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(Mss. 1372, 1382) Inventory

By Luana Henderson

Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library Louisiana State University Libraries Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University

Reformatted 2006

Contents of Inventory

Summary 3 Biographical/Historical Note 4-5 Scope and Content Note 6 Description 7-9 Index Terms 10-15 Container List 16-23

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Mss. 1372, 1382 1806-1926, 1937


Size. 2,615 items, 100 v.

Geographic Louisiana.

locations. Inclusive dates. 1806-1926, 1937. Bulk dates. 1880-1915. Language. English, Spanish, French. Summary. Correspondence, land records, financial papers, legal documents,

plantation diary, plantation record books, sermons and estate pertain to the Bowman and related families and their sugar and cotton plantations in West Feliciana and Pointe Coupee parishes, La.

Organization. Arranged Chronologically.

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Related Turnbull-Bowman Family Papers, Mss. 4452, Turnbull-Allain Family

collections. Papers, Mss. 4261, Turnbull-Bowman-Lyons Family Papers, Mss. 4026, James Pirrie Papers, Mss. 1382, Charles James Johnson Papers, Mss. 1152.

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Citation. James P. Bowman and Family Papers, Mss. 1372, 1382, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

Stack locations. B:19-24; J:18-19; OS:B; 98; Microfilm 5322, Series I, Part 4, Reels 8-19.

Biographical/Historical Note

James Pirrie Bowman, a cotton and sugar planter of West Feliciana Parish, La., was born at Oakley Plantation on Dec. 10, 1832, to Eliza Pirrie and her second husband, William R. Bowman. His education included St. James College, Hagerstown, Md., Trinity College, Hartford, Conn., and Yale University Medical School, graduating in 1851. On April 9, 1857, he married Sarah Turnbull, and together they had ten children: Martha (b. 1858), Eliza (1859-1907), Sarah (1861-1952), Daniel T. (b. 1862), Anna K. (b.1864), Nina (b. 1869-1955), James P. Bowman, Jr. (b. 1869), Corrie (1872-1929) and Isabel “Bella” M. (1876-1951). Prior to the Civil War, the Bowman family lived with Sarah’s mother, Martha Turnbull at Rosedown Plantation. At the onset of the Civil War, Bowman enlisted as a private in the 3rd Louisiana Cavalry, C.S.A., rising to the rank of 1st lieutenant. He resigned that position following the Battle of Shiloh, but continued his military service as a medical corpsman. He returned to Louisiana after his parole on May 12, 1865 to resume planting operations at Rosedown Plantation and at Frogmoor and Bayou Grosse Tete plantations in Pointe Coupee Parish. As a prominent member of the community, he served on the Board of Administrators of the Insane Asylum of the State of Louisiana (1889-1900) and the West Feliciana Parish School Board (1879-1916). Bowman died Aug. 25, 1927 at the age of 93.

Eliza Pirrie (1805-1851) was the daughter of James Pirrie and Lucretia Alston Gray of Oakley Plantation in West Feliciana Parish. Eliza's first marriage to her cousin, Robert Hilliard Barrow (1795-1823), produced a son, Robert H. Barrow, Jr. (b. 1824). Eliza later married her second husband, William R. Bowman (1800-1835), the rector of Grace Episcopal Church in St. Francisville, La. In addition to James Pirrie Bowman, Eliza and William had a daughter Isabel (married William Wilson Matthews). William died in 1835, and in 1840, Eliza married her third husband, Henry Lyons, a Philadelphia lawyer. They had three children, Cora, Lucie, and Eliza. Eliza’s cousin, Lewis Stirling built Wakefield Plantation, and Robert Hilliard Barrow, Jr. later acquired Rosale Plantation through his wife Mary Barrow.

Sara Turnbull Bowman (1831-1914) was the daughter of wealthy planter, Daniel Turnbull (d. 1862) and Martha Barrow of Rosedown Plantation in West Feliciana Parish, La. She inherited Rosedown. Upon her death in 1914, her four daughters, Isabel, Corrie, Sarah and Nina, inherited Rosedown.

Daniel Turnbull (1799-1861), son of English immigrant, John Turnbull, founded Rosedown Plantation in 1835. He also operated Styopa, Catalpa, Middleplace, Hazelwood, Grove, Inheritance, Woodlawn, and De Soto plantations. He lived on Rosedown Plantation with his wife, Martha Hilliard Barrow Turnbull (1809-1896), and their children, James Daniel (18361843), Daniel, William B., and Sarah (1831-1914). Martha, an avid horticulturist, established the extensive gardens at Rosedown.

John Turnbull (d. Aug. 24, 1799) and his wife, Catherine Rucker, settled with their children in Bayou Sara, West Feliciana Parish. Their children were John, Daniel (1799-1861), James F. (d. before 1831), Susannah (d. before 1831), Isabella (married Robert Semple), Sarah (married Lewis Stirling), and Walter (d. ca. 1838). Catherine managed many of her own business affairs; she jointly owned a plantation in Saint Mary Parish with her son-in-law, John Towles. After John’s death, she managed the family business affairs with the assistance of Charles Norwood, a relative to the Turnbull family by marriage. Norwood, who resided in New Orleans, also assisted in the settlement of John Turnbull’s estate.

Note: For more biographical information, see inventories for the Turnbull-Bowman Family Papers, Mss. 4452 Turnbull-Allain Family Papers, Mss. 4261 and the Turnbull-Bowman- Lyons Family Papers, Mss. 4026, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries.

Scope and Content Note

Collection reflects plantation life during the 19th and early 20th centuries and shows the business and social relationships between the prominent Bowman, Barrow, Turnbull and Stirling families of West Feliciana Parish, La. This collection consists of personal and business records of James

P. Bowman, Catherine Rucker Turnbull, Eliza Pirrie, William R. Bowman, Daniel Turnbull, Sarah Turnbull Bowman and Robert H. Barrow, Jr.

Business records comprise the majority of the collection; legal records, printed material, personal papers and correspondence are also included. Business records consist of record books, plantation diaries, payroll records, cotton records books, financial papers and business correspondence. They document crop production and plantation operations at Rosedown Plantation, DeSoto, Middleplace, Inheritance, Frogmoor, Hazelwood and Stryopa plantations. Financial papers are comprised of bills, promissory notes, statements of accounts and receipts related to the cotton trade. They also show the purchase of personal items, household goods, medical care and services. Business correspondence relates to plantation operations, crop production and trade. A large portion of this correspondence consists of letters from commission merchants relating to the sale and shipment of cotton. Business records also document the slave and free labor economies of the antebellum and post-war periods. Personal correspondence discusses family news and social activities, with a few letters offering political observations during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Land documents and estate papers comprise the legal papers. Collection also includes business papers of the Episcopal Church and the sermons delivered by William R. Bowman at Grace Episcopal Church in St. Francisville.


Note: Papers are arranged chronologically.

Antebellum papers (1806-1859) are comprised primarily of business records reflecting plantation management and operations related to the cotton and sugar trade. They consist of land documents, financial papers and business correspondence, particularly letters from commission merchants. Personal papers made up primarily of personal correspondence relates to family news, social activities, education and current events.


Earliest papers include a Spanish land document signed by Carlos Grand-Pre (1806), a sale agreement between John and Susannah Gartley and Catherine Turnbull (1807; 1822), land conveyance signed by Judge Richard Claiborne (1808) and a facts statement concerning land in Bayou Boeuff (ca. 1820). Other items include an account for plantation expenses (1813), promissory notes, drafts, bills and receipts (1810; 1812-1813; 1826-1829). Correspondence discusses steamboat travel to Lafourche Parish (June 19, 1814), the dissolution of a plantation partnership (Dec. 18, 1818), testimony concerning slave ownership (May 24, 1819) and a letter of recommendation to Princeton University on behalf of William R. Bowman (Nov. 5, 1823). Additional items relate to the hire of an African American (1829), blacksmith services, freight, groceries, taxes, lumber and cotton sales at Rosedown, Catalpa and Middleplace plantations (photocopies). An affidavit signed by Daniel Turnbull and Lewis Stirling verifies Catherine Turnbull’s ownership of slaves (1829).


Material pertains to the cotton trade and includes invoices, bills, receipts, statements of account and memoranda along with correspondence from several New Orleans commission merchants. A letter from Scott and Fulton, an Alexandria law firm, concerns the division of family property at Bayou Boeuff (1830). Personal correspondence relates to Episcopal Church business, anti Masonry sentiment in Brownsville, Pa. (Jan. 16, 1830) and a land sale in Tangipahoa Parish (1834). Eliza Bowman receives condolences upon the death of her husband, William R. Bowman (Sept. 7, 1835). Dr. E.H. Barton, West Feliciana Parish, discusses the cholera epidemic and details treatment (July 16, 1833). Reports from Kenyon College, Ohio, and University of Virginia concern Daniel Turnbull’s ward, John Towles, Jr. (Oct. 25, 1832; 1834). Correspondence written to William R. Bowman discusses the General Episcopal Convention, appointment of an Episcopal bishop and church regulations governing appointments (May 25, Oct. 28, 1833; 1835). Other items relate to the sale of land by Daniel Turnbull’s stepdaughter, Rosina B. Groesbeck (1836; 1838) and a molasses shipment to Daniel Turnbull (March 17, 1842). Business papers (1832-1842) of Eliza Bowman Lyons pertain to Prospect Plantation in Pointe Coupee Parish and contain correspondence, a legal document and receipts for purchases, labor and taxes.


Financial papers reflect the cost of labor, goods, farm implements, drugs, furniture, medical care and food supplies at Rosedown, Inheritance, Williams Place and Middleplace plantations. Receipts show payments for house repairs made in New Orleans and property taxes for Home, Prospect and Oakley plantations. Receipts also show payment for pew rent at Grace Episcopal Church, medical and blacksmith services, storage, goods and a fee charged by the West Feliciana Jail for the housing of a slave (1846-1847). Additional material includes the estate papers of William R. Bowman (1843).


Business records pertain to plantation operations at Rosedown, Styopa and De Soto plantations. They contain correspondence from cotton factors and plantation overseers. In his letters to Eliza Bowman Lyons, the overseer of Frogmoor Plantation reports on work productivity, crop production and the health of slaves (1850). Other items include St. James College monthly report for James P. Bowman (Dec. 1851), payment to St. James College (April 30, 1852) and bills for books (1852). Correspondence discusses sugar crop, personal news and objections to the sale of De Soto Plantation (Nov. 5, 13, 14, 1859). Financial papers consist of cotton sales records, bills and receipts, invoices and memoranda regarding weight of cotton bales from Rosedown Plantation. Receipts reflect the cost of stationery, food, goods, clothing, subscriptions, furniture, silver cups and molasses barrels

Personal correspondence to James P. Bowman comments on the social activities in Hartford, Conn. (April 5, 1854), attendance at the Episcopal Convention (June 13, 1854) and the appointment of Dr. Baylor as surgeon on the ship Arctic (July 23, 1854). Letters also concern the death of William Turnbull (Dec. 4, 1857, Jan. 6, 1858), a hurricane at Last Island, La., (Aug. 18, 1856) and the succession Mary Stirling (1857). Personal correspondence to Isabel Bowman Matthews, sister of James P. Bowman, comments on family matters and local news (Sept. 6 and 25, Oct. 11 and 21, 1959). Letter from Sudie R. Finley, New Orleans, remarks on the scarcity of Christmas trees in New Orleans (Dec. 27, 1959).


Civil War papers are mostly of a financial nature, with some references to slaves and family matters. Papers contain drafts, promissory notes, bills and receipts related to plantation labor, household furnishings, groceries and general merchandise. Additionally, there are statements of account for sugar and cotton sales and account with C. H. Slocomb and Company regarding Home and Bayou Grosse Tete plantations (March 28, 1860). Papers pertaining to slavery include a receipt issued by West Feliciana Parish jail for the delivery of slave (1860), a letter from E.G.W. Butler to Daniel Turnbull about the sale of Cora Turnbull’s slaves to George Williamson (Jan. 29, 1860) and a memorandum regarding the birth of slaves (1863). A letter (photocopy) to Washington Jackson and Co. expresses dissatisfaction over cotton and sugar sales. Overseer of De Soto Plantation reports on crops and plantation operations to Daniel Turnbull (June 3, 1860), and he mentions that he was appointed road overseer in West Feliciana Parish (June 4, 1860). In personal correspondence, Cora B. Turnbull reports on the prevalence of typhoid in New Orleans hotels (Feb. 10, 1860).

Personal letters to James P. Bowman include comments on Martha Bowman’s illness, pessimistic reports about Bayou Grosse Tete Plantation, political division (July 21, 1860) and the succession of Mary Stirling (Aug. 7, 1860). A. Barrow offers his political observations on national election returns in Delaware, Florida and Mississippi, and expresses little hope of Abraham Lincoln’s defeat and those political views cannot be publicly expressed (Sept. 14, 23, Nov. 2, 1860). A letter from A. E. Cato and Co. of New Orleans explains their inability to provide De Soto Plantation laborers with shoes (1860). A. Heise, overseer at Frogmoor, reports on a measles epidemic, high floodwaters, shortage of salt, slaves leaving local plantations and rumors that guerillas may destroy the cotton crop (1862; 1863). There is also receipt for wages paid at Frogmoor Plantation (1863). Correspondence from commission merchants discusses Daniel Turnbull’s estate, cotton shipments and government regulations (1865).


Post-war papers continue to illustrate the financial aspects of plantation operations. Material includes plantation payrolls, plantation assessment lists, memoranda concerning plantation labor and cotton crops, receipts, miscellaneous lists of crop estimates, rents, debts and business correspondence. In a letter to James P. Bowman, Richard Flower, a New Orleans factor, discusses the accounts of Martha H. Turnbull, Sarah Turnbull Bowman and various family plantations (Aug. 1, 1868). He also comments on African American participation in political clubs. Other topics include social activities in Hancock County, Miss., (1893), Caddo oil fields (1915), the design and erection of a cemetery monument for Sarah T. Bowman, the Louisiana State Fair and prohibition of alcohol in Shreveport, La.

Collection also contains issues of the New Orleans Cotton Exchange Market Report (Nov. 15, 1878, Sept. 5, 1881) and a Krewe of Momus Mardi Gras invitation (1890). Newspaper clippings report on strawberry culture in Mississippi (1881), carbon (1890), yellow fever in Natchez and New Orleans (Sept. 2, 1905) and Fort Panmure, Miss. (1909).

Undated items include letters and business papers regarding severity of yellow fever in West Feliciana Parish, business affairs of the Episcopal Church, sermons, a hand made valentine, drawing of mantle and mirror by C. Riddell (photocopy), prescriptions, bills, receipts, notes, lists and memoranda concerning plantation accounts, payrolls and land records. Undated printed material includes a United States map, advertisements, poetry and several horticultural and agricultural catalogs, including R.W. Simpkins Cotton Seed Co., What others think of “Ideal; J.

F. Agricultural Lime for Southern Soils, Fritz Jahncke, Inc., New Orleans; Sayers Catalogue of Green House and Hot House Plants.

Printed material includes New Orleans Board of Health Annual Report for 1849 (1850), a printed copy of R. Buist’s Catalogue of Select Roses: (1855), Ingalls 1890 Catalogue of Perforated Stamping Patterns (1890); W. A. Simpkins Cotton Seed Co. (1913); U. S. Department of Agriculture, Miscellaneous Circular No. 65. The Agricultural Outlook for 1926, (1926)

Manuscript volumes document plantation management and operations. They consist of cotton record books, v. 1-31 (1879-1915), day books v. 32-55 (1871-1940), ledgers v. 56-79 (18681925), payroll books v. 83- 88 (1918-1925), plantation diaries v. 89-90 (1860-1868), plantation record books v. 91-95 (1867-1907) and time books v. 96-97 (1893-1913). Other volumes include school notebooks of Mary S. Groesbeck v. 80-82 (1855), a cotton market futures book v. 99 (1901-1902) and a sales book with no entries, v. 100 (1903-194). Cotton record book, v. 5, contains gin account with J. Freyhan and Co. Day book, v. 53, includes house accounts, plantation diary, minutes of the Democratic Executive Committee of the Parish of West Feliciana are recorded in ledger, v. 59 (Nov. 24, 1883). Plantation diary, v. 89, contains also contains printed copy of Duties of an Overseer.

Mss. 1372, 1382 1806-1926, 1937

Index Terms Terms References

African-Americans. Slave ownership (1819; 1829); arrest fee (1846); health (1850); birth of slaves (1863); shortage of shoes (1864); taxes on slaves, plantation diary v. 89, pp. 67-69 (1864); runaway slaves (1862, 1863); slaves freed by Union Army, plantation diaries, v. 88-89 (1819, 1829, 1848, 1866-1896).

Agricultural exhibitions--Caddo Louisiana State Fair, 1915. Parish (La.)

Agriculture, horticulture. Bills, receipts, notices, catalogs, journals and pamphlets

concerning garden plants, cotton seed and soils, 1831,

1855, 1867, 1901, 1913, 1926, undated.

Barrow, Bennett, b. 1803. Promissory note, 1827; letter to Eliza B. Lyons, 1847.

Bayou Boeuff (La.)--History. Statements regarding land sold, ca. 1820; letter, 1830; letter, 1832.

Bayou Grosse Tete Plantation Notices, statements, receipts and survey, 1855-1856, 1859(La.) 1860.

Bowman, William R., 1800-1835. Personal and business papers (1823-1835, 1839); succession papers, 1843; sermons, undated.

Bowman family. Entire collection.

Bowman, Sarah Turnbull, 1831-Personal papers, business record, plantation accounts, 1914. 1859-1914.

Turnbull family. Entire collection.

Carnival--Louisiana--New Invitation to the Krewe of Momus carnival planning, 1890. Orleans--History.

Catalpa Plantation (La.) Photocopy of cotton sales records, 1830.

Cholera--Louisiana--West Letter comments on severity and treatment, July 16, 1833. Feliciana Parish.

Christmas--New Orleans (La.) Scarcity of Christmas trees, Dec. 27, 1859.

James P. Bowman and Family Papers Special Collection, LSU Libraries

Mss. 1372, 1382 1806-1926, 1937
Clark, Daniel. Statement regarding sale of Bayou Boeuff land, ca. 1820.
Clergy--Louisiana--West Feliciana Letters and business papers regarding church matters,
Parish. sermons, 1823-1835, 1839, undated.
College of St. James--Students. Academic reports of James P. Bowman, Dec. 1851,
undated; liquidation, April 30, 1852; appeal for
contribution, 1855.
Commission merchants. Letters, invoices, accounts, cotton statements 1820-1914,
Confederate States of America-- Plantation diary, v. 89, pp. 67-69, 1864.
Appropriations and expenditures.
Cotton growing--Louisiana Entire collection.
Cotton trade--Louisiana. Entire collection.
De Soto Plantation (La.) Statements of account, correspondence, 1854, 1857-1858,
Democratic Party--Louisiana. African American participation, Aug. 1, 1868; minutes of
meeting of the Democratic Executive Committee of the
Parish of West Feliciana, ledger, v. 59, Nov. 24, 1883.
Episcopal Church--Louisiana-- Correspondence, business papers, sermons, 1822-1835,
West Feliciana Parish. 1839, undated.
Fort Panmure (Miss.) Newspaper clipping, 1909.
Freedmen--West Feliciana Parish Slaves freed by Union Army, plantation diary, v. 89, p.70.
Freemasons. Anti Masonry sentiment, Jan. 16, 1830.
Frogmoor Plantation (La.) Correspondence, 1850, 1857-1859, 1862-1863.
Fugitive slaves--Louisiana --West Correspondence, 1861, 1862-1863; plantation diary, v. 89,
Feliciana Parish. p. 69, 1864.
Grand-Pré, Charles Boucher de, Land conveyance, 1806.
Grove Plantation (La.) Receipts for merchandise, 1831.
Hartford (Conn.)--Social life and Letter, April 5, 1864.

James P. Bowman and Family Papers Special Collection, LSU Libraries

Mss. 1372, 1382 1806-1926, 1937
Hazelwood Plantation (La.) Correspondence, statements, plantation diary, account
books, lists of laborers, assessment returns, receipts, 1848
1854, 1863-1925.cotton record books, v. 3-31, 1882-1915;
Home Plantation (La.) Business papers 1836-1842; memorandum 1843; statement
of account , 1860.
House furnishings--Louisiana-- Bills, receipts, correspondence, Nov. 12, 1838; 1842;
West Feliciana Parish. 1852-1853; 1856-1857, 1859,1860; assessment of
furniture, 1922, ledger v. 76, p. 80.
Iberville Parish (La.)--History Land records, legal documents, financial papers relating to
cotton trade, medical care and plantation operations, 1806
1926, 1937, undated.
Inheritance and succession-- William R. Bowman, 1843; Eliza Bowman Lyons, 1854;
Louisiana. William B. Turnbull, 1857; Daniel Turnbull, 1862, 1866
1867; plantation diary, v. 89 (p.70).
Inheritance Plantation (La.) Correspondence, statements of account and cotton sales,
receipts, account books, 1842-1854, 1879-1925.
Kenyon College--Students. Dismissal of John Towles, Oct. 25, 1832.
Lakeland Plantation (La.) Molasses shipment, March 17, 1842.
Last Island (La.)--History. Severe storm, letter, Aug. 18, 1856.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865. Sept. 14, 23; Nov. 2, 1860.
Louis T. Freyhan & Co. Statements of plantation and house accounts; cotton sales
records for Rosedown, Inheritance and Hazelwood
plantations, 1885-1904.
Louisiana--Politics and government--19th century. Correspondence, 1860, 1868. Minutes of West Feliciana Parish Democratic Executive Committee. 1883, ledger v.
59, pp. 107-111.
Lumber. Bills, receipts, 1830-1831, 1859, 1901-1902.
Medical care--Louisiana--West Bills, receipts for medical services and drugs, 1826-1862,
Feliciana Parish. 1901-1902, undated. Appointment of surgeon to the ship
Arctic, letter, July 23, 1854.

James P. Bowman and Family Papers Special Collection, LSU Libraries

Mss. 1372, 1382 1806-1926, 1937
Merchant--Louisiana. Bills, receipts, correspondence, statements of account for
jewelry, silver cups, miniature china, shoes, clothing,
hardware, millinery, drugs and other items, 1811-1902,
Merchants--Louisiana. Statements of account, cotton sale, 1885-1904.
Middle Place Plantation La.) Cotton sales records, receipts, correspondence, receipts for
wages to overseer, 1830-1831, 1843, 1854.
Oakley Plantation (La.). Correspondence, statements of account, cotton sales
records, cancelled notes, bill, estate papers, 1829-1855,
Oil fields--Louisiana--Caddo Development of oil fields, 1915.
Plantation overseers--Louisiana. Receipts for wages, letters from overseer concerning
Rosedown, Middle Place, Oakley and Prospect plantations
in West Feliciana Parish, Frogmoor Plantation in Iberville
Parish, 1834-1835, 1848-1863; Duties of an Overseer, v.
89, 1860-1896.
Plantation owners--Louisiana. Entire collection.
Plantation workers--Louisiana. Shortage of shoes, 1860; payroll books, v. 83-88, 1918
1925; plantation record books, v. 94-95, 1906-1907.
Plantations--Louisiana. Entire collection.
Pointe Coupee (La.)--History. Business papers of Eliza Bowman Lyons, 1832-1842.
Princeton University--Students. Recommendation of William R. Bowman as prospective
theological student, Nov. 5, 1823.
Prohibition--Louisiana--Caddo C.J. Barrow comments on differences in opinion regarding
Parish. enforcement, 1915.
Prospect Plantation (La.) Business papers, 1832-1842.
Reconstruction (U.S. history, African American participation in Democratic
1865-1877)--Louisiana. organizations, Aug. 1, 1868; minutes of the Democratic
Executive Committee, Parish of West Feliciana, v. 59,
Nov. 24, 1883.

Rosedown Plantation (La.). Entire collection.

James P. Bowman and Family Papers Special Collection, LSU Libraries

Mss. 1372, 1382 1806-1926, 1937
Sermons--Louisiana--West Sermons delivered at the Grace Episcopal Church by
Feliciana Parish. William R. Bowman, undated.
Slaves--Louisiana. Testimony, 1819, affidavit, 1829; arrest fee, 1846; state of
health, 1850; births, 1863; shoes, 1864. Taxes, plantation
diary v. 89, pp. 67-69, 1864. Slaves freed by Union Army,
plantation diaries, v. 88-89, 1819, 1829, 1848, 1866-1896.
Saint Mary Parish (La.)--History. Plantation land records, financial papers, correspondence
for West Feliciana and St. Mary parishes, 1806-1854,
Styopa Plantation (La.) Correspondence, cotton records, 1858-1859, 1869.
Sugar trade--Louisiana. Entire collection.
Tangipahoa Parish (La.)--History-19th century. Letter, 1834.
Towles, John. 1806-1829.
Towles, John, Jr. 1832, 1834.
Turnbull, Catherine Rucker, d. Land reports, business papers concerning purchase of
1832. merchandise, slave ownership, joint ownership with John
Towles of St. Mary Parish plantation, 1806-1829.
Turnbull, Martha Hillard Barrow, Personal and business correspondence, statements of
1809-1896. account, drafts, cotton trade, diary entries concerning
Rosedown, Hazelwood plantations, 1859-1868, 1878-1879.
Plantation diary v. 89, pages 57-70.
Typhoid--New Orleans (La.) Letter, Feb. 10, 1860.
United States--Politics and government--19th century. Sept. 14, 23, Nov. 2, 1860.
University of Virginia--Students. John Towles, Jr., 1834.
Valentine's Day. Hand made valentine greeting, undated.
Washington Artillery (New Newspaper clipping, 1907.
Orleans, La.)
West Feliciana Parish (La.)-- Entire collection.

Williams Plantation (La.) Receipts, 1842.

Women plantation owners--Land records, financial papers, correspondence, 1806-Louisiana. 1854, undated.

Yellow fever. Severity of epidemic in West Feliciana Parish, undated; Democratic Record, Sept. 2, 1905.

Mss. 1372, 1382 1806-1926, 1937

Container List

Stack Location Box Folders Contents


B:19 1a 1 Correspondence, 1806-1814, 1818-1819. 2 Correspondence, 1820-1823. 3 Correspondence, 1826-1829. 4 Correspondence, 1830. 1b 5 Correspondence, 1831. 6 Correspondence, 1832-1833. 7 Correspondence, 1834-1835. 2a 8 Correspondence, 1836-1839. 9 Correspondence, 1840-1841. 10 Correspondence, Daniel Turnbull, 1842. 2b 11 Correspondence, Eliza Bowman Lyons, 1842. 12 Correspondence, Eliza Bowman Lyons, 1842. 13 Correspondence, 1843.

B:20 3a 14 Correspondence, 1844-1845. 15 Correspondence, 1846-1847. 16 Correspondence, 1848-1849. 3b 17 Correspondence, 1850-1851. 18 Correspondence, 1852-1853.

B:21 4a 19 Correspondence, Jan. – May 1854. 20 Correspondence, June – Dec. 1854. 21 Correspondence, 1855. 22 Correspondence, 1856. 4b 23 Correspondence, 1857. 5a 24 Correspondence, Jan. – Aug. 1858. 25 Correspondence, Oct. - Dec. 1858. 26 Correspondence, Jan. - Feb. 1859. 27 Correspondence, March - Dec. 1859. 5b 28 Correspondence, Jan. - May 1860. 29 Correspondence, June - Dec. 1860.

B:22 6a 30 Correspondence, 1861. 31 Correspondence, 1862. 32 Correspondence, 1863, 1865. 33 Correspondence, 1866. 6b 34 Correspondence, 1867. 35 Correspondence, March – Aug. 1868. 36 Correspondence, Sept. – Nov. 1868. 37 Correspondence, 1869.

B:22 7 38 Correspondence, 1870-1879.

B:22 39 Correspondence, 1880-1889. 40 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1885, 1887-1889.

Mss. 1372, 1382 1806-1926, 1937

41 Correspondence, 1890, 1893.

42 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1890.

43 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1891.

44 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1892.

45 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1893.

B:23 8a 46 Correspondence, 1894. 47 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1894. 48 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1895-1896. 49 Correspondence, 1895-1898; 7 items 50 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1900. 51 Correspondence, 1901-1902. 8b 52 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1901-1902.

B:24 9 53 Correspondence, 1903. 54 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1903. 55 Correspondence, Sarah T. Bowman, Plantation Accounts; 1904. 56 Correspondence, 1904-1909. 57 Correspondence, 1910-1914. 58 Correspondence, 1915-1917. 59 Correspondence, 1921-1925.

B:24 10 60 Payrolls, 1921-1923, 1926. 61 Reverend William Robert Bowman Sermons, undated. 62-64 Papers, undated. 65 Empty envelopes, 1860-1868, 1895-1917 66 Clippings, 1880-1890, 1904-1911, 1937, undated. 67 Pamphlets, 1855, 1913, 1926, undated.

Manuscript volumes:

1. Cotton Record Book, 1879, Rosedown and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  1. Cotton Record Book, 1880, Rosedown and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  2. Cotton Record Book, 1882, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman
  3. Cotton Record Book, 1883, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman
  4. Cotton Record Book, 1884, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman; gin account with J. Freyhan and Co.
  5. Cotton Record Book, 1885, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  6. Cotton Record Book, 1886, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
8. Cotton Record Book, 1888, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  1. Cotton Record Book, 1889, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  2. Cotton Record Book, 1893, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  3. Cotton Record Book, 1894, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  4. Cotton Record Book, 1895, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  5. Cotton Record Book, 1896, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
14. Cotton Record Book, 1897, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
15. Cotton Record Book, 1898, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  1. Cotton Record Book, 1899, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  2. Cotton Record Book, 1900, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  3. Cotton Record Book, 1901, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  4. Cotton Record Book, 1902, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  5. Cotton Record Book, 1903, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  6. Cotton Record Book, 1904, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  7. Cotton Record Book, 1905, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
23. Cotton Record Book, 1906, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  1. Cotton Record Book, 1907, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  2. Cotton Record Book, 1908, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  1. Cotton Record Book, 1912, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantation, James P. Bowman.
  2. Cotton Record Book, 1913, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
  3. Cotton Record Book, 1914, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.
31. Cotton Record Book, 1915, Rosedown, Hazelwood and Inheritance plantations, James P. Bowman.

32. Daybook, 1871-1872.

J:18 33. Daybook, 1873-1874 (p. 1-43 missing).

34. Daybook, 1882-1883.

35. Daybook, 1884, Jan. - Aug.

36. Daybook, 1884-1889.

37. Daybook, 1895-1896.

38. Daybook, Feb.-July, 1896.

39. Daybook, July-Nov., 1896.

40. Daybook, Feb.-April, 1897.

J:18 41. Daybook, June-Sept., 1897.

42. Daybook, Feb.-June, 1898.

43. Daybook, Feb. 1901-June 1902.

44. Daybook, June 1902-March 1903.

45. Daybook, March 1903-Feb. 1909.

46. Daybook, Feb.-Oct., 1909.

47. Daybook, Oct. 1909-Oct. 1910.

J:18 48. Daybook, May 1910-Feb. 1911.

J:19 49. Daybook, Feb.-July, 1911.

50. Daybook, July 1911-June, 1912.

51. Daybook, June 1912-June 1913.

52. Daybook, Aug. 1913-May 1914.

53. Daybook, 1913-1914, house accounts.

J:19 54. Daybook, 1914-1915.

J:19 55. Daybook, 1926-1940.

56. Ledger, 1868 Jan.-Feb.

57. Ledger, 1872-1873.

58. Ledger, 1875-1882.

59. Ledger, 1883-1884, Minutes of the Democratic Executive Committee of the Parish of West Feliciana,

p. 107-111

60. Ledger, 1884-1885.

61. Ledger, 1884-1885.

62. Ledger, 1885-1886.

63. Ledger, 1886-1887, James P. Bowman, Sr.

64. Ledger, 1887-1889.

65. Ledger, 1889-1891.

J:19 66. Ledger, 1891-1892.

67. Ledger, 1893-1895.

68. Ledger, 1895-1898.

69. Ledger, 1898-1899, Rosedown Plantation.

70. Ledger, 1900-1901.

71. Ledger, 1901-1906.

72. Ledger, 1906-1908.

73. Ledger, 1911-1914.

74. Ledger, 1915-1916.

75. Ledger, 1916-1918.

J:19 76. Ledger, 1921.

J:19 77. Ledger, 1922-1923.

James P. Bowman and Family Papers Special Collection, LSU Libraries

Mss. 1372, 1382 1806-1926, 1937
78. Ledger, 1924-1925; Cotton account, 1924, with Inheritance, Rosedown and Hazelwood plantations, pp. 66-67; lists of tenants, 1925, pp. 70-71.
79. Ledger, 1925, Hazelwood, Inheritance, and Rosedown plantation accounts.
80. Notebook, 1855, Mary S. Groesbeck.
81. Notebook, ca. 1855, Mary S. Groesbeck.
82. Notebook, ca. 1855, Mary S. Groesbeck.
83. Payroll Book, 1917-1918, payroll entries, Jan. -April 1918, rent entries, 1917-1918.
J:19 84. Payroll Book, April-Nov., 1918.
85. Payroll Book, Sept. 1919-Feb. 1920.
86. Payroll Book, Dec. 1920-June 1921.
87. Payroll Book, Jan.-Aug. 1925.
88. Payroll Book, Oct.-Dec., 1925.
89. Plantation Diary, 1860-1896; Daniel Turnbull entries for 1860-1862; Martha H. Turnbull entries for 1863-1896 Rosedown and Hazelwood plantations. Duties of an Overseer.
90. Plantation Diary, 1866-1868.
91. Plantation Record Book, Feb.-June, 1867 ().
92. Plantation Record Book, Oct. 1867.
93. Plantation Record Book, 1871-1874 (); cash accounts; gin accounts included.
94. Plantation Record Book, 1906.
J:19 95. Plantation Record Book, 1907.
J:19 96. Time Book, 1893-1897.
97. Time Book, 1906-1909.

98. Time Book, 1912-1912 Time book shows number of hours worked and rate of pay. Inheritance Plantation,

C.T. Bell.

99. Cotton Market Futures and Spot Book. 1901-1902.
J:19 100. Sales Book,1903-1904, blank book.
98 1 Democratic Record (Jackson, La.); Sept. 2, 1905.
OS:B 1 Summaries, Price Current, memoranda, 1830-1859,
Microfilm 5322 reels 8-19
Series I, pt. 4