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Birge (N.A.) Papers

(Mss. 918, 1036)


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library

Louisiana State University Libraries

Baton Rouge, Louisiana State University

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Monroe, La.; Shreveport, La.; Baton Rouge, La.; Jefferson, Tex.; Lexington, Miss.

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Papers consist of copies of official forms, routine correspondence from army personnel, and a few letters from soldiers. Requisitions, vouchers, and receipts for clothing, camp equipment, transportation, and medical supplies approved by Confederate States Army personnel and referred to Birge for payment during 1862-1864 are included. The impressment of cotton in Texas is discussed in two letters from Lieutenant Colonel W. A. Broadwell, Office of the Cotton Bureau, Headquarters, Trans-Mississippi Department.


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Birge, N.A. Record book, Mss. 1050, (1862-1863), F:12


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N.A. Birge, Papers, Mss 918, 1036, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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U:15; OS:B

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Microfilm 5735, Series B, Reels 2,3

Omission: List of Conscript Negroes

Biographical/Historical Note

N. A. Birge was a captain and assistant quartermaster in the Confederate States Army. He served at the Monroe Army Post in Louisiana; Shreveport, Louisiana; and Jefferson, Texas.

Scope and Content Note

Papers consist of copies of official forms, routine correspondence from Confederate States Army personnel, and a few letters from soldiers.

Requisitions, vouchers and recipients for clothing, camp equipment, transportation and medical supplies approved by C.S.A. personnel and referred to Captain N.A. Birge for payment are included in the papers for the years 1862-1864.

Correspondence includes two letters from Lieutenant Colonel W.A. Broadwell, Office of the Cotton Bureau, Headquarters, Tran-Mississippi Department, relative to impressments of cotton in Texas.

Collection Description

Letter of Private B.F. Porter, 11th Alabama Regiment to his mother regarding his army pay.

Letter from W.H. Weaver, Lexington, Mississippi to Captain N.A. Birge transmitting $791,510.50 of government funds from Captain West; duplicate vouchers, requisitions and receipts (17) for transportation, services and supplies for the Confederate States of America paid by Captain N.A. Birge as assistant quartermaster, C.S.A. at Monroe, Louisiana; and an establishment form filled out for Hardin A. Aston, Tallulah, Louisiana.

Statement by Major R.L. Capers ordering transportation for two prisoners from the Federal Army from Delhi to Monroe; Confederate States bond; soldier's letter informing Captain Birge of his illness, capture by the Federals, release, and intention to return to Monroe (written in poor English – typed copy available); monthly summary statement listing expenditures for July for the Confederate States in account with Captain N.A. Birge, Shreveport headquarters; statement listing means of transportation in possession of Captain Birge; requisitions, receipts, and vouchers (25) for clothing, camp equipment, forage for horses, travel and medical supplies; letter of Major Charles V. Cosby, Polignac's Brigade relative to supplies; letter of James A. Weaver concerning transportation; letters (2) of A. S. Huey, Gov. agent in charge of train, relative to transportation of cotton by wagons; receipt for corn and fodder (to be used by Cotton Bureau) as part of Tithe Tax due the Confederate States; statement of clothing issued to Private Henry Spaulding, Maine Infantry Volunteers by the U.S.A. General Hospital, Baton Rouge.

Pass for W.F. Wagner, secretary of Senate of the state; copy of muster roll for Company G. 1st Georgia Regiment; receipts (9) for corn, cotton, wagons, and clothing; letters (2) of Lt. Col. W.A. Broadwell, Office of the Cotton Bureau, Headquarters, Trans – Mississippi Department to Captain Birge, Jefferson, Texas relative to sending 1000 wagons with cotton to San Antonio, Texas for supplies form Mexico, and funds for purchase of cotton.

Letter from Headquarters Labor Bureau, District Western Louisiana, Shreveport acknowledging receipt of monthly report of Negroes; requisition and receipt delivered by Major George Tucker to Capt. Birge for railroad iron; permit to export cotton into Mexico, said cotton being exempt form impressments as per certificate dated October 13, 1864; transportation receipt from Jefferson, Texas for goods received from Captain Birge; and memorandum relative to supplies.

Receipt for ammunition shipped by Col. B.C. Brent to Capt. Birge; blank five-hundred dollar non-taxable certificate; blank articles of Agreement between Captain Wm. McMasters, A.Q.M., and chief of River transportation, D.T.M. and a planter on the Red River. Also included is an item entitled “Descriptive List of Conscript Negroes” dated 5 March 1865 in Jefferson, Texas and listing names, names of owners, residence, description, and value.

Index Terms

Confederate States of America. Army--African Americans.

Confederate States of America. Army--Appropriations and expenditures.

Confederate States of America. Army. Trans-Mississippi Dept.

Confederate States of America. Army--Transportation.

Cotton trade--Confederate States of America.

United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--African Americans.

United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Conscript labor.

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CSA war bonds (1863); Muster Roll (1864); monthly statements (1863)


List of Conscript Negroes (1865)

MF 5735, Series B

Reels 2, 3

Omission: “List of Conscript Negroes” 1865