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Pinson (Hamet and family) Papers

(Mss. 1385)


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library

Louisiana State University Libraries

Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University

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491 items and 5 manuscript volumes

Geographic locations.

El Dorado, Ark.; New Orleans, La.; Geiger, Ala.; Gainesville, Ala.; Mobile, Ala.; Daleville, Miss.; Wahalak, Miss.; Starkville, Miss.; Richmond, Va.; Jackson, La.; Monroe, La.; Marshall, Tex.

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Civil War papers, correspondence, and related items of Dr. Hamet Pinson, Confederate States Army surgeon. Also contains materials of Pinson’s son, Senator John H. Pinson, of Alabama.


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Hamet Pinson and Family Papers, Mss. 1385, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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Also available on:

Microfilm 5735, Series B, Reel 14

Omission: papers, 1870-1951 and vols. 2-5

Biographical/Historical Note

Dr. Hamet Pinson, an El Dorado, Arkansas, physician, graduated from the New Orleans School of Medicine. He was appointed Assistant Surgeon in the Confederate States Army, with duty in Louisiana and Arkansas. Pinson married twice. His first wife, Hessie St. Claire McMahon, died in 1872, and two years later, he married Annie Bell Gilbert. Pinson owned a farm in Arkansas, and in 1883 he gave up medicine to become a cotton farmer in Mississippi and Alabama. He was also editor of the "Geiger times" in Geiger, Alabama. State Senator John H. Pinson of Alabama was his son.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of correspondence, receipts for goods and services, memorandum books, bills for merchandise, and ephemera. Papers of the Civil War era are primarily special orders for Pinson. The correspondence discusses his and other colleagues' medical practices, economic problems of the Reconstruction period, agriculture, and local affairs. Correspondence (ca. 1880-1886) to and from Annie Pinson's brother, Edward Gilbert, describes academic life at Gainesville Male Academy (Alabama), the University of Alabama, Cooper's Institute (Daleville, Mississippi), and Mississippi State A&M College (Starkville). The memorandum books record Pinson's medical appointments and orders in the Army of the Confederate States, Gilbert's accounts at Mississippi State A&M College, weather during January 1884, and whiskey and tobacco accounts. Eva Pinson's autograph book for 1885-1890 is also included, as are a few items belonging to Pinson's son, Senator John H. Pinson.

Collection Description

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12 items: Hamet Pinson at New Orleans School of Medicine

2 matriculation cards for New Orleans School of Medicine;

1 correspondence of Hamet Pinson, apparently at New Orleans School of Medicine, from Virginia Kidd, former sweetheart;

2 letters from Pinson’s mother, S. M. Pinson, Union County, Arkansas;

1 letter from his brother, Abijah Pinson, Caldwell Parish;

1 letter from his former classmate now attending Centenary College, Jackson, La. (picture of college on letterhead);

2 letters from classmate, W. A. Moss, teaching at Mount Pleasant, Caldwell Parish or Jackson Parish;

1 unidentified letter from classmate;

1 receipt from H. F. D. Gilbert, administrator of Susan Gilbert;



20 items: Hamet Pinson as surgeon, Confederate States Army;

2 Confederate notes from the State of Mississippi, 1862;

1 favorable report from Army Medical Board, Surgeon General’s Office, Richmond, Virginia—appointments to Asst. Surgeon, 1862;

1 special order to report to Port Hudson—Brig. General W. N. R. Beal, 1862;

1 special order to report for duty to Col. T. P. Dockray at Washington, Arkansas, 1863;

1 special order for assignment to Camp of Paroled and Exchanged Prisoners, Washington, Arkansas, 1863;

1 order to appear before the Army Medical Board at Marshall, Texas, for examination for promotion in the Provisional Arm of the Confederate States from Medical Bureau, Trans-Mississippi Department, Marshall, Texas, 1865;

1 special order granting Surgeon Pinson, 1st Regiment, leave of absence, 1865;

1 recommendation for promotion by Gen. Surg. G. Torgason;

1 obituary notice of the death of Mattie C. Lewis, daughter of William M. Lewis, Gainesville, Alabama, 1862;

2 personal letters from Sallie Cantilou, Fairfield, Texas;

1 personal letter from Elizabeth S. Scott, Gainesville, Alabama, 1862;

5 verses to Hessie on cards of Cadet W. F. Redwood, Mobile, Alabama, 1865;

2 Civil War tracts, 186-;



61 items:

1 broadside of the annual circular for the New Orleans School of Medicine;

1 course of lectures for 1866-1867;

1 license to practice medicine in Lisbon, and 1 to practice in El Dorado, both in Arkansas, 1866;

11 letters by Pinson to Hessie McMahon, Gainesville, Alabama, 1866-1868, telling of the poor business prospect, poor crops, election news (Hessie married Pinson in the spring of 1868);

4 letters from Hessie McMahon to Pinson giving some information concerning her home, also 2 letters from her family;

8 letters from New Orleans factors to Messrs. Prim and Pinson and to Dr. Pinson;

7 bills for drugs (2-16-67, N.O.), dry goods, shoes, and groceries;

1 receipt for direct taxes for Union County, Arkansas, for Mrs. S. M. Pinson, 1866;

2 letters from Dr. J. C. Brown, Lisbon, Arkansas, waiting to practice medicine with Dr. Pinson;

Reconstruction period letters, 1866-1869, some from doctors, teachers, including 2, July 17 and December 23 1866, from Dr. C. R. Henderson, Deasonville, Yazoo County, Mississippi, telling of war service, poor conditions in neighborhood, doctors unable to make a living, African American uprisings;

1 letter from A-----, Monroe, Louisiana, March 8, 1867, only family news;

1 letter from D. Newell, Horsehead near Clarksville, Johnson County, Arkansas telling of going to Texas immediately after the war—returned to Arkansas in December of 1866, and has succeeded beyond expectations at the practice of medicine;

1 letter from T. J. Foster, Sterling, Robertson County, Texas, May 2, 1867, finest prospect for a crop;

2 from Fannie D., school teacher, Hamburg Arkansas, incident regarding Federal occupation law, October 14, 1867, and Wood’s machine, a failure but cleared $8,000 anyway;

Letters from Dr. Frank Pugh, Dan Pugh, Dr. Easter, and Mr. Herran, a blacksmith living at Dr. Pugh’s regarding a Louisiana colony in Honduras, November 22, 1867;

1 letter from Robert Y. H. Terry, Hamburg, Arkansas, regarding State election, November 22, 1867 and November 2, 1868 also has information on election day;

1 letter from Nina B., Evergreen, Jackson, Louisiana, regarding local news;



30 items:

1870. indenture, Hamet Pinson, Washington Graham, Union County, Arkansas;

1871. bill for whiskey, drugs, seed from Lisbon, Arkansas;

1872. bill for drugs, from Ball and Lyons and Co., New Orleans;

2 bills for merchandise;

1 family letter;

1 letter from Fannie Gilbert to cousin E. A. Gilbert;

1 letter from Hamet Pinson at Gainesville, Alabama, after death of wife;

2 letters from Margaret A. Hood regarding health of the community and need for a doctor;

4 letters from H. Reeves, agent for Dr. Hamet, regarding health of community, poor crop conditions, collections for the poor, and inability to secure quotation for land;

5 bills for merchandise bought in Alabama;

4 receipts for goods bought in Alabama;

3 checks;


1875-1876 1878-1879

29 items:

Hamet Pinson, Arkansas:

3 letters from H. Reeves, agent, giving an account of collection made for crops on Dr. Pinson’s farm in Arkansas, telling of no prospect for its sale, also unable to make any collection on outstanding debts to Pinson;


12 bills for general merchandise;

11 receipts including taxes;

1 way bill;

1 check;

1 mortgage deed to C. D. Woodruff Bros. general merchants, Gainesville;



15 items:

Hamet Pinson, Alabama:

10 bills for merchandise, receipt, and mortgage;

Edward A. Gilbert:

Gainesville Male Academy, 3 report cards;

2 social invitations;



21 items:

Kemper County, Mississippi:

Hamet Pinson: 14 bills for merchandise and receipts;

Edward A. Gilbert: 7 personal and family letters from his brother, John, at the University of Alabama, a friend, J. A. Mitchell, his sister, Annie (Pinson’s wife), Dr. Pinson, and from cousin M.



50 items: letters from family to Pinson

6 letters from Pinson’s brother-in-law in Binnsville, Mississippi;

12 letters from Annie Pinson;

4 letters from D.O. and C.J. McKinley (mother and step-father) from Wahalak, Mississippi;

4 letters from cousins in Gainesville, Alabama;

John W. Gilbert, his brother, attending University of Alabama, Jan. 24, May 13, October 5, and December 3;

1 letter from Julian Gill, friend, Oakwood, Texas, telling that Palestine, Texas is a lively, flourishing town and railroad center, November 3;



34 items:

1 lease for land in Alabama by Pinson;

2 receipts;

24 letters and 7 related items reflecting social conditions in Kemper County, Mississippi. 3 letters from Pinson, 3 letters from his wife, Annie, 5 letters from John Gilbert; others from friends;





58 items:

20 bills for merchandise from J. Schiffman, Gainesville, Alabama;

Letters to Edward A. Gilbert from family members reflecting farm conditions, raising of cattle, social conditions including local school problems;

4 letters from Hamet Pinson;

17 letters from Annie Pinson;

5 letters from other members of his family;

4 letters from John Gilbert;

14 account sheets showing records for cashbooks, journals, ledgers, etc., apparently a class exercise in accounting by Edward A. Gilbert;



30 items:

Hamet Pinson:

7 items from the University of Alabama referring to the death of Professor John Wesley Gilbert, assistant professor of English and mathematics, Aug. 1, 1887;

1 broadside and letter from the Tuskaloosa Coal, Iron, and Land Company referring t o stock in the company purchased by J. W. Gilbert;

10 letters refer to a settlement for property in Chattanooga, Tennessee, purchased by J. W. Gilbert jointly with five other professors;

13 miscellaneous bills and receipts;



64 items:

Principally receipts for taxes, tuition, and notes; bills for merchandise, statements of account for sale of cotton to C. Rosenbaum, Scooba, Mississippi; and receipts for taxes for real estate in Sumter County, Alabama


1900, 1912-1915

9 items:

Letters and receipts indicating Dr. Hamet Pinson’s address in Geiger, Alabama



30 items:

A few family letters;

School exercises by Edward A. Gilbert;

Invitations to social affairs;

Report from the Gainesville Male Academy for Edward Gilbert;

1 medical prescription;



1 item: Newspaper

The Geiger Times, July 26, 1917, Dr. H. Pinson, editor. Published by Wm. M. G. Pinson;


1864, undated

2 items: Photographs

1 unidentified photograph with Confederate States of America;

1 Confederate States of America one hundred dollar note, February 17, 1864, pasted on back of photograph;



1 item: photographic copy of portrait of Dr. Hamet Pinson, Confederate States Army (2 copies)



Empty envelopes



6 items: John H. Pinson material

Reprint from the Congressional Record, “Tribute to Confederate Veterans of the War Between the States,” extension of remarks of Hon. John J. Sparkman of Alabama in the U. S. Senate, January 12, 1948;

Invitation, program, and post card (15 copies) of the dedication and presentation to the U. S. of the Alabama State Memorial at Vicksburg and the statue of Major General John H. Forney, C. S. A., July 19, 1951, Vicksburg, Mississippi;

The Alabama Bible Society Quarterly, vol. 7, no. 3,, July, 1951: reproduction by Donnelley Deeptone Offset of Lee’s (Gen. Robert E.) general order number ‘9,’ April 10, 1865;

5 items: Manuscript volumes





1 copy of Dr. Pinson’s medical appointments in the Confederate army during the Civil War; also orders;



1 memorandum book, possibly of Edward A. Gilbert, containing accounts at Mississippi State Agricultural and Mechanical College;



1 memorandum book, possibly of Edward A. Gilbert, containing weather reports for January, 1884



1 memorandum book containing accounts for whiskey and tobacco;



1 memorandum book of Eva Pinson;

Index Terms

Agriculture – Alabama.

Agriculture – Mississippi.

College students – Alabama – 19th century.

College students – Mississippi – 19th century.

Confederate States of America. Army – Surgeons.

Cooper's Institute – Students.

Gainesville Male Academy – Students.

Gilbert, Edward A.

Medicine, Rural – Arkansas.

Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College – Students.

New Orleans School of Medicine – Students.


Pinson, Annie Gilbert.

Pinson, John H.

Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) – Arkansas.

Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) – Mississippi.

University of Alabama – Students.

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265 items: Family Papers (1859-1885)



237 items: Letters and Miscellaneous Items (1886-1915, 1948, 1951, 1961, undated.)

MF 5735, Series B

Reel 14

Omission: papers, 1870-1951 and vols. 2-5