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Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia

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English, some correspondence in German and Russian


Professional correspondence, field notes, and diaries of Dr. Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr., a professor at the University of South Alabama and later Tulane University and researcher in the field of astacology, or crawfish taxonomy.


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Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Papers, Mss. 4945. Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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Biographical/Historical Note

Dr. Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr. (1932-2002), a native of New Orleans, La., received his B.S. in zoology in 1959 and M.S. in zoology in 1961, both at Tulane University. After completing his Ph.D. in biology in 1964 from the University of Virginia, Fitzpatrick’s attention focused on ecology and decapod crustaceans, performing the majority of his research with crawfish. After teaching at Mississippi State University and Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, he moved to Mobile, Ala. and taught at the University of South Alabama for twenty-five years until retiring in 1998. Fitzpatrick held an adjunct position at Tulane University helping to preserve, organize, and catalog the decapod collection of the Tulane University Museum of Natural History. In addition to this, he founded the International Association of Astacology, was a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a member of the Society of the Sigma Xi, an organization devoted to the promotion of research in science.

He was married to Barbara L. Fitzpatrick, and had five children, Joseph F. Fitzpatrick III, Kathleen A. Fitzpatrick, Eileen E. Fitzpatrick, Daniel T. Fitzpatrick, and Stephen F. Fitzpatrick.

Scope and Content Note

This collection contains the papers of Dr. Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr. and includes professional correspondence (a small amount written in German and Russian), field notes from field work in Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana, specimen catalogues, research grant applications, and manuscripts for various articles. Much of the correspondence and many of the articles are written by Horton Hobbs, III as well as some by his father, Horton Hobbs, Jr. Professional diaries belonging to Fitzpatrick are also included (1975-1977), as are two travel diaries (1990) and a number of photographs and slides of specimens. See container list for more details.

Index Terms




Biology--Field work.



Fitzpatrick, Joseph F.

Hobbs, H. H.

Hobbs, Horton Holcombe, 1914-

International Association of Astacology.

Preyer, William T., 1841-1897.


Tulane University. Museum of Natural History.

University of South Alabama.

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USA faculty staff award application (research leave); Horton Hobbs, Jr. obit by Fitzpatrick;

“Report of the current status of the rare crawfish cambarus (lacunicambarus) miltus Fitzpatrick” prepared by JFF for the U. S. Wildlife and Fisheries Office, March 1991; correspondence re and draft of “Rare and Endangered Crawfishes and Shrimps of Mississippi”, 1982;

“William Preyer and Charles Darwin,” presented Berlin, 1992

“Gustav Theodore Fechner and Biology: His Influence on German Concepts of Darwinism," 1993

“Status Survey Report of Camp Shelby Crawfish,” for U.S. Corps of Engineers,” 1991.

Manuscript and notes for “Conservation Status of Mississippi Crawfishes,” 1997

“The Eurasian Far-Eastern Crawfishes: A Preliminary Overview,” submitted at 8th IAA Symposium, 1992

“A New Crawfish of the genus Oroconectes from east-central MS and adjacent to Alabama” submitted to PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON, 1992.

“Determination of the current status of the rare crawfish procambarus (pennides) lagniappe black,” prepared for MS Museum of Natural Science, 1990

Unsuccessful job applications of JFF, 1972-1973

Snow seminar notes, reading lists, 1975 (@USA)

University of South Alabama Research Committee (3 folders), 1974-1977

Research proposals

Professional correspondence, arranged alphabetically (Pierre Horwitz through Judith Johnson)


Professional correspondence, arranged alphabetically (Joseph Jilek through Harrison R. Steeves, III), ca. 1965-1997


Professional correspondence, arranged alphabetically (Joanne E. Stillwell through Takao Yamaguchi), ca. 1965-1997;

Correspondence with former students;

Professional correspondence, arranged alphabetically (Walter Abbott through Keith Crandall)


Professional correspondence, arranged alphabetically (Creaser through Horton Hobbs, Jr.)


Professional correspondence, arranged alphabetically (Horton Hobbs III through Lipke Holthius)

Manuscripts and oral presentations—only those not published (or not sure if were published) were kept; research proposals to granting agencies IE—NSF; obituary for Horton Hobbs, Jr. by JFF for various journals; correspondence re articles; participation on endangered species committee of American Fisheries Society; correspondence with authors; teacher evaluations of JFF


Research grant applications (NSF), 1960s and 1970s; manuscripts and translations of others’ articles prepared by JFF; notebook: miscellaneous data v. I, Feb. 1962-, includes “Cancer grant study of growth patterns in crayfish.”; NSF proposal; tenure packet (1977)


Field Notes

Before 1930-1981, undated


Sketches of crawfish (from Cambaridae, general to Procambarus zonanaulus)


Photographs of fellow researchers; research request to NSF; Professional correspondence (Museum of Natural History of Tulane University, Alabama Natural Heritage Program, The Nature Conservancy); Data summations; raw data; “User-friendly Key to Crawfishes of the Tallapoosa River Basin;” Preyer-Darwin Correspondence (notes, copies, etc.); Wilhelm Thierry-Preyer Notes; USFWS-OES Endangered Species Status Reports; Systematics Grant Proposal NSF (1968-1970); Faculty Service and Development Award (1994-1995); Mississippi counties maps; photographs, slides, negatives of specimens; NSF application for “Key to North American Crawfishes” (1999)


“Crayfish Distribution Patterns: A Symposium in Honor of Horton N. Hobbs, Jr.” (December 27, 1982); “Programs and Abstracts of the 8th International Symposium of Astacology” (April 22-26, 1990); Field Notes (1982-1993)


Alabama Species by County Spot Map; Distribution Maps for Crawfish Species (2 vols.); Checklist of Crawfish Species; TVA Identifications 1997 Field notes; Judith Johnson Collections: Auburn University, 1993-1997; Louisiana species by map; Mississippi species by county spot maps; James Goodwin Collection: Alabama Natural Heritage Program, 1997; Louisiana species and parish lists; University of Alabama Decapoda Collection Catalogue; Identifications 1998; Field Notes (1987-1990, 1994-1996)



Email correspondence with fellow researchers discussing specimens; award from International Association of Astacology (August 2000); correspondence concerning “Biology of Freshwater Crayfish,” ed. David M. Holdich; “The Cahaba River of Alabama: A Microcosm of Impact Studies,” Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Freshwater Crayfish 11: A Journal of Astacology (1997) and supporting research; professional correspondence; manuscripts of Keith Crandall; NSF grant proposal (1974); folders of counts in Miss.; Ala.; Tenn.; Propinquus group data summations; Slides, negatives of specimens


Sketches, notes, raw data on various kinds of crawfishes; correspondence concerning article on Preyer from New Dictionary of National Biography; Mississippi Museum of Natural Science List “Distribution of Mississippi Crawfish by County” (1996); TVA identifications (1997); professional correspondence (Carl Courant); text and notes of “An Annotated Checklist of the Alabama Crawfish”; “The Conservation Status of Mississippi Crawfishes” Brimleyana; “A Survey of the Primary Tributaries of the Alabama and Lower Tombigbee Rivers for Freshwater Mussels, Snails, and Crawfish”; notes and translations of excerpts of Einige Ideen by Fechner; conservation status of La. crawfishes: notes, data, etc.; Ala. Geological Survey Collections (1994); folder of notes, lists, data sheets; acquisitions registers

Professional Diaries:

March 5, 1975-August 14, 1975

August 15, 1975-May 22, 1976

June 23, 1977-November 6, 1977

Specimen catalogue 1900-1967

Specimen catalogue 1968-1980

Specimen catalogue 1981-1990

Specimen catalogue 1991-1994

Specimen catalogue 1995-1998

“Gustav Theodor Fechner: A Biological Rehabilitation,” Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Journal of the History of Biology (1987); manuscripts for publication: “Fechner on the Origin of Life” (1987) and “Fechner’s Biological Concepts” (1987); “Darwin and Preyer: An Interaction that Impacted European Approaches to Child Psychology,” Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr. (1998); manuscript: “Rare and Endangered Species of Mississippi: Volume I: Crawfishes and Shrimps” published by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Conservation (1992); manuscript: “Crayfish Molecular Systematics,” Keith A. Crandall and Joseph F. Fitzpatrick, Jr. (1994); travel diary (December 1990) and European diary (August-September 1990); lab notes; lists of collections of specimens and research from various universities, libraries; Mississippi Museum of Natural Science identifications (1984-1998)

May 28, 1976-June 22, 1977







Restricted correspondence, arranged alphabetically