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Eggleston-Roach Papers

(Mss. 832)


Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections

Special Collections, Hill Memorial Library

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285 items and 6 volumes

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Vicksburg, Miss.; New Orleans, La.; Richmond, Va.; Tennessee; Liverpool, England

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Diaries and personal papers of members of the Gildart, Eggleston, and Roach families, planters of Wilkinson County and Vicksburg, Mississippi.



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Eggleston-Roach Papers, Mss. 832, Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, La.

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Microfilm 6061, Series B, Part 4, Reel 5

Omission: 1825-1860

Biographical/Historical Note

Members of the Gildart, Eggleston, and Roach families were planters of Wilkinson County and Vicksburg, Mississippi. Horace Nelson Gildart moved to Mississippi from Virginia in the early 1800s with his children, Horatio Nelson, Elizabeth Stark, and Sophia Annabella Gildart (married John B. Fox). In 1823, Elizabeth Stark Gildart married Dick H. Eggleston and the two lived at Learmont Plantation near Woodville, Mississippi with their children, James, Margery, Lucy, and Mahala. During the Civil War, Elizabeth Eggleston smuggled goods through Union lines to Confederate soldiers. She was subsequently imprisoned and banished from Vicksburg. She died in 1895.

In 1844, Mahala Perkins Harding Eggleston (1825-1905) married James P. Roach (d. 1860), and the two lived in Woodville for a few years before moving to Vicksburg in 1848. James Roach was a banker in the firm of Wirt Adams & Co. Mahala and James had six children: Tom (b. 1845), who married Loulie Kirkpatrick in 1876; Nora (1847-1881), who married R. J. Turnbull, M.D., in 1865; Sophy (d. 1857); Mahala (1851-1885), who married James B. Browne in 1874; John (1856-1878); and Jim (b. 1859), who married Kate Klein in 1882.

Scope and Content Note

The collection includes Civil War correspondence and military orders (originals and transcripts) concerning Mrs. Elizabeth Eggleston's efforts to smuggle food, medicine, and money through Union lines to Confederate soldiers after the fall of Vicksburg. These include transportation requests (1865), receipts and invoices, and copies of documents pertaining to her banishment by General Dana (1864-1868).

Later papers consist of financial documents and personal letters to Mrs. M. P. H. Roach, some discussing the process of reporting property damages and losses during the Civil War (1871), letters and bills of her son, Thomas R. Roach, one in which he discusses politics and the construction of levees around Vicksburg (1876), and a number of photographs, including 2 tintypes. Printed material contains a pamphlet of a speech by Rev. Ezra Ripley (1792), a facsimile of the Vicksburg Daily Citizen (July 2, 1863), and souvenir ribbons from the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition (1876).

Typescript of the diary of Horace Nelson Gildart (1825) gives an account of a journey through England and Ireland depicting the countryside, sites, and people. Transcripts of other diaries, those of Dick Eggleston (1830) and Mahala Roach (1844-1866), give accounts of plantation activities on Learmont Plantation and social events of the Eggleston family.

List of Series

Series I, Elizabeth Eggleston, 1853-1868

Series II, Mahala and James Roach, 1837-1903, undated

Series III, Photographs, 1866-1869, undated

Series IV, Printed items, 1792-1905, undated

Series V, Volumes, 1825-1866

Series Descriptions

[The collection is arranged chronologically, but like items are described in groups below. See the Container List for description reflecting physical arrangement]

Series I, Elizabeth Eggleston, 1853-1868

Papers of Elizabeth Eggleston include a valentine poem (1853) and a letter from Edward Higgins reporting that her son had been neither hurt nor captured (May 1863). A number of letters were written to her while president of the Ladies Hospital Association. These letters discuss donations, meetings, request shelter, and thank her for all her work (1862-1863). Transportation requests issued to Mrs. Eggleston grant her permission to travel through New Orleans by government transport (May 1865) and letters to or concerning Mrs. Eggleston from Liverpool discuss her power of attorney and sale of dividends (June 1865). Also included are receipts and invoices from G.E. Picher to Mrs. Eggleston (1865) and a note from T.R. Roach to his grandmother, E. Eggleston, labeled “Tom's first letter” (undated). Finally, copies of documents from the Southern Historical Collection, University of North Carolina pertain to the banishment of Mrs. Eggleston by General Dana (1864-1868).

Series II, Mahala and James Roach, 1837-1903, undated

Items related to James and Mahala Eggleston Roach include a birthday poem to Mahala Roach, signed D. (1837), city tax receipts for James Roach (1858), and an account sheet for J. Roach (1860). A report to the Probate Court of Warren County, Miss. by Mahala P. H. Roach, as guardian of the minor heirs of James Roach, discusses the sale of property (1866). Letters to Thomas R. Roach, secretary of the Philharmonic Society of Vicksburg, request performances and discuss membership (1868-1869), and a number of receipts, bills, and checks belong to T.R. Roach and M.P.H. Roach (1862-1869). A statement of income of Mrs. M.P.H. Roach to the United States Internal Revenue is included (1870) as is a letter to Mrs. Roach from the Office of Commissioner Claims explaining the process of reporting damages or losses to her property during the Civil War (1871). A letter from Thomas to his mother discusses politics and the work being done on the channels and levees of the Mississippi River around Vicksburg (April 1876), while other correspondence of Thomas Roach deals with his position as cashier of the Vicksburg Bank (1883-1885). Letters to Mrs. Mahala Roach come from various friends and discuss daily activities and mutual acquaintances (1894-1903, undated).

Also included are documents belonging to the Kirkpatrick family (the family into which Thomas Roach married). These consist of a large number of tax receipts of James and William C. Kirkpatrick (1840-1849) and Total Abstinence Pledges signed by James Kirkpatrick and Mary Ellen Kirkpatrick (1850).

Series III, Photographs, 1866-1869, undated

Mr. Max Kuner (Studio: H.J. Herrick, Vicksburg, Miss., 1866)

Miss Clara E. Kline (Studio: H.J. Herrick, Vicksburg, 1866)

Mrs. Templeton (Studio: Herrick and Derr, Vicksburg, undated)

Miss Isabella Edward (undated)

George H. Craig, Jr., May 8, 1869 (Studio: J.W. Clary & Co., Selma, Ala.)

5 unidentified photographs by these photographers:

W.W. Washburn, New Orleans

J.W. Clary & Co., Selma, Ala.

Jones Gallery, Helena, Ark.

S. Anderson, New Orleans

2 tintypes (unknown portraits)

Series IV, Printed items, 1792-1905, undated

Many printed invitations and programs are found in this collection. These include an invitation to the Democratic Ball in Vicksburg (1844), souvenir programs of the Louisiana Division of the Association of the Army of Tennessee (1885, 1891), a Holy Family Supplement (1887), and an invitation to the unveiling of a monument to Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Va. (1890).

Facsimiles of the Daily Citizen, a newspaper published by J. M. Swords in Vicksburg (Thursday, July 2, 1863), souvenir ribbons from the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition (1876), and various newspaper clippings (1807, 1850-1905, undated) are included. Finally, a pamphlet entitled “A Sermon Preached on the Completion of a General Repair of the Meeting House in Concord, Jan. 24, 1792,” by Pastor Ezra Ripley, A.M. (Boston: B. Edes and Son, 1792) is found in the collection.

Series V, Volumes, 1825-1866

The collection contains a typescript of the diary of Horace Nelson Gildart (May 10, 1825-September 15, 1826). The diary describes his journey across England and Ireland. Entries include personal observations concerning economic and cultural differences between the people and institutions of England and America. The collection also contains a typescript of “Rest and Conclusion,” a reflection written by John B. Fox, husband of Sophia Annabella Gildart, discussing his early love life (1825).

The typescript of the plantation diary of Dick Hardaway Eggleston, husband of Elizabeth Stark Gildart, is also included. The diary provides a day-to-day account of the activities on Learmont Plantation near Woodville, Miss. (1830). Included in the entries are the names of many prominent families of the area. Finally, the typescript of an excerpt entitled “Christmas Days” from the diary of Mahala Perkins Harding Eggleston Roach relates the happenings in her home on Christmas day from 1844 to 1860 and contains introductory remarks for the Christmas of 1866.

Cross References



Description of relevant documents

American Total Abstinence Society.


“American Total Abstinence Society,” pledge by James and Mary Ellen Kirkpatrick



Happenings in her home on Christmas Day from 1844-1850, typewritten copy.



Happenings in her home on Christmas Day from 1844-1850, typewritten copy.

Eggleston, Dick Hardaway--Diaries.


Typewritten copy of diary.

England--Description and travel.


Typewritten account of a journey through England and Ireland.

Gildart, Horace Nelson--Diaries.


Typewritten account of a journey through England and Ireland.

Howard Association (Vicksburg, Miss.)


Minutes of the board of directors for the 14th of November.

Ireland--Description and travel.


Typewritten account of a journey through England and Ireland.

Ladies Hospital Association (Vicksburg, Miss.)


Letters to Mrs. Elizabeth Eggleston, president of,

Philharmonic Society (Vicksburg, Miss.)


Programs and letters

Plantation owners--Mississippi--Vicksburg.

James Roach, husband of Mahala P. H. Roach

Ripley, Ezra, 1751-1841.


Pamphlet containing sermon by Ripley on the completion of a general repair of the meeting house in Concord.

Roach, James.

Husband of Mahala P. H. Roach.

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Newspaper clippings (1807, 1850-1905, undated)




Papers relating to the Banishment of Mrs. Eggleston by General Dana


“Rest and Conclusion” by John B. Fox


Pamphlet, 1792




3 manuscript volumes:

Vol.1 H. N. Gildart Diary (1825-1826)

Vol.2 Dick H. Eggleston Plantation Diary (1830)

Vol.3 “Christmas Days” from the Diary of Mrs. M. P. H. Roach (1844-1866)




Copy of letter to St. Louis Dispatch (1885)


Newspaper clippings (1837-1899)

MF:6061, Series B

Part 4

Reel 5

Omission: 1825-1860