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11 linear feet (4,464 items, 135 manuscript volumes)

Geographic locations.

Evangeline, St. Landry, Orleans, Calcasieu, Avoyelles parishes, Louisiana; Arkansas; Kentucky

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Business and personal papers of Josiah Edwin Hawkins, physician, surgeon, and farm owner of Bayou Chicot, Evangeline Parish, Louisiana.

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J. E. Hawkins Papers, Mss. 982, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

Stack locations.

UU:309-315, J:8-9, OS:H


Josiah Edwin Hawkins was a physician, surgeon, and farm owner in Bayou Chicot, Evangeline Parish, Louisiana. Hawkins was originally from Talbot County, Georgia, received his medical education at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and first practiced medicine in Columbia City, Arkansas in the 1850s. In the late 1860s or early 1870s, he moved to Evangeline Parish and there he practiced medicine, opened a hospital, and operated a farm.


Professional, business, and personal papers document Hawkins' medical practice in Columbia City, Arkansas, and Evangeline Parish, Louisiana. Financial documents include papers pertaining to the purchase and sale of land, livestock, agricultural and building supplies, tax payments, and contracts with tenants, sharecroppers, and laborers (1890-1900). Subjects mentioned in correspondence include the medical education of his young assistants, Louisiana state and local politics, the migration of African Americans from Louisiana to Kansas, and public road construction.

Printed materials include copies of newspapers and periodicals, chiefly from New Orleans and St. Landry Parish (1882-1929); and catalogs and pamphlets relating to education, medicine, and pharmaceutical supplies (1878-1912). Plats and surveys show property bought and sold in Louisiana; maps include a geographical map of Central and South America (undated), a map of Louisiana by the Bureau of Immigration (undated), and a map of Turkey (1877).

Manuscript volumes include 33 medical day books recording patients' names, visits, fees, diagnoses, and treatments (1860-1898); 14 ledgers of medical accounts (1860-1892); 34 memorandum books pertaining to medical practice and farming expenses (1871-1905); 4 plantation diaries (1881-1901); 15 plantation record and day books (1872-1912); 16 time books related to plantation workers (1874-1900); 4 indexes to the books and ledgers; and 15 miscellaneous books including contracts with labor and tenants (1896), financial records and receipts, and a justice of the peace docket and record book.


Early items in the collection include a letter from James G. Taliaferro to William Hawkins pertaining to the settlement of a land claim (1859), a letter from Professor L.A. Dugas, Medical College of Georgia, to J.E. Hawkins inviting Southern students, “subject to the taunts of vile abolitionists in Northern cities,” to return South and attend the college (1859), and a number of receipts for taxes (1868-1870) and bills for merchandise, furnishings, and credit for cotton (1868-1881). A letter from Jeffie J. Hawkins to his family relates the hardships encountered on his journey from Arkansas to Bayou Chicot and describes the country and people of the area (1872). Also included are contracts with sharecroppers and laborers (1874-1876), a letter pertaining to the estate of William Hawkins (1878), letters from patients concerning their ailments (1877-1882), and letters from the Superintendent of the Insane Asylum of Louisiana concerning admission of an applicant to the crowded hospital (1880). Two letters from Simmesport, La., mention “Kansas fever” and the migration of local African Americans to that state (1879).

J.H. Parker, a student attending the Kentucky School of medicine, writes to Drs. W.E. Hawkins and J.E. Hawkins describing faculty, classes, incidents at school, and the Board of Health in Louisville (1883). A letter from J.E. Clark, Lavaca County, Tex., describes his income and medical practices (1883), and a letter from W.E. Hawkins discusses tests for eyeglasses (1883). Other letters come from various merchants (1883), as well as medical students, patients, and other doctors discussing cases (1883-1896). A broadsheet from the office of the Board of Health, State of Louisiana, pertains to patients with diphtheria, scarlet fever, and smallpox (1884). Letters from J.W. Crawford, Cheneyville, La., mentions a group of African Americans operating near Evergreen stealing cattle (1884). A letter from Dr. Charles Miles mentions a serious type of fever in St. Landry Parish (1886), Dr. S.B. Singleton, Welsh City in Calcasieu Parish, writes describing the city and his practice (1888), and a letter from Henry Garland discusses the political situation in the state (1887). Also included are contracts with tenants and sharecroppers (1888-1899), bills of lading (1895-1896), letters from patients stating their inability to pay bills (1888), assessment lists of Hawkins' taxable property, St. Landry Parish (1889), letters from C.J. Thompson relating to the economic possibilities of St. Landry Parish (1892), and a letter from L.N. Brunswig in New Orleans mentioning a political disturbance in St. Landry Parish (1896).

Later items include a homestead application of Caroline Pleasants with endorsement of all rights to Hawkins (1898-1899), receipts for costs incurred in the suit of Robert Taylor v. Patsy Slack (1900-1902), contracts with tenants and sharecroppers (1900-1905), letters discussing land for sale (1903-1905), and memoranda of agreement pertaining to Hawkins rental of land on Bayou Cocodrie for banking timber to H.F. Cady Lumber Company (1903-1905). Other letters concern the purchase, sale, and litigation related to timber and timber lands in St. Landry Parish (1906-1907). Also included is a certificate of the appointment of Dr. Hawkins as Special Deputy United States Marshall (1906-1907), receipts for payment of medical bills (1909-1912), contracts with a household servant (1909-1912), and letters concerning swamp land (1908) and land for sale near Lake Charles (1909-1912).

Undated items include descriptions of land near Bayou Chicot and in St. Landry Parish, mortgage deeds, a veterinary circular, letters relating to Hawkins' delinquent taxes, patient letters, and handbills for drugs and medical supplies.

Other items include sheet music of L'Angelus. By C. Gounad, Boston: Oliver Ditson and Co. (undated), a photograph of the Mandell Company Wholesale Dry Goods (undated), and a number of business and calling cards (undated). Also found in the collection are a number of maps, plats, and land surveys. See container list for details.

Printed items

Printed items include scattered issues of newspapers and newspaper clippings, mostly from New Orleans and St. Landry Parish (1882-1929).

The Mascot, New Orleans, June 3, 1882

St. Landry Democrat, Opelousas, September 29, 1888

The Question of the Hour, New Orleans, August 28, 1890

The Play, New Orleans, 1890

The New Idea, Detroit, 1890

The Agents Guide, New York, January, 1897

The People's Tribune, Opelousas, April 3, 1897

The Lecompte Messenger, Lecompte, 1897

The Opelousas Courier, February 20, 1904

The St. Landry Clarion, Opelousas, April 22, April 29, 1905

The Washington Herald, Washington, October 26, 1912

Needlecraft, New York, 1912

Weekly Market Bulletin, Baton Rouge, 1929

Pamphlets and similar materials pertain principally to medicine and medical supplies, with some items concerning agriculture and other matters (ca. 1896-1897).

Annual Report of Commissioner of Agriculture, 1878

List of Medical, Surgical, and Scientific Books and Periodicals, 1878

Jayne's Medical Almanac, 1882

The Southern Almanac, 1882

Across the Continent, 1883

The Diamond Almanac, 1888

Speech of Honorable Samuel M. Robertson (House of Representatives). 1890 Two Copies

“Medical Profession,” 1890

Eight copies Afro-American Almanac, 1897

Speech of Honorable Henry M. Teller (United States Senator), 1896

Animal Therapy by Thomas Osmond Summers, 1896

Charles Marchand's Medical Preparations, 1897

Forage or Hay Crops, 1907

Orchard Report of the Baton Rouge Station of Agricultural Experiment Station of the Louisiana State University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1908

Twenty-First Annual Report of the Agricultural Experiment Stations of the Louisiana State University and A&M College for 1908, 1909

Master Masonic Degree, undated

Bacterine, undated

Specimen Sheet of Reynolds' System of Medicine, undated, 1880, 1 January

Habitual and Threatened Miscarriage, undated

Palpitation, undated

A plea for Honest Pharmacy, undated

P. Blakiston, Son & Co., Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, and Scientific Books, undated

Phytoline Walker Pharmaceutical Co. St. Louis, Missouri, undated

The Efficacy of Coca Vin Mariani, undated

Classified List of Medical, Dental, and Scientific Books, P. Blakiston, Son & Co., undated

Book of Modern Homes Sears Roebuck & Co., undated

Some Distressing Affections by Dr. Robert C. Kenner, undated

Phaselin Tablets, Alta Pharmacal Company, undated

The Process of Digestion, Sultan Drug Company, undated

Antiphlogistine, ca. 1900

Celerina, The Nerve-Tonic, undated

McIntosh Combined Galvanic and Faradic Battery Company, undated

The Digestion of Starchy Food, Trommer Extract of Malt Company, undated

Often Imitated, Never Equaled, Peacock Chemical Company, undated

Lambert's Lithiated Hydrangea, Lambert Phamacal Company St. Louis, ca. 1882

Medical Review, 1897

To Physiciana, Bromidia, Battle and Company, undated


Louisiana State University, 1881

Louisiana State Fair and Exposition, Shreveport, 1888

Southern Medical College, Atlanta, 1896-1897

Louisiana State Normal School, 1911-1912

James L. Haven and Company, Cincinnati (mills, hardware and similar supplies) ca. 1880

Manuscript Volumes

A large portion of the collection consists of manuscript volumes. Account books begin in 1857 with Dr. Hawkins' medical practice in Arkansas and continue in Louisiana after 1870, with some gaps until 1886. Thirty-three daybooks contain a record of office and home visits, giving the names of the patients, fees for services and medicine, and frequently mentioning the nature of the illness and the treatment prescribed. 14 ledgers contain the manner of settlement, either in money or produce, of his accounts.

The material relating to farming begins in 1871 and continues until 1900. These include 34 memorandum books, 19 record books, and 16 time books, pertaining to farming operations and recording cattle sales and purchases; cotton picking, hauling and personal and public ginning; and labor contracts and work assignments; and accounts with tenants; sharecroppers and laborers for supplies.

Also included is a Justice of the Peace Case Docket and Record Book noting civil actions by public road overseers against persons for failure to work the roads in their districts (1876-1879).

List of volumes:

1. Bank Book. J.E. Hawkins, 1906-1907

2. Check Book. 1905

3. Daybook Field. Arkansas. 1857-1864

4. Daybook Office. Arkansas. 1860-1862

5. Daybook Office. Arkansas. 1863-1864

6. Daybook Office. Arkansas. 1865-1867

7. Daybook Field. Arkansas. June September 1869

8. Daybook Field. Arkansas. September December 1869

9. Daybook Office. Arkansas. April December 1869

10. Daybook Field. Louisiana. July September 1871

11. Daybook Field. Louisiana. September October 1871

12. Daybook Field. Louisiana. October December 1871

13. Daybook Office. Louisiana. March December 1872

14. Daybook Office. Louisiana. January September 1873

15. Daybook Office. Louisiana. September 1873 October 1874

16. Daybook Field. Louisiana. March May 1875

17. Daybook Field. Louisiana. July October 1875, July August 1876

18. Daybook Field. Louisiana. October December 1875

19. Daybook Office. Louisiana. January December 1875

20. Daybook Office. Louisiana. July December 1879

21. Daybook Field. Louisiana. January May 1880

22. Daybook Field. Louisiana. December 1880 June 1881

23. Daybook Field. Louisiana. July 1881

24. Daybook Field. Louisiana. August October 1881

25. Daybook Office. Louisiana. May 1880 August 1881

26. Daybook Field. Louisiana. December 1881 January 1882

27. Daybook Field. Louisiana. March May 1882

28. Daybook Office. Louisiana. July 1882 February 1882

29. Daybook Field. Louisiana. February April 1883

30. Daybook Office. Louisiana. February 1884 September 1884

31. Daybook Field. Louisiana. June October 1884

32. Daybook Office. Louisiana. September 1884 August 1885

33. Daybook Office. Louisiana. August 1885 April 1886

34. Daybook Field. Louisiana. Undated

35. Daybook Field. Louisiana. Undated.

36. Draft Book, 1892-1896

37. Draft Book, 1895-1897

38. Draft Book, 1903-1904

39. Draft Book, 1903-1904

40. Index. Undated.

41. Index. Undated.

42. Index. Undated.

43. Index. Undated.

44. Ledger. 1860-1865

45. Ledger. 1865-1870

46. Ledger. April 1871- July 1872

47. Ledger. February December 1872

48. Ledger. January 1872 December 1873

49. Ledger. January 1872 December 1873

50. Ledger. 1872 – 1877

51. Ledger. 1872 – 1886

52. Ledger. 1873

53. Ledger. 1873-1874

54. Ledger. 1873 – 1876

55. Ledger. 1874 – 1876

56. Ledger. 1880

57. Ledger. 1892

58. Memorandum Book. 1860

59. Memorandum Book. June 1871 March 1872

60. Memorandum Book. November 1872

61. Memorandum Book. November 1875 January 1876

62. Memorandum Book. November 1876 August 1878

63. Memorandum Book. August 1881 September 1881

64. Memorandum Book. September 1881

65. Memorandum Book. June 1882

66. Memorandum Book. 1882

67. Memorandum Book. 1883

68. Memorandum Book. 1884

69. Memorandum Book. 1885

70. Memorandum Book. 1888

71. Memorandum Book. 1893-1894

72. Memorandum Book. 1894

73. Memorandum Book. 1896

74. Memorandum Book. 1896-1897

75. Memorandum Book. 1898

76. Memorandum Book. 1904-1905

77. Memorandum Book. 1905

78. Memorandum Book. Coin Bank. Undated

79. Memorandum Book. Coin Bank. Undated

80. Memorandum Book. Undated

81. Memorandum Book. Undated

82. Memorandum Book. Undated

83. Memorandum Book. Undated

84. Memorandum Book. Undated

85. Memorandum Book. Undated

86. Memorandum Book. Undated

87. Memorandum Book. Undated

88. Memorandum Book. Undated

89. Memorandum Book. Undated

90. Memorandum Book. Undated

91. Memorandum Book. Undated

92. Miscellaneous Book. Index of Accounts. 1871-1878

93. Miscellaneous Book. Justice of the Peace Case Docket & Record Book. 1876-1879

94. Miscellaneous Book. Index of Accounts. 1881-1888

95. Miscellaneous Book. Index of Accounts. 1882

96. Miscellaneous Book. Prescription Book. 1882-1883

97. Miscellaneous Book. Index of Accounts. 1887

98. Plantation Daybook. 1878-1877

99. Plantation Daybook. 1877

100. Plantation Daybook. 1877-1878

101. Plantation Daybook. Blacksmith. 1879-1880

102. Plantation Daybook. Johnnie Haas. 1879-1880

103. Plantation Daybook. 1892-1894

104. Plantation Daybook. 1895

105. Plantation Diary. 1895

106. Plantation Diary. 1895

107. Plantation Record Book. 1895

108. Plantation Daybook. 1895-1896

109. Plantation Record Book. 1896

110. Plantation Daybook. 1897

111. Plantation Daybook.1897

112. Plantation Daybook.1897-1898

113. Plantation Diary. 1898-1899

114. Plantation Diary. 1900-1901

115. Plantation Record Book. 1911-1912

116. Plantation Record Book. Undated

117. Receipt Book. 1893-1896

118. Receipt Book. Undated

119. Timebook. 1874

120. Timebook. 1876

121. Timebook. 1876

122. Timebook. 1876

123. Timebook. 1877

124. Timebook. 1879

125. Timebook. 1893

126. Timebook. 1894

127. Timebook. 1895

128. Timebook. 1896

129. Timebook. 1897

130. Timebook. 1899

131. Timebook. 1899

132. Timebook. 1899

133. Timebook. 1900

134. Timebook. 1901


African Americans--Migrations--Kansas.

Agriculture--Louisiana--Evangeline Parish.

Evangeline Parish (La.)

Farmers--United States.

Hawkins, J. E. (Josiah Edwin)


Medical education--United States.




Photographic prints.



Plats (maps)

Saint Landry Parish (La.)

Sheet music.































1907-1912, undated



Bills, land records, notes, fragments of letters, calling cards, business cards, crochet work (undated)



Printed pamphlets, catalogs (1868-1912, undated); photograph of Mandell Company (undated); The New Idea (Detroit, 1890)




Manuscript volumes 1-187 [See collection description for full list]




Sheet music of L'Angelus (undated)

T 3 S. R. 1 E. South Western District, Louisiana (April 29, 1887)

S. R. 11 E. South Western District, Louisiana (May 21, 1842)

T 1 N. R. W. South Western District, Louisiana (August 3, 1839)

T 5 S. R. 1 E. South Western District, Louisiana (January 18, 1854)

T 1 S. R. 1 E. South Western District, Louisiana (June 9, 1855)

T 11 S. R. 1 E. South Western Land District, Louisiana (undated)

T 2 S. R. 2 E. South Western District, Louisiana (September 30, 1857)

Map of township Number 2 South Range Number 1 West by John Cook (undated)

T 3 S. R. 1 E. South Western District, Louisiana (March 1, 1859)

T 2 S. R. 1 W. South Western District, Louisiana (February 11, 1878)

Plat of Survey of a Portion of the Estate of Mrs. A.E. Leigh (August 1891)


Certificate in Latin to Carl George Nielsen (1919)


Monteith's Physical and Intermediate Geography Map of Central and Southern America (undated)

Lone Pine School Building, Blueprints. Duncan and Barron Architects. Alexandria, Louisiana (undated)

Maps of Louisiana, Compliments of South Western Louisiana Land Company, Crowley, Louisiana (undated)

Map of Turkey showing the Seat of War (1877)

Map of State of Louisiana issued by the Bureau of Immigration (undated)









Newspapers (1888-1912)

St. Landry Democrat (1888); People's Tribune (1897); The Lecompte Messenger (1897); The Opelousas Courier (1904); The St. Landry Clarion (1905); The Washington Herald (1912)




Oversize items removed from collection: contracts, account sheets, bills, medical broadsides, T 3 S. R. 1 E. South Western District, Louisiana (1857-1858); Township 4 S and 1 E Ste District, Louisiana; Township One South Range One West District S.A.;

Newspapers: The Mascot (1882); The Question of the Hour (1890); The Agents Guide (1897); Needlecraft (1912)




Plan L'Exposition de Paris (1878)