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Biographical/Historical Note

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Series Descriptions

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List of Stanford's Unpublished Books in the Collection

List of Standford’s Travel Notebooks


Size.                                                                28 linear feet.

Geographic locations.                                    Louisiana; Massachusetts; California; Brazil.

Inclusive dates.                                              1865-1998.

Bulk dates.                                                     1941-1998.

Languages.                                                     English.

Summary.                                                       Correspondence, financial papers, legal documents, writings, offprints, travel journals, gift writings, gift off-prints, printed items of journals and newspapers, teaching materials, photographs, audio-visual materials, genealogy.

Source.                                                            Acquired 1998.

Access.                                                           No restrictions.

Copyright.                                                       Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the original materials is retained by descendants of the creators of the materials in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Citation.                                                          Donald E. Stanford Papers, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Stack designations.                                        14:12-25, OS:S

Biographical/Historical Note

Donald Elwin Stanford (February 7, 1913 - August 25, 1998) was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, where he lived until his family moved to Stockton, California, in 1926. He finished his high school career in California and went to the University of the Pacific and to Stanford University for his undergraduate work, receiving his B.A. from Stanford University in 1933. In 1934 he received a master's degree from Harvard University and then taught for a number of years at Colorado A&M College, Dartmouth College, the University of Nebraska, and Duke University. When World War II broke out, he taught in the Air Corps, and after the war he went to Brazil for two years, teaching technical English to the Brazilian Air Corps. He then returned to the United States and obtained a Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1953. He was hired at Louisiana State University in 1953 as an assistant professor of English and remained there for the rest of his teaching career, rising to full professor before his retirement in 1983. After retirement, he remained in Baton Rouge until his death.

In 1963 Stanford revived the journal The Southern Review, and he continued to be its co-editor (along with Lewis Simpson) for the next twenty years. Under their directorship, The Southern Review published both creative material and scholarly articles, and it became one of the leading literary journals in the nation, with an emphasis on such Southern writers as Caroline Gordon, Robert Penn Warren, and Eudora Welty. The circulation during the period of his co-editorship (1963-1983) peaked at around 4500 and averaged about 3000 a year.

Stanford amassed a distinguished record of scholarly publications while at Louisiana State University, including his editions of the poems of Edward Taylor (1960), Robert Bridges (1974), S. Foster Damon (1974), and John Masefield (1984). He also edited the letters of Robert Bridges (1983-84) and John Masefield (1984). In addition to numerous articles and reviews, he published two major book-length critical studies, In the Classic Mode: The Achievement of Robert Bridges (1978), and Revolution and Convention in Modern Poetry: Studies in Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, E. A. Robinson, and Yvor Winters (1983). He also published three volumes of his own poetry: New England Earth and Other Poems (1941), The Traveler: Allegorical Lyrics (1955), and The Cartesian Lawnmower and Other Poems (1984). In 1991 a festschrift was published in his honor (Order in Variety: Essays and Poems in Honor of Donald E. Stanford), in which twenty-seven distinguished scholars and poets from England and America contributed original, previously unpublished works to the volume--a testimony to Stanford's stature in the profession.

As a teacher, Stanford was widely respected and popular, especially among graduate students, many of whom he helped to get a start in the profession. He taught undergraduate courses and graduate seminars in modern Anglo-American poetry, Yeats, Hawthorne, Melville, Henry James, T. S. Eliot, and others. In 1979 Stanford was named Alumni Professor, and in 1982 he was designated Distinguished Research Master and was awarded the University Medal. His other awards include a Guggenheim fellowship and grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities. In 1993 he was named the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Humanist of the Year. He was a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi.

Stanford was married in 1937, and he and his wife Edna had one child, Donald David Stanford, born in 1939. In 1946 the Stanfords were divorced. He married Maryanna Peterson in 1953, and she remained his wife until her death in 1992.

Stanford was an extensive traveler; he took many trips throughout Europe, the United States, and elsewhere, and he kept detailed travel notebooks.

Scope and Content Note

The Donald E. Stanford papers include correspondence, writings, lecture notes, printed items and graphic materials, legal and financial documents, travel notebooks, and conference materials that document the life of Donald E. Stanford (1913-1998) and his career as English professor and co-editor of The Southern Review (1963-1983) at Louisiana State University. Correspondence reflects the problems he encountered in his many publishing ventures and in editing The Southern Review. Gift off-prints reveal the wide range of his literary friendships and contacts as well as his role as mentor and editor. Conference materials and travel notebooks bespeak his lifelong love of travel. The body of his writings in the collection contains a number of book manuscripts he did not publish; a list of those titles follows the Container List. A xerox copy of the bibliography of Stanford's writings taken from the festschrift published in his honor in 1991 is appended to this inventory.

Series Descriptions

Series I. Correspondence, 1913-1998 (6.7 linear feet)

Subseries 1. Stanford Family, 1913-1998 (.3 linear feet)

Letters from Stanford's parents and other family members, such as his sister Molly, wife Maryanna, and son and daughter-in-law, Donald David and Judith Stanford, contain references to such matters as traveling, family deaths, and moving. Some letters are accompanied by photographs. The letters are in chronological order.

Subseries 2. The Southern Review, 1960-1998 (1 linear foot)

Correspondence concerns the revival of The Southern Review in 1963, the transactions in the continuous quarterly publication of that journal while Stanford co-edited it with Lewis Simpson (1963-1983), and Stanford's contacts with the journal after his retirement from Louisiana State University in 1983. The letters are in chronological order.

Subseries 3. Personal and Professional, 1933-1998 (4.3 linear feet)

Letters reflect the wide range of Stanford's literary interests and numerous publishing projects as well as his love of travel, and are arranged in chronological order.

Subseries 4. Individual Correspondents, 1933-1998 (1.1 linear feet)

Among the twenty-three correspondents are Cleanth Brooks, Allen Tate, Robert Penn Warren, and Arthur Yvor Winters. Letters are arranged alphabetically by correspondent's last name.


Series II. Writings, 1962-1992, n.d. (13.1 linear feet)

Subseries 1. Stanford's Writings, n.d. (9.3 linear feet)

Stanford authored all the writings in this subseries, including poems, essays, reviews, books, anthologies, and dissertation. His most notable scholary studies were of Edward Taylor, Robert Bridges, John Masefield, Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, E. A. Robinson, and Yvor Winters. He also published three chapbooks of his own poetry. Most of the scholarly writings were published, but a few of the book-length manuscripts were not (see the list at the end of the inventory for those titles). The writings are arranged by subject in alphabetical order.

Subseries 2. Gift Writings, n.d. (2.3 linear feet)

Writings are by authors other than Stanford who sent him their works to read, edit, or consider for inclusion in The Southern Review. Among them are essays, poems, reviews, and the festschrift. They are arranged alphabetically by author's last name.

Subseries 3. Conference Materials, 1962-1992 (.5 linear feet)

Materials consist of Stanford's notes and such printed materials as programs, conference notices, and accommodation arrangements, arranged by conference in chronological order.

Subseries 4. Travel Notebooks, 1956-1994 ( 72 v.)

Seventy-two small notebooks record the activities of Stanford's many trips, including those to England, Europe, Canada, and elsewhere, arranged in chronological order, beginning with volume one.

Series III. Printed Items and Graphic Materials, 1913-1998, n.d. (4.7 linear feet)

Subseries 1. Stanford's Off-prints, 1941-1994 (.8 linear feet)

Printed works by Stanford include reviews, articles, and notes, arranged alphabetically by subject.

Subseries 2. Gift Off-prints, 1957-1994 (.9 linear feet)

Printed works by authors other than Stanford, sent to him as gifts; they include essays, reviews, and poems, and are arranged alphabetically by author's last name.

Subseries 3. Photographs, 1865-1996, n.d. (.3 linear feet)

Most of the photographs are undated. They are grouped by subject; in addition to Stanford family members, there are copies of photographs, used in The Southern Review articles, of such literary figures as Cleanth Brooks, Allen Tate, and Arthur Yvor Winters.

Subseries 4. Books, 1941-1984 (1 linear foot)

Bound volumes of prose and poetry that Stanford wrote, edited, or contributed to, including early anthologies and chapbooks of his poetry as well as editions of his scholarly works, arranged chronologically.

Subseries 5. Miscellaneous, 1928-1998 (1.7 linear feet)

Items include maps, charts, certificates, clippings, journals, magazines, book notices, dust jackets, newsletters, pamphlets, post cards, reviews, samples of The Southern Review stationery, and book catalogues, arranged alphabetically by printing format.

Series IV. Lecture Notes, n.d. (2.1 linear feet)

Subseries 1. College Materials, n.d. (.5 linear feet)

Stanford's notes from literature classes he took in college, ranging from medieval authors to modern literature and linguistics, arranged alphabetically by course title.

Subseries 2. Teaching Materials, n. d. (1.6 linear feet)

Materials from the courses Stanford taught include lectures, pictures, post cards, and tests, and are arranged alphabetically by subject.

Series V. Financial and Legal Documents, 1946-1998 (.3 linear feet)

Documents include ledgers, royalty statements, invoices and bills, bank statements, The Southern Review expenses, copyrights, book contracts, and will.

Series VI. Audiovisual Materials, 1990, n.d. (2 items)

Series includes a taped interview with Kathleen Raine, conducted by Donald Stanford, in which she discusses William Blake and other prominent writers, and their literary works. Also included is a microfilm copy of correspondence (1895-1938) contained in the Sturge-Moore Collection filmed by the University of London Library.

Series VII. Miscellaneous, 1927-1998 (.9 linear feet)

Among the materials are genealogy papers, two notebooks by E. E. Stanford, Donald E. Stanford's Boy Scout Diary (1927) and address book, lists of travel itineraries, invitations, and stamps, and other ephemera.

Index Terms


(Materials relating to the topics or examples of the document formats given on the left may be found in the series and/or subseries indicated on the right.  Series are indicated by Roman numerals and subseries by Arabic numerals.  For example, III.3 represents subseries 3 of series III.)

Term                                                                                                               Found in series/subseries:

Book contracts                                                                                                 V

Boy Scout Diary                                                                                               VII

Bridges, Robert Seymour, 1844-1930                                                              II.1

Brooks, Cleanth, 1906-                                                                                    I.4, III.3

Chapbooks                                                                                                      II.1

Copyrights                                                                                                        V

Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns),1888-1965                                                          II.1

Festschrift                                                                                                         II.1

Masefield, John, 1878-1967                                                                             II.1

Pound, Ezra, 1885-1972                                                                                  II.1

Raine, Kathleen                                                                                                VI

Robinson, E. A.                                                                                                II.1

Royalties                                                                                                          V

Simpson, Lewis                                                                                                I.2. III.3

Stanford, Aaron                                                                                                I.1

Stanford, Molly                                                                                                I.1

Stanford, David                                                                                                I.1

Stanford, Maryanna                                                                                          I.1

Stanford, Donald David                                                                                    I.1

Stanford, E. E.                                                                                                  VII

Stevens, Wallace, 1879-1955                                                                           II.1

Tate, Allen, 1899-                                                                                            I.4, II, III.3

Taylor, Edward, 1642-1729                                                                             II

The Southern Review                                                                                      I-III.3, V, VI

Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-1989                                                                    I.4

Winters, Arthur Yvor, 1900-1968                                                                    I.4, II.1, III.3


List of Stanford's Unpublished Books in the Collection

An Adult Anthology of Anglo-American Poetry

The Craft of Poetry

Rediscovering the Georgians

Winters Book of Modern Verse


List of Stanford’s Travel Notebooks

Volume           Date and Description

1                      Summer 1955 England, France

2                      Sept. 1955, June-Aug. 5, 1956 (Camping)

3                      Summer 1958 France, Italy

4                      June 14-Aug.20, 1958 France

5                      August 1959 Italy, Switzerland

6                      Fall 1959-Aug.24, 1960 India

7                      1959,1960 (Expense Records)

8                      Feb.-May, 1960 Germany, Spain

9                      April 15-June 25, 1960 Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria

10                    Summer 1961 -

11                    1961 Denmark, Norway, Sweden

12                    1962 England

13                    June-July, 1962 London, Sweden, Norway

14                    Aug.-Sept. 5, 1962 Denmark,Germany, France, Switzerland

15                    Aug.15-Sept.12, 1963 Unites States

16                    1963-1992 -

17                    Summer 1964 British Islands

18                    Summer 1964 London

19                    1964,1966,1969,1971 -

20                    1967-1989 London

21                    1967-1991 Europe, Asia, Africa

Volume           Date and Description

22                    1968-1969/1972-1975/1991Canada, Africa, Miscellaneous Countries

23                    Jan.-May 22, 1968 London

24                    April-May, 1968 Portugal, Spain

25                    Summer 1968 London, Ireland

26                    May 24-Aug. 25, 1968 London, Ireland

27                    1969-1976, 1983 United States

28                    June 5-Aug.24, 1972 London

29                    1972 (British Addresses)

30                    July 21-Aug.5, 1973 -

31                    May-Dec. 1974 (U.S. Diary)

32                    Aug.2-21, 1977 Boston(U.S.) London(England)

33                    May 21-July 29, 1978 Oxford

34                    July 1-Aug. 23, 1980 London, Oxford, Paris

35                    May 3-June 21, 1981 England

36                    Dec.17-26, 1981 X-mas vacation (?)

37                    Summer 1982 Italy, Greece, London

38                    Summer 1982 London

39                    1982-1991 France

Volume           Date and Description

40                    Aug.24-Oct.9, 1983 Scotland, England

41                    Jan.14-May 15, 1984 Texas A+M (U.S.)

42                    Jan.14-May13, 1984 (Expenses)

43                    June 20-July 21, 1984 France, England

44                    July 22-Aug. 9, 1984 France, England

45                    Aug.-Sept, 1984 New England (Canada)

46                    October 1984 Spain

47                    June 26-July 17, 1985 Switzerland

48                    1986 New York (U.S)

49                    Sept.18-Oct.10, 1986 Jade East Tour (?)

50                    1987 -

51                    April 25-May 3, 1987 Holland

52                    Sept.1-15, 1987 Spain

53                    March 5-14, 1988 Mexico

54                    March-April, 1988 Belgium, Paris (France)

55                    June11-July10, 1988 England

Volume           Date and Description

56                    Sept. 30-Oct.15, 1988 Indonesia

57                    June-Aug., 1989 England

58                    August 1989 New Mexico (U.S.)

59                    Sept. 1990 Tuscany

60                    une 23-July 17, 1990 Alaska (U.S.)

61                    March 27-April 30, 1990 England

62                    Feb.27-March 6, 1990 Key West (U.S.)

63                    May 20-June 10, 1991 England

64                    May 20-June 14. 1992 Germany, London

65                    Jan.5-13, 1993 Budapest

66                    June 1-Aug.29, 1993 N.Y., Paris, London, Maine, Santa Fe

67                    Oct. 15-27, 1993 New Zealand

68                    Aug., 1994 Maine (U.S.)

69                    n.d. New England, N.Y., Washington d.c.

70                    n.d. Greece

71                    n.d. Switzerland, Germany

72                    n.d. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales

73                    n.d. France


Container List


Location          Box                 Folders            Contents

14:12               1                      1-6                   Correspondence: Stanford family (1913-1996, n.d.)

7-21                 Correspondence: The Southern Review (1961-1976)

2                      1-12                 Correspondence: The Southern Review (1977-1994, n.d.)

13-22               Correspondence: Personal and professional (1933-1961)

14:13               3                      1-24                 Correspondence: Personal and professional (1962-1974)

4                      1-20                 Correspondence: Personal and professional (1945-1981:June)

14:14               5                      1-25                 Correspondence: Personal and professional (1981:July-1987)

6                      1-18                 Correspondence: Personal and professional (1988-1996, n.d.)

19-29               Correspondence: Individual correspondents B-G (1933-1985)

14:15               7                      1-25                 Correspondence: Individual correspondents H-W (1972-1998), letter file box cover sheets

26-45               Writings A-Bri (n.d.)

8                      1-40                 Writings Bro-G (n.d.)

14:16               9                      1-65                 Writings H-S (n.d.)

10                    1-22                 Writings S-T (n.d.)

14:17               11                    1-24                 Writings T-Y (n.d.)

25-78               Gift writings A-K (1972-1977, n.d.)

12                    1-57                 Gift writings K-W (n.d.)



location           Box                 Folders            Contents

14:18               13                    1-23                 Conference materials (1862-1991, n.d.)

24-28               Travel notebooks (1976-1993, n.d.)

29-67               Off-prints (1941-1994, n.d.)

14                    1-100               Gift off-prints (1932-1994, n.d.)

101-122           Printed items and graphic materials: photographs B-Stanford, D. (1890-1996, n.d.)

14:19               15                    1-16                 Printed items and graphic materials: photographs Stanford family-Y (1933-1984, n.d.)

17-21               Printed items and graphic materials: published books

1-20 vol.          Printed items and graphic materials: published books

16                    1-29                 Printed items and graphic materials: miscellaneous articles- pamphlets (1921-1998, n.d.)

14:20               17                    1-7                   Printed items and graphic materials: miscellaneous programs-stationery (1920-1993, n.d.)

8-29                 Lecture notes: college material (n.d.)

30-43               Lecture notes: teaching material A-E (n.d.)

18                    1-62                 Lecture notes: teaching material F-T (n.d.)

14:21               19                    1-9                   Lecture notes: teaching materials V-Y (n.d.)

10-20               Financial and legal documents (1946-1978)

21-41               Miscellaneous (1927-1998, n.d.)

20                                            Writings: An Adult Anthology of Anglo-American Poetry (n.d.)

21                                            Writings: Rediscovering the Georgians (n.d.)

22                                            Writings: Rediscovering the Georgians (n.d.)



Location          Box                 Folders            Contents

14:23               23-24                                       Writings: The Craft of Poetry (1969, n.d.)

25                                            Writings: Revolution and Convention (n.d.)

26-28                                       Writings: Within the Bridges Circle (n.d.)

14:24               29                                            Writings: The Poems of Edward Taylor (n.d.)

30-31                                       Writings: The Complete Poetical Works of Edward Taylor (n.d.)

32-33                                       Writings: Dissertation (n.d.)

34                                            Writings: A Transcript of Edward Taylor's Metrical History of Christianity (n.d.)

14:25               35                                            Writings: A Transcript of Edward Taylor's Metrical History of Christianity (n.d.)

36                                            Gift writings: Order in Variety (n.d.)



Location          Box                 Folders            Contents

14:25               37                                            Offprints: Dictionary of Literary Biography (n.d.)

14:10               38                                            Audio/visual material (n.d.)

14:25               39                                            Writings: Yvor Winters' Book of Modern Verse, master sheets

14:25               40                                            Writings: travel journals and notebooks v. 1-33 (1955-1978, 1989, 1991)

14:25               41                                            Writings: travel journals and notebooks v. 34-72 (1980-1994, n.d.)

OS:S                                        1                      Printed items: LSU honor certificate (1969)

Miscellaneous: genealogy of Allen and Converse families

Legal document: baggage declaration (1946/47)