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Kirby (Thomas Austin) Papers Mss. #4558

Acc. #94-004


Location: 78:87-92

[Dates provided are estimates of the inclusive dates.]

Box 1

Reviews by Kirby, 1968 & 1970

Chaucer Research In Progress 7, 9 & 11 [by the Committee on Research and Bibliography of the Chaucer Group of the Modern Language Association of America, of which Kirby was one of three members. This is also the case for the Chaucer Research Reports listed below], 1943-50

Chaucer Research Reports 13-20, 1952-59

Chaucer Research Reports 21-30, 1960-69

Chaucer Research Reports 31-39, 1970-78

Chaucer Research Reports 40-43, 1979-83

Chaucer Research Reports 35 (1974), 39 (1979) & 40 (1979) with notes and correspondence (3 folders)

Reprint from Shakespeare Quarterly with Reviews by Kirby, 1959-1968

Miscellaneous Correspondence to and from Kirby, Course Syllabi, 1950-58, 1962-67

Research by Kirby (3 folders)

Thomas Austin Kirby Lecture, John Gower Society, etc., 1976-88

Miscellaneous Items, 1970

Box 2

Chaucer Variorum & Correspondence, 1968-71

Bibliography of Kirby's Work, Dept. of English

Newspaper Articles, 1958-71

Duponceau, 1951-58

Typescripts of Letters (originally dated 1820) from Duponceau to Pickering

Typescripts of letters (originally dated 1818-21) from Pickering (2 folders)

John Pickering & Peter S. Duponceau: A Selection of Their Correspondence, Edited by T.A. Kirby

Newspaper Articles, 1958-71

"Chaucer Research In Progress," Notes & Correspondence, 1968-80

"Chaucer Research In Progress," Notes & Correspondence, 1980-84

"Chaucer Research In Progress," Notes & Correspondence, 1978-80

Reprints of "Chaucer Research In Progress" [bibliographies compiled by Kirby], 1969-84

Chaucer Variorum & Correspondence, 1973-78

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1959-69

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1970-76

Miscellaneous Items, 1964-67

Miscellaneous Items [Printed Items, Research, etc.], 1967-77

Chaucer Bibliography, Correspondence, 1937-53, 1963

Chairman's Reports, 1948-60

Chaucer, Miscellaneous Items, 1935-46

Chaucer Reference List

Box 3

Canterbury Tales: EN.T., "Miller's Tale"--Reeve, M of L. Tale

Canterbury Tales: PHY.T., "Parson's Tales"

Group of Canterbury Tales, Chaucer, Marriage

Miss Miller's Chaucer, Notes, LSU

Chaucer Final Exam Questions, 1938-68

Chaucer Exams, Midterm Questions, 104 & 224, 1933-63

Chaucer Exams, Midterm Questions, 103 & 223, 1943-67

Microfilm (6 reels)

Mucchetti, Dissertation, 1970

ME Term Paper Notes, 1934-62 (2 folders)

Wells Project (Middle English), 1956-63

Research Notes, Carlyle I, II, & III

Research Notes, Browning, Macauly, & Newman

Research Notes, Mill-Darwin-Froude & Tennyson

Reading Assignments, Victorian

Printed Items, Papers, & Correspondence, 1964-86

Box 4


Piers Plowman


Research Notes, Masse I-XXIX

Research Notes, Arnold, Poetry & Prose 1 & 2

Research Notes, 19th-Century Prose

Research Notes, Victorian

Research Notes, Old French (Gothic)

Research Notes, Old English

Research Notes, Middle English

Research Notes, Pater, Clough, Hardy, Ruskin, & Morris

Research Notes, Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Items [Research Notes, Exam Questions, etc.] (4 folders)

Box 5

Research, Middle English

Research, Johnson

Research, Renaissance

Research, Dryden

Research, Swift

Research, Romanticism (2 folders)

Research, Neo-Classicism

Research, Nature as a Norm: Appeal to "Nature" for Standards

Research, Wordsworth

Research, Byron-Shelley-Keats

Research, Comparative Literature

Research, Hardy

Research, Meredith

Research, Arnold & Chaucer

English 55-56 Exam Questions (2 folders)

Reviews by Kirby, 1937-74

Miscellaneous Items [Lecture Notes, Syllabi, etc.], 1971-75

Box 6

Commonweal with Reviews by Kirby, 1948

Reprints of Reviews by Kirby, 1955-60

Articles & Notes by Kirby, 1932-47

Articles & Notes by Kirby, 1947-52

Dedication of Miller Hall, 1969

Papers by Ephraim Throgmorton Edited by Kirby, "Lounge Epigraphy: New Opportunities for Contemporary Critics"

Papers on Chaucer by Kirby (2 folders)

Papers, Current English Usage, 1946-58

Papers by Kirby

Drama Course, Introduction

Drama Course, Medieval/Elizabethan

Drama Course, Modern/Contemporary

Newman on Education

Correspondence & Printed Items, 1935-57

Research Notes, History of the Language I & II

English 73, Phonetic Alphabet

English 402, Philosophy of Literature I & II

Box 7

The Literary Mind & Creative Imagination

St. Thomas College, Manhattan College, LSU, 1935-40

Reprints of Articles by Kirby, 1932-48

Review by Kirby & Correspondence, 1978-79

Papers, Chaucer (2 folders)

Papers, Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1943-58

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1963-79

Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1980-83

The Companion to Chaucer Studies, 1979

Box of Research Cards

Box of Cards for Chaucer Bibliography

Audio Tape

Box 8

Reviews and Letters, 1940-44

Well's Manual, Correspondence, 1956-66

Well's Manual, Introductory Material, I-VIII, 1963

Well's Manual, Paste-ups (3 folders)

Well's Manual, Bibliography through XIII

Well's Manual, Bibliography through IX

Photostatic Copies of Paste-ups (2 folders)


Exposition Press, 1955-58

Newman Press, 1958

Typescripts and Galleys for False Gallop (by Kirby)

Clippings and Correspondence Responding to False Gallop, 1956-61

Courtly Love Article, Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, 1962-64

Mediaeval Academy of America, 1966-72

NCTE, "The Search for Perfection" Research and Paper, 1966

Projects, 1970-71

Chaucer Seminar, 1973

Neuphilogische Mitteilungen, 1971-76

Carol Parr, 1976

Revision of General Prologue Essay, 1978


Box 9

Research, Arnold

Research, Dante

Research Notes

Research Notes, "Legend of Good Women" & Short Poems

Research Notes, "Parlement of Foules"

Research Notes, "House of Fame" & "Anelide and Arcite"

Research Notes, Chaucer

Research Notes, Arnold's Knowledge of Chaucer

Newspaper Clippings

Miscellaneous Pending

Miscellaneous Items

Box 10 (Phonographic Albums)

1: SIDE 1 --Dr. Ayres Reading Chaucer's Prologue to The Canterbury Tales

SIDE 2 --Dr. Ayres on Reading Chaucer

2: SIDE 1 --Kemp Malone Reading "The Nun's Priest's Tale" (Chaucer)

SIDE 2 --Kemp Malone Reading "The Nun's Priest's Tale"

3: SIDE 1 --Dr. Kaffee Reading Old English Translation of "Elena," Translation by C.A.B., Old

English Original of "Elena," and Other Verse

SIDE 2 --Dr. Kirby Reading Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

4: SIDE 1 --The Sounds of Chaucer's English; Introduction, Consonants, & Vowels

SIDE 2 --The Sounds of Chaucer's English: Selections from Chaucer's Poetry, The Book of The Dutchess, The Parliament of Fowls

5: SIDE 1 --The Sounds of Chaucer's English; Selections from Chaucer's Poetry, Troilus, & Criseyde I & II

SIDE 2 --The Sounds of Chaucer's English; Selections from Chaucer's Poetry, Troilus, & Criseyde III & IV

6: SIDE 1 --The Sounds of Chaucer's English; Canterbury Tales Series 1, General Prologue, "The Knight's Tale," "The Reeve's Tale"

SIDE 2 --The Sounds of Chaucer's English; Canterbury Tales Series 2, "The Wife of Bath's Tale," "The Pardoner's Tale," "The Nun's Priest's Tale," Conclusion