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Montgomery (Joseph Addison and Family) Papers

(Mss. 1019)


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library

Louisiana State University Libraries

Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University

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Jefferson County, Miss.; Claiborne County, Miss.; Amite County, Miss.; Adams County, Miss.; New Orleans, La.; New Haven, Conn.; Philadelphia, Penn.

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Personal letters and miscellaneous papers of the Smylie and Montgomery families, prominent Presbyterians, of southwest Mississippi pertaining chiefly to plantation and family matters.



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Joseph Addison Montgomery and family Papers, Mss. 1019, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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U:240, H:13

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Microfilm 6061, Series B, Part 4, Reel 10

Biographical/Historical Note

Reverend James Smylie, a Presbyterian clergyman, was sent by the Synod of the Carolinas to Mississippi in 1805. He was organizer of the Washington (Pine Ridge) Presbyterian Church, Adams County (1807) and rector of the Bethany Church, Amite County. He was also an educator and planter (1809-1853). In 1829, Amelia Smylie, his daughter, married Joseph Addison Montgomery, son of the Reverend William Montgomery, rector of Ebenezer and Union Presbyterian churches, Jefferson County, and in the early years of her married life, lived in Wilkinson and Amite counties.

Joseph Montgomery was a merchant of Natchez, the owner of Belmont Plantation near Port Gibson, Claiborne County, Miss., and a commission merchant in New Orleans. In 1846, Montgomery moved to New Orleans and was associated with C. C. Lathrop, cotton brokers, and in 1847 became an independent broker. In 1859, his family moved to Belmont Plantation near Port Gibson, Claiborne County.

Scope and Content Note

The papers during the period from 1806 to 1860 include the letters and correspondence of the Reverend James Smylie. Letters of Reverend Smylie, 1829-1845, pertain chiefly to local and personal matters in Mississippi and financial, political, and church affairs in New Orleans.

Correspondence of Montgomery with his brothers, Samuel and Jonathan E., Jefferson County, Mat Bolls, Claiborne County, and other members of his family mentions the Reverend Jeremiah Chamberlain, affairs at Oakland College, Jefferson County, and family and personal matters, 1836-1861. The collection contains series of letters written by Montgomery from New Orleans to his wife discussing his business and plantation problems, and by Amelia relating plantation and family problems, 1860-1870.

In 1861, Amelia Montgomery's letters reflect fear and concern because of war rumors, lack of provisions and clothing, and problems with slaves. There are no letters or papers during the period from November 1861 to September 1865.

During the years 1865 through 1868, the collection contains 105 letters of Amelia Montgomery giving detailed information concerning the plantation and family problems encountered during the post-Civil War period.

A bound manuscript volume contains cash accounts of James Burke, early Natchez publisher and agent of the Mississippi Statesman, under contract with Samuel A. Cartwright and Andrew Marschalk, 1826-1831.

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25 items;

1 letter to the Rev. James Smylie, Natchez, Mississippi Territory from Daniel F. McNeil written from New Haven, Connecticut, describing his voyage to New York, his trip to New Haven, the faculty at the school, type of students, and general surroundings (1806);

1 receipt from John Bolls, collector of the Washington Presbyterian Church (1808);

1 receipt of James Smylie for rent of a plantation near the town of Washington leased to him by Abel Miller (1810);

1 letter to Smylie, Amite County, Mississippi Territory from W, J. Offutt, Natchez, relative to his son Nathaniel (1815);

1 letter of James Smylie (son) to his father regarding account with Alexander McAulay, receipt of money received from John Bisland (1819);

1 bill for merchandise from Nyes and Spencer, Natchez (1819);

1 letter of Amelia F. Smylie, Philadelphia, to her father giving personal news (1825);

Receipt from Edmund Brewster, Philadelphia, for three portraits (1827);

1 letter of Eliza Montgomery, Jefferson County, to Amelia relative to Amelia's marriage to her brother (1828);

1 letter of Smylie, Pine Grove, to his daughter, Amelia (Mrs. Amelia F. Montgomery) Natchez, giving personal news (1829);

1 letter of Thomas Bathelor, Beech Grove, to Smylie giving local news (1830);

Letters of W, Mat Bolls, Retreat, Claiborne County, to Smylie (1831-1832)

Letters of J. A. Montgomery, Retreat, to Smylie, Pine Grove, Amite County, concerning business matters and family affairs (1836);

1 letter of James Smylie, Woodville, to Joseph Montgomery regarding finances, mentions the house of Joseph and Company of New York failing and the effect on business in the city of New Orleans (1837);

1 letter of Smylie, Pine Grove, to Amelia regarding finances (1838); letter of Amelia, Woodville, to Smylie relative to new situation (1839);

Bank notes of the Planters Bank at Woodville (1839);





39 items;

1 receipt of E. T. Eggleston;

1 letter of Samuel Montgomery to Joseph A. Montgomery, Woodville, relative to his position as rector of the Church at Canton (1840);

1 notice issued at the request of the president of the United States for a day of prayer for the late President Harrison (1841);

1 letter of James Smylie to J. A. Montgomery relative to plantation matters (1841);

1 letter of Nat Bolls to J. A. Montgomery regarding finances (1842);

1 letter of Jonathan E. Montgomery, Jefferson County, relative to his health (1842);

1 letter of James Smylie to Amelia and Joseph mentioning Rev. Scott of New Orleans, Clay Clubs of N. O. (1845);

Letters of Amelia Montgomery, Pine Grove, to her husband, Joseph Montgomery, New Orleans, giving plantation, local, and personal news (1846-1849);

Letters of Joseph, New Orleans, to his wife, Amite County, giving information concerning his association with C. C. Lathrop, brokers (1846); business and himself (1847); affair of Reverend Clapp (also Scott) (1848);

1 letter of James Montgomery, son, Oakland College (1848);

Letters from Victoria, daughter, at Southern Institute (1852-1853);

Agreements signed by heirs of Rev. James Smylie regarding disposition of land (1853);

1 broadsheet: A. Levi, Bloom & Co., dry-goods, groceries, hardware, Clinton, Louisiana (September 1856);

1 letter addressed to Mr. Cotten [Port Gibson (?)] requesting funds to support a school educating slaves, Cincinnati (1858);

1 letter of Amelia, Belmont, Port Gibson, to her husband complaining about their living conditions in the country and requesting to move to the city (1859-1860);





13 items;

1 letter of Samuel Montgomery to Joseph advising him of his intention to become a chaplain to a cavalry company being organized in his community, (1861);

Series of letters written by Amelia at Belmont to her husband in New Orleans mentioning rumors that New Orleans would be surrendered to the Union, alarm about insurrections near Port Gibson, concern over the children's education, and provisions for the plantation, etc. (Oct. 14-Nov. 17, 1861);

1 letter written by Amelia at Belmont to her husband telling of African American troops in Port Gibson, trouble with slaves on the plantation, and family affairs (1865);

3 letters to Joseph A. Montgomery, Port Gibson, from his clerk at his commission house (1865);





67 items;

Chiefly letters of Amelia written from Belmont Plantation to her husband in New Orleans giving detailed information concerning the plantation and family affairs (58); a few letters written by the clerk of Montgomery's commission house in New Orleans to Montgomery at Port Gibson (6); and a few letters written by his sons (3);





34 items;

11 letters of Amelia, Belmont, to her husband, January to August;

18 letters from clerk at commission house to Montgomery at Port Gibson, August to November ;

2 letters of Amelia, Belmont, to her husband, November through December





35 items;

Letters of Amelia and her sons at Belmont to Montgomery in New Orleans;





16 items;

14 letters of J. A. Montgomery written from New Orleans to his wife at Belmont, (1870);

1 letter to Montgomery regarding the sale of his office desk (1871);

1 card of Eddie Moore for perfect lesson awarded by Holy Trinity Sunday School, Vicksburg (1872);





2 items, Newspaper Clippings;

Item published by the clerk of the Probate court (1841);

1 article written by the pastor at the death of Joseph Addison Montgomery (1886);





1 item, Bound Volume;

An account of money received by James Burke, publisher and agent of the Mississippi Statesman, for which he is to account to Samuel A. Cartwright and Andrew Marschalk, proprietors of said paper according to a written contract entered into between said Burke of the one part, and said Cartwright and Marschalk of the other part (1826-1831)





1 item, miscellaneous;

Accounts for postage (1853-1858), J. A. Montgomery

Index Terms

African American agricultural laborers – Mississippi.

Belmont Plantation (Miss.)

Chamberlain, Jeremiah, 1794-1851.

Claiborne County (Miss.)

Clergy – Mississippi.

Commission merchants—Louisiana—New Orleans.

Cotton Trade – Louisiana – New Orleans.

Jefferson County (Miss.)

Lathrop, Charles C., b. 1818.


Montgomery, Amelia F.

Montgomery, William, 1768-1848.

New Orleans (La.)—History—19th century.

Oakland College (Miss.)

Plantation owners – Mississippi.

Plantations – Mississippi.

Presbyterians – Louisiana – New Orleans.

Presbyterians – Mississippi.

Reconstruction (U.S. history, 1865-1877) – Mississippi.

Smylie, James, 1780-1853.

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