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437 items, 1 manuscript volume

Geographic locations.

East Baton Rouge Parish, La.; New Orleans, La.; Adams County, Miss.; New Haven, Conn.; Princeton, N.J.; Providence, R.I.; Philadelphia, Penn.; Washington D.C.; Fresno, Calif.; London, England; Ontario, Canada

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English, French


Papers of the John Christian Buhler families of East Baton Rouge Parish, La. and Adams County, Miss. The collection includes correspondence, financial papers, newspaper clippings and photographs, reflecting education, social life, economy, and political matters in the area during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.


Series I, John Christian Buhler and John Robert Buhler, 1805, 1824-1883

Series II, Mary Edith Buhler, 1897-1932

Series III, Jennie Gillespie Buhler, 1879-1946

Series IV, Hester S. Buhler and Samuel Randall Simmons, 1876-1946

Series V, Genealogy, 1914-1927, undated

Series VI, Printed items, 1893-1952, undated

Series VII, Manuscript Volume, 1831

Series VIII, Photographs, 1847-1900s, undated

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Buhler Family Papers, Mss. 1192, 1210, 1238, 1311, 1333, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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Biographical/Historical Note

John Christian Buhler, son of John Buhler and Edith Smith (1767-1826), was a planter of Winters Plantation in Buhler's Plains near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He married his first wife, Hester Buhler (nee Smith, 1803-1835) of Adams County, Mississippi, in 1827, and they had a son, John Robert Buhler (1829-1886). John Christian Buhler married Frances Tabor Coit in 1837 and had a son, Francis Purviance Buhler (b. 1841). John Robert Buhler graduated from Princeton in 1846 and married Mary Meux Reynolds (1826-1903) in 1847. They had four daughters, Anna S. (b.1848, married William D. Postlethwaite), Jane Gillespie (called Jennie, 1859-1945), Mary Edith (1864-1931 or 2), and Hester Smith Buhler (1866-1948, married Samuel Randall Simmons).

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes family correspondence, chiefly of John Christian Buhler, John Robert Buhler, Mary Edith Buhler, Hester S. Simmons (née Buhler), and Jane (Jennie) Gillespie Buhler. Letters concern national and local politics, notable persons, social and economic conditions in Louisiana and Mississippi, and family life. Correspondence during Reconstruction discusses problems of freedman labor and property holdings of the Buhler family, chiefly in East Baton Rouge Parish. Education and student life are discussed in a letter (1805) to Hester Smith Buhler at Ursuline Academy in New Orleans and in letters from family members (including Francis Purviance Buhler) at Princeton and Yale universities.

Financial documents include a copy of an act of sale (1852) of a parcel of land by John Buhler and his wife to the town of Baton Rouge. This parcel is now the site of Magnolia Cemetery. Genealogical notes (1914-1927) pertain to the Lightfoot family, the Smith family of Mississippi, and the families of John Christian Buhler, Richard Devall, John Reynolds, and John Hawkins. The collection contains photographs of oil paintings and engravings depicting members of the Buhler family living from 1679-1886, and photographs of John Christian and Hester Buhler (undated).

List of Series

Series I, John Christian Buhler and John Robert Buhler, 1805, 1824-1883

Series II, Mary Edith Buhler, 1897-1932

Series III, Jennie Gillespie Buhler, 1879-1946

Series IV, Hester S. Buhler Simmons and Samuel Randall Simmons, 1876-1946

Series V, Genealogy, 1914-1927, undated

Series VI, Printed items, 1893-1952, undated

Series VII, Manuscript Volume, 1831

Series VIII, Photographs, 1847-1900s, undated

Series Descriptions

Series I, John Christian Buhler and John Robert Buhler, 1805, 1824-1883

The earliest letter in this collection was written by Edith Smith Buhler Devall to her daughter Margaret Buhler at Ursuline Academy, New Orleans (1805). A certificate declares Miss Hetty Smith a member of the Presbyterian Church in Adams County, Miss. (1824).

Correspondence to John Christian Buhler comes from Henry H. Gurley, U.S. Representative from Louisiana discussing politics and upcoming elections (1827), from the sheriff of St. James Parish (1828, in French), and from Buhler's wife Hester Smith Buhler before the birth of their son (1829). An announcement of the marriage of John Buhler Esq. to Frances Coit (1837) is included, as is a letter from John Robert Buhler at Independence Plantation to his father (1843). A letter from George de Passeau in New Orleans concerning property in East Baton Rouge Parish is sent to John Christian Buhler, along with a survey of the property (1843).

Two typed copies of letters are found in the collection, one from John Robert Buhler to his aunt Ann Scott discussing his time at Princeton (1845), and another from Ann Scott to her brother John Christian Buhler that discusses family and plantation matters (1843). Correspondence to John Robert Buhler comes from his friend John J. Meyers in Providence, Rhode Island (1856), his brother Frank (Francis P. Buhler) (1859-1860), and a typed copy of a letter from J.I. Scott at Princeton discussing the end of the Civil War (1865). Other papers include a broadside for Rapides Female Seminary (1852), a poem by William G. Bates for John Buhler on his 71st birthday (1860), account sheets of John Robert Buhler (1867), and a printed copy of a form letter sent by Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity to John R. Buhler (1883).

Series II, Mary Edith Buhler, 1897-1932

The earliest item of Mary Edith Buhler is her diploma from New Orleans public schools (1880) and a poem written to her dated 1897. Many letters inquire about family genealogy and Buhler families in other parts of the country; these come from Lucia Fellows of New Orleans (1912), Caroline Rogers Buhler (1914), and Mrs. William H. Harris (1919). Two letters from Princeton University thank M.E. Buhler for a sketch of one of their graduates (1915), while a letter from The Writer: A Monthly Magazine for Literary Workers discusses an issue containing an article about Buhler (1915). A number of letters and invitations to memorial services at the tomb of General U.S. Grant (1918) were sent to Buhler, as was a note from The American Historical Society concerning The Grass in the Pavement (1918).

Other items pertaining to family genealogy written to M.E. Buhler include a letter from Pierre Jean Buhler of Antwerp, Belgium, translations of documents concerning Juan

Buhler in the West Florida Papers sent by Mrs. Philip Jones (1928), a letter from H.E. Wakefield in Cheltenham, England answering an advertisement in The Times concerning the Buhler family (1922), and from India Office in London responding to her inquiry concerning Johan Georg Buhler and enclosing an extract from Buckland's Dictionary of Indian Biography (1923). Other correspondence includes postcards and letters from various family members.

Series III, Jennie Gillespie Buhler, 1879-1946

Included is a certificate from the City of New Orleans Public Schools which qualifies Miss Jennie Buhler to teach (1879). Postcards from Connecticut are sent to J.G. Buhler in Summit, New Jersey (1917), as are letters from Ellwood Hendrick in New York discussing articles written by Buhler (1924-1925). Correspondence concerning the heirs of Edith Smith Devall (1927) and letters discussing the sale of Magnolia Cemetery in 1852 by John Buhler to the town of Baton Rouge (and a certified copy of the act of sale) (1928) are also included. Notes from the New York Academy of Medicine acknowledge the donation of books by J.G. Buhler (1932-1933), and letters from the New York Dermatological Society discuss upcoming meetings and conferences (1933). Newspaper clippings discuss prominent doctors and many mention Jennie Buhler (1917, 1936), and a photograph of school children includes a teacher, who is most likely Jennie Buhler (undated).

Series IV, Hester S. Buhler Simmons and Samuel Randall Simmons, 1876-1946

A number of poems signed Ennis Fenn (1876, undated) are included, as well as numerous letters from W. Whitman Bailey introducing Samuel R. Simmons, his brother-in-law to acquaintances in New York (1889). A certificate naming Samuel R. Simmons, Jr. a member of the Knights Templar (1898), a list of passengers from The Hamburg-American Line Steamship (1912), and a bill from the Mandeville Hotel in Jamaica (1912) are also found in the collection. A letter from Jerome A. Ringrose, genealogical publisher in London, discusses the Simmons coat of arms (1912), and an invitation for the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Rhode Island Philatelic Society announces Sam R. Simmons as the exhibit presenter (1918). Letters surrounding the death of Sam Simmons discuss his burial (1925), and letters to Mrs. Simmons express condolences for the deaths of her sisters Mary Edith Buhler (1932) and Jane G. Buhler (1946). Notes concerning genealogy of the Simmons family are also included.

Series V, Genealogy, 1914-1927, undated

The majority of correspondence of the descendants of Richard Meux, Frances Oliver and heirs of Lelia B. Cocke discusses genealogy. Many of these letters come from Thomas Richard Meux in Fresno, California (1926), Pauline Jones in Huntsville, Alabama (1926),

Clarence D. Meux in Little Rock, Arkansas, and various other relatives. Also included is a list of the heirs of Lelia B. Cocke (1926) and a letter to these heirs (1927).

Genealogical notes collected about the John Christian Buhler Family and Richard Devall Family (1914, undated), and those of the John Reynolds Family, the Lightfoot Family, and John Hawkins (undated) are all included, as is an undated ancestral register.

Series VI, Printed items

A number of newspaper clippings are found in the collection. Many contain birth or marriage announcements of family members. Articles about the death of William Dunbar Postlethwaite (1910) and Frances Peyton Postlethwaite (1893) are included, as well as some obituaries, such as those of Dr. Huber G. Buehler (1924) and Mrs. Edward E. Buhler (1952). An article from the New York Herald Tribune mentions Curt F. Buhler, a librarian of the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York (1949), and an issue of The Friend: A Religious and Literary Journal dates from October 13, 1914.

Also included are First Presbyterian Church (New Orleans) calendars for January 1907, and a broadside for a Commissioner's Sale (1926).

Series VII, Manuscript Volume, 1831

Assessment Roll, East Baton Rouge Parish

A roll of tax assessments (ca.1831) provides information such as names of owners, acres or arpents of property, locations, assessment, amounts cleared, values of improvements, numbers of slaves and of cattle, and in some instances, occupations of owners and numbers of carriages.

Series VIII, Photographs, 1847-1900s, undated

John Christian Buhler (undated)

John Robert Buhler (1847)

Bishop Buhler (undated)

4 photographs of Jane Gillespie Buhler:

(undated, S. Anderson New Orleans)

(1884, Washburn's New Orleans)



5 photographs of Mary Edith Buhler:

(1894, Goodwin's Studio, Providence)

(1887, E. Simon, New Orleans)

(1877, Walter's Photographic Art Gallery, New Orleans)

(1885, New Orleans)

(early 1900s)

6 photographs of Hester S. Buhler:

(1887, Goodwin's Studio, Providence)

(1866, Lula Smith, St. Petersburg, Fla.)

(1877, Walter's Photographic Art Gallery, New Orleans)

(1885, Washburn, New Orleans)

(1890, Frederick's New York)


Nannie Buhler (undated, Goodwin's Studio, Providence)

William Dunbar Postlethwaite (1887, Goodwin's Studio, Providence)

2 photographs of Anna S. Buhler:

(undated, A.D. Lytle, Baton Rouge)

(undated, Washburn's New Orleans)

2 photographs of Samuel Randall Simmons:

(Brown University Class of 1887)

(1857, Fredericks, New York)

Mary Meux Reynolds Buhler (1860s)

Copies of portraits of Barbara Jacob Buhler and Jacob Buhler

Copies of oil paintings: Mary Fahnestick Buhler and George Buhler

Possible photograph of Frances Tabor Coit (H.C. Norman, Natchez)

5 photographs of William Dunbar and Francis Peyton Postlethwaite:

(undated, E. Simon, New Orleans)

(1882, New Orleans)

(1885, Washburn's New Orleans)

(1891, E. Simon, New Orleans)

(1893, E. Simon, New Orleans)

Index Terms

Adams County (Miss.)

Buhler, John Christian, 1789-1866.

Buhler, John Robert, 1829-1886.

Buhler, Mary Edith, 1864-1932.


East Baton Rouge Parish (La.)

Gurley, Henry Hosford, 1788-1833.

Magnolia Cemetery (Baton Rouge, La.)


Presbyterian Church--Mississippi.

Princeton University--Students.

Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877)--Louisiana.

Tax records.

Ursulines of New Orleans (New Orleans, La.)

Yale University--Students.

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Contents (with dates)




1 item: Edith Buhler Devall (1805)


28 items: John Christian Buhler, John Robert Buhler (1824-1847, 1852-1883)


Mary Edith Buhler (1897-1932, undated)


Newspaper clippings (1893-1952, undated)


1 manuscript volume: Assessment Roll (ca. 1831)




30 items: Jennie Gillespie Buhler (1879-1946)


49 items: Hester S. Buhler Simmons, Samuel Randall Simmons (1876-1946)


66 items: Correspondence with descendents of: Richard Meux and Frances Oliver and heirs of Leila B. Cocke (1924-1927)


12 items: Genealogical Notes: The Mississippi Smiths, John Reynolds, The Lightfoot Family, John Hawkins (undated)


97 items: Genealogical notes of John Christian Buhler Family and Richard Devall Family (1914, undated)




47 items: Photographs of various family members, oil paintings, and engravings of Buhler family




Descendants of Richard Meux and Frances Oliver (undated); genealogical chart (undated); teaching certificate Jennie Buhler (1879); Ancestral Register (undated); Mary Edith Buhler diploma (1880); broadside for Commissioner's Sale (1926)