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Biographical/Historical Note

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Size. 5,451 items, 15 volumes.

Geographic locations. New Orleans, La., Arkansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Pennsylvania

Inclusive dates. 1848-1938.

Bulk dates. 1903-1911.

Languages. English, French.

Summary. Correspondence, legal documents, financial records, printed items, photographs.

Access. No restrictions.

Copyright. Physical rights are retained by the LSU Libraries. Copyright of the original materials is retained by descendants of the creators of the materials in accordance with U.S. copyright law.

Citation. Hazel and Nellie Ellis Family Papers, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Stack location. U:67-90, G:1

Arrangement. Chronological order.

Biographical/Historical Note

Hazel and Nellie Ellis were members of the Caswell Prewitt Ellis family of Montgomery, Alabama and New Orleans, Louisiana. In the 1880's their father, Caswell Prewitt Ellis, son of R. M. Ellis, found employment as a cotton broker with the firm J. D. Peet and Co. of New Orleans. In 1886 he entered into a partnership with Jules Janin for the wholesale merchandising of grocery staples, but later returned to cotton brokering, later becoming a partner and subsequently successor to J. D. Peet and Co. Their uncle Richard W. Ellis was also employed in New Orleans as an agent for a pulley covering firm. Hazel and Nellie resided in New Orleans, but attended school in Pennsylvania.

Scope and Content Note

Personal correspondence and papers of Ellis family members comprise this collection. Early papers, some in French, include receipts, legal documents relating to the affairs of Benjamin Webre and family, printed booklets concerning medical conditions, a stock certificate for the Mountain View Mining Co., and correspondence. Letters to R. W. Ellis pertain to a patent for his "crowned pulley covering" (1887), other letters for the period ending about 1890 indicate the various occupations of Richard W. and Caswell P. Ellis. Correspondence of Junius Jordan of Pine Bluff, Fayetteville and Little Rock, Arkansas, to Richard W. Ellis span the period of 1886-1904, and that of Mary A. Sanders of Patterson cover the time of 1888-1895. The correspondence of Richard W. Ellis diminishes in the early 1900's, with only a few until his death in 1910.

The majority of the correspondence relates to family matters, news of friends, health, and social events. Letters of Hazel Ellis begin in the 1895 and along with those of Caswell P., Jr. and Erl Ellis, her older bothers, and form an appreciable part of the correspondence. After 1900, with the addition of Nellie Ellis' letters, this group of letters constitutes the bulk of the collection. A considerable number of letters in the first years of the century concern Erl's death in 1901 and Hazel's trip abroad in 1902.

The largest portion of the collection centers around the 1900-1909. The attendance of the girls at Ogontz School in Pennsylvania is marked by letters, programs, invitations, bills, and receipts. Vacations spent at Magnolia, Massachusetts; Pass Christian, Mississippi; and other summer resorts are reflected in the papers of this period. Much of material of 1905 consists of items pertaining to social events related to Hazel when she was Queen of the Mardi Gras; items include letters, programs, and invitations to balls and parties. With the exception of some letters of parents and two younger boys, Richard and Walker, the correspondence is almost exclusively that of Hazel and Nellie. Letters written by various suitors to Hazel include Francis Kemble of Pennsylvania (1905-1910); Herbert Bonifield (1907-0909) and Joseph M. Woodward, later her husband, (1906-1911) and letters of Sam Crocker of Fitchburg, Mass. to Nellie (1906-1907). There is also correspondence of Richard Ellis and Elise Urquhart of New Orleans, and a large amount of undated correspondence written by various individuals.

Miscellaneous items (n.d.) include postcards, announcements, visiting cards, business cards, greeting cards, and invitations to social events. Also among the miscellaneous items are printed advertisements in the form of letters, pamphlet, and broadsides, and theater and concert programs. Printed items also contain published volumes that include Colonel W. De Basil's Ballets Russes, and The Copley Prints (1897). Manuscript volumes consist of a cash book (1898-1899); day book (1898-1899); journal (1898-1899); ledger (1898-1899); a notes and bills register (1898-1899); various notebooks; and a minute book of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity (1900-1901). In addition, there are several photographs comprised mostly of unidentified and undated cabinet cards (ca. 1880's).


Index Terms

Bonifield, Herbert

Crocker, Sam

Ellis, Caswell P., Jr.

Ellis, Nellie

Ellis, Caswell P.

Ellis, Richard

Ellis, Richard W.

J. D. Peet and Company

Jordan, Junius

Kemble, Francis

Mardi Gras



New Orleans, La.

Ogontz School

Pass Christian, Miss.



Sanders, Mary A.

Urrquhart, Elise

Woodward, Joseph M.

Container List


location Box Contents

U:67 1 1848-1889.

2 1890-1892.

U:68 3 1893-1899.

4 1900:Jan.-1901:July.

U:69 5 1901:Aug.-Sept.

6 1901:Oct.-Dec.

7 1902:Jan.-July 14.

U:70 8 1902:July 15-Sept.

U:71 9 1902:Oct.-Dec.

10 1903:Jan.-Mar.

U:72 11 1903:Apr.-June.

12 1903:July-Sept.

U:73 13 1903:Oct.-Dec.

14 1904:Jan.-Mar.

15 1904:Apr.-June.

U:74 16 1904:July-Dec.

U:75 17 1905:Jan.-July

18 1905:Aug.-Oct.

U:76 19 1905:Nov.-Dec.

20 1906:Jan.-Feb.

U:77 21 1906:Mar.-July.

22A 1906:Aug.-Sept. 11

22B 1906:Sept. 12-30.



location Box Contents

U:78 23 1906:Oct.

24 1906:Nov.

U:79 25A 1906:Dec.-1907:Jan. 20.

25B 1907:Jan. 21-Feb.

26A 1907:Mar.-May.

26B 1907:June.

U:80 27 1907:July-Aug.

28 1907:Sept.-Dec.

U:81 29 1908:Jan.-Mar.

30A 1908:Apr.-May.

30B 1908:June.

U:82 31 1908:July-Sept.

32 1908:Oct.-Dec.

U:83 33A 1909:Jan.-Feb.

33B 1909:Mar.-Apr.

34 1909:May-Aug.

U:84 35A 1909:Sept.-Nov. 15.

35B 1909:Nov. 16-Dec.

36 1910:Jan.-June.

U:85 37 1910:July-Oct.

38 1910:Nov.-Dec.

U:86 39 1911:Jan.-Mar.

40 1911-1929.

U:87 41A Correspondence (n.d.).

41B Correspondence (n.d.).

42A Correspondence (n.d.).

42B Correspondence (n.d.).

U:88 43 Miscellaneous (n.d.).



location Box Contents

U:88 44A Miscellaneous (n.d.).

44B Miscellaneous (n.d.).

U:89 45 Photographs (1879, n.d.).

46 Invitations (n.d.).

U:90 47 Invitations (n.d.)

48A Invitations (n.d.), miscellaneous (n.d.).

48B Invitations (n.d.), miscellaneous (n.d.).


Manuscript volumes


Location Volume Contents

G:1 v. 1 Cash book (1898-1899).

v. 2 Day book (1898-1899).

v. 3 Journal (1898-1899).

v. 4 Ledger (1898-1899).

v. 5 Notes and bills register (1898-1899).

v. 6 Minute book, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity (1898-1899).

v. 7-8 Notebooks (1899, n.d.)


Printed volumes

G:1 v. 10 Americana. Catalogue 192 (1932).

v. 11 Casino Theatre and Roof Garden (n.d.).

U:90 v. 12 Booklet, Colonel W. de Basil Ballets Russes

G:1 v. 13 The Copley Prints (1897).

v. 14 Student's Handbook. Tulane University (1896).

v. 15 The Wooden Hen.