4948F2016c 4948F2018b 4948F2018d

4948F2019a 4948F2019b 4948F2019c

4948F2020a 4948F2020b 4948F2020c

4948F2021a 4948F2021b 4948F2021c1

4948F2021c2 4948F2021d

Irrigation water--Louisiana--Photographs.




Jahncke Gravel Plant (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0724b 4948F0724d 4948F0725a


James A. Noe Fish Hatchery (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1522a 4948F1522b 4948F1522d

4948F1531a 4948F1531b 4948F1531c



4948F0933c 4948F2106a 4948F2110b

Jeems Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1610d 4948F1611a 4948F1611b

4948F1611c 4948F1611d

Jennings (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1202a 4948F1202c


4948F0101b 4948F0103a 4948F1532b

4948F1532c 4948F1703a 4948F1703c

4948F2224a 4948F2224b 4948F2224d

Jonesville (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1524a 4948F1524b 4948F1524c

Kaplan (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1207a 4948F1207b 4948F1207c


Lake Bruen Fish Culture Station (La.)--Photographs

4948F1519a 4948F1523a 4948F1524d

4948F1533a 4948F1533b 4948F1533c


Lacombe, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0913b 4948F0913c 4948F0914a

4948F0914b 4948F0921a


Lafourche, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.





4948F0203a 4948F0203b 4948F0203c

4948F0203d 4948F0206a 4948F0206d

4948F0207a 4948F0301d 4948F0302a

Lakes--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F0302b 4948F0302c 4948F0302d

4948F0902b 4948F0902d 4948F0909a

4948F0909d 4948F0910a 4948F0910b

4948F0910c 4948F0910d 4948F0928a

4948F0928b 4948F0928c 4948F0928d

4948F1009a 4948F1203c 4948F1203d

4948F1204a 4948F1205a 4948F1205b

4948F1310c 4948F1310d 4948F1311a

4948F1311b 4948F1502a 4948F1502b

4948F1503a 4948F1503b 4948F1503c

4948F1503d 4948F1504a 4948F1504b

4948F1504c 4948F1504d 4948F1505a

4948F1505b 4948F1506b 4948F1506c

4948F1506d 4948F1507a 4948F1507c

4948F1507d 4948F1508a 4948F1508b

4948F1508c 4948F1509a 4948F1511b

4948F1519a 4948F1521a 4948F1532a

4948F1532b 4948F1610a 4948F1610c

Lakes--Recreational use--Photographs.


Landscape photography--Louisiana.

4948F0212b 4948F0214b 4948F0214c


Landscape photography--Mississippi.

4948F1901a 4948F1901c 4948F1902b

4948F1902c 4948F1903b 4948F1903c

Landscape photography--Mississippi. (continued)

4948F1903d 4948F1904a 4948F1904b

4948F1904d 4948F1905b 4948F1906b

4948F1907a 4948F1907c 4948F1907d

Largemouth bass--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1314a 4948F1314b 4948F1314c


4948F0402b 4948F0502b 4948F0502c

4948F0502d 4948F0504b 4948F0504d

4948F0509b 4948F0520d 4948F1207c

Limestone mines and mining--Louisiana-- Photographs.

4948F0723a 4948F0723b

Little River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0214a 4948F1524b

Littoral plants--Photographs.


Live oak--Photographs.



4948F0511b 4948F0518b 4948F0520a

Loaders (Machines)--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0708d 4948F0710d 4948F0711a

4948F0711c 4948F0711d 4948F0712b

4948F0712c 4948F0714a

Loblolly pine--Louisiana--Photographs.


Locks (Hydraulic engineering)--Louisiana--

4948F0106b 4948F0111c

Log transportation--Louisiana--Photographs.


Logging railroads--Louisiana--Photographs.


Longleaf pine--Louisiana--Photographs.



4948F0301d 4948F0302a 4948F0302b

4948F0302c 4948F0302d 4948F1311a

4948F1311b 4948F1504c 4948F1504d

4948F1511a 4948F1521a



Louisiana Furs (Corporation)

4948F1220a 4948F1220c 4948F1220d

4948F1221a 4948F1221b 4948F1221c

4948F1221d 4948F1222a 4948F1222b

4948F1222c 4948F1223a 4948F1223b

4948F1223c 4948F1223d 4948F1224a

4948F1224b 4948F1224c 4948F1224d

4948F1225a 4948F1225b 4948F1225c

4948F1225d 4948F1226a 4948F1226b

4948F1226c 4948F1226d 4948F1227a

4948F1227b 4948F1228a 4948F1228b

4948F1228c 4948F1228d

Lozes (La.)--Photographs.


Luling (La.)--Photographs.





4948F0933a 4948F0933d



Mandeville (La.)--Photographs.


Mangrove plants--Photographs.

4948F0002a 4948F0506b

Marine fishes--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1317a 4948F1317b1 4948F1317b1

Marine photography--Louisiana.


Marsh buggies--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1220c 4948F1221b 4948F1228a

4948F1228b 4948F1228c 4948F1228d


4948F0101b 4948F0101d 4948F0102a

4948F0105b 4948F0114a 4948F0114b

4948F0114c 4948F0114d 4948F0802c

4948F0802d 4948F0803d 4948F0804b

4948F0806a 4948F0810a 4948F0810b

Marshes--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F0816d 4948F0820a 4948F0820b

4948F0820c 4948F0820d 4948F0825a

4948F0828a 4948F0921a 4948F0930a

4948F0930b 4948F1220a 4948F1220c

4948F1220d 4948F1221a 4948F1221b 4948F1221c 4948F1221d 4948F1222a

4948F1222b 4948F1222c 4948F1223a

4948F1223b 4948F1223c 4948F1223d

4948F1224a 4948F1224b 4948F1224c

4948F1224d 4948F1225a 4948F1225b

4948F1225c 4948F1225d 4948F1226a

4948F1226b 4948F1226c 4948F1226d

4948F1227a 4948F1227b 4948F1228a

4948F1228b 4948F1228c 4948F1228d

4948F1319a 4948F1319c 4948F1319d


Maurepas, Lake (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0910a 4948F0910c

McDade (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2103a 4948F2103b 4948F2103c

4948F2103d 4948F2104a 4948F2104b



4948F0003d 4948F0214d 4948F0933b

4948F0934a 4948F0934b


4948F0003d 4948F0209c 4948F0214d

4948F0301d 4948F0302b 4948F0302c

4948F0302d 4948F0401a 4948F0401c

4948F0401d 4948F0402c 4948F0402d

4948F0403a 4948F0403c 4948F0404a

4948F0404d 4948F0509a 4948F0509b

4948F0511b 4948F0514a 4948F0518c

4948F0521c 4948F0603a 4948F0603c

4948F0605a 4948F0607a 4948F0609a

4948F0609b 4948F0609c 4948F0609d

4948F0701a 4948F0701c 4948F0702a

4948F0702c 4948F0702d 4948F0703b

4948F0703c 4948F0707c 4948F0713a

4948F0718b 4948F0718c 4948F0721c

4948F0806b 4948F0901a 4948F0901b

4948F0901c 4948F0906a 4948F0906b

4948F0906c 4948F0906d 4948F0912a

4948F0912b 4948F0912c 4948F1104a

4948F1209d 4948F1214b 4948F1221c

4948F1222a 4948F1226a 4948F1307a

4948F1307b 4948F1309a 4948F1309b

4948F1309d 4948F1401a 4948F1401b

4948F1401c 4948F1401d 4948F1402a

4948F1402b 4948F1403a 4948F1403c

4948F1502a 4948F1502b 4948F1502c

4948F1502d 4948F1506b 4948F1509a

4948F1510a 4948F1518b 4948F1518d

4948F1519c 4948F1519d 4948F1524d

4948F1525c 4948F1525d 4948F1526b

4948F1526c 4948F1526d 4948F1528a

4948F1528b 4948F1529a 4948F1529b 4948F1529c 4948F1529d 4948F1530a

4948F1530b 4948F1530c 4948F1532c

4948F1608b 4948F1610a 4948F1611a

4948F1701a 4948F1701b 4948F1801a

4948F1802a 4948F1807a 4948F1807b

4948F2011d 4948F2013b 4948F2021b


Merchant ships--Louisiana--Photographs.


Mermentau River (La.)--Photographs.


Michoud (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0931b 4948F0931c 4948F0931d

Mine railroads--Louisiana--Photographs.


Mining machinery--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0723a 4948F0723b 4948F0724c



4948F2108a 4948F2108b

Monroe (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1009a 4948F1009b 4948F1009c

4948F1011d 4948F1702a

Mooringsport (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1610a 4948F1610c 4948F1701a


Morgan City (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1206a 4948F1206b 4948F1206c


4948F0701a 4948F0702a 4948F0703b

4948F0703c 4948F1001a 4948F1001b

4948F1001c 4948F1001d 4948F1002a

4948F1002b 4948F1002c 4948F1002d

4948F1003a 4948F1004a 4948F1004b

4948F1004c 4948F1004d 4948F1005a

4948F1005b 4948F1005c 4948F1005d

4948F1006a 4948F1006b 4948F1006c

4948F1006d 4948F1007a 4948F1007b

4948F1007c 4948F1007d 4948F1008a

4948F1008c 4948F1008d 4948F1009a

4948F1009b 4948F1009c 4948F1009d

4948F1010a 4948F1010b 4948F1010c

4948F1010d 4948F1011a 4948F1011b

4948F1011c 4948F1011d 4948F1202d

Mothers and daughters--Louisiana--Photographs.



4948F1101a 4948F1101b 4948F1101c

4948F1101d 4948F1102b 4948F1102c

4948F1103a 4948F1103b 4948F1104a





Native plant gardens--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F2001a 4948F2001b 4948F2001c

4948F2001d 4948F2001e 4948F2013c

4948F2013d 4948F2014a 4948F2015c

4948F2015d 4948F2016b

Nature prints--Facsimiles.

4948F1010a 4948F1010b 4948F1010c


Nelumbo lutea--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1511a 4948F1521a

New Iberia (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1204b 4948F1204c

New Orleans (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1008c 4948F1401d 4948F1403a

4948F1403b 4948F1403c 4948F1403d

4948F2013c 4948F2013d 4948F2014a

4948F2015c 4948F2102c

New Roads (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0203a 4948F0203b 4948F0203c

4948F0203d 4948F1801b

Nichi-Ro Gyogyo Kabushiki Kaisha. (Corporation)

4948F1321a 4948F1321b 4948F1322a

4948F1322b 4948F1322c 4948F1322d

4948F1323a 4948F1323b 4948F1323c

4948F1323d 4948F1324a 4948F1324c


Night photography.


Oakdale (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1704a 4948F1704b 4948F1704c

4948F1704d 4948F1705a 4948F1705b


Oil fields--Equipment and supplies-- Photographs.


Oil fields--Louisiana--Caddo Parish-- Photographs.

4948F1610b 4948F1610c 4948F1610d

4948F1611a 4948F1611b 4948F1611c


Oil fields--Louisiana--Claiborne Parish--Photographs.

4948F1604a 4948F1604d 4948F1606d


Oil fields--Louisiana--La Salle Parish-- Photographs.

4948F1612a 4948F1612b 4948F1613a

4948F1613b 4948F1614a 4948F1614b

Oil fields--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1601a 4948F1601b 4948F1601c

4948F1602a 4948F1602c 4948F1602d

4948F1603a 4948F1603b 4948F1603c

Oil fields--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F1603d 4948F1604a 4948F1604d

4948F1605a 4948F1605b 4948F1605c

4948F1605d 4948F1609a 4948F1609b

4948F1610b 4948F1610c 4948F1610d

4948F1611a 4948F1611b 4948F1611c

4948F1611d 4948F1612a 4948F1612b

4948F1613a 4948F1613b 4948F1614a


Oil storage tanks--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1604d 4948F1611d 4948F1613a

Oil well drilling rigs--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1601a 4948F1601b 4948F1601c

4948F1602a 4948F1602c 4948F1602d

4948F1603a 4948F1603b 4948F1603c

4948F1603d 4948F1604a 4948F1605a

4948F1605b 4948F1605c 4948F1605d

4948F1606d 4948F1609b 4948F1610b


Ouachita Parish (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1522a 4948F1522b 4948F1522d

4948F1531a 4948F1531b 4948F1531c


Ouachita River (La.)--Photographs.


Outdoor photography.

4948F0204a 4948F0204b 4948F0204c

4948F0501b 4948F1502d 4948F1506a

4948F2011b 4948F2204d 4948F2209d



Oyster culture--Japan--Photographs.


Oyster fisheries--Japan--Photographs.


Oyster industry--Japan--Photographs.

4948F1321b 4948F1322a 4948F1322b

4948F1322c 4948F1322d 4948F1323b

4948F1324a 4948F1324c 4948F1324d


4948F1102b 4948F1102c 4948F1104a


4948F1321a 4948F1321b 4948F1323a



4948F0109d 4948F0611a 4948F0908d

4948F0931a 4948F0931b 4948F0931c

4948F0931d 4948F1402b

Paper mills--Waste disposal--Louisiana-- Photographs.

4948F0701b 4948F0701c 4948F0701d

4948F0706a 4948F0706c 4948F0706d

4948F0707a 4948F0707b 4948F0707c


Paradis (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0301d 4948F0302a 4948F0302b

4948F0302c 4948F0302d

Paradise Brook Trout Company (Cresco, Pa.).


Paradise Brook Trout Company (Cresco, Pa.)--Photographs


Parcperdue, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.




Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary (Intercoastal

4948F0602c 4948F1219a 4948F1219b

Pearl River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0803a 4948F0811a 4948F0811c

4948F0811d 4948F0812b 4948F0812c

4948F0812d 4948F0813a 4948F0814c

4948F0820a 4948F0820b 4948F0820c

4948F0820d 4948F0823c 4948F0825a

4948F0918a 4948F0918b 4948F0918c1

4948F0918c2 4948F13211d


4948F2103c 4948F2103d


4948F2104a 4948F2104b

Picnic grounds--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1213d 4948F1503c


4948F1502b 4948F1610a

Pilottown (La.)--Photographs.



4948F0205b 4948F0205c 4948F0801b

4948F0801c 4948F0829c 4948F0905a

4948F0905c 4948F0905d 4948F0907a

4948F0907b 4948F0907c 4948F0907d

4948F0934a 4948F2209b




4948F0905d 4948F0907a 4948F0907b

4948F0907c 4948F0907d

Pineville (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0205b 4948F0205c 4948F0205d

Pitkin (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1215b 4948F1706b


4948F1202c 4948F1207a

Plant breeders--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F2001a 4948F2001b 4948F2001c

4948F2001d 4948F2001e

Plant litter--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0815a 4948F0826b



Plants, Potted--Photographs.


Plants--Effect of fires on--Photographs.

4948F1608a 4948F1704a 4948F1704b

Plants--Effect of floods on--Photographs.

4948F1704d 4948F1705a 4948F1705b




Plaquemine, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.


Polarine (Ship)--Photographs.

4948F0111b 4948F0502a 4948F0517a


4948F0301a 4948F0705a 4948F0705b

4948F0705c 4948F0705d


4948F0003c 4948F0003d 4948F0101c

4948F0112a 4948F0206b 4948F0606d

4948F0701a 4948F0701b 4948F0701d

4948F0702a 4948F0702b 4948F0703a

4948F0703b 4948F0703c 4948F0719b

4948F0719c 4948F0719d 4948F0720b

4948F0720d 4948F0721b 4948F0721c

4948F0721d 4948F0724d 4948F0901c

4948F0918a 4948F0918b 4948F0918c1

4948F0918d 4948F1001a 4948F1001b

4948F1001d 4948F1002a 4948F1002b

4948F1002c 4948F1002d 4948F1003a

4948F1004b 4948F1004c 4948F1005b

4948F1006b 4948F1008d 4948F1009b

4948F1011a 4948F1311d 4948F1312b

4948F1315c 4948F1516a 4948F1517a

4948F1517c 4948F1517d 4948F1518a

4948F1518c 4948F1519d 4948F1525d

4948F1526b 4948F1528a 4948F1611b

4948F1611c 4948F1612a 4948F1612b

4948F1613a 4948F1613b 4948F1614a

4948F1614b 4948F1703d 4948F2112b



Pontchartrain, Lake (La.)--Photographs.



4948F2201c 4948F2202a

Port Allen (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0202a 4948F0202c

Port Vincent (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0603a 4948F0603c 4948F0605a

4948F0924b 4948F2206a 4948F2206c

4948F2206d 4948F2212a 4948F2212b


Portraits, Group--Louisiana.

4948F0402b 4948F1106a 4948F1528c

4948F1528d 4948F2201b 4948F2202a





4948F1503a 4948F1504a 4948F1511c

4948F1511d 4948F1703b

Poydras (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0112d 4948F0501a 4948F0501d

4948F0504b 4948F0504c 4948F0505a

4948F0505b 4948F0505c 4948F0505d

4948F0506b 4948F0506c 4948F0506d


Prairieville (La.)--Photographs.


Presbytère (New Orleans, La.)--Photographs.

4948F1403a 4948F1403b

Prevost Island (La.)--Photographs.




Pumping machinery--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1519d 4948F1525d 4948F1526b


Queue de Tortue, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1208a 4948F1208b 4948F1212b

4948F1213c 4948F1214b

Railroad bridges--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0214a 4948F0807a 4948F0807b

4948F0807d 4948F0808b 4948F0808c

4948F0809a 4948F0809b 4948F0902c

4948F0904a 4948F1206a 4948F1206b 4948F1206c 4948F1213c 4948F1216a

Railroad cars--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0517b 4948F0517c 4948F0517d

4948F0708d 4948F0709b 4948F0709d

4948F0710d 4948F0711a 4948F0711c


Railroad cars--Mississippi--Photographs.


Railroad passenger cars--Louisiana--


Railroad yards--Louisiana--Photographs.



4948F1518c 4948F1709a


4948F1901d 4948F1904c

Railroads--Rolling stock--Louisiana-- Photographs.

4948F0809a 4948F0809b 4948F1206b

Rat snakes--Photographs.

4948F2201a 4948F2202d


4948F2107a 4948F2107b 4948F2107c

Rice paddies--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0104a 4948F0104b 4948F0104d

Riceville (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1208a 4948F1208b

Riparian areas--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0601a 4948F0601b 4948F0601c

4948F0601d 4948F0602a 4948F0602c

4948F0602d 4948F0801a 4948F0803a

4948F0804a 4948F0811d 4948F0812a

4948F0812b 4948F0812c 4948F0812d

4948F0813a 4948F0813b 4948F0813c

4948F0813d 4948F0817b 4948F0817c

4948F0817d 4948F0818a 4948F0818c

4948F0819a 4948F0819b 4948F0819d

4948F0821a 4948F0821b 4948F0821c

4948F0821d 4948F0822a 4948F0822c

Riparian areas--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F0822d 4948F0823a 4948F0823b

4948F0823c 4948F0823d 4948F0824b

4948F0826b 4948F0826c 4948F0830b

4948F0830c 4948F0902c 4948F0903c

4948F0903d 4948F0904a 4948F0904b

4948F0904d 4948F0908a 4948F0908b

4948F0908c 4948F0911c 4948F0913a

4948F0913c 4948F0914a 4948F0915a

4948F0915b 4948F0915c 4948F0916a

4948F0916b 4948F0916c 4948F0916d

4948F0917a 4948F0917b 4948F0917c

4948F0917d 4948F0919a 4948F0919b

4948F0919c 4948F0921a 4948F0921b

4948F0921c 4948F0921d 4948F0922a

4948F0922b 4948F0922c 4948F0923a

4948F0923b 4948F0923c 4948F0923d

4948F0924a 4948F0924b 4948F0924c

4948F0925a 4948F0925b 4948F0925c

4948F0925d 4948F0926a 4948F0926b

4948F0927a 4948F0927b 4948F0927c

4948F0927d 4948F0932a 4948F0932b

4948F1202a 4948F1202b 4948F1210c

4948F1211a 4948F1211b 4948F1211d

4948F1212a 4948F1212b 4948F1213c

4948F1215b 4948F1306a 4948F1307a

4948F1309c 4948F1524c 4948F1708a

4948F1708c 4948F2209d

Riparian ecology--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0207b 4948F0207d 4948F1706b

4948F1706c 4948F1706d

Rites and ceremonies--Photographs.


River channels--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0705a 4948F0705b 4948F0705c

4948F0705d 4948F0706c

River steamers--Louisiana--Photographs.


Riverside Drive (Monroe, La.)--Photographs.



4948F0106a 4948F0209d 4948F0213a

4948F0213b 4948F0213d 4948F0214a

Rivers--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F0724b 4948F0725a 4948F0725d

4948F0803a 4948F0804a 4948F0811a

4948F0811c 4948F0811d 4948F0812a

4948F0812b 4948F0812c 4948F0812d

4948F0813a 4948F0813b 4948F0813c

4948F0813d 4948F0817b 4948F0817c

4948F0817d 4948F0819a 4948F0819b

4948F0819d 4948F0820a 4948F0820b

4948F0820c 4948F0820d 4948F0821a

4948F0821b 4948F0821c 4948F0821d

4948F0822a 4948F0822c 4948F0822d

4948F0823a 4948F0823b 4948F0823c

4948F0823d 4948F0824b 4948F0825a

4948F0830b 4948F0830c 4948F0902c

4948F0904a 4948F0904b 4948F0904d

4948F0908c 4948F0911c 4948F0913a

4948F0915a 4948F0915b 4948F0915c

4948F0916a 4948F0916b 4948F0916c

4948F0916d 4948F0917a 4948F0917b

4948F0917c 4948F0917d 4948F0919a

4948F0922a 4948F0922b 4948F0922c

4948F0923a 4948F0923b 4948F0923c

4948F0924b 4948F0925a 4948F0925b

4948F0925c 4948F0925d 4948F0926a

4948F0926b 4948F0927a 4948F0927b

4948F0927c 4948F0927d 4948F0930a

4948F0930b 4948F0932a 4948F0932b

4948F1206a 4948F1206b 4948F1206c

4948F1216a 4948F1303c 4948F1305d

4948F1524b 4948F1524c 4948F1704c

4948F1704d 4948F1705a 4948F1705b

4948F1705c 4948F1706d 4948F2207b

4948F2207d 4948F2209b 4948F2209c


Roads, Earth--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0204b 4948F0204d 4948F0211a 4948F0403a 4948F0502b 4948F0502c 4948F0502d 4948F0717a 4948F0717b 4948F0717c 4948F0717d 4948F0718b 4948F0718d 4948F0721a 4948F0801b 4948F0801c 4948F0828a 4948F0829c 4948F0905a 4948F0905b 4948F0905c 4948F0911a 4948F0928d 4948F1005c 4948F1209d 4948F1211c 4948F1214b Roads, Earth--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F1214d 4948F1215a 4948F1221c 4948F1226a 4948F1307b 4948F1512d 4948F1533a

Roseland (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0724a 4948F0724c

Royal Tern (Motorboat)--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1101a 4948F1101b 4948F1101d


4948F0105c 4948F0105d 4948F0810d

4948F1102a 4948F1102b 4948F1102c

Sailing ships--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0109b 4948F0109c 4948F0111d

Saint Bernard Parish (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0002a 4948F0113c 4948F0512b

4948F0515a 4948F0517b 4948F0517c

4948F0517d 4948F0518b

Saint Elmo (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1004b 4948F1005a

Saint Francisville (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0211a 4948F0211b 4948F0211c


Saint James Parish (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0908d 4948F1309c

Saint Joe (La.)--Photographs.


Saint John, Lake (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1503a 4948F1503d 4948F1504a

4948F1504b 4948F1504c 4948F1504d

4948F1511a 4948F1511b

Saint Joseph, Lake (La.)--Photographs.


Saint Tammany Parish (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0801a 4948F0801b 4948F0801c

4948F0801d 4948F0802c 4948F0803b


Salt Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0803b 4948F0803c 4948F0806a


Sand and gravel industry--Louisiana-- Photographs.

4948F0705a 4948F0705b 4948F0705c


Sand and gravel mines and mining--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0708a 4948F0708b 4948F0708c

4948F0708d 4948F0709a 4948F0709b

4948F0709c 4948F0709d 4948F0710a

4948F0710b 4948F0710c 4948F0710d

4948F0711a 4948F0711b 4948F0711c

4948F0711d 4948F0712a 4948F0712b

4948F0712c 4948F0713a 4948F0713b

4948F0713c 4948F0713d 4948F0714a

4948F0714b 4948F0715a 4948F0715b

4948F0715c 4948F0724a 4948F0724b

4948F0724c 4948F0724d 4948F0725a


Sand and gravel mines and mining-- Waste disposal--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0711a 4948F0711d 4948F0714a


Sand and gravel pits--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0501a 4948F0708a 4948F0708b

4948F0709a 4948F0709c 4948F0709d

4948F0710a 4948F0710c 4948F0711b

4948F0711c 4948F0713c 4948F0713d



4948F0213c 4948F0213d

Sandy Creek (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0923d 4948F0924a 4948F0924c



4948F2101a 4948F2101b


4948F1525c 4948F1526c 4948F1526d

4948F1529a 4948F1529b 4948F1529c




Sepulchral monuments--Louisiana--

4948F1804a 4948F1804b


4948F1325a 4948F1325b 4948F1326a

4948F1326b 4948F1326c 4948F1326d

Shantyboats and shantyboaters--Louisiana-- Photographs.

4948F0819d 4948F0821d 4948F1305d

Shongaloo (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1607a 4948F1607b 4948F1607c



4948F0203a 4948F0203c 4948F0515c

4948F0516c 4948F0902d 4948F0909a

4948F0910b 4948F0910c 4948F0910d

4948F0914b 4948F0928a 4948F0928b

4948F0928c 4948F0928d 4948F1105a

4948F1105b 4948F1203c 4948F1203d

Shorelines--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F1204a 4948F1204b 4948F1204c

4948F1205a 4948F1205b 4948F1505a

4948F1506c 4948F1506d 4948F1507c

4948F1507d 4948F1508a 4948F1508b

4948F1508c 4948F1509a



Slidell (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0829a 4948F0831a 4948F0918d




4948F1401d 4948F1403c 4948F1805b

Soil erosion--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0210b 4948F0211b 4948F0211c


Spanish Lake (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0204a 4948F0214b

Spanish moss--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0816a 4948F0816b 4948F0816c

4948F0908a 4948F0909b 4948F0909c

4948F0909d 4948F0913b 4948F0919a

4948F0919c 4948F0919d 4948F0932a

4948F1208b 4948F1213d 4948F1318a


4948F1527a 4948F1527b

Spoil banks--Louisiana--Photographs.


Sprague (River boat)--Photographs.


Springboard diving--Louisiana--Photographs.


St. Louis Cathedral (New Orleans, La.)--Photographs.

4948F1403c 4948F1403d

Stagnant water--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1001a 4948F1001b 4948F1001c

4948F1002a 4948F1002b 4948F1002c

4948F1002d 4948F1003a 4948F1004a

4948F1004b 4948F1004d 4948F1005a

4948F1005b 4948F1005c 4948F1006a

Stagnant water--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F1006b 4948F1006d 4948F1007b

4948F1009c 4948F1011c 4948F1011d

Steam locomotives--Louisiana--Photographs.


Strader (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2021c1 4948F2021c2 4948F2102a



4948F0002b 4948F0206c 4948F0207d

4948F0718a 4948F0718c 4948F0719a

4948F0801a 4948F0801c 4948F0826c

4948F0907b 4948F0923d 4948F0924a

4948F0924c 4948F1202a 4948F1202b

4948F1214c 4948F1215b 4948F1215d

4948F1512a 4948F1512d 4948F1616a

4948F1616b 4948F1703a 4948F1703c

4948F1706a 4948F1706b 4948F1706c

4948F1707a 4948F1707b 4948F1708a

4948F1708b 4948F1708c 4948F2203a

4948F2203b 4948F2203c 4948F2203d

4948F2204a 4948F2204c 4948F2207a

4948F2207c 4948F2209a 4948F2224a

4948F2224b 4948F2224d



Sugar factories--Louisiana--Photographs.


Sugar factories--Waste disposal--Louisiana-- Photographs.

4948F0606b 4948F0606c


4948F0212a 4948F0606a 4948F0608a


4948F0103d 4948F0609a 4948F0609b

4948F0609c 4948F0609d 4948F0610a

4948F0610b 4948F0610c 4948F0610d

4948F0611a 4948F0611b 4948F0612a

4948F0612b 4948F0612c 4948F0612d

4948F0716a 4948F0716b 4948F0716c

Swamps--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F0716d 4948F0719d 4948F0804d

4948F0819c 4948F0824d 4948F0902a

4948F0909b 4948F0909c 4948F0933a

4948F0933d 4948F1308a 4948F1319b

4948F1320a 4948F1320b 4948F1320c

4948F1320d 4948F1401a 4948F1401b

4948F1401c 4948F1402a 4948F1402b

4948F1402c 4948F1402d 4948F1608a

4948F1608b 4948F1615a 4948F1616a

4948F1616b 4948F2019a 4948F2019b

4948F2019c 4948F2020c 4948F2021b

Sweet potatoes--Louisiana--Photographs.





4948F0915b 4948F0917a 4948F0917b

4948F0917d 4948F2218d

Swimming pools--Louisiana--Photographs.



4948F2209c 4948F2209d 4948F2210c

4948F2212c 4948F2216a 4948F2216b

4948F2216c 4948F2216d

Swing bridges--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0807a 4948F0807d 4948F0811a




Talisheek Creek (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0801a 4948F0801b 4948F0801c

4948F0801d 4948F0901a 4948F0901b

Tallulah (La.)--Photographs.

4948F2106b 4948F2106c 4948F2106d

Tally-Ho Club (New Orleans, La.)--Photographs.

4948F1803a 4948F1803b 4948F1803c

Tangipahoa Parish (La.)--Photographs.


Tangipahoa River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0714a 4948F0714b 4948F0715b

4948F0715c 4948F0724b 4948F0724d

Tangipahoa River (La.)Photographs. (continued) 4948F0725a 4948F0725d 4948F0916a

4948F0916b 4948F0916c 4948F0916d

Tchefuncte River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0922c 4948F0930a 4948F0930b

Teche, Bayou (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1204b 4948F1204c

Teenage boys--Photographs.


Tenmile Creek (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0705a 4948F0705b 4948F0705c

4948F0705d 4948F1215b 4948F1706b


Tensas River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1703a 4948F1703b 4948F1703c


Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge (La.)-- Photographs.

4948F1703a 4948F1703b 4948F1703c


The Rigolets (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0807b 4948F0808b 4948F0808c

4948F0809a 4948F0809b 4948F0810a


Thibodeaux (La.)--Photographs.


Three Rivers Fish Company (La.)--Photographs.




Tin cans--Louisiana--Photographs.


Toca (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0518a 4948F0518c

Toney Bayou (La.)--Photographs.



4948F2102c 4948F2104c 4948F2104d



Train ferries--Louisiana--Photographs.



4948F0207c 4948F0208c 4948F0209b

4948F0717a 4948F0717b 4948F0718a

4948F0718c 4948F0719d 4948F0720a

4948F0720d 4948F0721a 4948F0721b

4948F0721c 4948F0721d 4948F0803c

4948F0804a 4948F0804c 4948F0804d

4948F0806a 4948F0810d 4948F0814c

4948F0815a 4948F0816a 4948F0816b

4948F0816c 4948F0816d 4948F0818d

4948F0819c 4948F0824d 4948F0826a

4948F0826b 4948F0826c 4948F0827a

4948F0830c 4948F0830d 4948F0831a

4948F0901a 4948F0901b 4948F0901c

4948F0902a 4948F0904c 4948F0905b

4948F0906a 4948F0906b 4948F0906c

4948F0906d 4948F0908b 4948F0908d

4948F0909a 4948F0911a 4948F0913a

4948F0914a 4948F0915a 4948F0915b

4948F0915c 4948F0916a 4948F0916b

4948F0916c 4948F0916d 4948F0917a

4948F0917b 4948F0917c 4948F0917d

4948F0918c2 4948F0918d 4948F0919a

4948F0919c 4948F0919d 4948F0921d

4948F0922a 4948F0922b 4948F0922c

4948F0923a 4948F0923b 4948F0923c

4948F0923d 4948F0924a 4948F0924b

4948F0924c 4948F0925a 4948F0925b

4948F0925c 4948F0925d 4948F0926a

4948F0926b 4948F0927a 4948F0927b

Trees--Louisiana--Photographs. (continued)

4948F0927c 4948F0927d 4948F0929a

4948F0931d 4948F0932a 4948F0932b

4948F0933b 4948F0933c 4948F0934c

4948F1105b 4948F1202a 4948F1202c

4948F1210c 4948F1211a 4948F1211b

4948F1211c 4948F1211d 4948F1212a

4948F1212b 4948F1213d 4948F1214a

4948F1215d 4948F1506d 4948F2112c





4948F0403a 4948F0520a 4948F1518b

Truss bridges--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0209a 4948F0209c 4948F0213a

4948F0904b 4948F1206a 4948F1206b

4948F1206c 4948F1214b 4948F1216a

Tullos (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1613a 4948F1613b 4948F1614a

4948F1614b 4948F1615a 4948F1616a



4948F0719a 4948F0719b 4948F0719c

4948F0824a 4948F0828a 4948F0829a


Turkey Creek (La.)--Photographs.



4948F1002a 4948F1516a 4948F1517a


Urania (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1612a 4948F1612b

Vermilion Parish (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0602a 4948F0602c 4948F1219a

4948F1219b 4948F1220a 4948F1220c

4948F1220d 4948F1221a 4948F1221b

4948F1221c 4948F1221d 4948F1222a

4948F1223a 4948F1223b 4948F1223c

4948F1223d 4948F1223d 4948F1224a

4948F1224b 4948F1224c 4948F1224d

4948F1225a 4948F1225b 4948F1225c

4948F1225d 4948F1226a 4948F1226b

Vermilion Parish (La.)--Photographs. (continued)

4948F1226c 4948F1226d 4948F1227a

4948F1227b 4948F1228a 4948F1228b

4948F1228c 4948F1228d

Vernal pools--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0003a 4948F0003b 4948F1007c

Vicksburg (Miss.)--Photographs.

4948F1901a 4948F1901c 4948F1901d

4948F1902a 4948F1902b 4948F1902c

4948F1903a 4948F1903b 4948F1903c

4948F1903d 4948F1904a 4948F1904b

4948F1904d 4948F1905a 4948F1905b

Vicksburg (Miss.)--Photographs. (continued)

4948F1905c 4948F1906a 4948F1906b

4948F1907a 4948F1907b 4948F1907c


Vicksburg National Military Park (Miss.)-- Photographs.

4948F1901a 4948F1901c 4948F1904b

4948F1905a 4948F1905b 4948F1905c

4948F1906a 4948F1906b 4948F1907a

4948F1907b 4948F1907c 4948F1907d


4948F1209b 4948F1209c

Violet (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0501d 4948F0503a 4948F0503b

4948F0503c 4948F0503d 4948F0513c

4948F0522a 4948F0522b 4948F0522c

4948F0522d 4948F1007b



Viosca, Percy, 1892 - --Photographs.

4948F0208c 4948F0209c 4948F0707c

4948F0801d 4948F0913b 4948F1105c

4948F1309c 4948F1316a 4948F1317a

4948F1317b1 4948F1317b1 4948F1402c

4948F1402d 4948F1403b 4948F1528c

4948F1528d 4948F1905a 4948F2201b

4948F2202a 4948F2202b 4948F2202d

4948F2210c 4948F2223c


4948F0518a 4948F0606a 4948F0924d

Wallace (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0609a 4948F0609b 4948F0609c

4948F0609d 4948F0610a 4948F0610b

4948F0610c 4948F0610d 4948F0611b

Walnut Street (New Orleans, La.)--Photographs.

4948F0110c 4948F0110d

Water hyacinth--Louisiana--Photographs.


Water levels--Louisiana--Cocodrie Lake-- Photographs.

4948F1508a 4948F1508b 4948F1508c

Water levels--Measurement--Photographs.


Water lilies--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0814c 4948F0916b 4948F0918a

4948F0918b 4948F0918c1 4948F0918c2

4948F0918d 4948F1310c 4948F1310d

4948F1311c 4948F1311d 4948F1704c




4948F0706c 4948F0706d 4948F0707a

4948F0707b 4948F0707c 4948F0707d

4948F0712a 4948F0716a 4948F0716b

4948F0716c 4948F0716d 4948F1201a

4948F1202d 4948F1222b 4948F1222c

4948F1604b 4948F1604c 4948F1606d

4948F1608a 4948F1609a 4948F1609b

4948F1611b 4948F1611c 4948F1612a

4948F1612b 4948F1613a 4948F1613b

4948F1614a 4948F1616b


4948F0110a 4948F0110b 4948F0110c

4948F0110d 4948F0111b 4948F0111d

4948F0704d 4948F0807a 4948F0807d

4948F0808a 4948F0808b 4948F0809a

4948F0809b 4948F0810a 4948F0810b


West Monroe (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0701b 4948F0701c 4948F0701d

4948F0706a 4948F2112c 4948F2112d

West Pearl River (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0812a 4948F0813b 4948F0813c

4948F0813d 4948F0818c 4948F0818d

4948F0819b 4948F0823b 4948F0829c

Westwego (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0110a 4948F0110b 4948F1007a


Wet meadows--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0802a 4948F0802b

Whiskey Chitto Creek (La.)--Photographs.

4948F1708a 4948F1708b 4948F1708c

Wild flowers--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F1603c 4948F2003c 4948F2005b

4948F2011a 4948F2011d 4948F2013a

4948F2013b 4948F2016a 4948F2016c

4948F2017b 4948F2017c 4948F2017d

4948F2018a 4948F2018c 4948F2020a

4948F2020b 4948F2020c 4948F2021a

4948F2021b 4948F2021c1 4948F2021c2

4948F2021d 4948F2101a 4948F2101b

4948F2102a 4948F2102b 4948F2102c

4948F2102d 4948F2103a 4948F2103b

4948F2103c 4948F2103d 4948F2104a

4948F2104b 4948F2104c 4948F2104d

4948F2105a 4948F2105b 4948F2105c

4948F2106a 4948F2106b 4948F2106c

4948F2106d 4948F2108a 4948F2108b

4948F2108c 4948F2108d 4948F2109a

4948F2109b 4948F2109c 4948F2109d

4948F2110a 4948F2110b 4948F2111b

4948F2111c 4948F2111d 4948F2112a

4948F2112b 4948F2112c 4948F2112d


4948F0112d 4948F1506a

Winnfield (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0603d 4948F0604a 4948F0723a


Wire fencing--Louisiana--Photographs.


Women fishers--Louisiana--Photographs.


Women gardeners--United States--Louisiana-- Photographs.



4948F1312b 4948F1518d 4948F1703a

4948F1806a 4948F1807a 4948F1807c

4948F1807d 4948F2015a 4948F2204a


Wood waste--Louisiana--Photographs.


Wooden boats--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0401c 4948F0401d 4948F0402c

4948F0402d 4948F0404a 4948F0404d

4948F0501c 4948F0509a 4948F0515a 4948F0521c 4948F0806c 4948F0812a

4948F0817b 4948F0902b 4948F0914b

4948F1007b 4948F1101a 4948F1101b

4948F1101c 4948F1101d 4948F1102a

4948F1102b 4948F1102c 4948F1103a

4948F1103b 4948F1104a 4948F1105c

4948F1106a 4948F1205a 4948F1223d

4948F1305d 4948F1803c

Wooden bridges--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0717d 4948F0718b 4948F0720c

4948F0801d 4948F1211c 4948F1213c

4948F1214d 4948F2202c 4948F2217c


Wooden fences--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0211c 4948F0827b 4948F1309d

Wooden-frame buildings--Louisiana--Photographs.

4948F0828b 4948F2201c 4948F2202a

Wooden-frame houses--Louisiana--Photographs.


Yscloskey (La.)--Photographs.

4948F0001a 4948F0002b 4948F0002c







145: 56


4948F0001 - 4948F0725



4948F0801 - 4948F1309



4948F1310 - 4948F1806



4948F1901 - 4948F2018



4948F2201 - 4948F2225


145: 57


4948F0001 - 4948F0725



4948F0801 - 4948F1228



4948F1301 - 4948F1534



4948F1601 - 4948F1907



4948F2001 - 4948F2225