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Eva Scott and Family Papers

(Mss. 2994)


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University

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939 items and 10 manuscript volumes

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East Feliciana Parish, La.; Baton Rouge, La.; Avoyelles Parish, La.; St. Landry Parish, La.; New Orleans, La.; Clinton, La.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Shreveport, La.; Washington, D.C.; New York, N.Y.; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Oakland, Calif.; Dallas, Tex.; Norway; England; France; Italy; Egypt; Syria; China; Philippines

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Plantation business and personal papers of the Eva Scott family, planters owning The Shades Plantation near Wilson, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. The papers reflect family affairs, plantation administration, and social activities.


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Eva Scott Family Papers, Mss. 2994, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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Y:84-85, H:10

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Microfilm 5750, Series E, Reels 28-31

Biographical/Historical Note

Eva Scott (1877-1961) was a resident and owner of The Shades Plantation near Wilson in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. She was the granddaughter of Major E.A. Scott, and Eva lived on the plantation with her aunt, Kate Scott (d. 1936) and uncle, Gus Scott. Other family members found in the collection include cousins, James W. Reily and William B. Reily, and Eva’s brother Ned Scott (d. 1898).

Scope and Content Note

Early papers consist chiefly of correspondence (1866-1877) written to Bettie Gordon Scott by friends and relatives in New Orleans and Avoyelles, Saint Landry, and East Feliciana Parishes. Letters concern social activities and family matters. Family papers (1892-1900) pertain to social events and the Spanish-American War and include letters of condolence upon the death of Ned Scott (1898). Papers (1900-1959) largely consist of correspondence of Eva and Kate Scott concerning friends and family, gardening and horticulture, plantation administration, and local culture.

Several social letters and cards (1921-1941) of Louisiana author Lyle Saxon and two letters of writer Sherwood Anderson (undated) are included.

Business papers (1853-1941) pertain to the administration of The Shades Plantation and include tax records, bills, receipts, dairy records, and legal documents. Manuscript volumes include 5 ledgers (1889-1913) recording supplies and wages paid to hired laborers, a file book (1898-1901), a list of poll tax payers in East Feliciana Parish (1909-1910), and three notebooks (undated).

Printed items relate to Silliman Female Collegiate Institute in Clinton, Louisiana, and Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. Poetry, recipes, and three photographs are included.

Series Descriptions

Series I, Correspondence and notes, 1832-1959

Early correspondence consists mostly of letters and valentines to Bettie Gordon Scott from friends or family members (1866-1877). Many other letters are addressed to Eva and come from her brother, Ned Scott, from Louisiana State University (1892) and later from New Orleans after having passed his physical for the Army (1898). Letters also come from her mother (1897-1898) and various friends (1892-1899). These discuss family affairs, mutual friends, and some social activities. Also included is a list of “prophecies” for the class of 1896 at Silliman Female Collegiate Institute. A series of correspondence, involving Kate Scott, Eva Scott, Major E.A. Scott, and Gus A. Scott, discusses Ned’s illness in the hospital and his subsequent death (1898). A number of condolence letters and telegrams are also included (Sept.-Oct.1898).

Other letters come from Major James W. Reily from France during the First World War to his cousin Kate Scott, including one discussing the armistice (1918). Also included is a letter to E.A. Scott containing the obituary of Dr. W.J. Allen, an old friend (1927). Other letters from friends and family members thank Eva and Kate for pleasant visits at The Shades Plantation, send gardening advice, and one letter from Mary Ratcliff to her cousin Eva discusses genealogy of the Scott family (1930). A number of letters from William B. Reily on his travels are addressed to the family and talk of trips to Norway, London, Marseilles, Venice, Naples, Pompeii, Cairo, and Syria (1935).

Also included are a great many letters, cards, and telegrams sent to Eva upon the death of her aunt and companion Kate (Nov.1936). Letters sent to Eva after the death of Kate generally ask after her well-being, send news from other family members, and plan visits to the plantation (1936-1940). There are also letters sent from a cousin stationed in the Philippines (1945), and from Ruth Ingram, an American nursing instructor working in Chinese hospitals describing conditions in China, hospital work, travel, and political unrest (1945-1947).

A number of letters for Eva and Kate come from Louisiana author Lyle Saxon in New Orleans (1921-1941). These discuss visits to the plantation, social events, furniture for the plantation, and books Saxon is writing. Three letters from writer Sherwood Anderson are also included, which discuss a recent visit to the plantation (undated).

Notes in the collection are comprised of poems written by various people. One is written to Bettie Gordon, entitled “Leaf by Leaf, the Roses Fall,” while some are written about Eva and Kate Scott or The Shades. Other notes are recipes written down by family members.

Series II, Business Papers, 1853-1941

Business papers are comprised of various documents connected with The Shades Plantation. Early papers include receipts for certain goods, bills of sale for slaves to E.A. Scott (1858-1859), tax receipts, and account sheets signed by Scott family members (1860-1869). Other papers include a Certificate of Attendance at the Peabody Teachers’ Institute for Kate Scott (1900) and a certificate appointing Kate Scott Commissioner for the Registration of Women in the Gurley Precinct in East Feliciana Parish (1917). Also included is a transfer of ownership of a cow (1916), certificates from the Louisiana State Board of Health (1921), certificates of foal registration (1910, 1914), and certificates of registration in the Swine Breeders’ Association (1915-1917). Later business papers include account statements, letters from Sun Oil Company, and tax exemption certificates (1930-1941).

Series III, Printed Items, 1897-1938

Among the printed items in the collection are Commencement Programs from the Louisiana State University Agricultural and Mechanical College (1897, 1917), a dance card for the Reception and Inaugural Ball in honor of Hon. and Mrs. Ruffin G. Pleasant (1916), the Preliminary Announcement of General Sessions and Conferences to be held in connection with the Dedicatory Program of Louisiana State University (1938), and various issues of The Reveille (1898). Other items come from the Silliman Institute; these include “The Silliman Collegian” (Feb.1913), programs for an alumnae reunion (1916), a recital (1929), a banquet (1930), and for Commencement (1930). Miscellaneous printed items include pamphlets from Feliciana Gardens (undated), a pamphlet entitled “Ethiopia in Scripture Prophecy” (undated), postcards and information from the Southwestern Game Farm in Canyon, Texas (undated), an invitation to the unveiling of statues of Jefferson Davis and James Z. George in Statuary Hall (1932), the announcement of the 35th Annual East Feliciana Parish Fair (1930), a newspaper clipping “Louise Garig Honored” (undated), and a tribute entitled “Dr. Carl Austin Weiss as Pictured by Former Teacher” written by Mercedes Garig (undated).

There are also three photographs in the collection. One is of an unknown woman taken by J.G. Davis, another is of an unknown group of men, and another is of a home (all undated).

Series IV, Manuscript Volumes, 1889-1913

Volumes include ledgers for the years (1889-1913) recording supplies and wages paid to hired laborers, a file book (1898-1901), a list of poll-tax payers in East Feliciana Parish (1909-1910), and three notebooks (undated) with various calculations, notes, and English lessons.

Cross References



Description of relevant documents

Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941.


2 letters and an unsigned humorous verse.

Avoyelles Parish (La.)--Social life and customs--19th century.


social letters pertaining to social life; health conditions; daily activities.

China--Description and travel.

1945, 1947

letters from an American nursing instructor working in Chinese hospitals describing conditions in China, hospital work, travel, political unrest.

Dorman, Caroline.


letters from, May 24, 1935; June 1, 1937; Nov. 14, 1938.

East Feliciana Parish (La.)--Social life and customs.

1892-1959, undated

collection of family papers pertaining to ownership and management of “The Shades” plantation (near Wilson); social life; education, including Silliman Institute; gardening and plant life.

Europe--Description and travel.


series of letters describing extended trip through Europe, Britain, and the Middle East, 1935.

Field, Rachel, 1894-1942.


4 social letters from, Dec. 18 and 29, 1930; Jan. 22 and 30, 1931.

Foster, Murphy J. (Murphy James), 1849-1921.


letter of condolence from, Sept. 22.

Henry, Carmelite Garrett, 1871-1948.


letter of condolence from, Nov. 12, 1936.

Knapp, Seaman Ashahel, 1833-1911.


social letters from, Apr. 6, 1899; Jan. 17, 1900; June 15, 1901; Jan. 19, 1903

Landscape gardening--Louisiana--East Feliciana Parish.

1892-1959, undated

collection of family papers pertaining to ownership and management of “The Shades” plantation, near Wilson, East Feliciana Parish, including information about landscape gardening and local plant life; included are letters from Caroline Dorman, Louisiana naturalist and botanical artist.

Long, Huey Pierce, 1893-1935.


2 letters discussing European reactions to Long’s career and assassination, and evaluating his impact on Louisiana, Oct. 9 and Nov. 15.

Louisiana--Description and travel.


letter describing auto trip through Louisiana, 1925.

Louisiana--Social life and customs.

1832-1959, undated

letters of planter family pertaining to aspects of social life in Louisiana – letters, 1866-1877, pertain mainly to activities in Avoyelles-St. Landry area – letters, 1892-1959, pertain mainly to East Feliciana Parish, particularly “The Shades” plantation.

Middle East--Description and travel.


series of letters describing extended trip through Europe, Britain, and the Middle East, 1935.

Nicholson, J. W. (James William), 1844-1917.


letter of condolence from, Sept. 21; letter concerning obituary of former student, Sept. 26.

Pleasant, Ruffin Golson, 1871-1937.


4 letters of thanks, Jan. 14, 1899; Jan. 7, 1900; Jan. 25, 1901; Apr. 7, 1908

Rosedown Plantation (La.)


letter concerning selling of house furnishings by Bowman sisters, Mar. 25.

Saxon, Lyle, 1891-1946.

1921-1941, undated

22 letters and cards, written from New Orleans and New York, discussing his writing career, social life, activities of friends, personal activities; reference to, Dec. 7, 1936.



letter discussing personalities and impact, Nov. 15.

Shades Plantation (La.)

ca. 1890-1959, undated

papers of owners pertain to management and financial affairs; social life; gardening and plant life; maintenance of house and grounds.

Silliman Female Collegiate Institute.

1896, undated

student letters and graduation speech, 1896; also, undated memoirs, printed items.

Spanish-American War, 1898.


soldier’s letters from New Orleans and Florida; letters from family members concerning hospital conditions in Florida.

West (U.S.)--Description and travel.


letter giving daily accounts of auto trip from New Orleans to Los Angeles, 1920.

World politics--1933-1945.


letter discussing international situation, Jan. 18.

World War, 1939-1945.

1941, 1945

letter discussing impact of war on college student, Dec. 16, 1941; letter discussing war in Philippines, Mar. 22, 1945

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Contents (with dates)

Series I, Correspondence and notes, 1832-1959




(1832-1959, undated)






Lyle Saxon letters (1921-1941, undated)


Sherwood Anderson letters (undated)


Poetry (undated)


Recipes (undated)


Series II, Business Papers, 1853-1941

Series III, Printed Items, 1897-1938


Louisiana State University


Silliman Institute.





Series IV, Manuscript Volumes, 1889-1913


Business papers removed from ledgers.




Notebook (undated)

Notebook (undated)

Notebook (undated)




List of poll-tax payers, East Feliciana Parish (1909-1910)

Ledger (1889-1890, 1905, 1909)

Ledger (1890-1891, undated)

Ledger (1898-1900, 1904)

Ledger (1898-1903)

Ledger (1903-1913)

File Book (1898-1901)

MF:5750, Series E

Reels 28-31