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Lewis Texada and Family Papers

(Mss. 2985)


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Rapides Parish, La.; Shreveport, La.; Opelousas, La.; New Orleans, La.; Macon County, Ala.; Richmond, Va.; Petersburg, Va.; Farmville, Va.; Monterrey, Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico

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Letters and papers belonging to Lewis Texada, a planter of Rapides Parish, pertaining mainly to property ownership, family occurrences, and the Civil War letters of Henry W. Allen. Also includes papers of Arnaud Préot family, comprised of correspondence and musical compositions.


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Lewis Texada Family Papers, Mss. 2985, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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Microfilm:5735, Series B, Reel 19

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Biographical/Historical Note

Lewis E. Texada (b.1818) was the son of Lucy Welsh (b.1794) and Captain John A. Texada (b.1789), a cotton planter and land owner in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. Lewis Texada graduated from law school at the University of Virginia, but never practiced. He instead turned to cotton planting on his Castile Plantation. In 1850, he married Pleasance Hunter (b.1831), who lived on the adjoining Eden Plantation, and the two had eight children.

Texada served in both houses of the Legislature, being first elected in 1844 as a candidate of the Whig party in Rapides Parish. In January 1861, Texada was elected a delegate to the State Convention which took Louisiana out of the Union.

Arnaud Préot, a musician and composer, was born in Lille, France, and came to America as a young man. He married Elizabeth Hammett in Virginia, where he was a Professor of French and Music at Roanoke Female College (Danville, Va.). After his death in 1873, the family moved to New Orleans. Préot’s daughters, Blanche and Annie, became school teachers in Rapides Parish and married Texada’s sons, Lewis Manuel and John.

Scope and Content Note

Papers pertain to property ownership in Rapides Parish, including property acquired from the estate of Henry A. Bullard (1845-1866). Letters (1864-1866) from Louisiana governor, Henry Watkins Allen, discuss wartime conditions in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Allen's experiences as a Confederate refugee in Mexico.

Papers of Arnaud Préot and family (1837-1885) pertain to the management of a girls' school in Virginia and include Confederate civilians' letters (1861-1864) which discuss wartime conditions and public opinion of the war. The collection contains sheet music and printed items.

Series Descriptions

Subgroup 1: Préot family

Préot family papers consist of correspondence and compositions. Some of the letters come from Halsey Dunning, Principal of Milford Academy to Arnaud Préot (1843, 1848), while many are written to Elizabeth (Bettie) from her husband (1851-1852, 1856, 1859, undated). Other letters come from Petersburg, Virginia from Elizabeth’s mother A. Hammett relaying family news (1861-1862), from Mollie Préot at Farmville Female College to her parents and grandmother (undated), and letters from friends and family sending condolences for the death of Mollie Préot (1863). Letters from Rev. John E. Edwards to Arnaud Préot discuss the opening of a girls’ school in Richmond, Va. (1864-1866).

Also included are school papers, such as stories, lessons, and a report card for Mollie A. Préot at Farmville Female College (1861, undated). A Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute Degree (undated) and a phrenological chart (undated) can also be found.

The remainder of the Préot family papers is made up of compositions. Most of these entail only the words of songs written by various people (1858-1880, undated), and include a requiem for Mollie Préot (1863). In addition to these, the collection also contains sheet music (undated) and “The Musical Writing Book: A Collection of Practical Exercises” by Prof. H.G. Tiepke (New York: Pond & Co.), 1871.

Subgroup 2: Texada family

The collection includes letters from Louisiana governor Henry Watkins Allen to Lewis Texada. Those written from Shreveport discuss the state of affairs during the Civil War (1864), while those from Monterrey and Mexico City pertain to Allen’s life as a Confederate refugee (1865-1866).

Documents of the Texada family include land grants (1830, 1833, 1836, 1843), a sale and transfer of the heirs of James Clanton to Lewis Texada (1852), and tax receipts for Lewis Texada (1863-1898). Documents pertaining to the estate of Henry A. Bullard and property acquired from it include judgments, agreements, and memoranda (1852-1854), two mortgages of H.A. Bullard to Paul Farongia (1822, 1844), and tax receipts (1866). A letter to Texada from a Mr. Elgee provides legal advice (1852), while a letter from R.L. Luckett reports the death of his daughter (1881). Tax receipts for Mrs. P.H. Texada, L.M. Texada, and Mrs. Blanche Texada are also included (1901-1935), along with insurance documents for L.M. Texada (1930-1934), an application for Homestead Exemption for L.M. Texada (1937), and a story entitled “Texada’s Tavern” by Amanda W. Geisenberger (undated). Printed items include Sunday Magazine (June 1, 1867); “A Sermon Series on the Beatitudes” (1898); and The Sunday Advocate (Mar.14, 1971).

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Description of relevant documents

Allen, Henry Watkins, 1820-1866.


5 letters from, pertaining to wartime conditions in Shreveport and to his experiences as a Confederate refugee in Mexico, Folder 4.

American Confederate voluntary exiles--Mexico.


3 letters from former governor of Louisiana pertaining to experiences of Confederate refugees in Mexico, folder 4.

Bullard, Henry Adams, 1788-1851.


legal papers pertaining to settlement of his estate and transfers of land ownership.

Girls’ schools--Virginia.


letters pertaining to the operation of a girls’ school, and letters from a student describing studies and other activities.

Graham, George Mason, 1807-1891.

[1845], undated

letter of condolence from, undated [1845]

Land tenure--Louisiana--Rapides Parish.

1830-1939, undated

papers of a planter family, pertaining mainly to land ownership

Petersburg (Va.)--History, Military--19th century.


letters from Confederate civilians pertaining to wartime conditions in and around Petersburg, Virginia, and expressing attitudes toward the war. Préot Family Papers, Folder 1.

San Francisco (Calif.)--Description and travel.


letter describing San Francisco and surrounding area, Aug. 17. Préot Family Papers, Folder 1.

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Contents (with dates)

Subgroup 1. Préot Family




1837-1885, undated


Sheet Music, undated

Subgroup 2. Texada Family


Henry W. Allen Letters (1864-1866)


Lewis Texada and Family Papers (1830-1859)




Lewis Texada and Family Papers, Henry A. Bullard Estate Papers (1845-1866)


Lewis Texada and Family Papers (1860-1939, undated)


Printed items


Empty Envelopes



Miscellaneous newspaper clippings



(Préot Family) Buckingham Female Collegiate Institute Degree;

(Texada Family) Letters, including G. Mason Graham letter (1845); Insurance policies for L.M. Texada (1926, 1931, 1934); phrenological chart; “A Sermon Series on the Beatitudes” (1898); The Sunday Advocate (Mar.14, 1971)

Microfilm:5735, Series B

Reel 19

Omission: Printed items, newspapers