Louisiana State Bank Records
(Mss. 1785)
Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections
Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library
Louisiana State University Libraries
Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University
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Louisiana State Bank Records
Mss. 1785
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
12 linear feet and 22 volumes
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
Inclusive dates.
These records contain documents pertaining to the construction of
the Louisiana State Bank of New Orleans; the bank's
correspondence; financial, legal, and administrative documents;
and a few items of its successor in 1871, the State National Bank
of New Orleans.
Described by series; arranged chronologically
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Charles C. Titcomb Collection, Mss. 1785, Louisiana State Bank
Records, Mss. 1785, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley
Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.
79:8-21, Vault:13, Vault:21
Louisiana State Bank Records
Mss. 1785
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
Biographical/Historical Note
The Louisiana legislature created the Louisiana State Bank in March 1818 after the
charter of the Louisiana Bank was about to expire. This act also endowed the new bank
with $2 million of capital stock and created five branch offices, essentially doubling the
state-chartered facilities overnight. These branches represented the first banks outside
of New Orleans, and held $100,000 each in capital, over which they were allowed
complete autonomy. The Louisiana State Bank was administered by eighteen directors,
six of whom were selected by the state. In addition to providing a source of capital for
the agricultural industry in Louisiana during the 1820s, the state bank also participated
in financing the railroad industry in the mid 1800s. Its operation during the better part of
the 1800s coincided with a time period in which Louisiana experienced unprecedented
growth, with state imports and exports rivaling that of the greatest in the nation. It
became the State National Bank in 1871 and was eventually liquidated in 1908.
Louisiana State Bank Records
Mss. 1785
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
Scope and Content Note
Part of the Charles C. Titcomb Collection, the Louisiana State Bank Records contain
correspondence (1817-1927), both general and from the president and directors,
pertaining to collections, credits, and elections of directors. It also contains documents
of financial statements; speeches; lists of stockholders, officers, employees, and
salaries; ballots; proxies; protest notices; minutes; counterfeit court cases; salary and
expense vouchers; bills of lading; powers of attorney; insurance policies; bonds;
confederate notes; canceled checks; bank books; vouchers and checks from other
banks; and pamphlets. In relation to its bank-building documents, the collection includes
a letter from Joseph Pilie; letters and contract by Fox; comparative estimates of different
architects; letters to and from architect Benjamin Henry Bonaval Latrobe (1766-1820);
and the original instructions (26 pages) for building the Louisiana State Bank signed by
Latrobe. The soft cover manuscript volumes (1818-1856) have been placed in folders,
and consist of check books, "scratch books," a ledger, a list of subscribers, check stubs,
credits, a scrapbook containing statements from the Office of the Board of Currency, a
"delinquent" book, a list of discounts statements, and a list of index balances. The hard
cover manuscript volumes (1818-1923) contain a day book, checks and deposits,
claims for adjustment record, cashier's checks, a letter book from the St. Martinsville
Branch, a discount book, statement books, and a book recording stock transfers.
Note: Original inventory listed a Vol. 22 that was circled, "Ledger book"; this volume
cannot be located and is believed to be non existent in light of contradictory notes by
the original processor of this collection. Formerly Volume 23, "Stock transfer" is now
labeled as Vol. 22.
Louisiana State Bank Records
Mss. 1785
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
Series Descriptions
Series I. Correspondence General, 1817-1927
Letters from Benjamin levy, F.X. Martin, and Stephen Gerard, 1824
Letters for collection, Mechanics' Bank of New York, 1824
Letters for collection, Mercantile Insurance Company, New York, 1824
Letters for collection, Bank of Pennsylvania, 1824-1825
Letters from Stephen Gerard, 1825
Letters from Thomas Butler, May 17, 1826
Letters from Philip Hickey, August 21, 1827
Letters for collection, Western Bank of Philadelphia, 1839, 1841
Baring Brother, London, and Reid, Irving and Co., London, 1847-1848
Letter of May 26, 1851, speaks of Bank coining California gold dust at a said rate.
Letters for Collection, Bank of Commerce, 1850
Letters for Collection, The Ocean Bank of the City of New York, 1850-1851
Letters for Collection, Page and Bacon, St. Louis, 1851
Letters for Collection, Southern Bank of Alabama, 1851
Copy of Act to establish a permanent fund in support of Public Schools, 1854
Bank of James Robb, 1853-1859, including Baton Rouge, Grosse Tete and Opelousas
Railroad Company document, April 14, 1858
Letters for collection and credit, Banking House of Page, Bacon and Co., 1855; included
newspaper clipping "Loss of Steamer Golden Age," reverse side of "General meeting of
Page, Bacon, and Co."
Letters for collection and credit, Kinney, Espy and Co., Bankers, 1855-1856
Louisiana State Bank Records
Mss. 1785
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
Thomas Henderson and Co., 1859. Included requests to send bank notes to Natchez by
steamers "Princess," "Charmer," "Natchez," "City of Memphis," "Lucy Holecomb,"
"Twilight," "Lafourch," "Mary T"
B. Toledano and Taylor, from Marcelin and Victor, Vercher, and E. Vienne, 1859
Merchant's Bank, 1859-1862
Telegrams Andrew Buchanan and Company to Thomas Keeffe, 1859
Letters for collection, Farmers' and Exchange Bank, Charleston, South Carolina, 1859
Internal Revenue Bureau, 1863
Semi-Annual statement for State National Bank, 1880
Speech by Hon. S.V. White, New York, 1888 printed pamphlets
Account of State Treasurer in accordance with Branch Louisiana State Bank at Baton
Rouge, 1864
Letter to W.H. Avery Pres. of B.R. Branch, ca. 1860
Bank of Kentucky, 1850-1854
Letters for collection and credit, 1852-1854, 1857
Correspondence, Office Southern Bank of Kentucky, 1853-1854, 1857
Letters for collection, Farmers Bank of Kentucky, 1851-1854
Letters for credit, Mechanics Bank, Louisville, 1853-1854
Letters for collection, Shoe and Leather Dealers Bank, Boston, 1851-1854
Letters for collection, Bank of Southern Carolina, 1856-1857
Letters for collection and credit, Exchange and Banking House of Butler, Meeks and
Co., 1856-1858, 1861
Series II. Correspondence President and Directors, 1835-1860
Election of Directors, Ballots, February 5, 1849
Election of Directors, Proxies, February 5, 1849
Louisiana State Bank Records
Mss. 1785
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
Election of Directors, List of stockholders, memorandum, protest, February 5, 1849
Financial statement of Branch at Baton Rouge, 1855
Minutes of the Board of Directors of the Branch of Baton Rouge, 1858
Series III. Documents and Records, 1820-1869
Certified copy of original plan...relating to the Batture in front of Faubourg St.
Mary...September 20, 1820
Counterfeit Court Cases, 1840-1842
Protest Notices, Orleans Navigation Company, March 21, 1842, 1851-1859, 1861-1862
Financial Statements for various New Orleans Banks, 1859
List of officers and other employees, amount of salary, and securities, 1857-1869
Included protest notice of the Branch at Baton Rouge, July 3, 1861
Series IV. Powers of Attorney, 1818-1862
Series V. Vouchers; 1823-1862, n.d.
Salary Vouchers, 1823, 1840-1841, 1850-1857, 1862, n.d.
Expense Vouchers, 1840-1862, n.d.
Including Benjamin Levy voucher, 1841
Alexander Levy & Co. expense voucher signed by Benjamin Levy, January 6, 1857
Weekly statements, 1852-1854
Series VI. Insurance Policies, 1840-1848
Series VII. Bonds, 1850-1861
Series VIII. Lists of Stockholders, 1851
Includes number of shares and votes for each.
Series IX. Bills of Lading, 1851
Some shipments are issued by Lloyd's of London.
Louisiana State Bank Records
Mss. 1785
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
Series X. Pamphlets
Financial statements of various banks, 1834 (fragment)
Series XI. Deposit Slips, 1850-1861
Series XII. Miscellaneous Items
Confederate Notes
Blank forms
Louisiana State Bank, cancelled checks, 1822-1867
Voucher and checks other than Louisiana State Bank, 1831-1871
State National Bank, 1875-1897
Branch of Louisiana State Bank Checks; 1850-1862
Depositors' Bank Books
Series XIII. Manuscript Volumes
v.1, Check book, 1870-1871
v. 2, "Scratch #3" 1820
v. 3, "Canal Bank Receipt Book, 1854-1855
v. 4, Day book, checks and deposits, 1819-1923 (Benjamin Levy and Co. bookplate)
v. 5, Claims for Adjustment Record, 1826-1827
v. 6 "Cashier's Check #4,,", 1854-1856
v. 7, Scratch book #10, 1819
v. 8, Ledger (?)
v. 9, List of subscribers (?) [unbound], 1818
v. 10, Letter book, St. Martinsville Branch, 1818-1823
v. 11, Check stubs
Louisiana State Bank Records
Mss. 1785
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
v. 12, Credits 8 and 9, 1838
v. 13, Scrapbook, Contains "Statement of the Banks in New Orleans," from the Office of
the Board of Currency, New Orleans, 1851-1854
v. 14, Credit, 1839
v. 15, Crescent City Bank "Statement of Affairs," 1859
v. 16, Delinquent, Jefferson Parish "Carrollton," 1856
v. 17, Discount book, 1819-1821
v. 18, Statement book, 1818-1820
v. 19, Statement book, 1822-1824
v. 20, Statement book, 1824-1826
v. 21, Baton Rouge, statements, list of discounts statements, list of index balance, 1819
v. 22, Stock transfer, 1819-1831
Louisiana State Bank Records
Mss. 1785
1817-1870, 1877-1888, 1909-1927
Container List
Contents (with dates)
1860-1927, n.d.
Pamphlets, 1818-1877
1850-1862, 1864
Deposit Slips, 1850-1856
Dray Receipts, 1860-1861
Confederate Notes
Bank Forms
Louisiana State Bank cancelled checks, 1822-
Vouchers and checks other than Louisiana
State Bank, 1831-1871
State National Bank, 1875-1897
Branch of the Louisiana State Bank Checks,
Depositor's Bank Books
Manuscript Volumes 1-2
Manuscript Volumes 3, 7-9, 11-14, 16, 21
Manuscript Volumes 4-6, 10, 15, 17-20
Manuscript Volume 22
Building of the Louisiana State Bank, 1820
Building of the Louisiana State Bank,
Contract, Comparative Estimate